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Original text scanned and compiled by:

Henry L. (Hank) Bumgardner, Jr.

Wichita, Kansas



                   1:  Michael Bieri, (1620-___), Margaret Bütler/Buler

               2:  John (Hans) Bieri, Oberdiessbach, Switz. (1652-___), Madlena Roht (1663-__)

               3:  Nicholas Bieri, (1704-1762), Barbara Miller, (17__-1791)

               4:  Abraham Bieri,  (1718-1799), Mary Gochenour (b. __-1800)

               5:  Nicholas Beery, (1764-1815), Barbara Kagy (b. __-d. __)

               6:  Abraham Beery, (1786-1870), Hannah Robinson Allebaugh (1799-1874)

               7:  Josiah Beery, (1818-1882), Anna Jacobs (1819-1905)

               8:  John Washington Beery, (1844-1925), Rebecca Swartz (1847-1919)

               9:  Thomas Calvin Beery (1870-1938), Cora Belle Davis (1875-1946)

              10:  Ruth Estelle Beery (1896-1932), Henry Ernest Bumgardner (1893-1982)

              11.  Henry Lee Bumgardner, Sr. (1919-__ ),      Charlotte Louise Rees (1921-__ )

              12:  Henry Lee Bumgardner, Jr. (1944-__ ), Deanna Jane Nelson (1944-2001)


Additions at end of book:  .......... 

1.   Latest genealogical information from Richard Warren Davis’ book series, Emigrants,  Refugees & Prisoners, history and compilation of Swiss Anabaptist Families.

2.   First 60+ pages of The Beery History by William Beery and Judith Garber Beery.


I’ve always been somewhat fascinated with my Beery relatives.  All of my feelings for them came from my father.  I never knew them ... they passed on before I was born.

My father had an unhappy early childhood.  He was born in 1919, so the impact of the great depression of the early 1930’s made a big impression on him.  Times were bad for so many ... food, clothing and shelter were scarce ... and the dusty winds blew terribly during the hot, dry summers of Kansas and Oklahoma in the “dust bowl” days.  His mother (Ruth Estelle Beery) had been his “rock”.  She seemed to be the only good thing in his life at the time and she passed away in 1932 at the depths of the depression..  He loved her very much.

But he had his Beery grandparents to nurture him.  He remembered some of the most pleasurable times of his life were the visits to his grandparents home as a youngster of 4, 5 and 6 years old in Geuda Springs, Kansas.  His grandfather owned a general store and he remembers how the food smelled to him.  The coffee, sausages, cookies, baked breads, etc.   His grandmother would bake fresh bread every weekend and he could have thick slices with butter and homemade jellies and jams.

As he grew, his grandfather taught him to be a good man, to be responsible for his family, to find a good woman and cherish her as his wife.  His grandfather became his ideal role model for what a man should be.

I owe the Beery’s much because of how they helped my dad.  He became a great success in life and family and passed on the wonderful traits he learned to his own children.

                                Hank  Bumgardner, 2004














Introduction                     ……………………………….                    4



Preface                            ……………………………….                    5



Guide                              ……………………………….                    6



Background                      ……………………………….                    8



Historical Error                 ……………………………….                  10



Nicholas Beery, Immigrant of 1727         ………………..                  11



Abraham Beery, PART I   …………………………      14



Nicholas Beery, Jr             …………………………               71



          Jacob Beery, PART II        …………………………                85 



          Christian Beery, PART III ……………………           220



History of Shambaugh, Iowa                  ……………………           323



Biographies                      …………………………………             333



Index of Names                …………………………………             350









The Beery family originated in Berne, one of the German-speaking cantons of Switzerland, where the name is spelled Bieri. This Bernese family name has been mentioned in documents of Switzerland since long before the Reformation period of the early 1500’s. The home region o£ the Bieri family was in the remote rural section of Berne between the flat lands and the Alps, called “Mennonite Corner” by some Bernese historians. The eight townships of which Bieri folk were citizens long ago (with what is called home right or right of citizenship) were Buchholterberg, Langnau, Lauperswil, Schangnau, Signau, and Trachselwald of the Emmenthal (noted today for it’s cheese), Darstetten in the Simmenthal, and Pohlern in the Thun district.


Berne has been a “melting pot.” Celtic people, with mostly a Roman Culture, and remainders of still older populations of other extractions, were living in Berne when the Allemanni, a Germanic people, settled there early in the fifth century A.D. The culture and language of Berne have been Allemannic for centuries, but from the racial point of view, typical Germanic features are rather rare in Bernese territory. This melting pot produced a stubbornly independent people with a characteristic self-confidence which has served to fortify the individual industriousness.


All Bieri’s (Beery’s) no doubt have a common root as offspring of one Bieri, believed to be a man named Peter who was first called Bieri in fun, for a nickname (derived from Pierre, the French for his name, with the Swiss diminutive “I” added like the English “Y” in Petey). The name remained and became the Bernese surname Bieri. Many Swiss surnames those derived from personal names are the oldest. The Bieri family name does not come from the name of the beverage, beer (bier in German). Beer was unknown in Switzerland before the end of the Seventeenth century.

Many variations in spelling the family name are found in the old records, both in Switzerland and in America. In the seventeenth century in the state of Berne, grade school was already compulsory, but, of the “three R’s” usually only reading was taught. Many people learned writing from private instruction, and some farmer folk were able to write a few words and, of course, their names, as early as the seventeenth century. But most of the records were written by ministers or clerks who wrote “following the ear,” and sometimes very carelessly. Several spellings might be used in the same account of one person.


The same given names were used in all of the old-time families, mostly Biblical names such as Abraham, Daniel, Peter, John, Jacob, and Samuel, or old saints’ names from Catholic times in Switzerland, as Barbara Margaret, Nicholas, Caspar. Old records of Bieri’s in the canton of Berne include Hans (John), Peter, Caspar, Claus (Nicholas), Daniel, Ulli (Ulrich), Isaac, Barbara, Trini (Catherine), Margrieta. Especially in a remote rural district such as the home region of the Bieri family, in speaking a person’s name the family name was said first and the Christian name second, as Bieri Claus or Bieri Hans.


So-called family coats-of-arms were a purely personal matter in Switzerland, except in some cities where they belonged more or less to the standard of living and were in some way controlled by authorities. In many regions the use of coats-of-arms was never popular. Mennonites did not care for them, considering them worldly.


PREFACE                                                                                                             5


Nearly four years ago I decided to bring the 1911 Beery History up to date by adding another four generations. It seemed so simple a job but soon became a major task. Each family called for an explanation of who they were, this led to early history research, then research int. other early families of the community who were so closely interwoven with the Beery’s. Many letters had to be sent, some not answered. The early ancestor stories have to be condensed from the 1957 Beery History with many thanks to Judith Beery Garber, the author, who let me copy from her book and has given advice, help and encouragement along the way.


The story of Page County is important in this bi-Centennial year of 1976. The early arrivals came from Adams County, Ind. in the year 1856. The families I know of were Peter Beery, who settled where Willard Blessing lives south of Shambaugh and William Konkel, who settled where Lowell Davison lives on highway 71 south of Shambaugh. The community as it grew up through the years ,was the town of Shambaugh and the Butler school with Butler cemetery beside it.  In 1862 the Joseph L. Beery family came to Page County and settled in East River Township first place east of the Kenneth Williams farm. In 1864 the Goods, Hornings and Hoffmans came establishing the Mennonite church.  Shambaugh became a center for these plain dressed, black broad-brimmed hat and farming people. 1867 brought the Abraham Huddle family, Mrs. Huddle was a sister of Peter Beery, they settled near him on the present Arnold Brown farm.  Also in this wagon train of eight was Magdalene Hamm Beery, the widow of Daniel B. Beery, brother of Peter Beery and Mary Huddle,  She settled east of the Butler cemetery nearer highway 71.  So the years have passed and many descendants of these people still live in the Shambaugh and Clarinda area with many different names. Many migrated to other places and made settlements, some staying, some moving on such as Frontier Co., Nebr., places in Colorado, Idaho and California,  Also Oregon and Washington.


I call this the Page County Beery’s as there needed to be a special point to work from, there are connections who never lived near Page Co. but their interest has made them welcome in this book.


Much of the Page County information, especially the four Townships around Shambaugh, are general taking int. consideration the change of times.  Such as the Fulk farm north of Shambaugh.  In earlier years it was Shambaugh Post Office, Shambaugh telephone, Linn Point grade school and Clarinda High School. Today it has a Clarinda address, Clarinda telephone,  South Page School, grade at Braddyville and High School at College Springs.  Other families have the same changes so their information is as it was at the time they lived it.  I’ve used section numbers on the map to place the families since “near” Shambaugh or Clarinda takes in a considerable amount of territory.


This book could not have been done without help.  Lois Brown Miller has gathered the Joseph L. Beery family, visited many where I could not and the whole book has been with her help and knowledge of her vast family.  Ed and Peggy Dick of the Decatur, Ind. family (who the Page County families left behind), Earl Good collecting his entire family,  Lois and Ruth Smith of Salem, Mo. with their help on the Kunkels and many, many others sending their own information and adding stories of others.


                                                                             Phyllis Fulk




The book has been arranged for easy identification. Nicholas Beery, Sr., the immigrant is considered the first and has no number. His children are numbered and carry that number through the book, Abraham 4 (which is Part I) and Nicholas 6 (Part II and Part III).

The main guide should be the opposite page which shows how the family lines up. The numbers are the number of children in each family and where a name is recorded the number is the position in the family, these numbers are carried throughout the book.

Each family is carried 1n place, one generation following another. The numbers at length are each generation to the present time, such as:



Nicholas                                             6

          Beery, Jr.                                   6th child of Nicholas, Sr.


Jacob                                                 6-3

          Beery                                        3rd child of Nicholas Jr.


Abraham D.                                         6-3-2

          Beery                                        2nd child of Jacob


Peter B.                                              6-3-2-2

          Beery                                        2nd child of Abraham


Barbara Beery                                     6-3-2-2-7

          Fulk                                          7th child of Peter


Edward                                               6-3-2-2-7-5

          Fulk                                          5th child of Barbara


Marvin                                                6-3-2-2-7-5-6

          Fulk                                          6th child of Ed


    Each part is divided by families giving the page on which it begins.  The families within are further divided by capital letter headings. Generation will be carried out by indented numbers with sometimes four generations to a page.

    The write-ups are arranged in this order: number, name, birth, education, occupation, church, other organizations, wartime experience, other experiences, special interests, heirlooms, address or death.  The record of the spouse follows that of the Beery descendant, in the same paragraph.

    For families who have lived and at present live in the townships of Harlan, East River, Amity and Buchanan will have the section number and quarter to place the residence, using the map on page 332.

Page numbers will be given to direct information. 

The family write-ups beginning on page 333 will help make connection

to the Beery’s in this book.




At the present time a Beery reunion and picnic is held each year the last Sunday in July at the Lake of Three Fires State Park in Taylor County, Iowa, near Bedford. All Beery’s are welcome.








                                                          (PART I)

                                        1. Abraham Beery pp                15

                                        2. Nicholas Beery           22

                                        3. John Beery                           23

                                        4. Jacob Beery                         25

          NICHOLAS BIERI  5. George Beery                        55

          1.                            6. Magdalena Burner                 58

          2.                            7. Christian Beery           59


          4. Abraham Beery (see above)


          6. Nicholas Beery, Jr.        1.

          7.                          2. John (ancestor of Wallace Beery) pp 73

          8.                          3. Jacob —     l.

          9.                          4.                  2. Abraham D. —    1. Anna Good pp      87

                                      5.                  3.                            2. Peter Beery      103

                                      6.                  4.                            3. Lydia Butts                   86

                                      7.                  5.                            4. Mary Huddle     137

                                      8.                  6.                            5. Daniel Beery     187

                                      9.                  7.                            6. Sarah Hunter       86

                                      10.                 8.                            7. Barbara Young              86

                                      11.                 9.                            8. F. Lethridge                  86

                                      12.               10. Elizabeth Baum pp 76 (PART II)


                                      14. Christian  l.

                                      15.                 2. Rebecca Good pp 224

                                      16.                 3.

                                                            4. Joseph L. Beery -l. Will Beery         238

                                                            5.                            2. Ben Beery                245

                                                            6. Anna Konkel 315 3. Sol Beery         254

                                                            7.                            4. Mahala Kunkel         266

                                                            8.                            5. Mary Hamm             275

                                                            9.                            6. Jim Beery                 286

                                                          10.                            7. Caleb Beery    287

                                                          11.                            8. Sarah Thomas 288

                                                          12.                            9. Jesse - twin              238

                                                                                         10. Jonas - twin  

          Each line of numbers a generation                                 11. Michael Beery          291

          4 given). Page numbers follow names.                 12. Julia Brown             293

          Nicholas 9c., Nicholas Jr. 16c.,                          13. Joe Beery                298

          Abraham 7c., Jacob 10c., Christian 12c.,                       l4. John Beery               305

          Abraham D. 8c.. Joseph L. 15c.                         15. Ambrose Beery                  312

                                                                                                (PART III)







The story begins in Switzerland, where long before the Reformation the Swiss separatists were persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church because they believed in a free church disassociated from the priesthood and political authority.  They were called Anabaptists or Wiedertäufer (re-baptizers) in reproach.  The Anabaptist movement become widespread at the time of the Reformation and from that time the Swiss Anabaptists, who called themselves Brethren and were later known as Mennonites, were persecuted for their beliefs by the Reformed church and the Swiss Civil Authorities.


The Mennonites based their religious views on the teachings of the New Testament as interpreted by the individual conscience, upholding the right of dissent. They believed that there should be no exercise of force in religion, and that this principle of non-coercion required baptism upon confession of faith rather than of infants; refusal of military service - since love must rule, war is un-Christian; refusal to take oaths, believing in the sanctity of a man’s word; and abstaining from the holding of public office, though magistrates were to be obeyed in all things not prohibited by Scripture. These beliefs, coupled with their conviction that the church and state should be separate and their unwillingness to conform to the practices of the established church, brought upon them a vicious persecution.


Persecution of the Mennonites in Switzerland reached its height in Berne and during the period from 1671 to 1711. Many of the exiles from Berne settled along the Rhine in the Palatinate of Germany. Here they became a tolerated people with fewer rights than the Jews because they refused to adhere to any of the established churches - Catholic, Lutheran or Reformed. They were not allowed to have public worship, marriage with non-Mennonites, trades closed to their children, use of burial grounds denied and paid protection money as well as taxed. By 1726 many had made their way to the New World where William Penn had offered refuge in Pennsylvania to the distressed. 


Their journey took them first down the Rhine River by boat to Holland. The Mennonites there were wealthy and helped their Swiss friends prepare for the long ocean voyage. The trip across the Atlantic was hazardous, full of discomforts, suffering, disease and death. In 1710 a group of Swiss Mennonites had arrived in Philadelphia and had gone on into the forest, sixty miles to the west to establish a settlement on Pequea Creek in an area then called Conestoga.  This was the first permanent white settlement in what is now Lancaster Co.  In 1717 the largest group yet to arrive caused an additional 5000 A. to be added to the original 5000.  By 1727 the second largest immigration arrived, probably because of a ruling by the Court Palatine that the Mennonites would not be allowed to buy or sell.  The Swiss  Mennonite pioneers were hardy rural people who took a serious view of the responsibilities of life, found joy in labor, and were known for their agricultural skill which converted the unbroken forest into the richest agricultural community in the United States.  Earnest and industrious, they were outstanding farmers.  In clearing the forest, instead of leaving the stumps to rot away, they grubbed them out by the roots.  Their fields were virtually as ready for cultivation the second year as they were twenty years later.  While other farmers left their grain in the fields the Swiss stored theirs in huge barns known as “Swisser” barns to this day.  They used “contour” farming, running spring water through troughs cut in the hillsides and dammed up at the other ends so that the water would spill out over the ground. Of their horses and cattle they took







special care. Such industry did not go unrewarded.  Their community prospered and grew. And as it grew, some of the people pushed on to clear and develop new land.


The Mennonites shared this territory with another religious group of Germans who were also of the “plain people” and came to be known in this country as the German Baptist Brethren or, colloquially, as Dunkers or Dunkards.  The name officially chosen in 1908 was Church of the Brethren.  The Dunkers had originated in Germany in 1708 and, like the Mennonites, were victims of persecution and immigrated to Pennsylvania, chiefly in the years 1719 and 1729. Their religious views closely paralleled those of the Mennonites, and so the two groups lived in the same area with congeniality.  Pennsylvania Dutch became the spoken language of these people for many generations, and German was the only written language for several generations.


With the Quakers, religious dissenters like themselves, with other settlers and with the Indians they lived in peace until the Revolution brought persecution anew upon the Mennonites, Brethren and the Quakers as well, who believed all war was wrong.  They would not associate with the Associators who had formed themselves into military companies for general defense.  After the state constitution of 1776 was adopted, the state militia was organized and a fine of “three shillings and six pence for each and every parade day appointed” was to be imposed on “all able-bodied effective male white persons capable of bearing arms, not associators, between the ages of sixteen and fifty years who did not meet and exercise in order to learn the art military”.  The Mennonites and the Brethren had to pay fines for not answering muster.


A property tax, called an “effective supplies tax”, was levied by the Assembly in 1781; under the terms of the act every property holder was required to make a sworn return of all his taxable property.  For those who refused to comply with the terms of the act, the tax was doubled - a favorite device of the Whig authorities.  This double taxation naturally fell heavily on the Mennonites and the Brethren who refused to “swear”’ to anything.  Those refusing to take an oath were called “non-jurors”.


Despite these adversities the Mennonites and the Brethren continued to prosper and made a great contribution to the development of southeastern Pennsylvania.  Always on the lookout for new opportunity, many of the children and grandchildren of the pioneers emigrated to Virginia where land was cheaper and larger farms could be had for their money.  They needed large farms for their large families.  They settled in great numbers in Rockingham County and also in what is now Shenandoah County.  They believed it wrong to hold slaves, though the practice was popular in Virginia.


Soon after the turn of the nineteenth century the Mennonites and the Brethren began emigrating to Ohio, which was admitted to the Union in 1803 as a free state.  In the ensuing years, as the West became settled, Mennonites and Brethren were a part of that vast emigration and are now to be found across the whole of America.


(Condensed from BACKGROUND page 21-27 of the 1957 “Beery Family History”)








Several historical errors found in previous volumes are corrected in the “Beery Family History” of 1957.  Joseph H. Wenger published two volumes, “History of the Descendants of Abraham Beery” (1905) and “History of the Descendants of Nicholas Beery” (1911).  Careful study of Wenger’s genealogy disclosed discrepancies in the relationships.  He stated that Abraham Beery was Abraham Beer, the immigrant of 1736, and that Abraham was a brother of Nicholas Beery, the immigrant of 1727.  Lengthy research established this was not the case. Investigations made by Byron A. Beery led to the discovery that Nicholas Beery had lived and died in York County, Pennsylvania.  Among the records of that County Judith Beery Garber found old documents which prove that Abraham Beery was a son of Nicholas, the immigrant of 1727, rather than his brother. Hence Abraham Beery was not Abraham Beer, the immigrant of 1736.


Since the documents show that Abraham Beery was a son of Nicholas rather than his brother, all of the families recorded in the two Wenger histories are descendants of Nicholas Beery the immigrant of 1727. The old documents of York County show that Nicholas had nine children altogether (see pp 12).  These documents show that Abraham’s wife was Elizabeth and the wife of Nicholas, Jr., was Mary.  In the Wenger accounts the wives names were reversed.


(The above information from 1957 Beery Family History - Judith Beery Garber).


New information found since 1957 places the children of Nicholas the immigrant in new positions,  Abraham as the 4th child and Nicholas as 6 (see page 12).  This from Charles H. Starr - for the Hunsaker organization.  Other “new” corrections are used as the data is recorded and not to be confused with the 1905, 1911 and 1957 Beery Histories.




a) , b) , c ) , etc. – stepchildren                                emp. - employed


ad - addresses                                                                  H.S. - High School 


b – born                                                                          I.S.U. - Iowa State University


bur. - buried                                                           I.W.C.C. - Iowa Western

                                                                                      Community College-Clarinda

c – child                                                                          m - married


cem. - cemetery                                                                mgr. - manager


co. - county, company                                                       O.E.S. - Order of Eastern Star


com. – committee                                                              s - son


d – died                                                                           Sch. - school


da – daughter                                                                   S.S. - Sunday School


div. - division. Divorce                                                      U. - University


W.C.T.U. - Women’s Christian Temperance Union.



NICHOLAS BEERY (BIERI), b 1697 (probably) Canton of Berne, Switzerland. The home area of his family was in the Upper Emmenthal, where lived many Mennonites. It is probable that Nicholas and his parents John and Catharina Bieri were among those who were driven out of Berne during the period of severe persecution prior to 1711 and found refuge in the Palatinate (Germany).  It is possible that Nicholas was born in the Palatinate. At any rate, he no doubt grew up there; Like virtually all of the Swiss Mennonites, he was a farmer. Nicholas possessed the extraordinary Industry and skill in agriculture for which the Swiss Mennonites were noted. Nicholas, at his death, had been an unusually prosperous farmer shown by the appraisal of his possessions.

Nicholas immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1727 on the ship FRIENDSHIP, the last of five ships to arrive from Rotterdam that year, carrying one hundred fifty Swiss Mennonite families which had, in the spring of the year, made the long journey down the Rhine to Holland. After leaving Holland, the FRIENDSHIP met with adverse winds and required four months to make the voyage.  The hardships for those on board were so great that a fifth of the passengers died at sea. The FRIENDSHIP finally arrived at Philadelphia on October 16, 1727.

As a member of the second largest group of Swiss Mennonites to follow the original group of 1710 to the Pequea Creek settlement in Conestoga (now Lancaster County), Nicholas doubtless spent his first winter among his fellow countrymen there.  The area was still a part of Chester County, one of the three original counties of Pennsylvania.  By the time Nicholas arrived, land in this area had been largely taken up.  In 1728 the Mennonites started taking advantage of the opening up of territory west of the Susquehanna River in what is now York County, when settlement was first authorized by the Pennsylvania proprietors in a tract called Springettsbury Manor.  This was a strip of land extending west of the Susquehanna from near the mouth of Kreutz Creek to the Codorus Valley and the area west of the present city of York.

The settlers traveled to their destination west of the Susquehanna by covered wagon (“Conestoga” wagons were a product of these Penna. Germans and have been referred to as the “ships of inland commerce”).  In the wagons were the belongings which the immigrants had been able to bring with them from Europe, the essential implements of agriculture, seeds, household articles, large iron-bound chests filled with homespun’s and some of the most important household utensils, and their precious Bibles and other books.  Most of the settlers had some money.

Heavy timber covered most of the region, with occasional meadows and swamps.  Beside a spring to insure a good water supply, the settler built his first home - a hastily built cabin made to do until some land could be gotten under cultivation.  Nicholas settled on the north bank of Codorus Creek, a mile or so north of the present city of York, in the area that became Manchester Township in 1742, one of the most fertile and productive townships of York County.   In 1729, Springettsbury Manor was included with Lancaster Co. when that, the 4th Penna. Co., was organized and separated from Chester County. York Co. was not erected until 1749.

Died Oct. 1, 1762, York Co., pa., it may be assumed that he was a still vigorous man and died unexpectedly as he left no will; m Dec. 1, 1728, Lancaster Co., Pa., BARBARA MILLER, (da Michael Jeremiah George and Magdalena Miller); d Dec. 2, 1791, York Co., pa.; (m (2) Nov. 17) 1766,  Jacob Kagy).


(new information above from Charles H. Starr for Hunsaker Organization)






1. JOHN BEERY, b Aug. 2, 1729 in the Pequa settlement, Lancaster Co., Penna.; Farmer, Shrewsbury Twp., south of the present town of York; John married 1748, CATHARINA HUNSAKER. 3 chil: Jacob, Daniel, Anna Beery Seitz.

2. MAGDALENA BEERY, b Jan. 3, 1732, East Manchester Twp., York Co., Penna.; d Aug. 9, 1796; m May 15, 1750, JOHN HUNSAKER, (s Hartmann Hunsaker and bro. of Catharina above);  Farmer, York Co., owner of land in Manchester Twp. adjoining that of his father-in-law, Nicholas Beery.

3. BARBARA BEERY, b East Manchester Twp., York Co., Penna.; m before 1758, JOHN COCHENHAUER (s of Jacob); Farmer, York Co., owned land Manchester Twp. adjoining that of Barbara’s brothers, John Beery, Abraham Beery and Nicholas Beery, Jr., taxed on 211 A. in 1782.

4. ABRAHAM BEERY, b East Manchester Twp., York Co., Penna.; Farmer, owned land in Shrewsbury Twp. Paid a special tax in 1783 to help defray expenses of Revolutionary War, also taxed double on his property for refusal of oath “effective supplies tax”.  For military, see brother Nicholas Jr. story. Was guardian of nephews Abraham arid Daniel Forry.  Abraham emigrated to Rockingham Co., Va. and settled near Cross Keys Presbyterian church cemetery.  A tombstone was erected by his descendants in 1902 at which time the burial ground was known as the Union church cem.  Abraham married ELIZABETH COCHENHAUER, (a sister of John Cochenhauer); After the death of her husband Elizabeth made her home with her son Abraham.  She died in 1800 and was buried in the Lindale Mennonite church cem. near Edom, Va. The inscription on her tombstone, erected by descendants in 1902, reads simply: “Mother of John Beery, died 1800”.    7 chil:  SEE PART I.

5. CATHARINA BEERY, b East Manchester Twp., York Co., Penna.; m before 1767, JOHN BLASSER; Farmer, York Co. and neighbor of Catharina’s brother-in-law, John Forry.

6. NICHOLAS BEERY, JR., b June 16, 1739, East Manchester Twp., York Co. Penna.; Farmer, owned land in Shrewsbury Twp.; For the years 1777 and 1778 was listed. as a private on the muster roll of the 7th Battalion of York Co. Militia organized under the state constitution of 1776 and commanded by Col. David Kennedy.  Nicholas and his brother Abraham were both listed in Capt. Ehrman’s unit from Shrewsbury Twp. which was then the 5th Co. of the 7th Battalion.  Their brother George was listed in Capt. John Miller’s unit of the 7th Battalion.  Nicholas, Abraham and George because of their religious principles of non-resistance, could not serve with the military forces and, for not answering muster, each was fined £3.10.0 as one of those “who did not meet and exercise in order to learn the art military”, in accordance with the resolves of the General assembly of Pennsylvania. Nicholas and his family emigrated in 1780 to Rockingham Co., Virginia and settled on Linville Creek, which was in the most fertile part of the county. Nicholas was deeded land in Rockingham County by John Eaton in July 1783, and by Thomas Moore in March 1785.  In the Rockingham County enumeration of 1784, Virginia state census, Nicholas was listed as head of a










family with ten “white souls”, one dwelling, and one other building.  For the personal property tax (sometimes called the “horse tax”), Nicholas was listed among the tithables (all males in the state above 16 years of age) as a “vocher” with 5 horses in 1788, owner of 240 acres in 1789, and a tithable with 5 horses in 1792, in the Linville Creek district.  A man’s wealth in those days was judged by the number of horses he had, and a “five-horse man” was considered quite wealthy.  Since the tax was based on the number of horses, they were generally limited by the farmers to the necessary minimum.  It has been said that Nicholas owned slaves in Virginia, however, no official record has been found of Nicholas’ having slaves.  At any rate, Nicholas sold his possessions in Virginia and with most of his large family, went to Ohio by “mountain schooner” in 1805 or a little earlier.  Once again they were among the pioneers who opened up a new territory and converted the primeval forest into fertile fields.  Nicholas purchased, at $2.00 per acre,. a large tract of wild timber land which embraced most of the western part of Rush Creek Township, Fairfield Co., Ohio and settled on Raccoon Creek.  There he built a sawmill and gristmill in 1806, the first in the township.  Nicholas gave each of his children a farm of about 160 acres from his large tract of the rich and productive soil of Rush Creek Township.  In 1834, Nicholas’ son George founded the town of Bremen in Rush Creek Township, on land that was said to be part of Nicholas’ large original purchase.  At the time of the centennial of Bremen in 1934, it was found that most people of the community were directly or indirectly related to the family of Nicholas Beery.  Nicholas died Feb. 16, 1812 in Fairfield Co., Ohio, and was buried in the Huddle or Mt. Zion cem. 2 mi. SE Berne on Houck Road.  Nicholas married (1) in Penna., MARY KELLER; Nicholas married (2) in 1789 in Virginia, Mrs. MARY (GROW) GOOD; b 1756 in Rockingham Co., and died Oct. 31, 1840 near Bremen, Ohio. 16 children: SEE PART II, SEE PART III.

7. MARGARET BEERY, b East Manchester Twp., York Co., Penna.; Margaret married (1) JOHN FORRY; Farmer in York Co. In 1782 had 300 A. and 2 horses, Margaret’s name appeared on the tax rolls in 1783 as John had died.  Margaret married (2) JACOB BURKHART of Manheim Twp., York Co., 8 chil: Jacob, John, Abraham, Elizabeth, Margaret, Daniel, Rudolph and Magdalena Forry. (all of first marriage).

8. SUSANNA BEERY, b East Manchester Twp., York Co., Penna.; m before 1767, JOHN BICKSLER; Farmer of York Co.; In 1781 taxed on 250 A., John was listed by the assessors in 1781 as a non-juror, and because his religious principles required that he refuse to take an oath in making his return for the property tax called an “effective supplies tax”, he was taxed double on his property. John died sometime before Aug. 16, 1796. 4 chil: Jacob, “Christly”, “Jose” and a dau., wife of John Bay.

9. GEORGE BEERY, b East Manchester Twp., York Co., Penna.; Farmer in York Co. owned land in Shrewsbury Twp.; George and his wife were members of the Codorus Church of the Brethren, records of 1770.  For military see Nicholas Jr. story. George married between 1767 and 1770.














( brother of Nicholas Jr.)
















                   1. Abraham Beery             ………………………..      15


                   2. Nicholas Beery             ………………………..      22


                   3. John Beery                   ………………………..      23


                   4. Jacob Beery                 ………………………..      25


                   5. George Beery               ………………………..      55


                   6. Magdalena Beery ………………………..      58


                   7. Christian Beery             ………………………..      59


















Please refer to page 12 for data of the father Abraham.







4-1. ABRAHAM BEERY, b 1762, York Co., Penna.; emigrated to Rockingham Co., Va.; 4 horses 1792, Muddy Creek district; Known as the most fleshy person of his day and was obliged to spend the greater part of the summer in the cellar of his house; d in old age on farm where he settled south of Edom; Lindale Mennonite Church cem.; m (1) Sept. 28, 1786, Rockingham Co., Va., MAGDALENA RIFE: d 1790; m (2) BARBARA GOOD (da Jacob II and Frances (Grow) Good); (see Good).


 1. ELIZABETH BEERY ; m John Detrick; 6c.

 2. JOHN BEERY, “Muddy Creek John,” b Oct. 6, 1787; m Lydia Showalter; 14c.

 3. ABRAHAM BEERY, ‘’Muddy Creek Abe,” b July 23, 1789; m Elizabeth  Wenger; 9c.

 4. JOSEPH BEERY, b Aug. 8, 1798; m Mary Brenneman; Bremen, Ohio; sc.

 5. CATHERINE BEERY; m Benjamin Fielding Ralston; 3c.

 6. JACOB BEERY, b 1799. (see below).

 7. SAMUEL BEERY; b Apr. (Aug.?) 12, 1803; m (1) Jennie Spicer; m (2) Sarah Raburn; Ohio; 16c.

 8. FRANCES BEERY, b Dee. 12, 1804; m David H. Ralston; Va.; 14c.

 9. ANNA BEERY, b Edom, Va.; m Michael McLaughlin; Ohio; 5c.

10. PETER V. BEERY, b Jan. 12, 1807; m Margaret Pulse; Logan, Ohio; 9c.

11. DAVID BEERY, b Oct. 8, 1808. (see below)

12. MAGDALENA BEERY, b 1812; m Isaac Miller; 6c.

13. BARBARA BEERY, b Aug. 27, 1815; m Jacob Funk; 4c. (Jacob m (2) Catherine Beery, 4-1-4-1).


4-1-6. JACOB BEERY, b 1799 near Edom, Va.; after marriage lived near Harrisonburg where children were born; emigrated to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1838 and settled near Bremen; d 1840 near Bremen; bur. in Ohio; m Oct. 11, 1823, Rockingham Co., Va., HANNAH STOVER, b 1801; d 1874 near Bremen, Ohio.


     1. ISAAC V. BEERY, b Aug. 18, 1824; m Mary Houston; sc.

     2. SARAH BEERY, b Nov. 19, 1825; m Elias Disbennett; 6c.

     3. SUSANNAH BEERY, b July 19, 1827; m Daniel Poling; 7c.

     4. ABRAHAM S. BEERY, b Sept. 9, 1829. (see below)

     5. CATHERINE BEERY, b Nov. 7, 1831; m Lemuel Disbennett; Sc.

     6. ELIZABETH BEERY, b Apr. 7, 1834; m Andrew Wright; 10c.

     7. JACOB G. BEERY, b July 4, 1837; m Martha Brant; 6c.




4-1-6-4. ABRAHAM S. BEERY, “Little Abe” b Sept. 9, 1829, Rockingham Co., Va.; went with parents to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1838; after father death made home with uncle, Peter V. Beery (4-1-10), near Logan; farm; Marion Twp., Hocking Co.; moved to Covington 1892; Church of the Brethren (deacon, Rush Creek congregation; gave corner of land from his farm in Hocking Co., 2 miles north of Logan, for Marion church, also known as the “Slab” church because the siding of rather wide slabs of wood was put on vertically; first S.S. Supt. at Marion church and often conducted church service when no minister was present; church services have since been discontinued, but the building is still used for reunions and similar gatherings); Abraham d Oct. 20, 1909, Covington; old age; bur. Covington; m Mar. 22, 1853, MARGARET HUNSAKER, b Mar. 11, 1835, Hocking Co. (da John and Luvina (Hoffert) Hunsaker); Church of the Brethren; d Feb. 22, 1914, Covington; old age; bur. Covington.


  1. LUVINA BEERY, b Mar. 12, 1854; d May 9, 1854.

  2. JOHN H. BEERY, b Dec. 25, 1855; d Oct. 12, 1860.

  3. CATHERINE BEERY, b Mar. 4, 1858; m Rufus McCune; Ohio; 11c.

  4. JESSE C. BEERY, b July 25, 1860. (see below)

  5. PERRY HUNSAKER BEERY, b Sept. 2, 1862; m Catherine Blosser (6-7-2-1- 3); Calif.; 7c.

  6. ELIZABETH BEERY “Lizzie,” b Jan. 21, 1865; m George Washington VanAtta; Ohio; 1c. Wayne.

  7. SILAS D. BEERY, b May 23, 1867; d 1892.

  8. NOAH VERNON BEERY, b Aug. 9, 1869; m Eliza Catherine Bowman; Ohio; 4c.

  9. MATILDA A. BEERY, b Mar. 25, 1871; m Davis Edward Younce; Ohio

10. MARTHA B. BEERY, b Jan. 9, 1874; m Ora Q. Boggs; Empire, Calif.

11. ISAAC RAPHAEL BEERY, b Feb. 21, 1877; m Barbara Elizabeth Shafer; Ohio; 4c.


4-1-6-4-4. JESSE C. BEERY, b July 25, 1860, Marion Twp., Hocking Co., Ohio; Ashland Col.; farmer; public Sch. teacher many years; with sons John and George in Record Printing Co., Bremen, Ohio; Church of the Brethren minister, later United Brethren in Christ; m June 17, 1883, near Enterprise, MARY JANE GEIGER.


1. JOHN A. BEERY, b Apr. 11, 1884.

2. GEORGE W. BEERY, b Apr. 29, 1886.

3. WILLIAM O. BEERY, b May 7, 1889.

4. STANLEY O. BEERY, b July 13, 1891.

5. JESSE BRYAN BEERY, b Aug. 24, 1899.


4-1-6-4-4-1. JOHN A. BEERY, b Apr. 11, 1884, Hocking Co., Ohio; Publisher, Blissfield Advance (weekly newspaper); d Mar. 4, 1955, Blissfield, Mich.; bur. Pleasant View cem., Blissfield; m Oct. 24, 1914, Blissfield, EDNA HOLT. no children.

4-1-6-4-4-2. GEORGE WORKMAN BEERY, b Apr. 29, 1886; teacher, publisher, rural mail carrier; ad Bremen, Ohio; m June 1, 1907, NELLE EDNA CAMPFIELD (6-11-6-c-1).



1. DOROTHY EDNA BEERY, b Dec. 29, 1907, Bremen, Fairfield Co., Ohio; Ohio U., Athens, Ohio 1926-28, summer ’30; teacher, Somerset, Ohio 1928-33, Berea, Ohio 1933-35, Upper Arlington 193537, Cols City Sch. 1956-60, Spec. Edu., Columbus State Institute 1960-7-; Glenwood Methodist; ad 134 So. Burgess Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43204; m Aug. 9, 1935, New Castle, Penna., ROGER LESLIE STEWART, b May 9, 1904, Antioch, Ohio (5 Ulysses Grant and Mary Catherine (Ridgeway) Stewart); BS Elec. Engineering, Ohio U. Athens 1928; Self emp., Used Sewing Machines, furniture; Glenwood Methodist (S.S. teacher); d Feb. 29, 1964, Columbus, Ohio; Cardiac Acc.; bur. Sunset Cemetery, Cols, Ohio.

1. JEAN ELIZABETH STEWART, b Sept. 23, 1941, Columbus, Ohio; BS Education, Ohio State U. June 1962; Elem. teacher 196266; Methodist; ad 2957 Rundell Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43204; m Nov. 23, 1963, Columbus, ROBERT CLIFTON COLONY, b May 14, 1938, Anacortes, Wash. (s Clifton James and Agnes Shaw (Cook, legal, Hagenk, step-father) Colony); Auburn (Wash.) H.S. 1957; Air Conditioning service; Methodist.

1. Diane Elaine Colony, b Oct. 5, 1967.

2. David Edward Colony, b June 20, 1969.

2. MARY CATHERINE STEWART, “Cathie,” b Sept. 20, 1943; Columbus, Ohio; Ohio State U., BS Education; Account Clerk,  Fawcett Center for Tomorrow; First Community Church Non-denominational; int. sewing, swimming, Yoga; ad 1594 NW Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43212.

3. GEORGE LESLIE STEWART, b Feb. 23, 1946, Columbus, Ohio; West H.S. 1960-63, GED equiv.; Maintenance, St. Raphael Convent Home; Glenwood Methodist; ad 234 S. Powell Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43204; m May 16, 1966, Columbus, DOROTHY MARY MURPHY, ‘’Dotti,’’ b Apr. 4, 1946, Dorchester, Mass. (da Leo Francis and Dorothy Thelma (Ennis) Murphy); Mt. St. Joseph Academy 1960-63 (Business); Keypuncher, John Deere Co.; Catholic.

1. Janette Lyn Stewart, b Aug. 16, 1969.


2. CARL MILTON BEERY, b May 23, 1913, Bremen, Ohio; Ohio U., Athens 1931-34 (numerous Finance and Banking Sch.); 1936-42 Commercial Credit Co., 1942-75 Marine Midland Banks Inc. (Commercial Credit home office Baltimore, Md. I worked in Branches in Binghamton, Syracuse and Elmira. Started as Discount Clerk left their employ as District Representative.  Marine Midland Banks Inc. home office Buffalo N.Y. is a bank holding company which owns the majority stock of 10 regional banks. These banks have over $13 billion in assets and operate over 300 offices in more than 200 communities in N.Y. state as well as 30 offices in 21 foreign countries.  My banking career began here in Elmira as an auditor in 1942. I advanced through the consumer credit, business development, and commercial Loan dept. and numerous officer titles. In 1963 I transferred from Marine Midland Bank Southern to Marine Midland Bank, Southeastern headquartered in Poughkeepsie. I started there as Exec. Vice Pres. and a member of the Board. The following year I assumed the office of President and in 1970 Chairman.  In July of 1970 I returned to Elmira as a Board member and its Chairman.  As of Dec. 31, 1974 I retired from banking and have made my talents available through the Executives International Service Organization as well as stepping up my activity with the church and other local volunteer organizations); Presbyterian (Elder, Trustee, Clerk of Session, Mission Study, Pastoral search) Vassar Hosp. (Rd. of trustees Pres.), Arnot-Ogden Hosp. (Managers Audit and Finance comm. Chm.), Elmira City Club, Elmira Country Club, Rotary, F. M. Howell Co. (Director), Chemung Shared Services (Director); int. travel, nature (Venezuela, Greek Isl., Caribbean, Hawaiian, Canadian Rockies, Greece, Yugoslavia, Turkey); ad 96 Combs Hill Rd., Pine City, New York 14871; m Apr. 24, 1937, Portsmouth, Ohio; MARGARET JANE Donaldson, “Jane,” b Aug. 1913, Portsmouth (da Ralph Harold and Elisa “Bess” Wilhelmina (Daehler) Donaldson); Ohio U., 1931-33 (Kdg., Pri.); Teacher Portsmouth 1933-37, Nursery Sch. 1951-62 Elmira N.Y.; Presbyterian (Elder, Pres., Women’s Guild); Rotary Ann’s, Board mem., Wednesday Morning Club (Alpha Xi Delta); int. travel, Meals on Wheels, Hosp. Aux.


1. JUDITH ANN BEERY, “Judy,” b Aug. 24, 1938, Syracuse, N.Y.; BS Bucknell U. (Who’s Who in American Col. and U.); American Lutheran (former Ministers wife, U.C.C. 1966-74); Vol. at Sch., church; int. music, reading, people, serving Christ where he takes us; ad 424 N. 3rd. St., Stillwater, Minn. 55082; m May 1, 1965, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., JOSEPH BARDWELL LYMAN III, “Joe,” b Oct. 31, 1938, Hanover, NH (s Joseph Bardwell Jr. and Janet Adelaide (Hartmann) Lyman); Yale New Haven, Conn., Div. Andover Newton Theo. Sem.; Computer Programmer; American Lutheran; int. music.

1. George Daehler Lyman, b Apr. 23, 1969.

2. DONALD EDWARD BEERY, “Don,” b Dec. 3, 1940, Elmira, New York; Bucknell U., Lewisburg, Penna. 1962, Tulane U., New Orleans, La. 1964; Insurance Agent; Trinity Episcopal Church (Member Christian Edu. Comm.); Trinity Sch. Parents Assoc. (treas.), Board of Trustees, Trinity Sch.; int. golf, tennis; ad 1118 Joseph St., New Orleans, La. 70115; m June 17, 1961, New Orleans, ANNE HARRISON MALEY, b May 7, 1939, Charleston, South Carolina (da Kenneth Paul and Alice Barclay (Harrison) Maley); Bucknell U. 1957-59, Newcomb Col. New Orleans 1959-60; Junior League, New Orleans, Trinity Parents group and MaGehee Sch. parents; int. tennis.

1. Barclay Donaldson Beery, b July 23, 1964.

2. Alice Harrison Beery, b Apr. 26, 1967


(11th child of Abraham)


4-1-11. DAVID BEERY, b Oct. 8, 1808, near Edom, Va.; In 1847 started west by wagon train but wife became ill at Levels, W. Va., purchased land and settled there; Later with youngest son went to Augusta, W. Va.; Christian Church; d Mar. 7, 1883; bur. Beery farm near Augusta; m (1) Sept. 28, 1831, ELIZABETH NISWANDER, b Sept. 18, 1808, Rockingham Co., Va.; d June 18, 1848; bur. Levels; m (2) Mar. 1849, SUSANNA ROHRBAUGH, b Mar. 24, 1808, Rockingham Co., Va.; d Nov. 9, 1892; bur. Beery farm.

1. BENJAMIN BEERY, b Dec. 17, 1832; m Malinda Catherine Moore; 9c.

2. JOSEPH BEERY, b June 22, 1835. (see below)

3. REBECCA BEERY, b Oct. 7, 1836; m Conrad Wilbert; 9c.

4. DAVID ABRAHAM BEERY, b Mar. 21, 1839; m Mrs. Sarah Ann (McKee) Morris; Ohio; lc.

5. ELIZABETH C. BEERY, b Apr. 10, 1841; m (1) Benjamin O. Largent; 2c.; m (2) John E. Baker; 1c.

6. LYDIA F. BEERY, b Mar. 4, 1843; m Blair Leffel.

7. SARAH A. BEERY, b Oct. 15, 1846; d Oct. 11, 1863.

8. JACOB DANIEL BEERY, b June 22, 1850; d Mar. 9, 1951, Agosta, WV; m (1) Zulemma Hester Haines; 12c.; m (2) Mrs. Eliza Daugherty Cheshire; m (3) Mrs. Lara Grapes.


4-1-11-2. JOSEPH BEERY, b June 22, 1835, Edom, Va.; emigrated with parents to Hampshire Co., W. Va. in 1847; after marriage moved to Herman, Ill.; 1860’s returned to Va.; Christian Church; Farmer, carpenter; m Nov. 25, 1856, MARTHA PENCE, b Mar. 25, 1837.

1. MARY ANN ELIZABETH BEERY, b Oct. 2, 1857.

2. SARAH FRANCES BEERY, b Jan. 11, 1861; Farmer.

3. JOHN HARVEY BEERY, b Oct. 2, 1863. (see below)

4. EMMA FLORENCE BEERY, b Aug. 26, 1867; d Mar. 12, 1868.

5. WILLIAM DAVID BEERY, b May 14, 1872; Butcher

6. JOSEPH SYLVESTER BEERY, b July 2, 1875; Miner

7. LIVIA MELVIN BEERY, b Jan. 19, 1879; Clerk.


4-1-11-2-3. JOHN HARVEY BEERY, b Oct. 2, 1863, Hampshire Co., W. Va.; Miner; Ellisville, Ill.; d 1924; m Sept. 9, 1887, ELLEN PAGE; d July 1, 1903; m (2) Jan. 1, 1904, LETTA PAGE.

1. GLENN BEERY, b Aug. 10, 1889.

2. FAY BEERY, b Apr. 3, 1891.

3. NINA BEERY, b June 9, 1892.

4. CECIL RAY BEERY, b Jan. 4, 1893. (see below)

5. CHARLES BEERY, b Aug. 1898; d 1903.

6. HARVEY BEERY, b 1905, Ellisville, Ill.; Hair dresser 40 yr.; ad Hotel Kewanee, Kewanee, Ill. 61443; son, 1931; Hayward, Calif.


(a) George Page; Sun Prairie, Wisc.

(b) Arthur Page; Calif.

(c) Florence Page Fendill; Moline, Ill.


4-1-11-2-3-4. CECIL RAY BEERY, ‘’Ray,’’ b Jan. 4, 1893, Va.; emigrated to Ill. and when a young man to Shawano, Wisc.; elem. sch. K-8, Galesburg, Ill.; Lumber, logging, and trucking operations 1916-62; Catholic; Town Clerk of Town of Wescott, Deputy Sheriff, Shawano Co. and State of ,Wise.; int. hunting, fishing, gardening; d Feb. 11, 1971, Shawano; cancer; bur. Sacred Heart cem.; m June 16, 1916, Shawano, MARY AGNES BIBELHAUSEN, b Jan. 24, 1893, Shawano (da John and Henrietta (Degner) Bibelhausen); Sacred Heart Sch. 8 yr., music 2 yr.; Sacred Heart Catholic Church; V.F.W. (Senior and Jr. V. Pres., Guard and Chaplain); int. sewing; ad RR 1, Shawano, Wise.

1. GLADYS MABLE BEERY, b Jan. 17, 1917.

2. ELMER JOHN BEERY, b June 9, 1918.

3. PEARL AGNES BEERY, b Apr. 24, 1920.

4. MILDRED LUCILE BEERY, b Feb. 2, 1922.

5. EVELYN GERTRUDE BEERY, b Feb. 17, 1925.



6. ELAINE MAE BEERY, b May 20, 1927.

7. HARVEY ROGER BEERY, b May 5, 1929.

8. ARLENE RUTH BEERY, b Apr. 30, 1931.


4-1-11-2-3-4-1. GLADYS MABLE BEERY, b Jan. 17, 1917, Shawano, Wise.; Ainsworth gd., Shawano H.S.; Housewife to 1960, Marketing Dept., Pure Oil Co. 1965, Accounting Dept, Chamberlain Mfg. Corp., Elmhurst, Ill., present; St. James Catholic Church (Mother’s Club, Women’s Guild); 4-H comm., Brownies, Girl Scouts; ad 938 N. Kennicott, Arlington Hts., Ill.; m Nov. 30, 1934, Beaver Dam, Wisc., ERNEST ERWIN SHULSE, b Oct. 26,1908, St. Joe, Mo. (s August and Myrtle (Asbill) Shulse); Hannibal, Mo. H.S.; Greens keeper, Golf Course; Baptist; ad Hannibal, Mo.

1. MARY JANE SHULSE SCHARRINGHAUSEN, b July 14, 1940; ad Elk Grove Village, Ill.

2. BETTY LOU MARIE SHULSE DORMANN, b Aug. 4, 1939; ad Harvard, Ill.


4-1-11-2-3-4-2. Elmer JOHN BEERY, “Buss,” b June 9, 1918, Shawano, Wisc.; High Sch., BS from U. of Wisc., Babbcock Hall; Cheese Maker, licensed by U. of Wisc. and Dept. Agri. 1940; Mennonite convert to Catholic; Pres. Wisc. Cheesemakers Assoc., State Board memo 20 yr.; Clerk Bd. Edu., School Board memo 26 yr.; int. music, hunting, water sports; Staff Sgt. 307 Inf., Hq. Co., 77 Div. So. Pacific combat and Japan; Russia 1962 and East Europe for u.s. Gov’t; ad RR 2 Box 115AA, Clintonville, Wisc. 54929;

m Aug. 24, 1939, Waupaca, Wisc.

1. ALAN RAY BEERY, b Oct. 24, 1940; Doctor; Minneapolis, Minn.

2. COLLINS LEE BEERY, b Nov. 27, 1941; ad Zumbrota, Minn.

1. Denis Lynd Beery, b Sept. 9, 1964.

2. Bobbi Jean Beery, b May 27, 1969.

3. Chad Everet Beery, b Jan. 3, 1971.


4-1-11-2-3-4-3. PEARL AGNES BEERY, b Apr. 24, 1920, Shawano, Wisc.; 8 gd.; Knitting mill emp.; St. James Lutheran; ad 403 Lake Dr., Shawano, Wisc. 54166; m Sept. 20, 1941, Shawano, LEONARD FRANK ZADDACK, b Jan. 6, 1918, Shawano (s Leo and Bertha Bernadine (Kuhl) Zaddack); High Sch.; Paper mill; St. James Lutheran; int. hunting, fishing.

1. JOAN JEAN ZADDACK, b Feb. 26, 1942; ad Green Bay, Wisc.

2. ROGER ALLAN ZADDACK, b Mar. 5, 1943; ad Butler, Wisc.

3. CAROL JEAN ZADDACK HELLER, b May 24, 1944; ad Two Rivers, Wisc.

4. MARY LOU ZADDACK MARKS, b Aug. 14, 1945; ad Westalles, Wisc.

5. KAREN ANN ZADDACK MICHELAK, b Jan. 17, 1947; ad Manitowoc, Wisc.

6. NANCY LEE ZADDACK PIEPPER, b June 4, 1952; ad Shawano, Wisc.

7. TOM RAY ZADDACK, b July 2, 1958, Shawano, Wisc.

8. PEGGY SUE ZADDACK, b June 17, 1963.


4-1-11-2-3-4-4. MILDRED LUCILE BEERY, b Feb. 2, 1922, Shawano, Wisc.; Elem. Sch. K-8; Hotel emp., cook; Catholic; V.F.W.; int. flowers; ad RR 1, Shawano, Wisc.


4-1-11-2-3-4-5. EVELYN GERTRUDE BEERY, b Feb. 17, 1925, Shawano, Wisc.; Anisworth Sch. 8; Factory worker; Sacred Heart Catholic; ad RR 1, Box 130, Shawano, Wisc.; m Oct. 17, 1942, Shawano, LELAND ROY YEAGER, b May 4,1919, Shawano (s Charles Henry and Nancy (Nobles) Yeager); 8 yr. gd.; Factory worker; Sacred Heart Catholic; int. fishing, hunting.

1. GERALD LEE YEAGER, b June 17, 1944; ad Dolton, Ill.

2. JANICE MARY YEAGER VANHANDEL, b June 26, 1946; ad Green Bay, Wisc.

3. JAMES CHARLES YEAGER, b Apr. 14, 1950; ad Shawano, Wisc.

4. JUDY MARIE YEAGER, b Sept. 24, 1951; ad Shawano, Wisc.


4-1-11-2-3-4-6. ELAINE MAE BEERY, b May 20, 1927, Shawano, Wisc.; Ainsworth and Lake Drive Sch., Shawano; St. John’s Catholic, So. Milwaukee; ad 726 Monroe Ave., So. Milwaukee, Wisc. 53172; m Aug. 4, 1951, Shawano, ROBERT AUGUST HENN, b Oct. 4, 1924, Briarton, Wisc. (s Charles Paul and Anna Marie (Eisenreich) Henn); St. Rose Catholic Sch., Clintonville, Wisc.; Machine repairman, Cudahy 1952-73; St. John’s Catholic; int. deer hunting, fishing and boating.

1. RICHARD PAUL HENN, b May 26, 1952.

2. LAWRENCE CHARLES HENN, b Mar. 22, 1954.

3. GERALD THOMAS HENN, b Oct. 15, 1955.

4. PAUL MICHAEL HENN, b Feb. 14, 1958.

5. LOIS ANN HENN, b Sept. 30, 1960.

6. SUSAN MARY HENN, b July 21, 1963.


4-1-11-2-3-4-7. HARVEY ROGER BEERY, “Jim,” b May 12,1929, Shawano, Wisc.; Shawano H.S. 1953; Salesman; St. Rose Catholic; Clintonville Curling Club (Pres.) American Legion; int. Curling, hunting, camping, sports; Army MP 1950-51; ad Box 118, Clintonville, Wisc.; m Jan. 10, 1958, Shawano, ELAINE RUTH WALTERS, b Mar. 22, 1930, Antigo, Wisc. (da Ivan John and Minnie Mae (Combs) Walters); White Lake Sch.; Catholic; American Legion; int. Curling, camping, sports.

1. MARILEE ANN BEERY, b Sept. 13, 1951.

2. BONNIE SUE BEERY, b Jan. 26, 1959.

3. CINDY KAY BEERY, b Nov. 4, 1960.


4-1-11-2-3-4-8. ARLENE RUTH BEERY, b Apr. 30, 1931, Shawano, Wisc.; Shawano H.S. 1949; Catholic, St. Thomas Aquinas; ad 2024 N. 34th St., Milwaukee, Wisc. 53208; m. June 15, 1957, Shawano, SCOTTY RAYMOND JUMP, b Oct. IS, 1935, Eau Claire, Wisc. (s Frank Ralph and Bessie Delilah (Hill) Jump); Eau Claire H.S. 10th gd.; Mechanic; Catholic; ad 4343 169th St., Lawndale, Calif.

1. CONNIE SUE JUMP, b Apr. 3, 1958.

2. PATTI ANN JUMP, b Mar. 10, 1960.

3. STEVEN SCOTT JUMP, b Apr. 9, 1961.

4. DAVID RAY JUMP, b Jan. 3, 1964.

5. DOUGLAS WILLIAM JUMP, b Mar. 11, 1965.

6. JOHN PAUL JUMP, b Mar. 18, 1966.

7. FRANK RAYMOND JUMP, b Aug. 15, 1962; d Sept. 16, 1962.










4-2. NICHOLAS BEERY, b 1764, York Co., Penna.; emigrated to Rockingham Co., Va.; known as Nicholas Beery, Jr. and his uncle as Nicholas Beery, Sr.; settled near Edom; In 1789 listed as landowner in Rockingham Co. with 145 acres and in 1792 tithable with 3 horses, Linville Creek Dist.; d Apr. 1815, near Edom; . BARBARA KAGY (1st cousin of another Barbara Kagy, wife of Nicholas’ brother John (see 4-3).


1. ABRAHAM BEERY, “Brush Abe,” b Sept. 30, 1786, near Edom, Va.; Mennonite; noted for his kind disposition; d Feb. 12, 1870 (within 50 yards of place he was born); m (1)______  ;  (2) Apr. 7, 1842, MRS. HANNAH (ROBINSON) ALLEBAUGH, b May 26, 1799; d Aug. 6, 1874; 2c. Josiah Beery 1818, Henry N. Beery, b 1843.

2. NICHOLAS BEERY; went west 1815.

3. CHRISTIAN BEERY; d single of old age.

4. ELIZABETH BEERY; m Apr. 22, 1819, JOSEPH FRY; 5c.

5. SUSANNA BEERY; d single of old age.
































4-3. JOHN BEERY, b 1767, York Co., Pa.; Millwright; with brother (also a millwright) walked from Pennsylvania to the Valley of Virginia; built the “Old Kagey Mill,” and John fell in love with and married Barbara Kagy; during first years after marriage lived in New Market; purchased large tract of land on Linville Creek near Edom in Rockingham Co.; listed as taxable with two horses 1792, Linville Creek district; erected hulling mill and carding machine; the building, enlarged and improved; Mennonite church; d June 25, 1834, near Edom; bur. beside his mother in Lindale Mennonite church cem. (tombstone erected by descendants 1902); m between 1792 and 1794, BARBARA KAGY, b June 12, 1769, at Kagy homestead on Smith Creek, Shenandoah Co. (da Henry and Barbara (Stoner) Kagey); her mother brought with her across the ocean a small finely-polished earthen vessel which has been handed down to the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter in each generation; Barbara reared a large and industrious family; Mennonite; d Sept. 25, 1835, near Edom was thrown from her horse while returning from church services (her formerly gentle horse was frightened by a hog jumping out from an old fashioned fence corner); Lindale cemetery.

 1. BARBARA BEERY, b Mar. 12, 1795; m Joseph Wenger; 10c: son Joseph H. Wenger, author of Beery History of 1905 and 1911.

 2. ELIZABETH BEERY, b Feb. 10, 1797; m John Brenneman; 2c.

 3. DANIEL BEERY, “Little Daniel”, b Apr. 5, 1798.

 4. SAMUEL BEERY, b Nov. 3, 1799; d in infancy.

 5. JOHN K. BEERY, b June 4, 1801.

 6. MARY BEERY, b Nov. 20, 1802; m Jacob Brenneman; 8c.

 7. ABRAHAM BEERY, b Dec. 25, 1803.

 8. HENRY BEERY, b Feb. 19, l806.

 9. ANNA BEERY, b Dec. 20, 1807; m Henry Wenger; 7c.

10. JOSEPH BEERY, b May 19, 1809. (see below)

11. CATHERINE BEERY, b Aug. 21, 1815; m Michael B. Cline; 13c.


4-3-10. JOSEPH BEERY, b May 19, 1809, near Edom, Va.; reared near Edom settled in vicinity of Cross Keys; Farmer; Mennonite; d July 1, 1874; Massanutten Cross Keys Presbyterian Church cemetery near his home; m (1) Nov. 15, 1831, FRANCES GARBER, b Oct. 15, 1811, Augusta Co., Va.; Mennonite; d May 12, 1850; Cross Keys cemetery; m (2) Nov. 20, 1851, ELIZABETH RODEFFER. b July 5, 1811; Mennonite; d Dec. 11, 1871.

1. SOLOMON BEERY, b Oct. 25, 1832.

2. BARBARA ANN BEERY, b Feb. 12, 1835; m John Wampler; 6c.

3. ELIZABETH F . BEERY, b Jan. 12, 1840; m Benjamin F. Wampler; 13c.

4. JOHN HENRY BEERY, b May 13, 1843. (See below)

5. FRANKLIN BEERY, b Oct. 23, 1845; d Apr. 20, 1847.

6. FANNIE BEERY, b Sept. 9, 1848; m George W. Showalter; 7c.

7. CATHERINE BEERY, b Apr. 12, 1850; m William Showalter; 4c.


4-3-10-4. JOHN HENRY BEERY, b May 13, 1843, Va.; Methodist minister; Humboldt, Nebr.; m Aug. 23, 1870, LAURA JANE MOYER, b Dec. 11.1849. Fairfield Co., Ohio.

1. EMMA LUELLA BEERY, b July 11, 1871; m June 23, 1892; J. M. Joseph.

2. CHARLES ERNEST BEERY, b Mar. 13, 1874.


3. JOHN WARREN BEERY, ‘’Warren,” b Jan. 29, 1882, Fairfield Co., Ohio; H.S., 3 yr. Col.; Farmer, lived Independence, Mo., RR 1; Methodist; int. fishing, flowers, nature; d Nov. 2, 1952, Kansas City, Mo.; cancer; Six Mile Cemetery, Jackson Co., Mo.; m Mar. 24, 1908, Pierre, South Dakota, MARGARET ETHEL JOHNSTON, b May 2, 1883, Fairplay, Colo. (da Oliver Winston and Malinda Ellen (Kimbrel) Johnston); Grad. Grand River Col., Trenton, Mo.; Homemaker; Baptist; d Aug. 31, 1961, Kansas City, Mo.; Six Mile Cemetery.

1. John Warren Beery, “J. W.,” b Dec. 28, 1908, Pierre, So. Dak.; H.S.; Farmer, Real Estate Broker; ad Eagleville, Mo. RFD; m May 1950, Kansas City, LORNA GEORGINA KENNARD, “Gina,” b Aug. 20, 1924, Kansas City (da George and Lorna (Brockway) Kennard); RN, Bethany Hosp. at Bethany, Mo.

1. Diana Lee Beery, b Mar. 18, 1951.

2. Judith Ann Beery, b Aug. 19, 1952; ad Grant City, Mo. RR 1; m Thomas L. Trullinger, “Tom,” b Feb. 22, 1950; Missouri State Highway Patrolman.

1. Timothy Trullinger, b Nov. 25, 1969.

2. Jennifer Trullinger, b May 1, 1973.

3. Margaret Ellen Beery, b Hay 11, 1955; ad Eagleville, Mo.; m Feb. 1, 1975; Curtis Fletchall, b June 5, 1951.

4. Robert Warren Beery, b Sept. 6, 1958.

5. Lewis Clifton Beery, b June 2, 1961.

2. Ellen Jane Beery, b Nov. 24, 1910, Seattle, Wash.; BA at U. of Washington, Seattle, MA at U. of Missouri, Columbia; English teacher, North Kansas City; North Cross Methodist Church; Delta Kappa Gamma (International Key Women teachers); int. painting (oil and china); traveled in Europe, all US states, taught in Hawaii; ad 1633 SE 48th Terrace, Kansas City, Mo.

4. EARL JACOB BEERY, b Apr. 1885.

5. RALPH CLEON BEERY, b Jan. 23, 1887; H.S., Teachers Col.; teacher, orchardist; Methodist; Farm Bureau; int. ranching; traveled So. America, Hawaii; d Nov. 23, 1968, Paradise, Calif.; cancer; bur. Paradise cem.; . June 15, 1910, Burns, Oregon, HELEN: ad 6799 Skyway, Paradise, Calif. 95969.

1. Bonita Berniece Beery, b Nov. 15, 1912, Oregon; Lives Chico, Calif.

2. Claris Catherine Beery, b June 29, 1915, Oregon; Lives Paradise,


3. Doris K. Beery, b June 1917, Barns, Oregon; Lives Chico; . John Rice.

4. Anna Mae Beery, b Feb. 20, 1920, Milwaukee, Oregon; Lives Chico; m H. Harder.

5. Robert C. Beery, “Bob,” b Sept. 22, 1922, Paradise, Calif.  Lives Paradise; m Katherine Crewell.

6. Ethel Lenore Beery, b Dec. 10, 1889; m ______ Schrengohst.

7. Roy Franklin Beery, b Oct. 22, 1893; Humboldt, Nebr.; ad Kent, Washington 90831; 3 daughters.




4-4. JACOB BEERY, b Sept. 11, 1769, York Co., Pa.; Farmer; emigrated to Rockingham Co., Va.; Taxed for 1 horse 1792, Linville Creek Dist.; emigrated to Ohio 1806 and purchased large tract of land near Lancaster; Mennonite; d Apr. 2, 1842; bur. cem. 4 mi. east Lancaster, Ohio; m MARY GOOD, b May 13, 1777, Rockingham Co., Va. (da Jacob II and Frances (Grow) Good); Mennonite; d Dec. 8, 1848, Lancaster, Ohio.

 1. SAMUEL BEERY, b Feb. 2, 1802. (see below)

 2. JACOB BEERY, b 1803; m (1) Elizabeth Beaver; m (2) Elizabeth Culp; Perry Co., Ohio; 13c.

 3. JOSEPH BEERY; m Nov. 15, 1821, Magdalena Welty; Perry Co.

 4. DAVID BEERY. b Jan. 27, 1806; m Margaret (Rebecca?) Engle; Lived Celina, Ohio; 10c.

 5. CATHERINE BEERY, b Nov. 4, 1807; Henry Engle; Celina, Ohio; 8c.

 6. DANIEL BEERY; m (1) Mrs. Lovina (Friesner) Dietz; m (2) Mrs. Warner.

 7. MARY BEERY; m Benjamin Dietz; Bremen, Ohio.

 8. FANNIE BEERY; m John Kelchner.




4-4-1. SAMUEL BEERY, “Knob Sam,” b Feb. 2, 1802, Rockingham Co., Va.; with parents to Ohio 1806; built his log house (largest in vicinity) on highest hill in Perry Co.; Mennonite; d about 1849, Perry Co.,; kidney ailment; Turkey Run Mennonite Church cemetery; m MARY MOYER, b Jan. 1807, a small woman; Mennonite; d July 30, 1898 (18927) Perry Co.

 1. LYDIA BEERY, b July 29, 1827. (see below)

 2. ANNA BEERY, b Oct. 14, 1830; m David Ashbaugh; 3e.

 3. JACOB BEERY, b Apr. 17, 1832; m Catherine Strohm; 7c.

 4. MARY BEERY, b Apr. 30, 1834; m Abraham Beery (4-1-4-2).

 5. ELIZABETH BEERY, b Aug. 23, 1836; m Samuel Strohm.

 6. CATHERINE BEERY, b Aug. 5, 1838; m Samuel Huber; 12c.

 7. NANCY BEERY, b Dec. 21, 1840; m Henry Stutzman; 6c.

 8. RACHAEL BEERY, b Jan. 27, 1843; drowned Apr. 11, 1865.

 9. MARGARET BEERY, b Apr. 16, 1845; m John M. Miller; 3c.

10. JOHN W. BEERY, b Mar. 30, 1847; m Eliza Jane Miller; 3c.

11. LOVINA BEERY, b Apr. 23, 1849; m James Cummings.

12. SARAH BEERY, b Oct. 5, 1852; d Jan. 30, 1857.


4-4-1-1. LYDIA BEERY, b July 29, 1827, near Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio; d Mar. 15, 1904; Page County, Iowa; bur. Butler cem., near Shambaugh, Iowa; m (1)         _______ Engle; died (no date); Ohio.

1. ANN MARIA ENGLE, b Dec. 24, 1848. Lydia m (2) 1851, SOLOMON STEMEN, b Sept. 24, 1822 Fairfield Co., Ohio (s John and Catherine (Mericle) Stemen, see 8-6); removed to Allen Co., Ohio; Dunkard; d July 17, 1854.

2. MARGARET STEMEN, b Apr. Z5, 185Z.

3. ABRAHAM STEMEN, b Sept. 17, 1853. Lydia m (3) Oct. 23, 1856, DAVID GOOD, b May 5, 1809, Rockingham Co., Va.; (s Joseph C. and Magdalena (Gamel) Good); emigrated to Fairfield Co., Ohio; In 1850 census was in Hocking Co., Marion Twp., Ohio (In 1852 the line between Fairfield Co. and Hocking Co. was changed so that David Good was said to be from Fairfield Co.); In May 1865 removed to Page Co., Iowa, near Shambaugh. From Recorders book Courthouse Page Co., David Good from David Baker, Nov. 19, 1864, David Good of Fairfield Co. SE¼, NW¼ and W½,  SE¼, NW¼, Sec. 30, East River Twp., near Nodaway River; farmer; Dunkard; d Sept. 19,1868; Page Co.; bur. Butler cem., near Shambaugh; (m (1) Susanna Beery (see pp 67 ).

4. ELIZABETH GOOD, b Aug. 20, 1857; d Jan. 12, 1859, Ohio.

5. LEVI GOOD, b Mar. 5, 1859.

6. SIMON GOOD, b Dec. 7, 1860.

7. MATILDA GOOD, b June 1, 1863.

8. HYLAS GOOD, b Feb. 15, 1865.

9. MARY ANN GOOD, b Mar. 30, 1867.




4, 4-1-1-1. ANN MARIA ENGLE, b Dec. 24, 1848; removed to Page Co. May 1865; d Dec. 14, 1869; first grave in Weaver cem., Oronogo, Mo.; m Nov. 29, 1868, Page Co., Iowa, ANDREW GOOD, b Dec. 5, 1841; Ohio (s John S. and Sarah (Grimm) Good); Came to Iowa Sept. 1864; Left Iowa 1869 with his brother Joseph G. Good, “driving through in a wagon in 10 days in the month of Feb. and went to the home of Jacob Brenneman, Jasper Co., Mo.”; chosen minister Mennonite church in Shambaugh 1879; Dec. 1890 removed to Cass Co., Mo. and a pastorate at Harper, Kans.; d July 12, 1930; bur. Mennonite cem. Roseland, Nebr.; (m (2) Feb. 7, 1878, in Page Co., Iowa, Susan Snively, b 1834; d Nov. 5, 1890; bur. Butler cem.).

1. IDA MELISSA GOOD, b Aug. 20, 1869, Jasper Co. Mo.; Lived on farm between Clarinda and Shambaugh (Hwy 71) where “Susan was a good mother to a motherless child”; Minister’s wife; Mary Hoffman (a Good cousin) lived in the home and helped with the large family; d Sept. 1959, Sterling, Ill.; m 1897, Harper, Kans. DANIEL GROSS LAPP; Minister; Mennonite; Roseland, Nebr.; Moved to Sterling, Ill. in the 40’s (where all sons had gone to work after the drought years of the 30’s); d 1951; bur. near Sterling.

1. Paul Lapp; ad 509 W. 10th St., Sterling, Ill.; m Helen Schultz.

1. Gene Lapp; Sterling, Ill.; m Barbara (who married (2) Mike Nerstheimer); 3c. Tammie, Melissa, Heidi.

2. Wayne Lapp; Sterling, Ill.; m Susan.

2. Titus Lapp; Fulton, Mo., Springfield, Ill.; m Agnes Pelz.

3. Mahlon Lapp; ad 1108 4th Ave., Sterling, Ill.; . Esther Good, b 1906 (da Daniel and Nannie (Burkholder) Good).

1. Jon Lapp; ad LaGrange, Ill.; m Martha Miller; 3c. David, DeAnne, Eric.

2. Joel Lapp; ad Rockford, Ill.; m (1)____; m (2) Marcie ____; 2c. Robert, Andrew.

3. Jerald Lapp; Grand Rapids, Mich.; m Anita Stalter.

4. Velma Lapp; Goshen Col., Ind.; School teacher 4 yr. Nebr. (before Col.); ad 725 W. Carlton Ave., Elkhart, Inc.: m May 28, 1933, Roseland, Nebr., Walter Hostetler; Goshen, Ind. Col.; taught Gov’t. Indian Sch., Flandreau, S.Dak. 1938, served as Missionaries in India 14 yrs.; taught elem. Sch. 2 yr. Goshen; Home Bible studies (thru Home Missions) also prison visitations; Served Elkhart 20 yr.

1. Gordon Hostetler, b 1934; ad Elkhart, Ind.; m Phyllis Davenport; 2c. Michael Alan, b Oct. 14, 1962, Elaine Melissa, b Feb. 18, 1965.

2. Verda Hostetler, b Jan. 29, 1937; ad Omaha, Nebr.: m George Bialac; 1c. Emeline Bialac.

3. Susan Melissa Hostetler, b Oct. 14, 1943; ad Goshen, Ind.; m 1961, John Guipe; 2c. John David, b July 16, 1962; Beth Ann, b Feb. 27, 1965.

5. Leon Lapp; ad Hopedale, Ill.; m Imogene Springer.

1. Philip Lee Lapp; deceased.

2. Neil Lapp; ad Raleigh, N. Car.; m Jan.

6. Truman Lapp; ad 203 6th Ave., Sterling, Ill.; m Hazel Long.

1. Daniel Lapp; ad Rockford, Ill.; m Priscilla.

2. Charles Lapp; ad Georgia; m Beverly.

3. Kathy Lapp; ad Wheaton, Ill.; m Reid Pettit.

7. James Lapp; ad 1701 17th Ave., Sterling, Ill.; m Marian Trimble; 2c. Vonda, Nancy.

8. Noah Good; (adopted); ad Maxwell, Calif.; m Anne ____.




4-4-1-1-2. MARGARET STEMEN, b Apr. 25, 1852; m JOHN HAYES; Baptist; Harrisonville, Mo. in 1911; Not found in 1975; There is believed to be a son Charley Hayes who visited Page County at one time).




4-4-1-1-3. ABRAHAM STEMEN, “Abe,” b Sept. 17, 1853, Allen Co., Ohio; Page Co. May 1865; Farmer; Lived north Butler cem. and school; Mennonite Brethren in Christ; From Iowa Territorial Centennial Edition of Clarinda Herald Journal Oct. 31, 1938, “Not until he had lived in Iowa for a time and attended school in Page Co. did he learn English.  Swimming in the Nodaway River was good sport. Another favorite pastime as well as a necessity was hunting.  Wild turkeys were plentiful.  Mr. Stemen says he sometimes shot as many as eight in one day.  Mr. and Mrs. Stemen celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary last March.  The couple are 5th cousins and not until after their marriage did they know of the relationship”; d Feb. 12, 1946, Clarinda Hosp.; pneumonia; bur. Butler cem.; m Mar. 5, 1874, Shambaugh, AMANDA J. BEERY, “Mandy,” b May 9, 1853, Adams Co., Ind. (da Daniel B. and Magdalene (Hamm) Beery) Iowa 1867 by covered wagon; MBC, Shambaugh; d Oct. 7, 1939, Shambaugh, Iowa; bur. Butler cem. (see pp 203).

1. JAY CLAREL STEMEN, b Dec. 30, 1874.

2. DANIEL STEMEN, b Mar. 22, 1876; d same day.

3. LYDIA MAGDALENE STEMEN, b Sept. 22, 1879.

4. SOLOMON STEMEN, b Aug. 10, 1883; d same day.

5. EMERY L. STEMEN, b July 10, 1887; Aug. 8, 1889.

6. JENNIE M. STEMEN, b June 10, 1893.


4-4-1-1-3-1. JAY CLAREL STEMEN, b Dec. 30, 1874, Page Co., Iowa; Butler Sch. 8th gd.; Farmer; Church of God; To Colorado Mar. 1925; d July 15, 1953, Denver, Colo.; heart; bur. Loveland Burial Park, Loveland, Colo.; . Dec. 12, 1900, Shambaugh, Iowa, EFFIE MYRTLE MCCURDY, “Myrtle” b July 1, 1884, Braddyville, Iowa (da Franklin and Easter (Seabolt) McCurdy); Nixon Sch. (Buchanan Twp.) 7th gd.; Church of God; int. crochet and embroidery, quilting; d Feb. 24.1964, Denver; heart; bur. Loveland.

1. HAZEL MILDRED STEMEN, b Dec. 27, 1901, Shambaugh, Iowa; Clarinda H.S. 1923 (honor student); worked for Page Co. Farm Bureau Aug. 1923, Mar. 1925; short time real estate and abstract office, Ft. Morgan, Colo., app. Deputy Clerk of District Court of Morgan Co. 1926, Jan. 1, 1931, Lawyers office 1931-32, Steno. welfare office Rock Springs, Wyo. 1943-44; Baptist (Circle, Women’s Missionary Group, offices); Business and Professional Women’s Club; Heirloom Family Bible of Abe and Amanda Stemen; ad 504, 14th Ave., Greeley, Colo. 80631; . Aug. 23, 1931, Ft. Morgan, LAWRENCE ROSWELL JONES, “Casey,” (sometimes), b June 14, 1892, Munden, Kans. (s Charles Wesley and Alice Angie (Hewitt) Jones); Commercial and Steno. course Concordia Business Col., Concordia, Kans. 1911; Bank teller and cashier in banks in Kans., Nebr., Montana and Colo, also parts man for Chevrolet garages 1936-41, Deputy Collector of U.S. Internal Revenue in Wyo., 1942-47 and in Colo., 1948-59.  Farmed 3 yr. near Ft. Morgan, Colo. and Wiggins, Colo.; Baptist; Veterans of WWI, Columbine Barracks #1569, Greeley, Auditor on Army Pay Rolls 1918; d Sept. 17, 1971, Greeley; Myocardial Infarction; Loveland Burial Park, Loveland, Colo.

1. ORVAL ELMER JONES, b Apr. 9, 1934, Ft. Morgan, Colo.; 19.52 Greeley H.S. (Valedictorian), Colorado State U., Ft. Collins BS Mechanical Eng. (Valedictorian), Boestcher Scholarship, Phi Kappa Phi, Calif. Institute of Tech., Pasadena, Calif., MS Mechanical Eng. 1957 and PhD in Mech. Eng. (Physics Minor) 1961 (National Sci. Foundation Fellow); Scientist, Director Solid State Sciences Research, Sandia Lab., Albuquerque, N. Mex. (Supervised about 150 scientists and techs. working on nuclear weapons ordinance research);  Episcopal; American Physical Soc., Sigma Xi, American Soc. of Mech. Eng., Acoustical Soc. of America, American Assoc. for Adv. of Sci.; Int. photography, stamp collecting, building, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and masonry construction as a hobby.  Has built a house in the mountains, Comm. Chm. of Cub Scouts Pack; Has published about two dozen scientific papers and writing a book on “Shock Phenomena in Solids,”  Has traveled to Scotland in connection with work.  Guest lecturer at the U. of  N.Mex. for several semesters; ad 12321 Eastridge Dr. NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112; b. Sept. 12, 1954, Denver, PAULINE ANNA LUNKA, b May 29, 1934 (da Anton and Cecilia Elizabeth (Marinsek) Lunka); North 8.S. Denver 1952 (Sr. class V. Pres.), U. of New Mexico, Albuquerque, BA in Edu. 1967, MA Edu. 1969, Ed.D 1974; Director Media Center, Sandia H.S., Albuquerque. Responsible for creative use of all audio-visual and library material in learning process. Supervise staff of five as well as heading the library; Episcopal; Assoc. Edu. Comm. Tech., Nat’l. Edu. Assoc., Albuquerque Sch. Librarians, N. Mex. Librarians Assoc., Nat’l Council of Social Studies, Pi Lambda Theta (Women’s Scholastic Honorary), 4-H champion demonstration team Colorado, Campfire girl leader 6 yr.; int. sewing, cooking, African Violets (National Judge).

1. Carol Leslie Jones, b June 9, 1959.

2. Sharon Lynn Jones, b Dec. 19, 1960.

3. Lawrence Anthony Jones, b Aug. 26, 1963.

2. DONALD LAWRENCE JONES, b Feb. 11, 1938, Kimball, Nebr.; BA U. of Northern Colo. 1960, MA Johns Hopkins U. 1961 (English major); Poet, College teacher, postal clerk; Two books published! “Medical Aid and Other Poems” University of Nebr. Press 1967 and “Miss Liberty, Meet Crazy Horse” Swallow Press 1972; ad 1400 South Collyer, Longmont, Colo. 80501; m Oct. 15, 1971, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, CANDACE ELAINE MARCELLUS, b Mar. 18, 1947, Denver (da Leslie Leroy and Helen Lois (Ray) Marcellus); BA Hastings Col. 1969, MA U. of Mich. 1971 (English major); Tutor in classical guitar, Pharmacy clerk; int. reading, knitting and guitar.

2. ORIE JAMES STEMEN, b July 16, 1904, Page Co., Iowa; Shop Supt. ICX (Illinois, California Express), Mechanic; ad Sea-Aira W., 6241 Warner Ave. Sp. 109, Huntington Beach, Calif. 92647; m (1) June 4, 1925, Bedford, Iowa, RUTH OXLEY (da Lawrence and Eva (Lister) Oxley); ad Sun City, Ariz. (m (2) Robert Dickey); m(2) 1945, LAURA E. DENSMORE.

1. Patricia Ruth Stemen, b June 18, 1926.




4-4-1-1-3-3. LYDIA MAGDELENE STEMEN, “Maggie,” b Sept. 22, 1879, Shambaugh, Iowa; Butler Sch.; United Missionary Church; d May 16, 1965, Clarinda, Iowa (nursing home); bur. Butler cem.; m Dec. 16, 1900, Shambaugh, WILLIAM PERRY KNIZLEY, ‘’Will,’’ b Dec. 8, 1873 (s Isaac and Gracie Ann (Butler) Knizley); d July 8, 1951, Shambaugh; bur. Butler Cem.

1. DOLA DAVIDA KNIZLEY, b July 3, 1902.

2. ELPHA IVOREE KNIZLEY, b July 24, 1904.

3. AMANDA GRACE KNIZLEY, b Nov. 25, 1909.



6. WILLIAM CRAIG KNIZLEY, b Dec. 3, 1921.

7. MERLE FRED KNIZLEY, b Feb. 2, 1925.


4-4-1-1-3-3-1. DOLA DAVIDA KNIZLEY, ‘’Davida,’’ b July 3, 1902, Clarinda, Iowa; Tarkio, Mo. 8th gd.; Cook; Methodist; int. handwork; WWII, Cook in Officers Club at Ft. Sill, Okla.; d Feb. 14, 1974, Omaha, Nebr., bur. Home cem. Tarkio, Mo.; m May 3, 1919, Clarinda, MERLEY JONT FULLER “Merle,” b Feb. 20, 1897, Mt. Ayr., Iowa (s Jerry and Laura (Roddybush) Fuller); 8th gd. Mt. Ayr. Sch.; Cook; Presbyterian; American Legion; WWI, WWII; d May 31, 1956, Omaha, Nebr.; cancer; bur. Home cem., Tarkio.


4-4-1-1-3-3-2. ELPHA IVOREE KNIZLEY, “Ivoree,” b July 24, 1904, Kansas City, Kansas; 8th gd.; Church of Christ (piano, Bible Sch.); Club and 4-H work; ad 203 Colvan St., Rock Port, Mo. 64482; m Jan. 29, 1925, Clarinda, Iowa, ROLLA GODFREY ADAMS, b Apr. 12, 1901, Moweaqua, Ill. (s John A. and Minerva (Bilyeu) Adams); farmer, cares for park and golf course in retirement; Church of Christ (Elder).

1. RILEY RAYMOND ADAMS, b Jan. 20, 1926; PFC, WWII Casualty Jan. 9, 1945; bur. Biche, France; Reinstated to Leavenworth, Kansas Cem.

2. DONALD CHESTER ADAMS, “Bud, b Feb. 27, 1928,  Tarkio, Mo.; Grad. Westboro H.S.; Mechanic (tractor) Fairfax Imp. Co.; English Grove Presbyterian, Fairfax (Elder, past-treas., Clerk Session); ad Box 411, Fairfax, Mo.; II Feb. 4, 1951, Rock Port, HELEN SHIRLEY DEATZ, b Sept. 12, 1931 Atchison Co. (da Merrill Grant and Helen Nora (Fischer) Deatz); Rock Port H.S.; Librarian, Fairfax; English Grove Presbyterian (Sec.-treas. S.S.); int. reading.

1. Mark Jeffery Adams, b Nov. 1, 1957.

2. Lynn Jeanette Adams, b Dec. 2, 1959.

3. Reise Lane Adams, b Dec. 2, 1965.

3. ANNA IVOREE ADAMS, b Dec. 8, 1929, Tarkio, Mo.; Rockport H. S. 1948; Church of Christ; High Hopes Extension Club; ad RR 1, Rockport, Mo.; m Aug. 15, 1948, Linden Church, Rockport, LOUIE AUGUST WOLF b July 27, 1925, Knoke, Iowa (s Frank and Amelia (Breuker) Wolf); Rockport H.S. 1943; Farmer; Church of Christ; Army 1943-46.

1. Susan Dee Wolf, “Sue,” b Sept. 8, 1949, Hamburg, Iowa; Rockport H.S., CE Sch. of Commerce, Automation Acc’t.; Local and Nat’l. Yellow Pages Analyst, NWB, 1972-76; Church of Christ; FHA (pres.), Jaycees Wives; int. piano, boating; ad 921 R., Tekamah, Nebr.; m Oct. 24, 1969, Rockport, Mo., MICHAEL LEE SHAFER, “Mike,” b July 31, 1946, Omaha, Nebr. (s Roland Lee and Katheryn Nadine (Simpson) Shafer); Tekamah H.S., U. of So. Dak., Vermillion; Cable Splicer, pre-wire and installer NWB 1970-76; Church of Christ; Jaycees (2nd V. pres.); int. hunting, camping, fishing, boating, watching football; Vietnam War, stationed in Thailand 11 mo., Saigon 1 mo.

2. Carolyn Gail Wolf, b Sept. 7, 1953, Fremont Co., Iowa; Rockport H.S., CE Sch. of Commerce, Omaha (Jr. Acc’t. & Clerk); Church of Christ; int. sewing, hiking; ad 205 No. 38th St. #110, Omaha, Nebr. 68131; m Oct. 18, 1975, Douglas, Nebr., DANIEL LOUIS ZAKRZEWSKI, b Jan. 4, 1954, Douglas (s Frank Louie and Elizabeth Rita (Jazwich) Zakrzewski); Holy Ghost and Ryan H.S., Omaha; Mechanic, Weyerhaeuser; Catholic; int. sports and mechanics.

3. Nancy Laureen Wolf, b Feb. 15, 1955.

4. Robert Eugene Wolf, b June 16, 1956.

5. Jacquelyn Rae Wolf, b Mar. 3, 1958.

4. LUCILE RUTH ADAMS, b Aug. 7, 1931, Tarkio, Mo.; Rural Sch. Atchison Co., H.S. Westboro and Rockport; Insurance Clerk and Under writer Jan. 31 1952 to —; Church of Christ; ad 3503 Jones, Apt. 204, Omaha, Nebr. 68105.

5. MARTHA MARIE ADAMS, b Dec. 2, 1933, Atchison Co., Mo.; Rockport H.S. 1951; Southern Baptist (S.S. teacher); Lived Louisiana, Ind., Ark., England, Calif., Mich.; ad Wurtsmith AFB, Mich.; m Dec. 27, 1953, Hamburg, Iowa, WILLIAM JEROME SMITH, SR., “Bill,” b July 5, 1933, Atchison Co., Mo. (s Harold Burdette and Gertrude Kathryn (Bain) Smith); Rockport H.S. 1951; US Air Force, M/Sgt. 920 Air Refuel.

1. Terri Jo Smith, b Oct. 18, 1955.

2. William Jerome Smith, b Apr. 23, 1957.

3. Steven Raymond Smith, b July 11, 1959.

4. David Brent Smith, b Aug. 11, 1966.


4-4-1-1-3-3-3. AMANDA GRACE KNIZLEY, b Nov. 25, 1909, Shambaugh, Iowa; H.S. Maryville, Mo.; Mosher, Pilgrim Church; ad 606 S. 32 Ave., Omaha, Nebr.; m Feb. 4, 1928, Rockport, Mo., FREDERICK ARTHUR ADAMS, SR., b May 2, 1905, Moweaqua, Ill. (s John A. and Minerva (Bilyeu) Adams); Quitman, Mo. H.S.; d Jan. 17, 1967, Omaha, Nebr.; bur. Hillcrest Cem., 61 and Center St., Omaha.

1. HELEN MARGARET ADAMS, b Aug. 26, 1928, Shambaugh, Iowa; South H.S. Omaha; Ceramic Hobby shop, Warrensburg; Eastern Star; ad Warrensburg, Mo.; m Oct. 5, 1946, Yuma, Ariz., FORREST FREDERICK RABEL, “Frosty,” b Aug. 6, 1927, Maryville, Mo. (s William and Oakie (Huff) Rabel); Warrensburg Rental; Masons-Shriners; Army 1945, Nat’l Guard.

1. Margaret June Rabel, b July 7, 1947, Maryville, Mo.; Col. Warrensburg, Computer Programmer; Presbyterian; int. Square dancing; ad RR 4, Warrensburg, Mo.; m May 27, 1967, Warrensburg, PETER JOSEPH WITTMAN, “Pete,” b July 15, 1945, St. Louis (Alton) Ill. (s Joseph Peter and Ann Wittman); Alton H.S.; Warrensburg Rental; Presbyterian; Air Force 4 yr.; Masons.

1. John Martin Wittman, b Feb. 5, 1969.

2. Forrest Wayne Wittman, b Apr. 25, 1971.

2. Ronald Lee Rabel, b Feb. 23, 1949, Maryville, Mo.; Warrensburg Col.; Sears Roebuck, Salesman; Nat’l Guard; ad Warrensburg, Mo.; m Aug. 17, 1968, LINDA SUE WASHBURN, “Sue,” b Feb. 22, 1949, Mountain Grove, Mo. (da John and Florence Washburn).

3. Brenda Kay Rabel, b Dec. 6, 1952, Maryville, Mo.; Warrensburg H.S.; emp. Warrensburg Rental; Baptist; ad Warrensburg, Mo.; m June 19,1972, Warrensburg, JOHN TROTT, b Aug. 2, 1952, Warrensburg (s James and Charlotte Trott); Law degree; Police.

2. KATHRYN LAWANDA ADAMS, “Kitty,” b Mar. 2, 1931, Tarkio, Mo.; So. Hi, Omaha, CED Western Elec. Omaha; Bench hand, Western Electric; Mosher Pilgrim Presbyterian (S.S. teacher 17 yr.); int. rock gardening, camping; ad 4959 “0” St., Omaha, Nebr.; m Nov. 25, 1947, Papillion, Nebr., ROBERT CLEVELAND GATES, “Bob,” b Feb. 11, 1928, Coin, Iowa (s Jacob Dyer and Viola Louise (Harsh) Gates); Elmo, Mo. Sch., 8th Ashland Park, Omaha, Refrigeration Sch.; Machinist, welding; int. hunting, fishing, antique cars, WPC “T” Club; WWII, occ. Japan.

1. Deanna Lee Gates, b Oct. 28, 1948, Omaha, Nebr.; Wayne State (Kappa Delta Gamma, Ambassador Singers); Second Presbyterian; ad Little Rock, Ark.; m Jan. 3, 1970, Omaha, ROBERT ELVIS MATTHEWS, “Bob,” b Aug. 17, 1949, Onawa, Iowa (s Elvin B. and Jane (Hopkins) Matthews); Whiting H.S. (Ia), Wayne State Col. (Delta Sigma Pi, Student Senate): FBI Agent; Congregational.



3. KENNETH LORAIN ADAMS, “Ken,” b Sept. 17, 1934, Omaha. Nebr.; H.S. Omaha South; Country Side Baptist; Millard; ad 2816 So. 136th St., Omaha, Nebr. 68144; m Oct. 17, 1953, Huntington Park, Calif.; FLORENCE MARIE SHORT, b Sept. 17, 1934, Chillicothe, Ill. (da Charles Edward and Elsie (Patrick) Short); Country Side Baptist.

1. Cynthia Marie Adams, b Sept. 5, 1955.

2. Lawrence Richard Adams, b July 27, 1958.

3. Donna Lynn Adams, b Jan. 9, 1962.

4. Kevin Lorain Adams, b July 2, 1967.

4. FREDERICK ARTHUR ADAMS, JR., b Feb. 19, 1937, Omaha, Nebr.; H.S. Omaha, Commercial Radio and TV School; Hughes Aircraft; Indian Guides; ad 2134 Elizando St., Simi, Calif. 93065; m Mar. 13, 1967, Honolulu, Hawaii, MARILYN DENNY, b Mar. 14, 1944, Los Angeles, Calif. (da Michael Paul and Gayle Denny); Los Angeles H.S.

1. Craig Arthur Adams, b Sept. 21, 1970.

5. BARBARA JEAN ADAMS, b Feb. 11, 1941, Omaha, Nebr.; 8th gd.; ad 4112 So. Calif., Chicago, Ill.; m (1) July 7, 1964-Oct. 1966, LEROY BIRD; m (2) Oct. 7, 1967, Chicago, Ill., PAUL PASCHKA, b Oct. 6, 1934, Uniontown, Penna. (s Paul and Lelitia (Reid) Paschka); dock worker.

1. Cathy Irene Bird, b Sept. 8, 1965.

2. Samuel Frederick Paschka, b Jan. 7, 1972.

3. Richard William Paschka, b Mar. 23, 1974.


4-4-1-1-3-3-5. CAYROL LORRAINE KNIZLEY, “Kay,” b Feb. 6, 1918, Tarkio, Mo.; Electrician; ad 805 Woodrow Ave., Oildale, Calif.; m Sept. 30, 1949, Tarkio, Mo., ROBERTA NELLE GUYETTE OBERT, “Bert,” b Feb. 11, 1914, Burlington Jct., Mo. (da William and Nellie Amanda (Barr) Guyette).

(a) JAMES HAROLD OBERT, b July 14, 1933; ad Oildale, Calif. 93308.

(b) ROBERTA JEAN OBERT KIMBRIEL, b June 29, 1934; ad Bakersfield, Calif.


4-4-1-1-3-3-6. WILLIAM CRAIG KNIZLEY, “Bill,” b Dec. 3, 1921, Tarkio, Mo; Tarkio Sch. 10 yr.; Carpenter at Midland Lumber Co., College Springs, Iowa, Manager; Town Clerk, Shambaugh 1973; WWII 13th Army Depot at Hawaii (Oahu); ad Shambaugh, Iowa 51651; m Nov. 24, 1940, Papillion, Nebr., MARGUERITE ELAINE PHIPPS, b Oct. 30, 1922, Clarinda (da Roy and Gertie Audrey (Hamm) Phipps); Clarinda H.S.

1. LINDA SUE KNIZLEY, b Feb. 8, 1944, Clarinda, Iowa; South Page H.S.; United Presbyterian, College Springs; ad College Springs, Iowa; m July 22, 1962, Shambaugh, JAMES MONROE RIPLEY, b Nov. 22, 1942, Clarinda (s Kenneth Walter and Patsy Jane (Little) Ripley); South Page H.S., 1½ yr. Tarkio College; Truck driver; United Presbyterian; National Guard, Clarinda 7 yr.

1. Dawn Renee Ripley, b Sept. 12, 1966.

2. Kenton Wade Ripley, b Jan. 6, 1970.

2. PATRICIA LEE KNIZLEY, “Pat”, b June 23, 1950, Clarinda, Iowa; South Page H.S.; Trinity United Presbyterian; m June 7, 1968, Clarinda, STEVEN WAYNE GOUDIE, b May 24, 1950, Maryville, Mo. (s George Melvin and Marcelene Mae (Freemyer) Goudie); H.S. 11th gd. Clarinda, South Page; Hygrade Packing Plant; Trinity United Presbyterian; ad Clarinda, Iowa.

1. Antonette Lynn Goudie, b Sept. 27, 1968.

2. Tina Mae Goudie, b Aug. 17, 1970.


4-4-1-1-3-3-7. MERLE FRED KNIZLEY, “Fred,” b Feb. 2, 1925, Burlington Jct., Mo.; Clarinda H.S. 1944, NWMSC, Maryville, Mo. 1947-48; Rural Sch. teacher 1950-51, farmer, truck driver, Drayman; United Missionary (S.S. teacher, S.S. Supt., usher); Navy Sea Bees July 13, 1943-Dec. 15, 1945; ad 9829 Ladocena Lane, Pico Rivera, Calif., 90660; m (1) July 10, 1949-Dec. 1967, Shambaugh, LADONNA ANN STONE, b July 9, 1934, Omaha (da Horace John and Thelma Ethel (Wolf) Stone), (see pp 193); m (2) June 21, 1968, Huntington Beach, Calif., MILDRED LOIS PIERSON, ‘’Millie,’’ b Apr. 17, 1925, Shambaugh (da Floyd “Boots” T. and Florence Mae (Johnston) Pierson); Clarinda H.S.; Clarinda Community College Sch. of Nursing; Free Methodist background; Mission Field, Japan 1951-57, Mexico 1960-61.

1. ANGELA DAWN KNIZLEY FLANAGAN, b Nov. 3, 1951; South Page H.S. 1970; ad Florida.

2. STEVEN JAY KNIZLEY, b Aug. 29, 1954; ad Pico Rivera, Calif.

3. JONATHAN PHILIP KNIZLEY, b Mar. 27, 1956; att. South Page H.S.; d Dec. 28, 1972; drowned Laguna Beach, Calif.; bur. Shearer Cem., Braddyville, Iowa.

4. ERIC WILLIAM KNIZLEY, b July 17, 1957; Navy (Discharge 1975). (a) Naomi Linda Pierson, b Jan. 31, 1961, Uruapan, Nichoacan, Mexico.



4-4-1-1-3-6. JENNIE M. STEMEN, b June 10, 1893, Shambaugh, Iowa; Butler Sch.; Left Clarinda 1929 to Boulder, Colo. for 1 yr., to Pomona, Calif. 1930; Lived later 29 Palms, Calif.; Church of the Nazarene; d Feb. 1972; bur. Pomona; m Aug. 31, 1913, Shambaugh, Iowa, WILLIAM BOYD ANNAN, “Boyd” b Jan. 24, 1895, Clarinda (s William and May (Edmunds) Annan); Farmer in Iowa, welder; Church of the Nazarene; d 29 Palms; bur. Pomona, Calif.

1. CLARICE LOREEN ANNAN, b Apr. 8, 1914.

2. LOWELL EUGENE ANNAN, b May 2, 1916.

3. FLORENCE AMANDA ANNAN, b June 7, 1918.

4. WENDELL STEMEN ANNAN, b July 28, 1920.

5. VELMA HALLENE ANNAN, b Nov. 30, 1922.

6. HAROLD LLOYD ANNAN, b Mar. 6, 1927.


4-4-1-1-3-6-1. CLARICE LORENE ANNAN, b Apr. 8, 1914, Clarinda, Iowa; ad 10199 Vernon Ave., Montclair, Calif., 91763; m (1) Sept. 1933-1958, Pomona, RUSSELL KINNAMAN, b Mar. 25, 1912, Terre Haute, Ind.; m (2) Feb. 8, 1969, THEODORE BERFIELD, “Ted.”

1. GORDON HAROLD KINNAMAN, b May 22, 1934, Pomona, Calif.; Forest Fires; Navy, Korean War Oct. 4, 1951-May 1955; Church of God; ad Crescent City, Calif.; m Oct. 15,1955, MARJORIE HACKADAY, b Nov. 6, 1937, Pomona, Calif.







1. Anita Kay Kinnaman, b July 30, 1957.

2. Laureen Annette Kinnaman, b Oct. 30, 1962.

2. RONALD EUGENE KINNAMAN, b Aug. 11, 1934, Pomona, Calif.; Fire Dept.; m (1) Oct. 3, 1955-1962, Pomona, DONNA YOUNKIN, b June 29, 1936; m (2) Jan. 22, 1966, CECILLE McAFFEE, b 1933, Mass.

1. Martin Eugene Kinnaman, b Apr. 7, 1957.

2. Leslie Kay Kinnaman, b May 21, 1958.


4-4-1-1-3-6-2. LOWELL EUGENE ANNAN, b May 2, 1916, Clarinda, Iowa; Welder; Baptist; Navy WWII; ad Pomona, Calif.; m Feb. 23, 1945, Vancouver, Wash., DOROTHY ANN LIKENS TROWBRIDGE, b Nov. 29, 1924, Portland, Oregon.

1. DUANE EUGENE ANNAN, b Aug. 31, 1943, Portland, Oregon; Trowbridge father killed WWII, adopted Los Angeles Courts Mar. 1, 1948; Machinist; m July 5, 1969, MAGDELINA GANCEDO, b Havana, Cuba.

1. Joan Mary Annan, b Aug. 15, 1970.

2. GARALD BOYD ANNAN, b Dec. 2, 1946; Army 1968-70.

3. PAUL IRVING ANNAN, b Nov. 25, 1949, Pomona, Calif.; Youth Missionary; Army May 20, 1970-Jan. 17, 1972; m Aug. 20, 1971, MIRIAM KNUDSEN, b San Antonio, Texas.

4. DAVID RAY ANNAN, b July 15, 1952.


4-4-1-1-3-6-3. FLORENCE AMANDA ANNAN, b June 7, 1918, Clarinda, Iowa; Seventh day Adventist, Colton, California; m May 23, 1936, JACK BECKLEY LOWE, b Mar. 25, 1917, Chino, Calif.

1. DONALD EDSON LOWE, b Nov. 21, 1936, Chino, Calif.; ad Galena, Alaska; m Feb. 26, 1966, CAROL ANN DEMOSKI, b Dec. 25, 1938, Ruby, Alaska.

1. Dawn Marie Demoski Lowe, b Nov. 1, 1959, Ruby, Alaska; Legally adopted, Fairbanks, Alaska Courts, Jan. 13, 1972.

2. Claudette Lena Lowe, b Feb. 2, 1968, Galena, Alaska.

3. Jenny Martha Lowe, b Aug. 5, 1971, Galena, Alaska.

2. JACQUELINE KAY LOWE, b Sept. 20, 1939, Chino, Calif.; Seventh Day Adventist, Terra Bella, Calif.; m Apr. 27, 1959, RICHARD CHARLES POWER, b May 27, 1938, Pasadena, Calif.

1. Dennis Richard Power, b Oct. 25, 1960, East Highlands, Cal.

2. Tracie Louise Power, b Dec. 26, 1963, Yucaipa, Calif.; d Feb. 8, 1964.

3. Kevin Scott Power, b June 22, 1965, Yucaipa, Calif.

3. RODNEY STEVE LOWE, b Dec. 4, 1946, Pomona, Calif.; Baptist, San Bernardino, Calif.; m Jan. 13, 1968, BONNIE COULTER, b Nov. 30, 1947.

1. Jeff Edward Lowe, b Aug. 13, 1968.


4-4-1-1-3-6-4. WENDELL STEMEN ANNAN, b July 28, 1920, Clarinda, Iowa; ad Bakersfield, Calif.; Assembly of God; m Sept, 14, 1946, MABEL SUTTON HUNNICUTT, b July 2, 1924.



1. RONALD LEE HUNNICUTT, b Sept. 27, 1944.

2. JANE LOUISE ANNAN, b Jan. 25, 1949.

3. AARON RAY ANNAN, b June 29, 1953. (twin)

4. CHARLOTTE KAY ANNAN, b June 29, 1953. (twin)

5. CHRISTINE LYNN ANNAN, b June 6, 1961.


4-4-1-1-3-6-5. VELMA HALENE ANNAN, b Nov. 30, 1922, Clarinda, Iowa; ad Riverside, Calif.; m 1940, Yuma, Ariz., FRANK CATELLI, b Feb. 3, 1922, Pomona, Calif.

1. William Frank Catelli, “Bill,” b Feb. 15, 1943, Pomona, Calif.; Seventh Day Advent; ad Pomona, Calif.; m Apr. 22, 1961, NANCY JOYCE SNOW, b Dec. 29, 1944.

1. WILLIAM FRANK CATELLI, “Bill,” b Feb. 15, 1943, Pomona, Calif.; Seventh Day Advent; ad Pomona, Calif.; m Apr. 22, 1961, NANCY JOYCE SNOW, b Dec. 29, 1944.

1. BILLY CATELLI b Aug. 8, 1962.

2. SHARON MILDRED CATELLI, b Nov. 19, 1946, Pomona, Calif.

3. DONNA LUCILLE CATELLI, b July 11, 1948, Pomona, Calif.


4-4-1-1-3-6-6. HAROLD LLOYD ANNAN, b Mar. 6, 1927, Clarinda, Iowa; Carpenter; Church of Christ; Navy, Mar. 16, 1944-June 6, 1946; ad Pomona, Calif.; m Feb. 5, 1955, ELLA DEAN MCDONALD RICE, b Aug. 9, 1928, Daran, Alabama.

1. JERRY EUGENE RICE ANNAN, b Jan. 4, 1946, Birmingham, Ala.

2. JENNIE STARR ANNAN, b Mar. 9, 1956, San Pablo, Calif.




4-4-1-1-5. LEVI W. GOOD, “Lee,” b Mar. 5, 1859, Fairfield Co., Ohio; Came to Iowa May 1865; Farmer; United Presbyterian, College Springs; d Nov. 18, 1952, Clarinda, Iowa; heart, old age; bur. Davis Cem.; m (1) Feb. 3, 1881, HARRIET ELLEN McKINNON, b Apr. 15, 1868; Brethren in Christ, Shambaugh; d June 2, 1899; bur. Davis Cem.; m (2) Apr. 17, 1901, Shambaugh, MARY ELLA LISTER, b Dec. 18, 1875, Davenport, Iowa (da Aaron and Naomi Lister); moved to Page Co. 1879; United Presbyterian; d Apr. 4, 1943, Clarinda; bur. Davis Cem.

 1. EDITH ADELIA GOOD, b Feb. 5, 1883.

 2. BERT J. GOOD, b Aug. 14, 1885.

 3. EFFIE ELIZABETH GOOD, b Sept. 11, 1888.

 4. ARTHUR D. GOOD, b June 23, 1892; d Nov. 5, 1892; bur. Davis Cem.

 5. NETHA ELLEN GOOD, b May 28, 1899.

 6. URI1 EDWARD GOOD, b Apr. 12, 1902.

 7. LUCILLE EVA GOOD, b Oct. 21, 1905.

 8. WARREN LEE GOOD, b Jan. 30, 1908; d Jan. 31, 1912; bur. Davis Cem.

 9. VERLA LENORE GOOD, b Mar. 19, 1910.

10. MILDRED LEE GOOD, b Sept. 15, 1913.

11. ELDON LYLE GOOD, b Dec. 26, 1917.

12. MERRILL MAX GOOD, b June 7, 1919.



4-4-1-1-5-1. EDITH ADELIA GOOD, b Feb. 5, 1883; Church of the Nazarene; d Feb. 23, 1965, Clarinda, Iowa; stroke; bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m Feb. 7, 1900, Clarinda, VERNON CHRISTOPHER HAMM, ‘’Vernie,’’ b 1875 (s David and Edith (Butler) Hamm); Farmer; d Sept. 29, 1942; bur. Clarinda Cem.

1. VONA ALETHA HAMM, b Nov. 7, 1900; d 1959; single.

2. LEROY EDWARD HAMM, b Apr. 22, 1905; d June 5, 1950, Ft. Madison, Iowa; bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m (1) MARGARET LONG; m (2) PEARL WOODYARD. No children.

3. NEIL O’DELL HAMM, b June 25, 1908, Clarinda, Iowa; country school; United Brethren; Film transport truck 13 yr.; Army WWII; American Legion; d Dec. 17, 1963, Clarinda; heart attack; Clarinda City Cem. m Oct. 27, 1927, JENNIE MARIE BENNETT, b Mar. 31, 1913, Greenville, Tenn.; 8th gd.; United Brethren; d May 2, 1945, Omaha, Nebr.; cancer; bur. Clarinda; m (2) Aug. 14, 1945, Kansas City, Kans., HAZEL LUCILLE ENGLAND, b Dec. 22, 1924, Creston, Iowa (da Victor Preston and Emma Rose (Wilson) England); ad RR 3, Bedford, Iowa; (m (2) Apr. 5, 1969, Clarinda, Harold Arthur Goforth).

1. Mary Louise Hamm, “Mary Lou,” b Oct. 25, 1928, Siam, Iowa; Clarinda H.S.; Sarah Coventry Inc.; United Brethren; int. ceramics, bowling; ad 80 Welsh Tract Rd., Apt. 212, Newark, Delaware 19711; m (1) Nov. 16, 1946, HENRY P. MOHLER of Clarinda; m (2) Aug. 1, 1951, RALPH DUANE STIFLE of Red Oak; m (3) June 9, 1971, Elkton, Maryland, BOBBY LEE BOWLING, b May 26, 1933, Houston, Texas (s James Porter and Fanny Bell (Dees) Bowling); Deer Park, Texas H.S.; Diamond Shamrock Deer Park (Apr. 2, 1973); First Baptist; Army Oct. 1953-Oct. 1955; int. bowling.

1. James Paul Mohler, b Nov. 17, 1947, Long Beach, Calif.

2. Jefferson Neal Stifle, “Jeff,” b Apr. 15, 1952, Red Oak, Iowa; H.S. (track team, records), Col. Nacogdoches, Texas (Masters Physical Ed); ad Lufkin, Texas; m VIRGINIA ANN HARDIN.

2. Thelma Mae Hamm, b Aug. 9, 1930, McPherson, Iowa; att. Clarinda H.S.; Lived 3 yr. Madrid, Spain; Heirloom, Family Bible, photo albums; ad 47 Shasta St., Chula Vista, Calif. 92010; m Apr. 4, 1953, Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebr., ROBERT ZELENIAK, “Zeke,” b Jan. 15 1930, Yonkers, New York (s Andrew and Teresa (Pawlowski) Zeleniak); Yonkers H.S., 2 yr. Col.; 23 yr.           Air Force 1948-71 (Ret.), U.S. Customs Officer.

1. Michael Andrew Zeleniak, b May 2, 1954, Omaha, Nebr.

2. Gregory Paul Zeleniak, b Jan. 12, 1956, Yonkers, N.Y.

3. Tarri Anne Zeleniak, b Jan. 21, 1959, Omaha, Nebr.

3. Shirley Edith Hamm, b June 9, 1933; ad Clarinda, lows; m (1) Dick Shaver; m (2) Jim Graham; m (3) Jack Simmons.

4. Ruth E. Hamm, b Jan. 20, 1936; adopted by Muriel Hargis 1945 of New Market, Iowa; d June 6, 1962, Kansas City, Mo.; bur. Clarinda Cem.; m May 23, 1954, DUANE DIGGS (s Harley Diggs, Gravity, Iowa); Navy, Sept. 1952-Feb. 1974 (ret.); owns bus. rubber stamps for business and personal; ad Bakers Trailer Park, Opelika, Alabama.




1. David Duane Diggs, b Apr. 12, 1955, San Diego Naval hosp.; ad Bedford, Iowa; m Oct. 11, 1975, Bedford, Connie Brown.

2. Roger Wayne Diggs, b Hay 4, 1956, San Diego; m Nov. 22, 1975, Gravity, Iowa, Deborah Land (da Walter Land, Gravity).

3. Karen Kay Diggs, b Aug. 23, 1958, San Diego; ad Ala.

4. Dale Alan Diggs, b Nov. 23, 1959, Clarinda; ad Ala.

5. Ronald Ray Hamm, “Ron,” b Apr. 7, 1937, Clarinda, Iowa; Clarinda Sch. 1-9; Welder, Telephone Co. Lineman in Clarinda 1958-60, Opitz Motors in Clarinda 1960-62,  Chevrolet garage in Ephrata 1962-64, Northern Steel 1964-69, Quincy Irrigation Dist. 1969 to present; ad 5 H St. SE, Ephrata, Wash. 98823; m Dec. 16, 1960, Clarinda, CAROLYN SUE NEFF, b Aug. 6, 1934, Elmo, Mo. (da John Galen and Nora Irma (Horn) Neff); Elmo H.S.; Telephone operator Clarinda Jan. 1953 to June 1962, Ephrata, Aug. 1962 to May 1965 then Sept. 1969 to present.

1. Ronda Jean Hamm, b June 19, 1963.

6. David Lee Hamm Baker, b Feb. 27, 1940; adopted at age 5 by El Roy Baker of Villisca, Iowa.

7. Norman Gene Hamm Baker, b June 4, 1941; adopted by El Roy Baker at 3 yr. and name changed to El Roy Baker; ad Loveland, Co.

8. Phyllis Ann Hamm, b July 9, 1944; adopted by Bonnie Adams; ad So. 12th St., Clarinda, Iowa; m RICHARD WALLACE.

9. Larry Delbert Hamm, b Sept. 26, 1949, McMinnville, Oregon; ad O St., Omaha, Nebr.; m (1) ———  ——— ; m (2) ELANA ————.

1. Shelly Hamm.

10. Diana Joyce Hamm, b July 19, 1951, Clarinda, Iowa; Bedford H.S. 1970; Protestant; ad 400 E. Garfield St., Clarinda, Ia.; m June 11, 1971, New Market, Iowa, DAVID RAYMOND WALLACE, b Nov. 27, 1952, Falls City, Nebr. (s Virgil and Gertrude (Martin) Wallace); New Market H.S.; emp. Hoover Plant, NSK.

1. James David Wallace, b July 13, 1972, Pax River, Md.

2. Melissa Sue Wallace, b Jan. 17, 1975, Clarinda, Iowa.

11. Clifford Lyle Hamm, b Oct. 30, 1953, Clarinda, Iowa; ad College Springs, Iowa; He and Audrey have a dau., Natalee Amarm Hamm, b Sept. 29, 1975, Creston, Iowa.


4-4-1-1-5-2. BERT J. GOOD, b Aug. 14, 1885; Farmer, Shambaugh, removed to Norfolk and Battle Creek, Nebr.; d Sept. 26, 1966; m (1) Oct. 10, 1906, MABEL “LULU” HAMM, (da Ellis and Abrigal Marthelia (Davis) Hamm), (she m (2) Wm. Dalrymple); Bert m (2) NEVA WHITE.

1. BERYL GOOD, b Dec. 8, 1908; ad Palm Shores Mobile Village, Lake Alfred, Florida, winter, mobile home in Clarinda, summers; m RUTH ALEXANDER.







4-4-1-1-5-3. EFFIE ELIZABETH GOOD, b Sept. 11, 1888, Shambaugh, Iowa; Moved to Crookston, Minn. 1918, Clinton, Iowa 1947; d Dec. 13, 1956, Clinton, Iowa; after surgery; bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m Feb. 8, 1905, Shambaugh, CLARENCE E. GUENTHER.; Farmer.

1. CLEMENT GUENTHER; ad Clinton, Iowa.

2. HENRY GUENTHER; ad Clinton, Iowa.

3. ———— GUENTHER GLADELAND; ad Red Lake Falls, Minn.


4-4-1-1-5-5. NETHA ELLEN GOOD, b May 28, 1899; emp. office Clarinda Herald Journal 17 yrs.; Christian Church; int. handwork, needlepoint, cooking and canning; American Legion Aux.; ad 602 E. State, Clarinda, Iowa 51632; m Aug. 6, 1919, GLENN DAVISON, b Mar. 3, 1894, Taylor Co., Iowa; City of Clarinda emp. 30 yr., Fire Dept.; Christian Church; WWI, Co. F., 168th Inf. Rainbow Div., stationed France; Charter mem. Sergy Post 98, Clarinda; Col. E. L. Bennett Post of Rainbow Dev., Des Moines; d Nov. 8, 1972, Clarinda; bur. Clarinda City Cem.

1. WANDA ARLENE DAVISON, b Sept. 1920, Clarinda, Iowa; Clarinda H.S. 1938; RN, Mental Health Institute, Clarinda; St. Paul’s Lutheran, Yorktown, Iowa; House in Yorktown destroyed by 1963 tornado, moved to Braddyville, Iowa 51631; m Oct. 10, 1948, ROBERT HERZBERG, farmer, emp. MHI.

1. Ellen Christine Herzberg; m Mike Carver; 2c. Jodi Ellen, b 1971, Rebecca Lynn Carver, b Oct. 7, 1973.

2. Daryl Robert Herzberg; South Page H.S.; ad Clarinda; m Aug. 1971, Lynda Irene (Lily) Binns; 2c. Heather Herzberg, b 1972, Daryn Robert Herzberg, b Mar. 30, 1974.

3. Kirk Allen Herzberg.

2. SHIRLEY HOPE DAVISON (twin), b Mar. 9, 1925, Clarinda, Iowa; Clarinda H.S. 1943; emp. MHI; Christian Church; ad RR 4, Clarinda, Ia.; m (1) VERNON WOODWARD; m (2) MARION ROBERT SEARL, “Bob,” b Coin, Iowa; MHI electrician.

1. Jackie Paul Searl, b May 21, 1946; ad Ft. Dodge, Iowa; m (2)Dec. 26, 1975, Las Vegas, Nev., Stephanie Gail Mohr.

2. Stephen Craig Searl, b Mar. 15, 1949; Clarinda H.S. 1967; BS North Western Col., Orange City, Iowa; teacher, Clarinda Jr. Hi Science, ass’t football and boys golf coach; m Rena Sickels of Bedford, Iowa; English teacher, New Market, Iowa.

3. Marla Jean Searl; m Glen Chapman; d auto acc.; 2c. Julia Jean and Glenn.

4. Terri Lynn Searl; m Tom Maxwell; 2c. Alan, Tommy.

5. Elaine Louise Searl; Clarinda H.S. 1972; m Sept. 5, 1972, Dave Long; Clarinda H.S. 1969, IWCC 1971; US Army.

1. Nicole Diane Long, b Apr. 30, 1974, Warrenton, Va.

6. Glenn Luther Searl.


3. SHARLENE JOYCE DAVISON (twin) b Mar. 9, 1925, Clarinda, Iowa; Clarinda H.S. 1943; emp. MHI, Clarinda; Christian Church, Braddyville; PTA, Y-Teen, cub scouts; ad Braddyville, Iowa; m Dec. 7, 1943, Clarinda, MARTIN ENGSTRAND; Farmer, trucking business; WWII Sgt. ground crew of Air Force, England.

1. Paulette Engstrand; m (1) Bill McClarnon; m (2) Jim Rusco; 1c. Bret Mitchell McClarnon ‘’Mitch’’.

2. Joyce Elaine Engstrand; ad Braddyville, Iowa; m Lowell Clayton; 3c. Rhonda 1966, Karen 1968, John Andrew Clayton, b Feb. 5, 1976.

3. Kathy Ann Engstrand; South Page H.S. 1970.

4. Cheryl Lynne Engstrand; South Page H.S. 1975; ad Braddyville, Iowa; m May 23, 1975, Braddyville, Richard Frederick Iske (twin); Clarinda H.S. 1974.

5. Jon Martin Engstrand; emp. Van’s Supply, Braddyville; ad Braddyville, Iowa; m Kathy Henn, Burlington Jet. Mo.; Beautician; 1c. Jennifer Jean Engstrand, b Nov. 22, 1974.

6. Randy Engstrand.


4-4-1-1-5-6. URIL EDWARD GOOD, b Apr. 12, 1902, Shambaugh, Iowa; High Sch.; Dairy Farmer; United Presbyterian; ad RR 1, Braddyville, Iowa; m Mar. 4, 1925, MARY GRACE DUGAN; (da Charles and Edna (Thompkins) Dugan); College Springs, Iowa.


4-4-1-1-5-7. LUCILLE EVA GOOD, b Oct. 21, 1905, Page Co., Iowa; ad New

Market, Iowa; m Feb. 20, 1929, DALE LAWRENCE COMBS, b June 12, 1901, Taylor Co., Iowa (s George and Lida (Lathrop) Combs); Farmer.

1. DAROLL DEAN COMBS, ‘’Dean, It b Jan. 29, 1931; Farmer, north Bedford; ad Bedford, Iowa; m Mickey ————; School teacher Bedford.

1. Rodney Combs.

2. IRIS NADINE COMBS, b June 1, 1935; emp. Hy-Vee grocery 10 yr. award 1975; ad Clarinda, Iowa; m Dean Kendall. 2 sons.

3. JUDITH ANN COMBS, b May 31, 1947; Postal Inspection Office; ad St. Paul, Minn.


4-4-1-1-5-8. VERLA LENORE GOOD, b Mar. 19, 1910; Page Co., Iowa; Clerk (at one time had Heil Jewelry Store in Clarinda); ad 206 W. Main St., Clarinda, Iowa; m ALFRED JAMES HEIL, “AL”; Catholic; WWII Air Corps, Oklahoma; bur. Clarinda Cem.

1. PATRICIA LEE HEIL, “Pat or Patsy,” b May 12, 1936, Clarinda, Iowa; McKinley gd. Sch., Clarinda Jr. Hi, North High, Phoenix, Ariz. 1950-51, Clarinda H.S. 1954, Clarinda Jr. Col. 1955-56; Society Editor Clarinda Herald Journal 1954-55, Sec’y H.S. Principal 1956-57; St. Clare Catholic Church 1945-54, Trinity United Presbyterian, Clarinda 1956; int. tap dancing, cheerleader, bowling, volley ball, swimming, 1st runner, up Miss Southwest Iowa 1954, Centennial Princess 1953; ad 225 E. Lincoln, Clarinda, Iowa 51632; m Oct. 6, 1954, Clarinda, MERL JAMES EBERLY, “Junior or Eb,” b May 13, 1935, Clarinda (s Merl Andrew Eberly and Ada Mae (York) Eberly Zdan); Clarinda H.S.; IWCC; Kearney Corp, Clarinda 1955-56, Werts lockers 1957, Clarinda Publishing Co., advertising, sports interest. 1958, Pres; Church of the Open Bible 1952-54, Trinity United Presbyterian 1956-; Clarinda JC’s, Chamber of Commerce, Booster Club; JC’s outstanding young man of 1966; int. hunting, fishing, baseball, basketball; played Pro ball for Minor League team of Chicago White Sox 1957-58; Managed and played Clarinda A’s and Lancers since 1957, Iowa State National Baseball Congress Commissioner, 1975.

1. Julie Kae Eberly, b Mar. 23, 1955; Clarinda H.S. m Jan. 27, 1974, Yorktown, Fred Windhorst.

1. Brian James Windhorst, b May 22, 1974.

2. Ricky Jay Eberly, b Apr. 25, 1957.

3. Jill Anne Eberly, b Jan. 21, 1959.

4. Joy Sue Eberly, b Dec. 7, 1960.

5. Ryan James Eberly, b Mar. 18, 1967.

6. Rodney Jacob Eberly, b Oct. 30, 1975.


4-4-1-1-5-10. MILDRED LEE GOOD, b Sept. 15, 1913, Clarinda, Iowa; d Oct. 28, 1973, Essex, Iowa; bur. Bethesda, Iowa; m Mar. 15, 1940, MILTON SWANSON, “Milt,”; WWII Motor Transport, England T/5; ad Clarhaven Apt., Clarinda, Iowa.




4-4-1-1-5-11. ELDON LYLE GOOD, b Dec. 26, 1917, Page Co., Iowa; Salesman for furniture Co.; WWII Lieut. in Infantry, France; ad Charleston, South Carolina; m ETHELENE KNIGHT.

1. JOYCE ANN GOOD, b Sept. 25, 1946; m July 23, 1965, DONNY McDANIEL; 2c. Denny 1970, Wendy 1972.

2. MICHAEL LEE GOOD, “Mike,” b Dec. 15, 1948; Furniture Sales work; m Feb. 3, 1973, JO ELLEN MEANS; 1c. Jeremy Michael, b June 14, 1974.

3. KENNETH GOOD, ‘’Kenny,” b 1962.


4-4-1-1-5-12. MERRILL MAX GOOD, “Max,” b June 7, 1919, Page Co., Iowa; Publish own newspaper Seymour, Mo. (worked papers Clarinda, Creston and Alliance, Nebr.) WWII Cpl. in Combat Engineers, Luxembourg; ad Box 187, Seymour, Mo.; m (1) 1939, OLGA MAXINE SCHOOLEY; drowned Sept. 3, 1950; m (2) SARA SEIBERT, (da L.P. and Maud (Morris) Seibert).

1. OLGA LEE GOOD SUMP; ad Clarinda, Iowa; 1c. Audra Leigh.

2. SANDI LEE GOOD, b Jan. 22, 1951; m May 22. 1972, LARRY J. WATKINS, Alliance, Nebr.

3. MAX E. GOOD, b Feb. 1957; emp. Airlines.







4-4-1-1-6. SIMON GOOD, b Dec. 7, 1860, Fairfield Co., Ohio; Grammar Sch.; Farmer and stock breeder (Percheron horses, high gd. mules, hogs and cattle for market); Mennonite, Methodist (Deacon, S.S. teacher, choir); int. horses, fishing, music; came to Iowa May 1865 (Lived So. Nixon school, Buchanan Twp. Sec. 17 (NW¼); moved Missouri 1902, 200 A. few mi. W. of Linneus, Mo.; d Oct. 9, 1938, Linn Co., Mo.; heart; bur. Laclede, Mo.; m Aug. 8, 1883, Page Co., Iowa, LULA BEATRICE ALLEN, “Lou,” b Nov. 20, 1864, Andrew Co., Mo. (da Nelson McDowell and Ann “Biddie” (McKey) Allen); Grammar Sch., teachers Normal; Teacher, taught rural school Page Co. where she met Simon; Baptist, Methodist (S.S. teacher); d Sept. 1950, Linn Co., Mo.; bur. Laclede, Mo.

1. RAY ANDREW GOOD, b May 30, 1884.

2. OCIE CREDARE GOOD, b Aug. 11, 1885.

3. MABELLE LYDIA GOOD, b Jan. 7, 1887.

4. RUFUS CLARE GOOD, b Oct. 17, 1888.

5. VERNON ALLEN GOOD, b June 15, 1890.

6. WILLIS PAUL GOOD, b Jan. 29, 1894.

7. CARL EBEN GOOD, b Feb. 5, 1896.

8. EARL ROSS GOOD, b June 30, 1899.

9. LELAND FRANCIS GOOD, b Sept. 9, 1904.



4-4-1-1-6-1. RAY ANDREW GOOD, b May 30, 1884, Page Co., Iowa; Grad. Missouri Wesleyan, Cameron, Mo. (Business); Trade Association work; Methodist; d Oct. 1966, Oak Park, Ill.; heart; bur. Clarendon Hills, Ill.; m June 27, 1912, Chicago, Ill., LILLIAN BECKWITH, b Jan. 7, 1890, Larned, Kans. (da Arthur and Martha (Browne) Beckwith); 8th gd.; Methodist; ad 1127 Erie, Oak Park, Ill.

1. RAY ANDREW GOOD, JR., b Jan. 7, 1920, Chicago, Ill.; Grad. U. of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. (Business major); Executive Dir., International Assoc. of Blue Print and Allied Industries; int. sports; WWII, Tech Sgt., Lab Tech.; Sigma Nu; ad 233 Franklin, River Forest, Ill.; m Nov. 28, 1942, Chicago, WINIFRED HELENE HANN, b Apr. 16, 1918, Winnie, So. Dak. (da Alois Joseph and Helen (Parisot) Hann); Business course at DePaul U.; Roman Catholic; int. family and church.

1. Ray Andrew Good III, “Randy,” b Mar. 25, 1944, Oak Park, Ill.; BS Accounting, St. Joseph’s Col. (Ind.), CPA (Ill.); 1966-71 Arthur Andersen and Co., Chicago (Senior Auditor), 1971-74 Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Chicago (Auditor, financial analyst), 1974-Peoples Gas Co., Chicago (Accounting Analyst); Roman Catholic; int. Amateur radio: WB9DUQ, Swimming, biking; ad 855 S. Kenilworth, Oak Park, Ill. 60304; m Sept. 9, 1972, Cicero, Ill., JACQUELINE ANN MARIE JOHNSON, “Jackie,” b Oct. 23, 1939, Evergreen Park, Ill. (da Clarence August and Mildred (Oberg) Johnson); AA Morton Jr. Col., Chicago; 1972 Arthur Andersen and Co. (Sec.), Household Finance Co., Chicago (Sec.), Goss Co., Cicero (Sec.), 1973 PARC, Belwood, Ill., teachers aide at a day care center for retarded children, 1974 West Lake Hosp., Melrose Park, Ill. (Sec. Social Services); Lutheran (LCA) Choir member; Oak Park Civic Symphony Chorus, Leleche League; int. singing.

1. Timothy Andrew Good, b Dec. 11, 1974, Oak Park, Ill.

2. Michael John Good, b Feb. 4, 1949.

3. Patricia Ann Good, b Aug. 13, 1950.

4. Carol Marie Good, b Dec. 10, 1951.

5. John William Good, b Aug. 20, 1953.

6. Robert Gerard Good, b Sept. 20, 1955.

7. Peter Joseph Good, b Oct. 7, 1958.




2. FRED CLIFTON GOOD, b Dec. 27, 1924, Chicago, Ill.; Grad. U. of Ill., Champaign (Economics); Executive Manager Nat’l Roofing Contractors Assoc. (Chartered Assoc. Executive); Methodist; Village Trustee, River Forest, Ill., River Forest Tennis Club (V. Pres.) Sigma Nu; int. tennis; m July 3, 1948, Alton, Ill.; DOROTHY HELEN STOCKDALE, b May 7, 1926, Chicago, Ill. (da Thomas Elmer and Gladys Margaret (Wenstrom) Stockdale); Grad. U. of Ill. (Journalism and advertising); Methodist; River Forest Board of Edu. (Pres.), Alpha Chi Omega; int. music and tennis.

1. William Allen Good, b May 29, 1949, Oak Park, Ill.; Grad. U. of Virginia, Charlottesville (Government); Administrative Ass’t. Nat’l. Roofing Contractors Assoc.; Methodist; Theta Delta Chi, River Forest Little League; int. Lapidary, sports; ad 459 B So. Blvd., Oak Park, Ill.; m Jan. 8, 1972, Baltimore, Md.; JULIANNE HAYNIE DOGGETT, b Dec. 16,1950, Baltimore (da John Burnley and Iva Harris (Haynie) Doggett); Mary Washington Col., Fredericksburg, Va. (speech, drama); Ass’t. Brenninmeyer Associates, Oak Park, Ill.

2. Susan Jane Good, b Aug. 24, 1950, Oak Park, Ill.; Grad. U. of Virginia (Psychology, with honors); Social Soc. Sec. office, Norfolk, Va.; Methodist; int. music; ad 7725 D. Major Ave., Norfolk, Va.; m June 16, 1973, River Forest, Ill., WILLIAM JOHN CASHMAN, JR., b Feb. 8, 1949, Norfolk, Va. (s William John and Adele (Bashorn) Cashman); Grad. U. of Va. (History); Relocation Specialist, Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority; Theta Delta Chi.

3. Sally Jeanne Good, b July 27, 1955.

4. Carl Allen Good, b June 3, 1958.


4-4-1-1-6-2. OCIE CREDARE GOOD, b Aug. 11, 1885, Clarinda, Iowa; att. Missouri Wesleyan, Cameron; Housewife, partner with husband and son-in-law, Robert Holman, in Meadville Locker from 1946 to retirement age 81; Methodist (taught class for boys beginning in Jr. Hi and kept same class through High Sch., sponsor, MYF, taught pre-schoolers as long as able); PEO sisterhood (45 yr.) Chap. R, Laclede, 50 yr. member of Order of Eastern Star holding several offices, was Worthy Matron of Laclede Chap. #18, and twice Worthy Matron of Maple Leaf Chap. #284, Meadville, also Chaplain for a number of years in Maple Leaf chapter, member Royal Neighbors of America and social clubs; int. flower garden, sewing, working with youth; Master Farm Homemaker for State of Missouri; d Feb. 6, 1972, Wheeling, Mo.; stroke; Laclede Cem.; Laclede, Mo’; m Mar. 18, 1906, Linneus, Mo., LEE A. WILSON, b Jan. 4, 1883, Linneus (5 Enoch George and Amy (Marple) Wilson); Rural ach., Chillicothe Bus. Col.; Farmer, partner in Meadville Locker; Methodist; Odd Fellows, Masonic Order; d Oct. 31, 1953, Meadville, Mo.; heart; Laclede Cem.









1. HAZEL LEE WILSON, b Feb. 21, 1907, Linneus, ,Mo.; Laclede H.S. 1924, Christian Col. (now Columbia Col. in Columbia (AA Arts, speech) U. of Missouri, Columbia 1930 (BS Edu., major, Home Ec); Elem. school teacher, Linneus and Laclede 1926-33; Methodist; Order of Eastern Star, PEO Sisterhood Chap. R., Laclede, also Chap. in Springfield, int. sewing, giving readings; d Nov. 9, 1941, Brookfield, Linn Co., Mo.; Blood clot; Laclede Cem.; m Sept. 23,1933, Laclede, Mo., OTHA J. HOPPER, “O. J.” b Jan. 19,1906, Livingston Co., Mo. (s Jesse S. and Addie Hopper); U. of Missouri, Columbia (Agriculture); County Extension Agent early 30’s, Federal Land Bank 1934-41, farmer.

1. Stephen Lee Hopper, “Steve,” b Aug. 13, 1934, Laclede, Mo.; Chillicothe H.S. 1951, U. of Missouri (Agriculture); Farmer; Methodist (S.S. teacher, church offices, Lay speaker); Farm Bureau (Pres.) Livingston Co., Pres. of Young Farmer Org., 4-H club leader; Enlisted July 1953-56, year Korea; ad Chillicothe, Mo. 64601; m Feb. 25,1956, near Columbia, Mo. FAY WADE, b Nov. 24, 1935, near Columbia; Columbia H.S.; office work before 1956; Methodist; Busy Homemakers Ext. Club (Pres.), Young Farm Wife org.; int. sewing, decorating.

1. Stephen Michel Hopper, b Oct. 19, 1958.

2. Suzianne Fay Hopper, b July 8, 1960.

3. Mark Allen Hopper, b July 4, 1961.

4. Molly Ann Hopper, b June 5, 1962.

5. Matthew Hopper, b Jan. 24, 1966.

2. Ermilou Hopper, b Oct. 15, 1935, Springfield, Mo.; Chillicothe H.S. 1953, BS Druey Col. (music) Springfield 1957; music teacher (3 yr.) Morrisville, Mo.; Presbyterian; PEO (Pres.); int. music, singing, church music, working with children; ad 1552 Warbler Dr., Naperville, Ill.; m Aug. 9, 1959, Springfield, Mo., WILLIAM TED BRYAN, “Ted,” b Oct. 11, Birmingham, Ala.; U. of Alabama, MIT in Mass.; Executive of Santa Fe RR, Chicago, Ill.; Presbyterian; WWII; int. Civil War History, Scouts.

1. William Ted Bryan, “Bill” b Nov. 17, 1961.

2. J. E. Bryan, “Jeb” b Nov. 11, 1965.

3. Rebecca Lee Bryan, b Dec. 16, 1970.

3. David Wilson Hopper, b Aug. 30, 1938; d July 1952.

4. Jean Marie Hopper, b June 6, 1940, Springfield, Mo.; Springfield H.S. 1959; att. SW State Teachers Col., Springfield; Partner in Fountain of Health Salon, Springfield; Presbyterian; int. music, swimming; ad 1930 Arcadia, Springfield, Mo.; m Feb. 10, 1960, Springfield, JAMES R. WILSON, b Jan. 25, 1939, Pleasant Hope, Mo.; Pleasant Hope H.S., SW State Col., Springfield (Engineering); Executive position with Frisco RR in Springfield; Presbyterian; int. sports.

1. Christopher James Wilson, b Dec. 11, 1965.

2. Shannon James Wilson, b July 16, 1966.




5. Mary Lynne Hopper, “Lynne,” b Oct. 31, 1941, Brookfield, Mo.; Springfield H. S. 1959, SW State Teachers Col. (BS French, English); Kindergarten teacher; Christian Church (S.S. teacher); int. concerning children; 3 yr. Munich, Germany with army husband; ad 45 A. St. 1.0 Rd., Ft. Lee, Va.; m Aug. 13, 1961, Springfield, CHARLES S. OWEN, b Oct. 31, 1938, Mo.; Republic, Mo. H.S., SW State Teachers Col. (Engineering) 1962; Commissioned 2nd Lt. thru ROTC college program; MA in Business Adm. and Data Processing, Dec. 1971, U. of Georgia., (Athens); Major in US Army; Christian Church; Entered service Mar. 1963, basic training at Ft. Sill, Okla., served 3 yr., June 1963 to Apr. 1966 in Munich, Germany, various schooling for service in Vietnam from Apr. 1966 to Dec. 1966.  Left Jan. 1967 for year in Vietnam, school. near Washington DC then Ft. Lee, Va. June 1972 to Feb. 1973 when left for 2 yr. in Okinawa. Family joined him in summer 1973.

1. Charles Russell Owen, b Jan. 2, 1967.

2. Kathleen Marie Owen, b Mar. 17, 1969.

2. MABEL LOU WILSON, b Sept. 12, 1913 Linneus, Mo.; Laclede H.S. 1930, Christian Col. (now Columbia) Columbia, Mo. (AA speech, elem. Edu.) 1930, SW State Teachers Col., Springfield 1936 BS (major, Bus. Edu., minor, History, Home Economics); Teacher Geuda Springs, Kansas H.S. 1936-38, elem. school in Mo. and Kans., office work in Postal Employees Credit Union, Wichita, Kans. 5 yr.; Bus Edu. teacher at Meadville R-IV H.S. 1947-59, office work, 3 yr., Partner with husband and mother in locker (meat processing) since 1962, collector for city of Meadville since 1969; First Baptist Meadville (S.S. teacher); PED Sisterhood, since 1932, Chap. R, Laclede (held offices), Order of Eastern Star, Maple Leaf Chap. #284 (Worthy Matron, 195l, Sec. 1955-65, treas. 1966, Sec. since 1967), Dist. Deputy Grand Matron for 13th Dist. Order of Eastern Star, Grand Chapter of Missouri 1954, A.A.U.W., Meadville Comm. Civic Club and social clubs; int. sewing, knitting, growing flowers; WWII Red Cross nurses aid, volunteer work in Wichita, Kans. hosp.; ad Meadville, Mo.; m June 5, 1938, Laclede, Mo., ROBERT ARTHUR HOLMAN, “Bob,” b Mar. 6, 1915, Geuda Springs, Kans. (s Joseph Arthur and Alpha Z. (Quinn) Holman); Geuda Springs H.S., 1933, Arkansas City Jr. Col. 1937; Beech Aircraft, Wichita, owner and operator Locker 1946 to present, Meadville; First Baptist (Deacon since 1952, Moderator of Church, S.S. teacher); Masonic Order, Dockery Lodge #325, A.F.A.M., Worshipful Master and other offices, Maple Leaf Chap. #384, O.E.S. Worthy Patron, Lions Club; int. woodwork, grandsons.

1. Roberta Lou Holman (adopted at 3½ mo.) “Bobalou or Bobbie”, b Dec. 14, 1944, Wichita, Kans.; Meadville R-IV H.S. 1962; office publishing Co.; First Baptist; Meadville; OES Chap. #18 Laclede, PED Chap. R Laclede; Int. piano; ad Laclede, Mo.; m Aug. 12, 1962, Meadville, Mo., WILLIAM I BOWEN, b. Aug. 5, 1941, Laclede (s Kenneth and Mary (Peer) Bowen); Browning, Mo. H.S. 1960; owner of bulldozing and construction Co.; Methodist; int. hunting, fishing, boating.



1. Tony Ray Bowen, b Mar. 14, 1963.

2. Tracy Jay Bowen, b Sept. 22, 1965.

3. Todd Lee Bowen, b Aug. 23, 1970.


1-4-1-l-6-3. MABELLE LYDIA GOOD, b Jan. 7, 1887, Clarinda, Iowa; Wesley Col., Cameron, Mo.; Sch. teacher; United Methodist (Women’s Society, S.S. teacher); Home Dem. Club, Community Clubs; int. music, piano, crocheting, community service; Louisiana since 1917; ad 2446 Day Dr., Baker, La. 70714; m Feb. 11, 1906, Linneus, Mo., JAMES ELMER SENSINTAFFAR, b July 3, 1884, Brookfield, Mo. (s Rufus French and Ellen (Culbertson) Sensintaffar); att. Wesley Col.; Farmer, dairyman; Methodist (Supt. S.S.); Farm Bureau, community clubs; d Aug. 24, 1956, DeRidder, La.; stroke; Beauregard Memorial Cem., DeRidder, La.


2. LOU ELLEN SENSINTAFFAR, b Sept. 13, 1909.





4-4-1-1-6-3-1. JAMES CLAIR SENSINTAFFAR, “Jim,” b Dec. 17, 1906, Wheeling, Mo.; BS Centenary Col., Shreveport, La., BD Duke U., Durham, North Carolina; Minister, Methodist; d Jan. 9, 1952, Vivian, La.; Cerebral Hemorrhage; bur. Harrisonburg Cem., Harrisonburg, La.; m June 26, 1942, Alexandria, La., ROSA GERALDINE SNYDER, b Oct. 5, 1919, Trinity, La. (near Jonesville), (da John Adam and Julia Ethel (Adams) Snyder); BS Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, Ruston, La.; Teacher; Methodist (S.S. teacher, member Bd. of trustees and Official Board, WSCS); ad 301 2nd St., Jonesville, La. 71343.

1. RHETTA LOUISE SENSINTAFFAR, b Jan. 28, 1947, Shreveport, La.; BS (Magna Cum Laude) La. Tech. U. Ruston, La. 1968, MS at U. of Tenn. Knoxville 1971 (while pursuing MS held grad. research ass’tship for research int. problems of fabrics treated with flame retardant finishes); Home Economist; Instructor at U. of Tenn. (Developed and conducted an Appearance Therapy Program for use in State Psychiatric hosp.) served on Graduate council; Methodist; Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu (Home Ec Honorary), American Home Ec. Assoc.; int. painting, furniture refinishing, needlework; ad. 2840 Pierce Dr. N., Macon, Ga. 31204; m May 31, 1968, Jonesville, La., ROBERT CRAIG GOEBEL, “Craig,” b Apr. 27, 1946, Shreveport, La. (s David Harper and Marjorie Phyllis (Roquemore) Goebel); BB (Cum Laude) La. Tech. U. 1968, MA at U. of Tenn. 1972 (held Nat’l Science Foundation Fellowship 3 yr.); Assoc. Program Developer, Middle Ga. Area Planning Comm.; Methodist; Alpha Tau Omega, social fraternity (Pres. 1968) Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Who’s Who in America Col. and Universities 1968, American Political Science Assoc; Southern Political Science Assoc.; int. reading, furniture refinishing.

2. ROSA ANN SENSINTAFFAR b. Sept. 24, 1951, Shreveport, La.; Grad. H.S. (80 hrs. Col. Home Ec.); Part time school teacher; Methodist; (MYF officer, 5.5. and Bible school teacher); int. sewing, needlecraft, flowers; m Apr. 8, 1972, Jonesville, La., GARY WARD SADLER, b Feb. 6, 1951, New Orleans, La. (s Francis Ward III and Beverly Ann (Biehler) Sadler); Grad. H.S. (85 hrs. Col. Elec. Engineering and Computer Sch.); US Air Force; Episcopal; int. electronics; ad #8 Forest Park Apts., Big LR Rd., Biloxi, Miss.


4-4-1-1-6-3-2. LOU ELLEN SENSINTAFFAR, b Sept. 13, 1909, Wheeling, Mo.; DeRidder H.S. 1926, La. State Normal 1929, BS La. State U. 1953, Masters in Edu. 1963; Classroom teacher (5th gd.) Beauregard Parish 1927-28, 1930-34 and Baton Rouge, La. 1953-73; United Methodist (Supt. children’s Dept., Women’s Soc.); 4-H Club leader, Campfire Leader, PTA; int. water color painting, crocheting, gardening; ad RR 6, Box 263, Baton Rouge, La. 70815; m June 10, 1934, DeRidder, La., EDGAR JAY INGALLS, b June 23, 1911, Midland; Va. (s Edmond Llewelyn and Edith Mae (Ide) Ingalls); DeRidder H.S. 1928; United Methodist; Boy Scout leader, Rotary.

1 MARJORIE ELLEN INGALLS, “Ellen,” b Jan. 17, 1937, DeRidder, La.; Zachary H.S. (3rd in class), att. Northwestern State Col. 1955-56, att. McNeese State Col. 1957, BS Louisiana State U., Baton Rouge, La. 1966 (Social Studies and English); Teacher, Dutchtown H.S. 1964-65 (Ascension Parish Sch., outstanding teacher 1965); Lee H.S. 1966-67, Woodlawn H.S. 1967-70, Sherwood Jr. Hi 1970-present (East Baton Rouge Sch.); Catholic, St. George in Baton Rouge (helped with Religious Edu.); int. gardening, painting, crocheting, play piano, sports fan; Member of Parish Champion Basketball team, won American Legion award H.S.; ad RR 6 Box 288, Baton Rouge, La.; m July 9, 1956, Zachary, La., CARROLL JOSEPH GUIDRY, b Aug. 19, 1936, Hackberry, La. (s Clyde Joseph and Leora Eve (Guidry) Guidry); H.S. 1955 and Electrical course at Baton Rouge Voc. Sch. (football records at Hackberry Hi), att. Northwestern State Col. fall 1955, Idaho in Reforestation summer 1955, Welder, Alvin, Tex. 1960-66, shrimp boat, shrimped and fished Cameron Parish 1961-62, Supt. Southern Scrap Mat. Co., Baton Rouge 1966-present; Catholic; US Army, Korea 1957-58; int. sports fan, hunting, fishing, playing guitar; The Guidrys are descendants of French Acadians from Canada and Carroll’s parents both speak French as a first language.

1. Eddie Joseph Guidry, b Jan. 13, 1959.

2. Jay Clyde Guidry, b Dec. 2, 1960.

2. MABEL EDITH INGALLS, “Edith,” b June 6, 1939, DeRidder, La.; Zachary H.S. (FHA Sec., Year Book, Senior Class Sec.); Typist, Bookkeeper Physics Dept. while husband att. La. State U. 1957-61; Baptist, Southern; ad 5311 Emerson Dr., Raleigh, North Carolina; m May 20, 1957, Baton Rouge, JIMMIE ALTON HODGESON, b Apr. 15, 1939, Baton Rouge, La. (s Willie Wesley and Augusta Marie (Law) Hodgeson); Central H.S., Baton Rouge (Valedictorian, Student Council President, Beta Club, won or placed in several local State and National essay contests. Prizes included US Savings bonds, Mississippi River cruise to several ports (West and South Africa); Louisiana State U. (BS Magna Cum Laude, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi), Rice U. (Ph.D., National Sci. Foundation Fellow for 3 yr.); Esso Research and Engineering 1965-68, Environmental Protection Agency 1968-present (Author of more than 20 papers in physical Chemistry and air pollution research activities); Baptist; American Chemical Soc.; int. tennis, reading.

1. Jeffrey William Hodgeson, b Jan. 9, 1960.

2. Karen Edith Hodgeson, b Aug. 3, 1961


3. Nancy Elaine Hodgeson, b Mar. 16, 1964.


4-4-1-1-6-3-3. LOWELL GOOD SENSINTAFFAR, b May 4, 1911, Wheeling, Mo.; DeRidder H.S., BS at La. State U., Baton Rouge; Construction, carpenter, Job Supt., Arch. Insp.; First United Methodist (teacher); int. small farm, garden, livestock; traveled in US; ad 2446 Day Dr., Baker, La.; m Aug. 19, 1934, Coushatta, La., RUBY THEODOSIA MCCAIN, “Doie,” b Oct. 20, 1911, Clarence, La. (da Clarence Morgan and Mary Alma (Milling) McCain); Natchitoches H.S., AB Northwestern State (Normal) Natchitoches, La.; High Sch. teacher; First United Methodist; Home Demonstration Club; int. sewing, knitting, crocheting, craftwork.

1. LARRY GLEN SENSINTAFFAR, b June 12, 1936, Montgomery (Grant Parish) La.; Grad. H.S.; US Navy career (enlisted) 1956-present, shore duty in Pacific and Panama; Methodist; ad 1731 Pine Valley Dr. Vienna, Virginia 22180; m Aug. 9, 1961, Annapolis, Anne Arundel, Md., BARBARA DIANE LAY, “Diane,” b Jan. 11, 1939, Prince George Co. Md. (da Lander Gray and Madeline Reba (Stafford) Lay); Grad. H.S.; Previously worked for US Dept. of Commerce; Baptist.

1. Lowell Gray Sensintaffar, b Aug. 1, 1962.

2. Travis Lee Sensintaffar, b July 3, 1963.

3. Karie Jean Sensintaffar, b Oct. 30, 1965.

4. Glenda Joy Sensintaffar, b Dec. 3, 1966.

5. Nancy Diane Sensintaffar, b Jan. 11, 1971.

2. NANCY RUTH SENSINTAFFAR, b Feb. 2, 1939, Baton Rouge, La.; Completed H.S. Hazen, Ark., 1 yr. trade school in Baton Rouge; Methodist; int. reading, crocheting, sewing; traveled Japan, Morocco, Philippines, Alaska; ad 1404-D Redwing St., Chesapeake, Va.; m June 20, 1960, Baker, La., HOMER RAY MALLADY, “Buzz,” b Dec. 8, 1932, Chester, Ill. (s Benjamin Harrison and Edna Mary (Draves) Mallady); Chester H.S., ½ yr. Col.; US Navy career 21 yr., from 1951; Lutheran; int. sports§ traveled also Hawaii, Spain, Germany.

1. Brian Harrison Mallady, b Apr. 6, 1962, Zama, Japan.

2. Raenan Kay Hallady, b Jan. 16, 1964, Key West, Florida.

3. Conrad Wane Mallady, b Apr. 29, 1966, Kenitra, Morocco.

4. Jana Theodosia Hallady, b Mar. 6, 1971, Adak, Alaska.

3. FRANCES CLAIR SENSINTAFFAR, b Feb. 2, 1939, Baton Rouge, La.; H.S. 1957, Voc. trade school 1959; Methodist; int. golf, writing letters, youth activities; Lived in Philippines and Okinawa; Live Baker, La., when out of US address APO San Francisco; m Apr. 9, 1960, Baker, RICHARD LEE GRIFFITH, “Dick,” b July 28, 1936, West Frankfort, Ill. (s George E. and Beverly Louise (Wade) Griffith); Glenhard Twp. H.S.-Glenellyn, Ill.; US Air Force; Methodist; int. youth sports, golf.

1. Dorrie Lee Griffith, b Feb. 6, 1961, Reno, Nev.

2. David McCain Griffith, b Mar. 29, 1962, Reno, Nev.

4. DONNA LOU SENSINTAFFAR, b Jan. 4, 1943, DeRidder, La.; BS Louisiana State U., Baton Rouge, La.; Former Primary teacher (La. and Florida 1966-69); Methodist; int. sewing, painting, needlework, crafts; Lived Japan 10 mo., Philippines 2½ mo.; ad 519 7th. Ave., Troy, New York; m Apr. 5, 1969, Pensacola, Fla., PAUL RAYMOND HODSON, b Aug. 8, 1941, Long Beach, Calif. (s Raymond William and Audrey Ruth (Alford) Hodson); BS Calif. Poly. Inst., Pomona, Calif. Masters in Mngt. RPI, Troy, N.Y.; Officer US Navy, Pilot, flown into Thailand, Taiwan, Okinawa and Vietnam; int. flying, furniture refinishing, sports; Active war duty USN 1967.

1. Sarah Lynn Hodson, b Mar. 7, 1973.


4-4-1-1-6-3-4. ELSIE MARIE SENSINTAFFAR, b July 27, 1916, Wheeling, Mo.; 2 yr. Col. (Business); Ministers wife (office work, play organ); First United Methodist (work with youth groups and Women’s organ., serve as Director of Christian Ed. in local  church); int. paint, all kinds of crafts; ad 624 Morningside Dr., Houma, La. 70360; m Nov. 9,1937, DeRidder, La., ALBERT JEROME CAIN, b Nov. 3, 1909, Houston, Miss.; (s Leonard Wesley and Vista Jane (Ward) Cain); BS Centenary Col., Southern Methodist U.; Minister (District Supt. for 6 yr.); Methodist; Rotary Club (first V. Pres. for term 1972-73).

1. HARRIET EVELYN CAIN, “Evelyn,” b Dec. 12, 1938, Trout, la.; Southeastern La. U., Hammond, La. BA 1960 (Social Studies and Eng. Ed.) Teacher at Byrd High, Shreveport 1959-60; Istrouma High, Baton Rouge 1960-65, 1968-present; Istrouma Methodist (member United Methodist Women, past Supt. Children’s Div.); Delta Kappa Gamma Yearbook Chm.; Kamper’s Klub, La. Teachers Assoc., La. Council of Teachers of English; int. camping, sewing; Outstanding teacher award 1972, Istrouma High; ad 4036 Ridgemont Dr., Baton Rouge, La. 70814; m June 17, 1960, Baton Rouge, THOMAS HARNEY ALFORD, JR. “Harney,” b Feb. 11, 1934, Central, La. (ERB Parish), (s Thomas Harney Sr. and Alice LaVilla (Hooper) Alford); La. State U., BS 1956 (agriculture, horticulture); Registered Sanitarian, la. State Board of Health 1957-present; Istrouma Methodist (past memo Official Board); Baton Rouge Kamper’s Klub, La. Public Health Assoc.; int. fishing, camping, hunting.

1. Douglas Alan Alford, b Apr. 18, 1965.

2. Gregory Duane Alford, b Nov. 25, 1966.

2. BARBARA MARIE CAIN, b Oct. 29, 1945, Hammond, La.; Lafayette, La. H.S. 1963, BA Southwestern la. U., Lafayette 1967 (Upper Elem. Ed) MRE 1969; Director of Christian Ed., First United Methodist, Lake Charles, La.;(the Master of Religious Edu. received at St. Paul Sch. of Theology (Methodist) Kansas City, Mo.); Sch. teacher (6th gd.) Bryant Elem., Independence, Mo. 1969-70; United Methodist Youth (UMYF) Sponsor, Jr. High 5.5. teacher, Youth coordinator in United Methodist Women; Rainbow (Worthy Advisor) Lafayette Assembly #18, 1964, Enterprise Public Library Board; int. sewing, crafts, music; Certified Dir. of Christian Edu. in United Methodist Church 1972; ad 308 S. Bridge, Box 308, Enterprise, Kansas 67441; m Aug. 5, 1969, Houma, La., ALAN DEE EINSEL, b Feb. 5, 1939, Kiowa, Kansas (s Roy Elmer and Miriam Ona (Rush) Einsel); Greensburg, Kans. H.S. 1957, (Business Adm.) Washburn U., Topeka, Kans. 1961, (Master of Divinity) St. Paul Sch. of Theology 1970; ordained Elder, Assoc. Minister, Garnett United Methodist (for two yr. Seminary) 1968-70, Boy Scout Chaplain (camp near Wichita) summer 1968, Minister Enterprise United Methodist 1970-; Youth sponsor; Salina Dist. Council on Ministries, Enterprise Lions Club, Phi Delta Theta mem., Masonic Lodge, Greensburg, Kans., mem. Wichita Consistory, Sec. of Enterprise Local Housing Authority; int. Photography, Paper Money; Served in US Navy 1962-66, 2nd Class Yeoman.

1. David Alan Einsel, b Sept. 14, 1972.


4-4-1-1-6-3-5. MABELLE CREDARE SENSINTAFFAR, “Mamie,” b Dec. 8, 1920, DeRidder, La.; BA 1942 U. of SW La. (Inst. music, cum Laude) Masters in Ed. at NW St. U. (Counseling) 1971; Teacher, Counselor, East Beauregard H.S. 1962-; First United Methodist, DeRidder (member choir, Wesleyan Service Guild); Delta Kappa Gamma; int. gardening; ad RR 1 Box 135, DeRidder, La. 70634; m Sept. 21, 1941, DeRidder, MACON ALVIN RATHBURN, b Jan. 4, 1918, Floresville, Texas (s Robert Henry and Ida Jane (Taylor) Rathburn); BS Sociology; 20 yr. career in Air Force; Correctional Officer La. Dept. of Corrections; First United Methodist, DeRidder.

1. ROBERT JAMES RATHBURN, b Mar. 21, 1945, Alamogordo, New Mexico; Grad. H.S.; Heavy Equipment maintenance; First United Methodist, DeRidder, La.; int. horses; ad 48 A Scott Circle, Waco, Texas; m July 1966, Orange, Texas, DOLORES JANE MELLOTT, “Jane,” b Sept. 18, 1946, Lake Charles, La. (da Walter and Eva (Olmstead) Mellott); Grad. H.S., 1 yr. Col.; First United Methodist.

1. Melinda Gail Rathburn, b Feb. 1, 1967.

2. Ross Alan Rathburn, b Feb. 1, 1967.

3. Richard Thomas Rathburn, b Sept. 3, 1968.

4. Anna Kathleen Rathburn, b Oct. 16, 1970.

2. LOWELL THOMAS RATHBURN, b Nov. 20, 1946, DeRidder, La.; ad same.

3. RICHARD ALLEN RATHBURN, b Jan. 22, 1949, DeRidder, La.; d Mar. 16, 1968; Vietnam.

(end Sensintaffar family, continued, Good)


4-4-1-1-6-4. RUFUS CLARE GOOD, “Ted,” b Oct. 17,1888, Clarinda, Iowa; H.S. and some Col.; Executive for Sears, Roebuck and Co.; Methodist; 32nd Degree Mason (Shriner); int. fishing; WWI, National Guard; d Mar. 24, 1939, Minneapolis, Minn.; pneumonia; Mt. Emblem Cem., Elmhurst, Ill.; m Oct. 17, 1915, Chicago, Ill., ELSA THERESA FOSTER, b May 14, 1890, Columbus Junction, Iowa (da Isaac and Margaret (Freidrichson) Foster); Columbus Junction H.S.; Methodist; Eastern Star; ad 3125 Colfax Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn.

1. ROBERT CLARE GOOD, “Ted,” b Jan. 8, 1924, Chicago, Ill.; U. of Minn. BA 1948, U. of Chicago MBA 1965; Executive for Sears, Roebuck and Co.; Episcopal; WWII Air Force; ad 445 E. Heather lane, Lake Forest, Ill.; m Aug. 6, 1949, Excelsior, Minn., JOANNE BELLOWS TUFTY, b Jan. 26, 1927, Minneapolis (da Norman Howard and Elizabeth (Holden) Tufty); U. of Minn., BA 1949; Chicago Sun-Times, Daily News; Episcopal.

1. Stephen Gary Good, b Aug. 16, 1950.

2. Susan Elizabeth Good, b Apr. 1, 1953.


4-4-1-1-6-5. VERNON ALLEN GOOD, ‘’Vern,’’ b June 15, 1890, Page Co., Ia.; H.S. Ia.; some Col.; Sales, manufacturing; Christian Science; d Jan. 1971, Portland, Oregon; m 1913, Chicago, Ill., LAURA HOPE BECKWITH, b 1894, Chicago, Ill.

1. VERNON ALLEN GOOD, JR., b Sept. 20, 1917, Chicago, Ill.; U. of Colo. (Forestry), Phi Beta Kappa; Forester; Christian Science; ad 1925 NE Liberty, Portland, Ore.; m (1) Feb. 18,1938, Ft. Collins, Colo., MARTHA FINN; m (2) Apr. 4, 1948, San Francisco, VIRGINIA ALBERTA DAVIS, b June 4, 1926.

1. Barbara Good, b Feb. 19, 1940; Douglas Crow.

2. Susan Carol Good, b Jan. 4, 1949.

3. Carolyn Ann Good, b Jan. 30, 1952.

4. Vince William Good, b Sept. 12, 1955.

2. LARA LEE GOOD, b Dec. 25, 1924.


4-4-1-1-6-6. WILLIS PAUL GOOD, “Paul,” b Jan. 29, 1894, Page Co., Ia.; Sales; Methodist; d Dec. 7, 1956, Arizona; bur. Laclede, Mo.; m July 30, 1914, Houston, Texas, m ALETHA ELIZABETH LANE, b Sept. 20, 1893, Linn Co., Mo. (da John Wesley Lane, Doctor); Methodist, Unity; d May 1970; California; cancer; bur. Calif.

1. LELAND LANE GOOD, b Apr. 27, 1915; (m but div.) no children.

2. ROBERT PAUL GOOD, b Sept. 25, 1917; Bomber Pilot, WWII, shot down over Romania; married, left one son John Wesley.

3. DONALD OREN GOOD, b Feb. 19, 1921; married, no children.

4. CAROL GOOD, b Jan. 31, 1926, Houston, Texas; H.S. and Secretarial School; Secretary; “I AM” St. Germain Foundation; int. horseback riding, gardening, interior decorating; ad 4400 Caren St., Fremont, Calif. 94538; m Mar. 22, 1947, Glendale, Calif., CARROLL WILLIAM KEARNY, “Jerry,” b July 21, 1913, San Francisco, Calif. (s Francis Edward and Nellie G. (Dillon) Kearny); H.S. and night school (Business course), 2 yr. Dental Col.; Lumberman (owned own yard) “Fremont Lumber Co.”; Catholic; Ho’s (Lumberman’s organ.), Teamster; int. horses, gardening, ranching; Army Engineers, built Camp San Luis Obispo; d Dec. 25, 1971, Fremont, Calif.; cancer; Cremated, ashes taken out to sea.

1. Gerald William Kearny, b Aug. 12, 1950.

(a) Michael Carroll Kearny, b Mar. 8, 1936; Live Sunnyvale, CA.

(b) Carolyn Marie Kearny McBee, b June 14, 1942; Live Manteca, Calif.


4-4-1-1-6-7. CARL EBEN GOOD, b Feb. 5, 1896, Page Co., Iowa; H.S., 2 yr. Col.; Ass’t. Treas. Southern Territory Sears, Roebuck and Co.; Methodist; Lions Club, Mason; int. fishing; WWI, 2 yr.; d Sept. 23, 1968, Atlanta, Georgia; coronary; Westview Cem., Atlanta; m Apr. 17, 1929, Atlanta, INA PARKS, b Feb. 26, 1901, Dewey Rose, Ga.; H.S., teachers Normal, Bus. Col.; Executive Sec.; Methodist; int. photography, flower arr.; d Apr. 22, 1963, Atlanta, Ga.; Westview Cem.; No children.


4-4-1-1-6-8. EARL ROSS GOOD, b June 30, 1899, Page Co., Iowa; H.S., 2 yr. Col.; Merchandise Manager, Sears Roebuck (Mail order); Methodist (Deacon), Presbyterian (Elder, S.S. teacher, choir); Civitan Club, Mason; int. hand crafts, music; SATC, WWI; ad 1211 Westridge Rd., Greensboro, North Carolina 27410; m June 15, 1934, Atlanta, Ga., FRANCES EUGENIA WILLIAMSON, b Aug. 15, 1908, Montgomery, Ala. (da Eugene Paul and Lola Belle (Barnes) Williamson); BA Agnes Scott, MA Edu., Oglethorpe U.; Teacher, housewife; Baptist, Presbyterian (S.S. teacher); Garden Club (Pres.), DAR; int. flower arr., sewing, bridge; traveled Europe, Egypt, Near East, Round the World.


1. EARL WILLIAMSON GOOD, “Bill,” b Nov. 10, 1942, Atlanta, Ga.; U. of North Carolina, AB (Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa); 3 yrs. Grad. work U. of Va. (Economics major); Writer, Public Speaker; int. music (voice), saxophone, piano, fishing; 3 mo. in Europe during college; ad 428 S. Mariposa, Los Angeles, Calif. 90020; m Dec. 22, 1973, JOAVA MARY MEMMOTT ROYLANCE, b May 21, 1948, Salt Lake City, Utah.

1. Nicole Roylance Good, b Mar. 5, 1969.

2. CARL EDWARD GOOD, “Edward or Ed,” b Jan. 17, 1945, Atlanta, Ga.; AB at U. of North Carolina, U. of Va. (Degree in Law); Legal Research; Presbyterian; int. music (piano), fishing, swimming; won Corning Glass travel Fellowship, Round the World (full year travel); ad 6 Montvale Rd., Wesley, Maine (worked Boston), 1975 moved back to Charlottesville, Va.; m June 14, 1969, Canandaigua, N.Y., MARGARET KIERAN, b Aug. 9, 1944, Somerset, England (da James Edward and Patricia (Matthews) Kieran); U. of N.Y. (Sociology; Social worker; Episcopal; Red Cross Social work, 1 yr. in Vietnam; travel around world met Ed in New Delhi.

1. David Jason Good, “Jason” b May 9, 1971.

2. Matthew Williamson Good, b Aug. 15, 1972.


4-4-1-1-6-9. LELAND FRANCIS GOOD, “Lee,” b Sept. 9, 1904, Linneus, Mo.; Linneus H.S.; Retailing Women’s Mdse. Mgr.; Methodist; int. fishing; Freighter trip around the world; ad 930 Third St., Santa Monica, Calif. 90403; m Oct. 25, 1924, Linneus (Linn Co.) Mo., m GERTRUDE ANDERSON, “Shorty,” b June 8, 1903, Unionville, Mo. (da James Franklin and Olive (Fugate) Anderson Lamme); Linneus H.S., Bus. Col. 3 mo.; Bookkeeper, Insurance office; Christian; int. knitting, needlepoint, quilt.

1. LELAND FRANCIS GOOD, JR., “Lee,” b Jan. 22, 1930, Chicago (Cook Co.) Ill.; Hamilton H.S., Los Angeles, UCLA; Comm. Consultant Hawaiian Telephone; Presbyterian; 2 yr. Air Force; ad 753 Pume Hana St., Honolulu, Hawaii 96814; m June 1, 1967, Coza, Okinawa, HARU OSHIRA, b Aug. 29, 1936, Okinawa.

1. Linda Leilana Good, b Aug. 20, 1968.

2. JAMES ALLEN GOOD, “Jim,” b June 25, 1936, Chicago, Ill.; Hamilton H.S., Los Angeles, Calif., Mexico City Col.; Fabric stores, Hawaii; Presbyterian; Army 2 yr.; ad Box 206, Lahaina, Hawaii 96761; m July 15, 1964, Honolulu, Hawaii, JOYCE ANN KRUYP.

(End of Simon Good family, collected entirely by Earl Good 4-4-1-1-6-8)




4-4-1-1-7. MATILDA GOOD, “Tillie,” b June 1, 1863, Bremen, Ohio; To Page County, Iowa with parents in May 1865; d Gresham, Oregon; m Jan. 5, 1882, ELI HUDDLE, b Apr. 24, 1858, Adams Co., Ind. (s Abraham and Mary (Beery) Huddle); Farmer in Page Co., removed to Oregon.  (Please see this family in detail Huddle section pp 161).

1. LUTHER W. HUDDLE, b Nov. 5, 1883.

2. CLARA E. HUDDLE, b Mar. 30, 1885; d infancy.

3. SIMON PETER HUDDLE, b Feb. 8, 1887.

4. MYRTLE MAE HUDDLE, b Aug. 10, 1889.

5. LOVINA B. HUDDLE, b Nov. 1, 1891.




4-4-1-1-8. HYLAS GOOD, b Feb. 15, 1865, Fairfield Co., Ohio; In May 1865 came to Page County, Iowa with his parents and lived East River Twp. near Shambaugh; Farmer, lived on Highway 2 west of Clarinda, then moved to Ft. Morgan, Colo., where he farmed also; d Mar. 2, 1948; m Sept. 23, 1885, Page County, Iowa, ESTELLA CARDER, “Stella”, b Oct. 22, 1867 (da George and Nancy Jane (Brown) Williams Carder); d Oct. 6, 1950.

1. GRAYCE MERLE GOOD, b July 10, 1886.

2. HAZEL FORREST GOOD, b June 5, 1889.

3. GLADYS ANNA GOOD, b Nov. 15, 1892.

4. VESTA MARIE GOOD, b Jan. 20, 1896.

5. IRIS CLEVA GOOD, b Mar. 11, 1899; d July 28, 1931.

6. Howard Kenneth Good, b Nov. 18, 1903.

7. Hylas Good, Jr., b June 20, 1908.


4-4-1-1-8-1. GRAYCE MERLE GOOD, b July 10, 1886; m Feb. 28, 1905, JOHN HENRY LUHR, b July 29, 1882; Page Co. (s Gus Luhr; once operated a cream (buying) station at College Springs); d Jan. 7, 1952.

1. ROLLAND HYLAS LUHR, b June 3, 1907; m Dec. 25, 1928, LUCILLE GEORGE, b Nov. 6, 1909.

1. Margaret Ellen Luhr, b Oct. 16, 1937; m (1) Mar. 27, 1955, Thomas Van Winkle, b July 28, 1932; m (2) Aug. 1959, Jim Nichols; 2c. Margaret Luhr Van Winkle, b Apr. 29, 1956, Jeannie Loraine Nichols, b Mar. 1960.

2. ESTELLA GENORA LUHR, b Oct. 3, 1909; m Nov. 14, 1933, JOHN A. LANGO, b Nov. 6, 1909.

1. John Wesley Lango, b June 5, 1937.

2. Genora Louise Lango, b Aug. 11, 1940; m Nov. 17, 1963, Charles Hall.

3. HELEN LORENE LUHR, b May 10, 1914; m Nov. 4, 1940, DAVID J. MCMANUS, b Feb. 6, 1909.

1. Jean Merle McManus, b Aug. 20, 1941; m Sept. 19, 1960, Richard McAnaulty.

2. John Henry McManus, b June 6, 1944.

3. David Michael McManus, b Dec. 9, 1946.

4. BERYLE IRENE LUHR, b Sept. 1, 1918; m July 17, 1937, ORVILLE OLDEMEYER, b Dec. 7, 1915.

1. John Lee Oldemeyer, b Mar. 12, 1941; m Aug. 23, 1963, Carol Kiplinger, b Dec. 7, 1941.

2. Susan Kay Oldemeyer, b Sept. 5, 1943.

3. Sandra Jane Oldemeyer, b Mar. 18, 1947.

4. Steven Glen Oldemeyer, b Apr. 19, 1958.


4-4-1-1-8-2. HAZEL FORREST GOOD, b June 5, 1889; d 1952; m Aug. 5, 1914, J. RAY SERGEANT, b Jan. 24, 1888; d 1954.

1. MARY GLADYS SERGEANT, b July 24, 1915; m June 19, 1936, CLARENCE A. LEATHERS.

1. Margaret Louise Leathers, b Nov. 1, 1937; m Dec. 9, 1955, Norman Grainger.

2. Larry William Leathers, b Oct. 26, 1941.

3. Mary Kay Leathers, b Dec. 27,  1946.

4. Cynthia Ann Leathers, b May 12, 1952.

5. Donald Ray Leathers, b Sept. 15, 1956.

2. WILLIAM HYLAS SERGEANT, b Feb. 2, 1917; d 1937.

3.  J. RAYMOND SERGEANT, b Aug. 20, 1919; m July 1, 1941, ESTHER BOSTRON.

1. Jacqueline Rae Sergeant, b Mar. 24, 1942.

2. Barbara Deanne Sergeant, b Aug. 19, 1948.

4. MARGARET HAZEL SERGEANT, b Jan. 31, 1921; m 1945, ROBERT ST. AUBIN.

5. ALLEN BROOKS SERGEANT, b Apr. 27, 1923; m June 3, 1941, HELEN JEAN ANDERSON.

1. Tracy B. Sergeant, b Apr. 18, 1942. 

2. Penny Jean Sergeant, b Sept. 1, 1950. 

6. THOMAS GOOD SERGEANT, b Feb. 7, 1929; m June 24, 1956, MARY ANN MEYER.

1. Lynn Marie Sergeant, b Mar. 31, 1957.

7. STANLEY EDWARD SERGEANT, b Aug. 24, 1933.


4-4-1-1-8-3. GLADYS ANNA GOOD, b Nov. 15, 1892, near Clarinda, Iowa; Compiler of the Hylas Good, Sr. record 1963; ad Box 216, Ft. Morgan, Colo.; m Aug. 5, 1914, LAWRENCE J. REID, b Aug. 26, 1886; Morgan Floral Co.

l. HAZEL ELIZABETH REID, b Mar. 4, 1916; m Sept. 7, 1940, FREDERICK WILLIAM BEIER, b May 26, 1917.

1. Ann Elizabeth Beier, b Apr. 20, 1945.

2. Donald William Beier, b July 16, 1947.

3. Kenneth Reid Beier, b Nov. 2, 1949.

2. JOHN LAWRENCE REID, b Aug. 8, 1920; m June 26, 1948, JEAN MARION ERWIN, b Aug. 28, 1920.

1. Donald Warnock Reid, b May 26, 1949.

2. Nancy Lucile Reid, b Oct. 27, 1958.

3. DONALD GOOD REID, b Jan. 18, 1922; m Aug. 2, 1947, ONA ELIZABETH O’CONNELL, b June 13, 1923.

1. John Edward Reid, b Sept. 18, 1948.

2. Barbara Jean Reid, b Nov. 11, 1950.

3. Linda Jane Reid, b Oct. 2, 1952.

4. Katherine Ann Reid, b June 25, 1956.

4. NANCY JANE REID, b Oct. 30, 1923; m Apr. 18, 1948, ROBERT LAWRENCE COOPER, b May 29, 1955.

1. Gary Reid Cooper, b Apr. 2, 1953.

2. David Allen Cooper, b Mar. 29, 1955.



4-4-1-1-8-4. VESTA MARIE GOOD, b Jan. 20, 1896; m June 24, 1916; LESLIE B. JACKSON, b Aug. 10, 1895.

1. HELEN LOUISE JACKSON, b July 24, 1917; m July 21, 1943, THOMAS J. McDERMOTT, b July 9, 1915.

1. Charles Maurice McDermott, b Mar. 31, 1949.

2. Kathleen Louise McDermott, b Apr. 16, 1953.

2. ROBERT BURTON JACKSON, b Nov. 26,1919; m June 4,1942, VIRGINIA  HAWLEY, b Feb. 15, 1922.

1. Robert Burton Jackson II, b Jan. 17, 1946.

2. Thomas Hawley Jackson, b July 2, 1949.

3. James Alan Jackson, b Jan. 31, 1951.


4-4-1-1-8-6. HOWARD KENNETH GOOD, b Nov. 18, 1903; m July 24, 1924, ESTHER ETHEL HOOVER.

1. ROBERT. HOWARD GOOD, b Feb. 18, 1925; m Sept. 12, 1948, MARY ELIZABETH FOOS, b Feb. 6, 1928.

1. Arnold Robert Good, b Aug. 17, 1949.

2. Rhonda Marie Good, b June 27, 1951.

3. Judith Gay Good, b July 23, 1955.

4. Elizabeth Ann Good, b Oct. 6, 1963.

2. AVALON GOOD, b July 14, 1927; m Feb. 18, 1950, DONALD JOHN HAMMOND, b Aug. 10, 1928.

1. John Howard Hammond, b Nov. 17, 1951.

2. Laura Ann Hammond, b Aug. 5, 1954.

3. FURN ANN GOOD, b Sept. 19, 1929; m Dec. 19, 1954, JOHN CHARLES GERARDEN, b Apr. 2, 1930.

1. Charles Gary Gerarden, b Sept. 9, 1955.

2. Leslie Lynn Gerarden, b Aug. 30, 1957.


4-4-1-1-8-7. HYLAS GOOD, JR., “Hy,” b June 20, 1908, Ft. Morgan (Morgan Co.) Colo.; Ft. Morgan H.S., BS Colo. State U.; Farmer, Morgan Co. 1934-57, Dow Chemical Co. (Research and Development) 1934-73 (ret.); First Presbyterian (Deacon, usher, helped organize and Pres. of new S.S. class); ad 925 Secrest St., Golden, Colo. 80401; m Dec. 25,1930, Ft. Collins (Larimer Co.) Colo., ORPHA MAE REED, b Oct. 24, 1907, Norcatur (Decatur Co.) Kansas (da Samuel John and Myrtle Ivy (McIntyne) Reed); gd and H.S. Greeley and Ft. Collins, Business Sch., Ft. Collins; Lawyers office 1927-30, taught piano from age 15 to 1966; First Presbyterian (S.S. pianist); music club, Farm Club (offices), Cub and Boy Scouts; int. Music (Piano, organ); had a half hour program on Greeley Colo. radio station 1931.

1. JAMES EDWARD GOOD, b Sept. 21, 1935; Live Denver, Colo.

2. DAVID REED GOOD, b July 10, 1941; Live Lakewood, Colo.; m July 15, 1962, Priscilla Ann Gilbert, b May 29, 1943.

3. CHARLENE KAY GOOD, b Aug. 2, 1945 (adopted); Live Glenwood Springs, Colo; m ___ Knoll.






4-4-1-1-9. MARY ANN GOOD, “‘Mae,” b Mar. 30, 1867, Page Co.; Mennonite Brethren in Christ; d Aug. 10, 1926, Shambaugh; bur. Butler Cem., Shambaugh, Iowa; m Sept. 4,1883, NOAH HUDDLE, b Apr. 22, 1856, Adams Co., Ind. (s Abraham and Mary (Beery) Huddle); Farmer; Lived East River Twp. Mo. and the old homestead; d Mar. 2, 1939, Shambaugh; bur. Butler Cem.

(Please see this family in detail in Huddle Section on pp 153). 10c.




4-5. GEORGE BEERY, b 1773, York Co., Penna.; emigrated to Rockingham Co., Va.; emigrated to Ohio 1816, going over the mountains by team and wagon; lived in Perry Co., Ohio and later Fairfield Co.; Mennonite; m 1796, Rockingham Co., Va., SUSAN FUNK, b Oct. 30, 1775 in Penna. (da Henry Funk and sister of Joseph Funk, noted singing teacher of Singers Glen, Va. and of Christian Funk, see Geil); Mennonite.

1. BARBARA BEERY, b Aug. 3, 1797. (see below)

2. DANIEL BEERY; d single.

3. CATHERINE BEERY, b May 10, 1802; m Nicholas Stemen (6-6-4); 8c.

4. SUSANNAH BEERY, b Jan. 15, 1805; m David Young; 14c.

5. GEORGE F. BEERY, b Aug. 29, 1807; m Elizabeth Reedy; 11c.

6. HENRY BEERY; m Mary Weaver; 1c.

7. RACHEL BEERY; m Henry S. Stemen (6-6-6); 8c.

8. CHRISTIAN D. BEERY; b June 20, 1815; m Nancy Blosser (6-12-7).

9. ABRAHAM G. BEERY, b Oct. 11, 1817; m Sarah Ann Keller; 12c.


4-5-1. BARBARA BEERY, b Aug. 3, 1797; Rockingham Co., Va.; d Mar. 28, 1838, Fairfield, Co., Ohio; Smallpox; m Aug. 8, 1815, Va., HENRY BRENNEMAN, b Nov. 1, 1791, Edom, Va. (s Abraham and Magdalena (Shank) Brenneman); Farmer, miller; Mennonite minister; d Aug. 24, 1866, Bremen, Ohio; (m (2) Oct. 6, 1840, Esther Good, b 1807 (da Joseph C. and Magdalena (Gamel) Good); d Oct. 27, 1841; 1c. Magdalena Brenneman, b Oct. 25, 1841, d July 10, 1910; m John Funk; Henry m (3) Anna Rodehaffer, b 1800; d Aug. 17, 1859). (see Good)

1. JOHN M. BRENNEMAN, b May 28, 1816, Ohio; well known Mennonite Bishop, visited Page County church in 1867; wrote many articles in church Magazine “Herald of Truth,” and books; m Mar. 23, 1817, Sophia     Good (da Joseph C. and Magdalena (Gamel) Good); 12c.

2. SUSANNAH BRENNEMAN, b Oct. 19, 1818; m Henry Shenk; Farmer; Mennonite; Elida, Ohio; 9c. (owned land in Page Co. which Noah Good proved up).

3. GEORGE BRENNEMAN, b May 11, 1821; Mennonite and Bishop; d May 13,     1889, Putman Co., Ohio; m Anna Burkholder; 8c.

4. ANNA BRENNEMAN, b May 18, 1824; m Oct. 3, 1843, John Huber; farmer; Mennonite; Elida, Ohio; 10c.

5. CATHERINE BRENNEMAN, b Sept. 4, 1826; d Sept. 6, 1874; m Nov. 9, 1843, George Mumaw, b Apr. 10, 1818, Pa.; Mennonite; Farmer, at Winesburg, Ohio; 8c.

6. ABRAHAM BRENNEMAN; b June 8, 1828, Ohio; d Mar. 26, 1838; Smallpox.

7. HENRY BRENNEMAN, b Aug. 12, 1831; Mennonite; Church work, Mennonite Publishing Co., Elkhart, Ind.; d Aug. 12, 1887; m Oct. 26, 1854, Matilda Blosser, b Aug. 15, 1836; d Sept. 15, 1895; no c.

8. DANIEL BRENNEMAN, b June 8, 1834. (see below)


4-5-1-8. DANIEL BRENNEMAN, b June 8, 1834, Fairfield Co., Ohio; moved to Goshen, Ind.; Minister of Mennonite Brethren in Christ (known also as Progressive Mennonite); m Mar. 22, 1857, SUSAN KAGY.

 1. MARY BRENNEMAN, b Apr. 24, 1859; m John S. Sherk; Goshen, Ind.

 2. TIMOTHY H. BRENNEMAN, b Sept. 20, 1860; m Laura Dalrymple; Goshen, Ind.

 3. JOHN S. BRENNEMAN, b May 4, 1862; m Mary Jamison; Published a daily paper, Red Wing, Minn.

 4. JOSIAH BRENNEMAN, b June 28, 1864. (see below)

 5. RHODA K. BRENNEMAN, b July 17, 1866; m Henry S. Cressman; Minister, Mennonite Brethren in Christ.

 6. MARTHA A. BRENNEMAN, b July 29, 1868; m Dwight S. Croft; Minister Mennonite  Brethren in Christ.

 7. NAOMI S. BRENNEMAN, b Sept. 1, 1871; music teacher.

 8. DANIEL J. BRENNEMAN, b May 19, 1873; Minister MBC.

 9. PHOEBE P. BRENNEMAN, b Aug. 31, 1875; city Missionary work.

10. MAHLON M. BRENNEMAN, b Nov. 12, 1877.


4-5-1-8-4. JOSIAH L. BRENNEMAN, b June 28, 1864; Painter, Elkhart, Ind.; Mennonite Brethren in Christ; m Apr. 17, 1893, REBECCA HERBER, Ionia Co., Michigan.

1. ORVAL HENRY BRENNEMAN, b Apr. 21, 1895.

2. CLAIR HERBER BRENNEMAN, b June 16, 1898.


4. DANIEL BRENNEMAN, b Sept. 17, 1907.


4-5-1-8-4-1. ORVAL HENRY BRENNEMAN, b Apr. 21, 1895, Elkhart (Elkhart Co.) Ind.; North Platte H.S.; Minister, Mennonite Brethren in Christ; WWI, Conscientious Objector, Camp Funston, Kansas; Discharged 1918; d Dec. 7, 1925, Lewellen (Garden Co.) Nebr.; bur. Lewellen Cem.; m Apr. 17, 1919, Chester (Dewey Co.) Okla., RHODA MAE SPARKS, b Mar. 13, 1894, Tecumseh, Nebr. (da David Curtis and Melissa (Johnson) Sparks); High Sch., 2 yr. Col.; School teacher; Missionary Church, Shambaugh; ad Box 127, Shambaugh, Iowa 51651; (m (2) Dec. 9, 1960, Lincoln, Nebr., John Victor Henderson, Keokuk, Iowa; Missionary, Shambaugh; d Sept. 16, 1968, Clarinda, Iowa).

1. ELIZABETH REBECCA BRENNEMAN, “Beth”, b June 21, 1920, Lewellen, Nebr.; ad Denison, Iowa; m Kenneth Earl Miller, b Mar. 4, 1918, Oshkosh, Nebr. (s Earl Lawrence and Maude Florence (Cate) Miller); Professor. (see this family in detail on pp 109 ).

1. Elizabeth Kathleen Miller, b May 1, 1943.

2. Mary Ann Miller, b Aug. 22, 1944.

3. James Edward Miller, b May 7, 1957.

4. Linda Sue Miller, b Oct. 24, 1961.

2. DAVID JOSIAH BRENNEMAN, b Dec. 27, 1921; Lives Indiana.

3. ORVAL HENRY BRENNEMAN, b Mar. 1, 1926, Lewellen, Nebr.; Farmer and Dairyman; ad Clearmont,  Mo.; Missionary Church, Shambaugh; m Mar. 1, 1947, Shambaugh, EDNA RUTH HUDDLE, b Aug. 5, 1925, . Braddyville, Iowa (da Emery Allen and Goldie (Linebaugh) Huddle); Braddyville H.S. (see this family pp 144).

1. Joy Lavonne Brenneman, b Nov. 28, 1949, Bethel Col., Mishawaka, Ind.; teacher, Elem. school 2 yr., Clerk in Radiologist Dept., Shawnee Mission, Kansas, Ass’t. Mgr. S&H Green Stamp store in Clarinda.

2. Jon Alan Brenneman, b Feb. 3, 1952; Bethel Col. 1976; will go int. full time Christian work; In singing groups.

3. Kenneth Ray Brenneman, b Feb. 8, 1959; Burlington Jct., Mo. H.S.

4. Gaylan Lee Brenneman, b Oct. 20, 1961.


4-5-1-8-4-2. HERBER CLAIR BRENNEMAN, b Jan. 16, 1898, Elkhart, Ind.; Elem. school; Farmer; Missionary (former Mennonite Brethren in Christ); int. reading; ad 4144 Woodhill Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. 46804; m Nov. 28, 1919, Lewellen, Nebr., ELSIE LAURA HENRY, b Nov. 15, 1899, Martinsville, Mo. (da Ross and Tillie (Johnson) Henry); 2 yr. H.S. (Normal Training); Farmers wife; Missionary (teaching children, Women’s Soc.); int. sewing, carpenter work; Raised niece; of Missionary parents.

1. RUTH ELEANOR BRENNEMAN, b Jan. 1, 1920; ad Fort Wayne, Ind.; m May 13, 1944, OTIS FAIR, b Nov. 19, 1909; d May 14, 1968.

1. Steven Otis Fair, b Jan. 25, 1951; m Oct. 1970, Linda Clark.

1. Eugene Fair, b Nov. 15, 1971.

2.  Luana Marie Fair, b May 1, 1955.

2. PAUL MAHLON BRENNEMAN, b Nov. 11, 1921; ad Middlebury, Ind.; m BETTY LANDAW.

1. James Burton Brenneman, b Dec. 8, 1951; m May 17, 1975, Marguerita

2. Jerry Brenneman, b Apr. 16, 1954.

3. WAYNE HENRY BRENNEMAN, b Oct. 19, 1923; ad Bluffton, Ind.; m May 25, 1946, HILDA WARYE, b  Sept. 3, 1925.

1. Donald Wayne Brenneman, b June 3, 1948; m Grace Holdeman.

2.  Karen Marie Brenneman, b Feb. 25,  1950.

3. John Brenneman, b Dec. 2, 1951.

4. Ruth Ann Brenneman, b Oct. 20, 1954.

5. Howard Brenneman, b Nov. 20, 1957.

4. VERLA LOUISE BRENNEMAN, b Sept. 9, 1926; d July 12, 1929.

5. STANLEY HERBER BRENNEMAN, b Mar. 27, 1934; ad Berne, Ind.; m SHIRLEY BECHDOLT.

1. William Jean Brenneman, b Nov. 13, 1960.

2. Wanda Jo Brenneman, b May 8, 1966.

3. Angela Sue Brenneman, b Apr. 27, 1972.




4-5-1-8-4-3. PHOEBE BRENNEMAN; m PAUL UMMEL; both deceased.


2. MIRIAM UMMEL; Last address Dayton, Ohio; m Ron Belt.



4-5-1-8-4-4. DANIEL BRENNEMAN, “Dan,” b Sept. 17,1907, Granger, Ind.; Elem. Edu.; Farmer, now caretaker at Hubbard Hill Estates; Missionary Church; ad 58634-R4 St. Rd. 19S, Elkhart, Ind. 46514; m May 16, 1928, Lewellen, Nebr., STELLA MARIE SEIBERT, b Sept. 9, 1908, Harlington (Cedar Co.) Nebr. (da Harry J. and Garnet H. (Perin) Seibert); Elem. Edu.; Housewife; Missionary Church.


1. HOWARD DANIEL BRENNEMAN, b Mar. 15, 1929; Millersburg, Ind. H.S. 1948, Marion, Ind. Col., Bethel Col. , Mishawaka, Ind.; Sang Evangelists several years, Minister Missionary Church at Fairborn, Ohio (2 yr.), 10 yr. as Developer, Bethel Col.; m June 10, 1950, LOIS ARLENE D’ARCY.

1. Howard Daniel Brenneman, Jr., b July 24, 1952.

2. Dale Jarred Brenneman, b Apr. 25, 1959.

2. ESTHER LOUISE BRENNEMAN, b Mar. 30, 1933; Millersburg H.S., Bethel Col., Mishawaka; m Aug. 23, 1952, CHARLES ADAM.

1. Mark Bruce Adam, b Aug. 3, 1956.

2. John Arthur Adam, b Aug. 8, 1960.

3. Mary Beth Adam, b Sept. 11, 1963.

3. DWIGHT JESSE BRENNEMAN, b June 13, 1934; Truck driver for several years, now has a large dairy farm near Belding, Mich.; m July 21, 1964, LORENE NIESWANDER.

4.  DAVID JOEL BRENNEMAN, b Sept. 21, 1943; High Sch. 1960; Has own dairy farm; ad Elkhart, Ind.; m 1968, ALICIA BROOKMIER.

1. Heather Marie Brenneman, b Dec. 24, 1971.

2. David Alexander Brenneman, b Feb. 17, 1975.






4-6. MAGDALENA BEERY (twin) b June 26, 1777, Penna.; d 1832; bur. 3 mi. east of Woodstock (Shenandoah Co.) Virginia; m 1797, ABRAHAM BURNER, b 1777 (s Jacob Burner who with brothers John and Ulrick came from Switzerland in early part of 1700); Farmer , Woodstock, Va.; d 1850.


1. JACOB BURNER, b Mar. 30, 1799.

2. ELIZABETH BURNER, b Sept. 8, 1803.

3. ISAAC BURNER, b Apr. 7, 1807.

4. JOSEPH BURNER, b Apr. 4, 1809.

5. ABRAHAM BURNER, b Nov. 2, 1814.


7. MARY BURNER, b Dec. 2, 1816.






4-7. CHRISTIAN BEERY, (twin) b June 26, 1777, York Co., Penna.; emigrated from Rockingham Co., Va., to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1805 and settled on a farm near Swartz Mill; Mennonite; d Oct. 15, 1836, Swartz Mill and bur. on farm he had owned; m Feb. 25, 1799, Rockingham Co., Va., CATHERINE FRANK, “Caty,” b 1775, Rockingham Co.; Mennonite; d Dec. 30, 1838, Fairfield, Co., Ohio.


1. JOHN BEERY, “Thick John” or “Fat John”, b Nov. 24, 1801; d Apr. 5, 1870, Hocking Co., Ohio; m Magdalina Weidener; 8c. (third child, Iddo Beery, came to Tama Co., Iowa 1865).

2. SAMUEL BEERY; m Rachael Medlock; 4 or 5c.

3. GEORGE BEERY, b 1805. (see below)

4. DANIEL BEERY, b Fairfield Co., Ohio; m Mary Hansel; 7c.

5. SUSAN BEERY, b May 22, 1810. (see 4-7-5)

6. ELIZABETH BEERY; m David Hitt.

7. CATHERINE BEERY; m Samuel Engle; c.

8. MARY BEERY, “Polly,” b Feb. 6, 1818, in Ohio; d 1906, Tama Co., Iowa; m IDDO MYERS, b 1815, Fairfield Co., Ohio. Starting with his family for the western frontier in 1852, he drove across the country from Lancaster, Ohio to Iowa, making his first stop in Marion, Linn Co., where he remained a few days.  Coming then to Tama Co., he entered in Oct. 1852, 80 A. of land in Howard Twp., at the same time buying 80 A., for which he paid two and a half dollars an acre.  Immediately erecting a house one and one-half stories in height, making it of logs.  Settlements were then few and far between, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City being the only markets anywhere near, while the only building in Toledo was a double log house standing on the present site of the Toledo hotel; d Nov. 22, 1885, bur. Rose Hill Cem., Howard Twp., Tama Co., Ia. 12 children.


4-7-3. GEORGE BEERY, b 1805 near Edom, Va.; when few months old went with parents to Fairfield Co., Ohio; d 1872 in Ohio; m SARAH ENGLE of Hocking Co., Ohio.


1. SAMUEL E. BEERY, b Oct. 1, 1831. (see below)

2. PHILEMON M. BEERY, b 1833; m,  ____; Los Angeles.

3. MARY BEERY, b 1835; m ______Shafer; Lancaster, Ohio.

4. CAROLINE BEERY, b 1837; Lancaster, Ohio.

5. PAUL BEERY, b 1839; m _____; Lancaster, Ohio.

6. GEORGE BEERY, b 1841; d 1862 in Civil War.

7. AMOS G. BEERY; b 1843; m  _____; Baltimore, Ohio.

8. HIRAM H. BEERY, b 1845; m _____; Baltimore, Ohio.





4-7-3-1. SAMUEL E. BEERY, b Oct. 1, 1831, Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio; Farmer in Ohio and continuing in that occupation after moving to Tama Co., Iowa in 1863; Evangelical United Brethren; d Feb. 4, 1913, lola, Kansas (home of dau. Lizzie); heart; bur. Union Cem., Garwin, Iowa; m May 20, 1851, Ohio, MARY ANN HAMMITT, b Mar. 30, 1832, Fairfield Co., Ohio (da Samuel and Ann (Tallie) Hammitt); Evangelical United Brethren; d July 18, 1897, Garwin; heart; bur. Union Cem.

 1. OLIVER DAVIS BEERY, b Mar. 4, 1852.

 2. SARAH ANN BEERY, b June 22, 1854.

 3. GEORGE WESLEY BEERY, b Aug. 30, 1856.

 4. CAROLINE VIRGINIA BEERY, b July 1, 1858.

 5. IDA CECILIA BEERY, b Dec. 7, 1861.

 6. LIZZIE LUELLA BEERY, b Jan. 5, 1864.

 7. CHARLES FRANKLIN BEERY, b Oct. 22, 1867.

 8. EMMA EDNA BEERY, b Sept. 27, 1869.

 9. LILLIE JENNETT BEERY, b Oct. 18, 1871.

10. LOTTIE MAY BEERY, b Apr. 22, 1873.

11. LOUIS EDGAR BEERY, b Aug. 10, 1875.


4-7-3-1-1. OLIVER DAVIS BEERY, b Mar. 4, 1852, Fairfield Co., Ohio; Lived at Edgar, Neb.; d Sept. 27,1906; m Dec. 3, 1873, MARY ELLA COBB; 5c: Wilbur, b Aug. 1879, Red Cloud, Nebr. (lived Nora Springs, Iowa); Ernest (lived near Mason City, Iowa); George (grandson, Grafton, Iowa); Orlie; dau. d infancy.


4-7-3-1-2. SARAH ANN BEERY, b June 22, 1854, near Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio; Came with her family in a covered wagon to Tama Co., Iowa when eight years old in the fall of 1862; educated in the rural district log school house; Methodist; Her life time spanned over a hundred years; d Apr. 26, 1955, Marshalltown, Iowa; bur. Woodlawn Cem., Toledo, Iowa; m Mar. 6, 1872, Tama Co., RICHARD MASON, b Apr. 12, 1847, Montgomery Co., Ind. (5 John D. and Olive L. (Cross) Mason); Farmer; At 17 enlisted from the state of Illinois for the Civil War, member of Co. K, 92nd Ill. mounted infantry until end of war; Methodist; d July 30, 1923, Toledo, Iowa; bur. Woodlawn Cem.

1. BURTON RICHARD MASON, b Dec. 28, 1872, Tama Co., Iowa; Tama Co. farms; Tama Baptist; d Jan. 7, 1949, Provo, Utah; pneumonia; bur. Oak Hill Cem., Tama; m Feb. 4, 1897, Toledo, EVA MEDORA KNODE, b Feb. 19, 1875, Tama Co. (da William and Maritta (Bricker) Knode); d Mar. 2, 1964, Tama; bur. Oak Hill Cem.

1. Leon Roy Mason, b Jan. 20, 1898; d June 25, 1966; m Vera Leota Lyne.

2. Vera Lucille Mason, b May 10, 1904; ad Toledo, Iowa; m Oct. 4, 1933, George Rayman, b Apr. 15, 1906; 2c. Evelyn Louise Rayman McCreary 1935, Frederick George Rayman, 1941.

3. Glenn Burton Mason, b Apr. 10, 1908; d 1927; bur. Tama.

4. Infant dau. d at birth.

2. AUBREY A. MASON, “Orbie,” b Feb. 29, 1876, Tama Co.; Northwestern RR; Catholic; d Nov. 19, 1966, Marshalltown; bur. Masonville, Iowa; m (1) Oct. 14, 1896, ORRIES VORHES, b Aug. 25, 1876; Baptist; d June 24, 1958, Waterloo, Iowa; bur. Tara; m (2) Nov. 24, 1938, AGNES J. GARREY.

1. Arthur Mason, b Oct. 17, 1898; Mason-Hand Funeral Home; Catholic; ad Tama, Iowa; m Helen C. Moran; 3c. Charles, Edith, Dale.

2. Florence Esther Mason, b May 14, 1900; Baptist; d Dec. 15, 1926; TB; bur. Tama; m Sept. 8, 1923, Fred D. Finsen, b July 20, 1898; d Feb. 6, 1962; lc. Betty Jean, b 1925.

3. Bernice L. Mason, b Nov. 15, 1906, Marshalltown, Iowa; Methodist; d Aug. 10, 1955, Grinnell, Iowa; bur. Malcolm, Iowa; m Nov. 8, 1945, Tama, Raymond T. Schultz, b Feb. 11, 1902; Farmer; d 1975.

4. Richard Mason.

5. Dorothy Mae Mason, b 1916, Tama; m June 18, 1939, Ralph Eugene Hall, b 1915, Weldon, Iowa (s Roy and Mary (Sales) Hall); ad Hudson, Iowa; 3c. Gary Edmond 1946, Jane Esther 1949, Jean Elaine 1949

3. CORA MAE MASON, b Aug. 6, 1879, near Red Cloud, Nebr., where her parents had gone to homestead.  When she was a little more than six months old the family returned to Iowa by covered wagon.  She often told the story that she learned to stand and walk by supporting herself on that wagon tongue when the family stopped for the night.  Her life time covered an era from covered wagons to putting a man on the moon; Methodist; d Nov. 26, 1973, Toledo, Iowa; bur. Rose Hill Cem.(Howard Twp.) Tama Co., Iowa; m Feb. 4, 1903, Tama Co., ROBERT FLOYD BLAKE, b Jan. 28, 1880, Rooks Co., Kansas (where his parents were homesteading), (s Enoch and Mary Alice (Mettlen) Blake); farmer for 57 yr.; d June 19, 1963; bur. Tama Co.

1. Kenneth Mason Blake, b Aug. 8, 1906, Tama co.; farmer; Methodist; m Mar. 19, 1931, Waverly, Iowa, Ruth Berger, b July 8, 1910; Tama Co. (da Dan A. and Ethel B. (Wise) Berger); Co-author of the book “The Genealogical Tree of Charles Berger.”  DAR; ad RR 2, Tama, Iowa.

1. Robert Berger Blake, b Jan. 30, 1932, Toledo; Farmer; Korean War; Catholic; ad RR 1, Toledo, Iowa; m Jan. 7, 1961, Waterloo, Darlene Agnes Weber, b Mar. 20, 1933; 3c. Katrina Jolene, b Feb. 22, 1963; Alicia Ann b Mar. 20, 1964; Daniel Robert, b Oct. 22, 1965.

2. Naomi Ruth Blake, b July 31, 1933; m Sept. 2, 1956, Carl E. Anthony, b June 28, 1928; Farmer; Haven Comm. Church; ad Brooklyn, Iowa; 4c. Karen Louise, b Dec. 30, 1958; Sharon Elaine, b Mar. 23, 1961; Colette Irene, b Sept. 2, 1962; Marilyn Kay, b Dec. 21, 1963.

3. Mary Catherine Blake, b Nov. 25, 1936; Teller Merchants National Bank; Co-author of “The Genealogical Tree of Charles Berger,” At some later time will write a history of the Beery Family of Tama Co. Iowa; m Sept. 24, 1960, Bernard John Dvorak, b Oct. 25, 1934, Clutier, Iowa (s Frank and Anna (Husak) Dvorak); Accountant Merchants National Bank; Catholic; Army-Korea; ad 1928 Chandler St. S.W., Cedar




    Rapids, Iowa; 2c. Mark Eugene, b Sept. 24, 1962; Gary Bernard b June 18, 1966.

4. Mildred Ellen Blake (twin) b Nov. 28, 1943; Equitable Life Insurance; m Aug. 7, 1965, Des Moines, Robert Allen Wade, b June 8, 1931; Interstate Insurance Co.; Methodist; Marines; ad 3431         Eastwood Dr., Des Moines, Iowa.

5. Margaret Ann Blake (twin) b Nov. 28, 1943; m July 11, 1965, Baxter, Iowa, Vernon Ivan Waterman, b May 20, 1943, Marshalltown; Implement Garage; Church of Christ; Air Force, Vietnam; ad Melbourne, Iowa.

2. Florence Beatrice Blake, b Mar. 6, 1914, Tama; Clerk; Methodist; ad 105½ E. High St., Toledo, Iowa; m Mar. 4, 1942, Kahoka, Mo. to 1964, William E. Fowler, b Feb. 26, 1913.


4. NELLIE BLANCHE MASON, b Dec. 11, 1881. Tama Co., Iowa; Evangelical United Brethren Church; Rebekah Lodge; d Dec. 29, 1957, Marshalltown, Iowa; bur. Toledo; m Nov. 21, 1900, Toledo, GEORGE H. EBERSOLE, b Aug. 20, 1876, Tama Co, (s John W. and Mary C. (Johnston) Ebersole); farmer; d Aug. 16, 1957, Marshalltown; bur. Woodlawn Cem., Toledo, Iowa.

1. Thelma Mae Ebersole, b May 31, 1903, Toledo; m Oct. 1, 1921 Wm. Henry Howard, b Jan. 9, 1904; d Feb. 20, 1957, Galesburg, Ill.; bur. Oaklawn Mem. Park Cem., Galesburg; m (2) Neil Atkinson; ad 3016 SW 37th, Des Moines, Iowa; lc. Marjorie Mae, b May 31, 1922; m 1947, Perry O. Moore; ad Marshalltown, Iowa; 2c. Perry Howard 1948, Susan Gail 1953.


5. MARY OLIVE MASON, b May 21, 1884, Tama Co., Iowa; Methodist; d Nov. 4, 1946, Wentzville, Mo.; bur. Toledo, Iowa; m Jan. 25, 1905, ARTHUR ROY KENNER, b 1883, Tama Co.; d Oct. 2, 1963.

1. Mildred Ruth Kenner, b Nov. 13, 1905; m Newton, Iowa, m Francis Woodrow, b Apr. 30, 1902; d May 28, 1961; Chicago, Ill.; bur. Chicago; 1c. Susan Ann Woodrow, b May 13, 1934.

2. Elna Mae Kenner, b Oct. 12, 1907; m Feb. 24, 1931, Edward Arthur McMurray, MD, b Nov. 10, 1910, Newton, Iowa; ad Newton; 3c. Patricia Ann McMurray, b Dec. 24, 1932; Frederick Richard, b June 14, 1936; Sandra Lee, b Dec. 21, 1942.

3. Audrey Fern Kenner, 1911-1912.

4. Arthur Gailard Kenner, b Mar. 14, 19__ ; m Feb. 26, 1946, Cleo Whittaker, b Oct. 25, 1912, Newton, Iowa.

5. Helen Marie Kenner, b Aug. 22, 1917, Ayrshire, Iowa; m Jan. 25, 1936, Dr. Herbert C. McMurray), b. Nov. 13, 1911, Newton, Iowa; ad Manchester, Mo.; 4c. Thomas David, b May 30, 1937; Judith Ann, b Apr. 19, 1939; Michael Gary, b Sept. 17, 1944; Jeffrey T., b Apr. 30, 1957.






6. Charles Roland Kenner, b May 10, 1920, Newton, Iowa; d Feb. 23, 1967, St. Louis, Mo.; bur. Kirkwood, Mo.; m Nov. 15, 1942, Newton, Margaretta Kathleen Spiker, b Dec. 18, 1920; ad Manchester, Mo.; 2c. Kathleen Ann, b Aug. 28, 1947; Douglas Roland, b Oct. 16, 1949.

6. CARL LEONARD MASON, b Apr. 17, 1892, Tama Co., Iowa; (Ret.) Deputy County Treasurer; m May 28, 1913, Toledo, IDA HAZEL EMERSON, b Jan. 25, 1891, Tama Co. (da Lyman and Ollie (Freet) Emerson); ad Toledo, Iowa.

1. Marilyn Jane Mason, b Oct. 23, 1929; m Mar. 26, 1950, Toledo, Robert Dean Manke, b May 1, 1927; ad Webster City, Ia.


4-7-3-1-3. GEORGE WESLEY BEERY, b Aug. 30, 1856, Fairfield Co., Ohio; Came to Iowa as a young boy; farmer; d Apr. 9, 1914, Beaman, Iowa; .bur. Rose Hill Cem., Tama Co., Iowa; m Dec. 23, 1875, Tama Co., SARAH JANE RAY, b Jan. 3, 1856, Tama Co. (da Robert and Ann (Hartman) Ray);d Feb. 2, 1884; m (2) Mar. 10, 1888, Tama Co., IDA ADELL RAY, b Jan. 30, 1862 (da Robert and Ann (Hartman) Ray); d Nov. 7, 1943, Tama Co., Iowa.

1. IVA MAUD BEERY, b May 12, 1879, in Nebr.; d July 3, 1880, Nebr.


4-7-3-1-4. CAROLINE VIRGINIA BEERY, “Calla,” b July 1, 1858, Lancaster Ohio; United Brethren Church, Garwin, Iowa; d Mar. 10, 1936, Garwin; m Dec. 25, 1877, OSCAR WILHELMI, b Oct. 5, 1857, Davenport, Iowa (s Herman and Hannah Wilhelmi); farmer; d Dec. 7, 1940; heart; bur. Union Cem. Garwin, Iowa.

1. JESSIE WILHELMI; m Charles B. Winters.

2. CONRAD C. WILHELMI, b about 1883; d June 1974, San Diego, Calif. m Edith Everts.


4. INFANT WILHELMI; d 11 da.

5. WALTER WILHELMI, b Nov. 21, 1888; d May 22, 1917.


7. ROY WILHELMI; Lived Garwin, Iowa.


4-7-3-1-5. IDA CECILIA BEERY, b Dec. 7, 1861, Garwin, Iowa; United Brethren; d Nov. 21, 1936, Clyde, Ohio; bur. Clyde; m Mar. 30, 1881, Garwin, CHARLES PERRY MYERS, “C. P.” b Aug. 31, 1858, Winters Station, Ohio (s Joseph and Anna (Freet) Myers; painter and carpenter; d July 16, 1938, Clyde, Ohio.

1. EVA MERLE MYERS, b Nov. 1, 1883, Garwin; Lived Kansas, Ohio; d Dec. 10, 1965, Risingsun, Ohio; m 1902, Bert Joseph Rinebold, b 1880; oil driller, farmer; d 1947; 8c.

2. EVERETT NEWELL MYERS, b Jan. 30, 1887, Garwin; emp. State Highway Dept.; Lived Fremont, Ohio; d Apr. 28, 1963, Clyde, Ohio; m Olive Frances Bretenburg, b 1889; 7c.







3. WARDEN WINFIELD MYERS, b May 10, 1889, Garwin, Iowa; d July 9, 1962, Fremont, Ohio; bur. Clyde; m Laura Alice Barr, b Dec. 28, 1890, Sandusky Co., Ohio (da Frank and Paullina (Caldwell) Barr); d July 18, 1922, Clyde, Ohio.; 2c. Harlan Winfield, b Aug. 12, 1917; Karil Austin, b May 6, 1920.

4. LLOYD LEON MYERS, b Sept. 22, 1891, Garwin; m Dec. 28, 1914, Monroe, Mich., Flossie Greenman, b Oct. 18, 1889; d Nov. 26, 1939, Bellevue, Ohio; 2c. Melvin Lloyd, b May 4, 1916; Phyllis M., b Jan. 11, 1926.


4-7-3-1-6. LIZZIE LUELLA BEERY, B Jan. 5, 1864, Tama Co., Iowa; Methodist; d May 1935, lola, Kansas; m Sept. 1880, Tama Co., WILLIAM F. E. KRAUSE, b Aug. 16, 1860, Cleveland, Ohio; Farmer, Kincaid, Kans., operator hotel and cafe, lola, Kans.; Lutheran; d Jan. 1933, Iola.

1. CONRAD BELHRAND KRAUSE, b Feb. 26, 1882; d May 1935; 2e. Conny  (Lyons, Ks.); William (Iola).

2. MARY FREDRICKA KRAUSE, b Mar. 29, 1884; m Claude Elmer Umphrey; overseer ranches around Kansas City; d May 1935; 7c.

3. INA PEARL KRAUSE HECK, b July 7, 1886; Phoenix, Ariz.

4. ERMA MERLE KRAUSE, b Nov. 13, 1890, Kincaid, Kans.; ad lola, Ks.; m Dene Earl Billbe; d 1948, Iola; 4c.

5. MINNIE TAMA KRAUSE, b Jan. 26, 1893; ad Kansas City, Mo.; m C. Adams Reid; d June 1950; bur. lola, Kansas; 3c.


4-7-3-1-7. CHARLES FRANKLIN BEERY, b Oct. 22, 1867, Tama Co., Iowa; St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Tama; farmer; d May 3, 1947; heart; bur. Union Cem., Garvin; m Jan. 14, 1890, Tama, MARY ANTOINETTE BRECHT, b Mar. 12, 1870, Tama Co. (da Adam and Mary Antoinette (Mathern) Brecht); d Apr. 4, 1944, Garwin, Iowa.

1. EARL RAYMOND BEERY, b Dec. 10, 1893, Toledo; d Mar. 11, 1963, Santa Monica, Calif.; bur. Garwin; m Apr. 24, 1919, Watseka, Ill. Marie Glad, b Nov. 18, 19—; ad Santa Monica, Calif.; 3c. Merle d infancy; Dean, b Feb. 5, 1933; Donna, b Jan. 25, 1935.

2. LOYAL D. BEERY; ad Toledo, Iowa; m Mary E. Aldrich; 2c. Richard, Francis (lives Toledo.

3. VELMA BEERY, b Aug. 31, 1904, Garwin; m Feb. 8, 1923, Dubuque, Roy G. Harris, b June 15,  1902; d Jan. 9, 1975, Altoona, Iowa, bur. Toledo; ad Altoona, Iowa; 3c. LaVerne R., b Dec. 9, 1923; Doris Jean, b Mar. 9, 1925; Karla Kay Harris, b Jan. 24, 1937.


4-7-3-1-8. EMMA EDNA BEERY, b Sept. 27, 1869, Tama Co., Iowa; d Feb. 4, 1920; Asthma; Union Cem., Garwin, Iowa; m 1886, Kincaid, Kansas, HENRY REED, b May 27, 1865 (s Joseph Reed); Burlington, Iowa; farmer; d Jan. 1940, Marshalltown, Iowa; bur. Garwin.

1. ESTHER REED, b Aug. 21, 1888; m B. Leo Lohberger.

2. FERN MAY REED, b May 13, 1899; d Apr. 8, 1945; m Ed Tichy.

3. FRED REED; Lived Grazee, Minn.; m Mae Henle.

4. ROY REED, b 1908; d 1969. (adopted)



4-7-3-1-9. LILLIE JENNETT BEERY, b Oct. 18, 1871, Garwin; Catholic; d Sept. 20, 1954, Union Cem., Garwin; m Nov. 10, 1889, Tama Co., WILLIAM SHRADER, b Apr. 24, 1866, Tama Co. (s Madison and Margaret (Mathern) Shrader); farmer; d May 9, 1932; heart; bur. Garwin, Iowa.

1. HAZEL G. SHRADER; m 1908, Joseph Wrede; 4c.

2. MAVIS M. SHRADER; m Edward Blake; 4c.

3. CYRIL LEONARD SHRADER; m Clotilda Wallish; 2c.

4. HOLLIS RAYMOND SHRADER, b 1899; d Dec. 26, 1915.


4-7-3-1-10. LOTTIE MAY BEERY, b Apr. 22, 1873, Garwin, Iowa; Methodist; d Mar. 21, 1945, Toledo; heart; Woodlawn Cem., Toledo; m (1) Jan. 1892, Garwin, HENRY MATHERN, d Oct. 1899, Tama Co.; Parents of two sons and a dau., all dying in infancy; m (2) Dec. 25, 1902, Toledo, WILLIAM J. YOUNGMAN, b Nov. 5, 1866, Toledo (s J. W. and Elizabeth Youngman); d May 9, 1921, Toledo, Iowa.


4-7-3-1-11. LOUIS EDGAR BEERY, b Aug. 10, 1875, Garwin, Iowa; lived Carroll, Iowa, until 1920, then bought farm at Pine City, Minn., when health failed lived with children; d June 21, 1942, Union Cem., Garwin, Iowa; m Nov. 1898, IDA SCHWENK, b May 6, 1876, Garwin (da Adelbert and Philomena Schwenk); d Sept. 25, 1949; Garwin, Iowa.

1. LELA BEERY, b 1903, Carroll, Iowa; ad Pine City, Minn.; m GIRARD W. ODENDAHL; came from Iowa to Pine City; d Dec. 1972.

1. Cleo Rita Odendahl; m Donald Varney; 3c. Linda Rae, Donald III, William S.

2. Jean Odendahl; m Richard Church; 2c. Cheryl Ann, Barbara.

3. Lewis R. Odendahl; single.

4. Mary Agnes Odendahl; m Frank Huml; 2c. Teresa Jeane, and Sharon Ann.

5. Grace Ellen Odendahl; m Ray Schoeberl; 3c. Leah Nannette, Karin Jean, Jennifer Mary.

6. Elizabeth Odendahl; m John Schoeberl (bro. of Ray); 2c. Maria Rose, Michael Raymond.

7. Charles William Odendahl; single.

8. David Marvin Odendahl; single.

2. LAMBERT LLOYD BEERY, b Jan. 8, 1905; Carroll, Iowa; High Sch., Coyne Elec. Sch., Chicago; farmer, mechanic, inventor (Rotolockit repair kit for rotor locks on auto doors); 2 patents; Catholic (C.C.D.); WWII, factory, assembly machinist; moved from Minneapolis to 80 A. farm 1953; Enjoyed traveling to North Little Rock, Ark. to do repair work, etc. at St. Augustine Mission; d June 30, 1961, Maple Plain, Minn.; bur. New Hope, Minn.; Gesthemani Cem.; m Oct. 22, 1927, Minneapolis, MAY LUCILLE BRIEGEL, b May 3, 1907, Minneapolis (da Christian and Amelia (Lindorf) Briegel); H.S., Bus. Col.; Practical Nurse, nurses aide in Nursing Home (Chm. of subcomm. in regard to Nursing homes in 7 Co. area); St. John’s Catholic Church of Little Canada, St. Paul, Minn. (mem. North Suburban Senior Council, residents of Roseville and surrounding area); Metropolitan Fed. of Senior Citizens; int. gardening;



    ad 2941 Rice, St. Paul, Minn. 55113 and a mobile home at Deer Park, Wisc.


1. NORMAN VERNE BEERY, b Sept. 11, 1929; d Apr. 24, 1960; m PHYLLIS GRAU, moved to Suring, Wisc. with Susan who grad. Suring H.S. 1975 (Valedictorian) will attend Green Bay Col.; (Phyllis m (2) Ivan Peterman; 4c. Mark, Ann, Michael, Cal Martin.


2. PATRICIA ANN BEERY, b Mar. 16, 1932; vocal soloist, studied under Mr. Manley of McPhail Sch. of Music (sings in churches around Twin City area, had vocal nodes in 1973 and after surgery and therapy voice is still as beautiful); m THOMAS LUPPINO of Minneapolis; 5c. Elaine Marie, b 1951, RN Univ. of Minn.; Steven b 1952, Manager Red Barn (eating place); David d (age 15) cancer; Anthony (works Red Barn; Gregory (works Red Barn).


3. GRACE ELAINE BEERY, b Jan. 15, 1934; Was Sister Brendan; 5th and 6th gd. teacher Roseville Sch.; ad Stillwater, Minn.; m ROLAND BOUCHER in contracting business and has 6c. Terrence 1957; Donald 1958; Clarice 1959; Kay 1960; Joy 1961; Allen 1966.


4. LEOTA MAY BEERY, “Leigh Beery,” has. a long history in the musical theatre, also trained by James Manley; Studied opera 4 yr.; nominated for a Tony award for her part of Roxanne for which Richard Plummer received the award for his part in CYRANO DE BERGERAC as Cyrano.  They opened at the Guthrie theatre in Minneapolis with a successful run, Toronto, Canada, Boston, and on to Broadway.  (This is the first singing version of Cyrano and it was recorded on records the last Sun. night in N.Y.); She has been on Broadway in a revival of OKLAHOMA playing part of Laurie; also Maid Marion in NBC special of ROBIN HOOD.


5. KATHLEEN THERESE BEERY, b Mar. 8, 1940; worked as microfilmer in Honeywell Inc., Minneapolis; ad Deer Park, Wisc. (small farm); m GARY KARIS; emp. Knox Lumber Co. St. Paul; 4c. Flint 1961; Troy 1962; Kimberly 1963; Rosa Lambert ’68.


6. PAUL JOSEPH BEERY, b Sept. 12, 1942; 3 yr. Col.; Joined the Franciscan Order, asked to be released to a stricter order; now Camaldolese Hermit at Bloomingdale, Ohio.











3. HELEN BEATRICE BEERY, b 1910; Lives north summers and south winters; m BERTIL T. ANDERSON.

1. Gail Ann Anderson; m Dr. Edward M. Alt, Jr.; 2c. Edward    III, Mark Allen.

2. Karin Jean Anderson; m Edwin Murphy Jr.; 2c. Shawn, Kristin Kay.



3. Virginia Kay Anderson; m Dr. Gene Voelkel, Jr.




4-7-5. SUSANNA BEERY, b May 22, 1810, Bremen, Ohio; d Jan. 15, 1855, Bremen; m Nov. 5, 1831, DAVID GOOD, b May 5, 1809, Rockingham Co., Va. (s Joseph C. and Magdalena (Gamel) Good); In 1850 census lived Marion Twp., Hocking Co., Ohio (the county line between Fairfield Co. and Hocking Co. was changed in 1852); Farmer; (m (2) Lydia Beery Engle Stemen; Removed to Page County, Iowa 1865) (see pp 25).

1. AARON GOOD, b Oct. 8, 1833.

2. JOEL GOOD, b Nov. 22, 1835.

3. SUSANNA GOOD, b June 2, 1839 (twin); d 27 da.

4. SARAH GOOD, b June 2, 1839 (twin); d young (age 11 in 1850 census record).


4-7-5-1. AARON GOOD, b Oct. 8, 1833, Bremen, Ohio; May 1865 removed to Page Co., Iowa; Mennonite preacher, became dissatisfied and left church 1879; d Jan. 23, 1898; bur. Davis Cem., East River Twp., Page Co., Iowa; m (1) Bremen, Ohio, BARBARA BLOSSER, b 1833; d Mar. 2, 1874; bur. Davis Cem.; m (2) Jan. 7, 1877, Page Co., B. E. HAZELETT.

1. AMOS W. GOOD, b 1858; m Viola Journey, b 1861; Lived Curtis, Nebr.; 4c. Clyde, Carson (Dakotas), Dory (d), Stella.

2. ALBERT L. GOOD, b 1860; Bell, Calif.

3. LYDIA A. GOOD, b 1861, Ohio; Colo. in 1923; d July 8, 1951, Denver, Colo.; cremated and bur. Davis Cem., Page Co.; m W. E. Thomas, 1856-1917; 6c. J. Fred (Denver), Rev. Roy W. (Denver), Harold A. (Denver), Lucille Shank (Danbury, Conn.), Thelma Wood (Fruitland, Idaho), Anna Taylor (Bairoil, Wyo.).

4. ELLA R. GOOD, b Bremen, Ohio, Oct. 19, 1863; Methodist; d Oct. 8, 1942; bur. Davis Cem.; m Sept. 1, 1884, David Watkins, 18481907; Co. H. 176th Ohio Inf., Civil War; bur. Davis Cem.

5. MARY CATHERINE GOOD, b Shambaugh, Iowa, Oct. 21, 1865; Homesteaded in Nebr. 1884 for 7 yr.; d Jan. 13, 1856, Shambaugh; bur. Davis Cem.; m Jan. 14, 1882 (rode to Clarinda in a wagon and returned to farm SE Shambaugh), Benjamin Benoni Journey, “Ben,” b 1859; d May 1951; bur. Davis Cem.

1. Nettie Belle Geisler; Martinas, Calif. (to Colo. and Calif. with Maybelle Argetsinger); No children.




  2. Grace Ethel Grau, Salinas, Calif.; no children.

  3. Blanche Ella Eberly Spencer, b Oct. 19, 1890, Frontier Co. Nebr.; ad Shambaugh, Iowa; 5c. Everett, Fern Patton, Roseine Barnes, Ruth Kinnersley, Donald Eberly. (see pp 182 for this family in detail).

  4. Guy Wesley Journey, 1895-1930; Co. E 330 Inf. 83 Div. A.E.F.; bur. Davis Cem.

  5. Lois Fern Journey; m (1) Leroy Flory; m (2) Merl Johnson, 1 child:  Luwanda Flory.

  6. Martha R. Good, b 1868; d young.

  7. Cyrus Good, b 1870; Bell, Calif.

  8. Daniel E. Good, b 1874; d young.

  9. Loren Good; Portland, Oregon. (of second family)

10. Eddie Good; single.


4-7-5-2. JOEL GOOD, b Nov. 22, 1835, Bremen, Ohio; Farmer; Mennonite; from Ohio to Versailles (Morgan Co.) Mo., one year near Garden City, Mo. and moved to Kansas near Peabody 1885; d Feb. 3, 1917, Peabody; m Mar. 3, 1864, Perry Co., Ohio, SUSANNA HUBER, b Sept. 13, 1849; d July 12, 1900, Peabody, Kansas.

1. GEORGE GOOD, b July 26, 1866; d July 20, 1868, Versailles, Mo.

2. ISAAC B. GOOD, b Feb. 22, 1869. (see below)

3. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GOOD, b Sept. 18, 1871; d 1908; m Maggie Hamilton; 3c. Elsie, Wesley, Ruth; no living descendants.

4. CHARLES AARON GOOD, b Apr. 29, 1874; m Dec. 24, 1900, CATHERINE WINEY, “Katie,” b July 7, 1880.

1. Maytie Naomi Good, b July 27, 1902; m ____ Dunkin.

2. Huber Winey Good, b Jan. 7, 1904.

3. Bessie Ruth Good, b Dec. 24, 1905.

4. Paul Kemper Good, b Jan. 18, 1914; Lives Wichita, Kansas.

5. Marion Francis Good, b Nov. 15, 1915.

6. Chester Ralph Good, b Mar. 12, 1918; d July 18, 1921.

7. Maybelle Orpha Good, b May 12, 1921; d Mar. 15, 1955.

5. JOHN HENRY GOOD, b Jan. 6, 1877; d July 6, 1944; LaJunta, Colo.; Single.

6. EMANUEL GOOD, b Apr. 11, 1879; d May 30, 1949, Sheridan, Oregon; m Jan. 1, 1901, SUSAN ELIZABETH HAMILTON.

1. Mary Good, b Nov. 25, 1901.

2. Tillman Good, b June 30, 1903.

3. Earl Good, b Feb. 26, 1906.

4. David Good, Sept. 8, 1908.

5. Minnie Good, b Jan. 28, 1912; ad Sheridan, Oregon.

6. John Good, b Oct. 6, 1916.

7. Martha Good, b Jan. 22, 1919.

8. Paul Good, b Apr. 23, 1921; d Apr. 25, 1921.

9. Mabel Good, b July 10, 1922.



7. FANNIE GOOD, b June 15, 1881; d Apr. 19, 1836, LaJunta, Colo.; (s John L. and Elizabeth m John P. Brenneman, b Sept. 7, 1876 (Shank) Brenneman). No children.

8. MINNIE GOOD, b Aug. 23, 1884; d July 24, 1964, Goshen, Ind.; m Jan. 26, 1905, SAMUEL G. WINEY.

1. Lois Esther Winey, b Aug. 13, 1910; ad Goshen, Ind.

2. Mabel Winey (adopted); m Paul W. Drinnon; ad Denver, Colo.


4-7-5-2-2. ISAAC B. GOOD, b Feb. 22, 1869, Manitou Co., Mo.; Mennonite; d Feb. 27, 1941, Peabody, Kansas; Prairie Lawn Cem.; m Feb. 4, 1896, Peabody, ELIZABETH MAY GAISER, b Nov. 1, 1875, Tipton Co., Ind.; d June 10, 1952, Peabody, Kansas; bur. Prairie Lawn Cem.

1. ARCHIE LLOYD GOOD, b Oct. 16, 1897, Marion Co., Kansas; d Aug. 31, 1967; m Mar. 7, 1922, Peabody, Kans., JUNE PEARL GUIJOT; Lives Kansas City, Mo.

2. OLIVER FLOYD GOOD, “Floyd,” b Jan. 18, 1901, Marion Co., Kans.; m Dec. 14, 1940, Santa Monica, Calif., MYRTLE FREY; ad RR 1, Sterling, Ill. 61081.

1. Ethel Marie Good, b Jan. 30, 1945, Newton, Kans.; Sterling (Ill.) H.S.; Sec. (7 yr.) State Farm Ins. Co. Home office, Bloomington, Ill.; First Assembly of God Church (S.S. teacher, choir, Women’s Club (Sec.); int. sewing; ad 200 W. Exchange, Danvers, Ill.; m Oct. 12, 1968, Bloomington, Ill. RONALD LEE GORDON, b Sept. 2, 1940, Danvers, Ill. (s John Birch and Eva Marie (Mitchell)  Gordon); Deer-Creek Mackinaw H.S.; Caterpillar Tractor Co. Morton, Ill.; First Assembly of God (teacher, choir, bus driver, S.S. Supt.); Volunteer Fireman; Army (2 Yr.) l½ yr. Panama.

1. Keven Lee Gordon, b Apr. 8, 1972.

2. Kimberly Marie Gordon, b Sept. 19, 1974.

2. Virginia Ann Good, b Mar. 4, 1946, Newton, Kansas; Sterling H.S.; Secretary; Christian Community Church, Assembly of God; int. sewing; ad 17150 Centralia, Detroit, Mich. 48240; m Apr. 28, 1973, Flint, Mich., TIMOTHY JOHN TRAYCIK, b Oct. 24, 1947, Flint, Mich. (s Eugene Leroy and Dorothy Lorrian (Johnson) Traycik); Anchor Bay H. S., New Baltimore, Mich.; Salesman, Vocational Schools of America; Christian Comm. Church, Assembly of God; US Navy, radio; int. fishing.

3. JOHN SAMUEL GOOD, “Sam,” b Oct. 22, 1904, Marion Co., Kans.; 8th gd., special course electricity; Service Station operator and owner; Mennonite (trustee); Masonic Lodge, York Rite; d Oct. 10, 1968, Wichita, Kansas; Heart attack; bur. Old Mission, Wichita; m Feb. 22, 1936, Harvey Co., Kansas, LEA S. SCHMIDT, b Mar. 23, 1911, Whitewater, Kans. (da Henry P. and Maria (Schmidt) Schmidt); Newton H.S.; Larraine Ave. Mennonite (S.S. teacher, Women’s Circle (Chm.); Masonic Auxiliary (Social order of the Beauceant, past pres.); int. handwork (needlepoint) wood craft; ad 6126 E. Indianapolis, Wichita, Kansas.



1. Meredith Ann Good, b May 18, 1939, Wichita, Sedgwick Co., Kansas; 2 yr. Nurse training; South Riverside Baptist (S.S. teacher, Women’s circle Chm., choir com. member); League of women voters (Chm. of foreign trade com.), unit Chm., various com., PTA (past pres.), Boy Scout com.; int. sewing, cooking, camping; Honorary PTA Life member; ad 4321 Bernita, Wichita, Kansas 67217; m Apr. 25, 1959, Newkirk, Okla., RAGDEAN EDWARD MAUCK, ‘’Rag,’’ b Mar. 8, 1938, Henessy Co., Okla. (s Elmo Benjamin and Mable (Bozworth) Mauck); Political Sci., Police and Fire Sci., Wichita State U.; Wichita Fire Dept.; South Riverside Baptist; Boy Scout, leader, District leader; Masonic Lodge; int. hunting, fishing; Army 1957-1963, Reserves.

1. Guy Timothy Mauck, b Dec. 20, 1959.

2. Guy Dean Mauck, b Feb. 7, 1962.

2. John Lee Good, b Mar. 28, 1945, Wichita, Kansas; Junior College, 2 yr.; Inside Journeyman Wireman; Lorraine Ave. Mennonite Church; Photography, Antique cars; Naval Reserve; ad 2608 Victoria, Wichita, Kansas 67216; m June 16, 1968, Arkansas City, Kansas, JANICE EVA BRITTON, b Nov. 14, 1946, Blackwell, Okla. (da Guy Orwell and Angie Velma (Bennett) Britton); Bain Elem. Edu., Wichita State U.; teacher; First United Presbyterian; American Assoc. of Univ. Women; PTA; int. sewing, cooking, reading, crafts.

1. John Bradley Good, b Dec. 20, 1972.

4. GRACE ESTHER GOOD, b Apr. 1, 1906, Peabody, Marion Co., Kansas; H.S.; Grocery lady; Christian Church; E.H.U.; ad 800 S. Ruth, Wichita, Kans., ERASTUES S. WRIGHT, ‘’R. S.,’’ b Nov. 17, 1893, West Plains, Mo. (s Erastues R. and (Althouse) Wright); gd. school in Mo.; Grocery man; Christian; int. woodworking, raising dogs and quails; d Sep. 6, 1972, Green Meadows Kansas care home; Cerebral Vascular occlusion; bur. Benton, Kansas.

5. CHARLES IRVIN GOOD, “Irvin”, b Mar. 1, 1908, Peabody, Kans.; H.S.; Farmer, RR 2; Christian (Elder, Chm. Board, S.S. Supt., teacher); Sch. Board, Township Clerk, Co-op Board, PTA; int. sports; d Jan. 22, 1971, Wichita; car accident; bur. Peabody, Kans.; m Apr. 13, 1941, Peabody, JANE MERCEDES HUGUENIN, b Nov. 23, 1914, Peabody, (da Oscar and Frances Pearl (Lauch) Huguenin); Medical Receptionist; Christian (Pianist, S.S. Supt.); PTA, E.H.U.; int. knitting, sewing; ad 704 Sycamore, Peabody, Kansas.

1. Donald Irvin Good, b Dec. 1, 1942, Newton, Kansas; U. of Kansas BA, U. of Wisc. MA, Ph.D.; Prof. Computer Sciences; ad 6727 Kentland Ave., Canoga Park, Calif., 91307; m Aug. 9, 1964, Lawrence, Kansas; MARILYN JOYCE GRANTHAM, b June 7 1942, (da Wendell Pierce and Rachel Elizabeth (Heath) Grantham); Council Grove, Kans.; U. of Kansas, B.M.F.

1. Michael Jason Good, b Mar. 28, 1969.

2. Douglas Irvin Good, b Sept. 1, 1971.

2. Marcia Lee Good Edmonds; Canoga Park, Calif.

3. Richard Eugene Good.

4. Charles Edward Good.




6. NICHOLAS BEERY, JR.  His story will be found on page 12.  The following pages are a summary of his sixteen children, the first twelve are of the marriage to MARY KELLER.

 1. BARBARA BEERY BLOSSER                    b Apr. 6, 1764

 2. JOHN BEERY                                            b Nov. 4, 1765

 3: JACOB BEERY                                          b       1766

 4. ELIZABETH BEERY GEIL                        b Apr. 11, 1771

 5. ABRAHAM BEERY                                   b July 20, 1773

 6. MARY BEERY STEMEN                            b Sept 4, 1775

 7. ISAAC BEERY                                          b June 10, 1777

 8. NICHOLAS BEERY                                   b       1780

 9. HENRY BEERY                                         b Apr. 30, 1781

10. GEORGE BEERY                                      b Apr. 4, 1783

11. SUSAN BEERY BEERY                             b Oct. 4, 1786

12. MARTHA BEERY BLOSSER                     b       1787

NICHOLAS married (2) Mrs. MARY (GROW) GOOD

13. JOSEPH BEERY                             b Feb. 8, 1790

14. CHRISTIAN BEERY                                 b Aug. 1, 1792

15. MARGARET BEERY KECKLER                b June 15, 1795

16. FANNY BEERY HITE                               b       1797


6-1. BARBARA BEERY, b Apr. 6, 1764, York Co., Penna.; removed to Luray, Page Co., Va. soon after marriage; settling among the pioneers of Shenandoah Valley, Va.; Mennonite;  About 1825 emigrated to Mahoning Co., Ohio; d June 3, 1840; Mahoning Co.; m Feb. 12, 1788, Penna., JACOB BLOSSER, b Jan. 13, 1758, York Co., Pa. (s Peter the First); miller; d Oct. 6, 1842, Mahoning Co., Ohio.

1. ELIZABETH BLOSSER, b Nov. 12, 1788; m Abraham Gochenour, Page Co., Va.; 11c.

2. DANIEL BLOSSER, b Mar. 5, 1790; m Elizabeth Huffman; Farmer, miller, wagon maker and Sheriff of Page Co., Va.; 11c.

3. MARY BLOSSER, b Oct. 28, 1791; d Page Co., Va. 1826; m ____ Kagy.

4. JACOB BLOSSER, b May 5, 1793; 1825 by lightning; m Tempy Cowan; 1 son died young.

5. JOSEPH BLOSSER, b Mar. 2, 1795; by wagon from Va. to Ohio in 1831; miller; m Sarah Bayse; 9c.

6. BARBARA BLOSSER, b Feb. 8, 1797; Caldwell Co., Mo.; m Samuel Hershberger; son Noah.

7. ANNA BLOSSER, b Jan. 27, 1799; m Abraham Gehman; Ohio; no chil:

8. SAMUEL BLOSSER, b May 6, 1801; d 1802.

9. JOHN BLOSSER, b Apr. 22, 1802; Mennonite Minister; Columbiana Co., Ohio; m Christena Zettee; 2c.

10. MAGDALENE BLOSSER, b Apr. 2, 1804; d 1804.

11. SUSANNA BLOSSER, b Sept. 18, 1805; Mahoning Co., Ohio; m Joseph Printz; 7c.


6-2. JOHN BEERY, “Red John,” b Nov. 4, 1765, York Co., Pa.; emigrated to Rockingham Co, Va. 1780; emigrated by covered wagon to Fairfield Co., Ohio 1805 and settled in Rush Creek Twp.; Upper Raccoon Creek; Church of Brethren; d May 31, 1850, Fairfield Co., Ohio; bur. family graveyard on farm near North Berne; m (1) Mar. 15, 1788, MARGARET SHAVER, b Dec. 10, 1765, Rockingham Co., Va. (da Nicholas Shaver); d Mar. 31, 1810, North Berne; m (2) 1845, Mrs. BLOSSER of Bremen, Ohio.

1. NICHOLAS BEERY, b Mar. 8, 1789. (see below)

2: ELIZABETH BEERY, b July 4, 1791; m John Coffman.

3. HENRY BEERY, b Oct. 2, 1793; d Nov. 2, 1793.

4. JOHN A. BEERY, b July 19, 1795; m (1) Magdalena Huber; 2c.; m (2) Elizabeth Madden; 11c.

5. DAVID BEERY, b July 21, 1797; m Susanna Hufford; 10c.

6. ABRAHAM WASHINGTON BEERY, b Dec. 12, 1799; 13c.

7. KATHERINE BEERY, B Apr. 15, 1802; d May 17, 1802.

8. MARGARET BEERY, b Sept. 26, 1804; d Dec. 12, 1804.

9. NOAH W. BEERY, b Sept. 14, 1806; Judge in Platte Co., Mo.


6-2-l. NICHOLAS BEERY, b Mar. 8, 1789, Rockingham Co., Va.; did not believe in slavery and emigrated to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1811 so that his children would not be reared in slave state; owned 640 acres in Hocking Valley, eight miles south of Lancaster; signed note for proposed friend and lost everything; moved to Iowa 1847 and settled on farm which later became part of Des Moines; while fur trapping in winter of 1850-51 was caught by Indians, robbed of his furs, beaten and left for dead; d several days later of exposure; m 1810, MARY SEITZ, b near Richmond, Va.; sons Noah and Seth had shop at Ft. Des Moines; after death of husband went with three children to Missouri where others of her family were living; d Platte City.

 1. DELILAH JANE BEERY BEATTY, b July 14, 1812.

 2. ELIJAH BEERY, b Apr. 27, 1814.

 3. JOHN S. BEERY, b Aug. 6, 1816.

 4. PETER S. BEERY, b Jan. 1, 1818. (see below)

 5. ELIZABETH A. BEERY, b 1820; m Nicholas Shafer; 7c.

 6. JEREMIAH BEERY, b July 4, 1823; m Mary J. Hornback; 2c.

 7. NOAH WEBSTER BEERY, b Feb. 6, 1826; m Lucretia Jane Farmer; 12c

 8. WESLEY BEERY, b 1 27; d in infancy.

 9. SETH L. BEERY, b.1829; m Marinda Preston.

10. MARY BEERY, b 1831; m Charles Filbert.


6-2-1-4. PETER S. BEERY, b Jan. 1, 1818, Fairfield Co., Ohio; farmer Platte Co., Mo.; Christian Church; enlisted in Union Army 1861; d Oct 13, 1862, Springfield, Mo.; bur. Springfield by comrade soldiers; m SUSAN SNIDER, d June 1, 1901; bur. Goss Cem. near Smithville, Mo.

1. HENRY NEWTON BEERY, b Nov. 12, 1844; m Ruth Sebree.


3. HESTER A. BEERY, b Jan. 20, 1848; m John McChrysta1.

4. OBID JASPER BEERY, b June 10, 1852; m Ellen Goodwine; 1c.

5. ANDREW JACKSON BEERY, b Apr. 7, 1853.


6. NOAH W. BEERY, b Feb. 11, 1856. (see next page)

7. NEHEMIAH NICHOLAS BEERY, b Apr. 5, 1860; m Ella Hartman.

8. MARGARET C. BEERY, b Feb. 1, 1862; m (1) Nathaniel Moore; 7c. m (2) Charles Bruce, Denver, Colo.


6-2-1-4-6. NOAH W. BEERY, father of movie actors Noah and Wallace, b Feb. 11, 1856, Platte Co., Mo.; farmer; emp. roundhouse Sheffield; served with distinction on Kansas City Police force 1886-92; went int. business Leavenworth, Kans.; moved with wife to Los Angeles, Calif., 1915 to be with son Wallace; Christian Church; d May 19, 1937, Los Angeles; Forest Lawn Cem.; m June 2, 1878 (by Judge Noah W. Beery), FRANCES MARGARET FITZGERALD of Ridgely, Mo.; Christian Church; d Apr. 9, 1931, Los Angeles, Calif.; Forest Lawn Cem.

1. WILLIAM C. BEERY, b Apr. 5, 1879, Platte Co., Mo.; advance agent, mgr. concessions Forepaugh-Sells circus; executive General Petroleum Corp.; Los Angeles; d Dec. 25, 1949, Beverly Hills, Calif.; bur. Inglewood, Calif.; m LOTTIE EMILY ZEIGLER; 2c. William Burton Beery, b Nov. 25, 1911; ad Seattle, Wash.; Charlotte Marion Beery Sullivan, b Apr. 15, 1917; ad Woodland Hills, Calif.

2. NOAH NICHOLAS BEERY, famous movie actor, b Jan. 17, 1883, near Smithville, Mo.; moved with parents to Kansas City; not interested in school but struggled through 7th gd.; left home at age 14 to work as peanut vendor in circuses and theaters; veteran movie bad man, remembered for wisecrack, “Villainy is its own reward”; began career in New York City singing in chorus of musical comedies; grad. to specialty act and became success on Eastern stage and in stock companies; first film role was in suit of armor for Joan of Arc; prominent in motion pictures for more than 30 years, starring as a “heavy”; best known role was that of the brutal sergeant in Beau Geste; was featured with brother Wallace in The Bad Man of Brimstone 1937 and in This Man’s Navy 1945; other pictures included The Sea World, The Spoilers, The Passion Song, The Isle of Lost Ships, Noah’s Ark, Out of Singapore, David Harum, Sweet Adeline, Girl of the Golden West, Mexicali Rose, Adventure of Red Ryder, The Tulsa Kid, Isle of Missing Men, Tennessee Johnson, Clancy Street Boys, Block Buster, The Honest Thief; returned to stage prominence as Boss Tweed in Broadway hit “Up in Central Park”, and during two week vacation d Apr. 1, 1946, Los Angeles, Calif., after helping brother Wally celebrate 60th birthday; heart ailment; Forest Lawn Cem.; m MARGUERITE WALKER LINDSEY, actress.

1. NOAH LINDSEY BEERY, “Pidge”, movie and television actor, b Aug. 10, 1913, New York City; traveled with parents in stock company, reared mostly in Calif. where father and uncle were famed in motion pictures; High Sch.; actor and rancher; in Mark of Zorro, Douglas Fairbanks silent film 1920; later pictures include Father and Son, The Road Back, Only Angels Have Wings, Of Mice and Men, Sergeant York, Tanks a Million, Gung Ho, Davy Crockett, Indian Scout, and Story of Will Rogers, in television series Circus Boy, Western and in 1975 Rockford Files; Episcopal; ad ranch between Bakersfield and Mojave; m (1) Mar. 30, 1940, Van Nuys, Cal., MAXINE EVELYN JONES, b 1918, Los Angeles (da Buck Jones (Cowboy actor, hero of Western films) and Odelle (Osborne) Jones); 3c. Maxine Delmar Beery 1940; Bucklind Noah Beery 1945; Melissa Wallace Beery 1948; div. 1965; m (2) 1967 LISA ____.

3. WALLACE FITZGERALD BEERY, famous movie actor, b Apr. 1, 1886, Kansas City, Mo.; detested school and piano which his mother managed to save out of her husband’s pay as policeman; in 4th grade at Chase school Wally began riding the rails of the Santa Fe and C.M.&St.P. trains each morning to the roundhouse at Sheffield, 25 miles away, returning in the afternoon; when his truancy promised to be discovered he kept going one day to St. Louis, Chicago, and finally Mobile, Ala.; returned home six weeks later to find himself the prodigal son and neighborhood hero: instead of giving Wallace the beating he expected, his father listened to his plea that he quit school and go to work and helped him find a job at the Sheffield roundhouse; Wally worked as oil wiper there 6 months, then as riveter for Sheffield Nut & Bolt Co. 6 months, but craved more action; brother William found him work as elephant tender with Ringling Bros. circus and later he went to the Forepaugh-Sells circus with William: Wally rose to be “bullman” in charge of all elephants and developed the trick of teaching elephants to stay in line in parades by holding trunk-to-tail; with brother Noah’s help began stage career in New York City, 1904, singing and dancing in chorus line of Broadway musical comedies; later played in stock companies as heavy, hero, juvenile and character actor; as understudy to Raymond Hitchcock, starring in the Yankee Tourist at the Astor theater in New York, stepped into the lead when the star was taken sick and played it until the end of the season with his salary of $35 a week doubled (if he had then followed advice of his friends Richard Harding Davis and Reginald DeKoven to submit to plastic surgery lest his face become like an “old squash,” Wallace might soon have been a passé matinee idol instead of becoming one of the screen’s greatest character stars; discovering the operation would cost $500 he used his only $100 to send for his mother so she could see him in the show); entered films as female impersonator in “Sweedie” comedies for Essanay Studio, Chicago 1913; went to Hollywood 1915 to play in Keystone comedies and sent for his father, mother, and brother William (brother Noah, a success on the Eastern stage, wasn’t interested yet); in 1918 Wally began career as a heavy, becoming one of the best-hated villains of the screen; later Douglas Fairbanks started him in the humorous tough parts that made his fortune; he lost his personal fortune in the depression and sound pictures threatened to end his career in 1930 but because Beery talked the way he looked, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios began to utilize his talents as character actor and also launched the great character teaming of Wallace Beery and Marie Dressler; Wally became one of the screen’s most loved and versatile actors; as a rough-hewn character with a sentimental streak, best known for his grunting dialogue, sloppy dress, and the way he’d run his hand over his face and mutter, “Aw, Shucks,” he combined a homely good-humored face and booming voice int. a multimillion-dollar screen career; with his name in lights business was assured; veteran of more than 250 roles, some of his most memorable were the brutal submarine officer in Behind the Door, the heavy of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the good-natured pug-ugly in The Champ (special Academy Award 1932), with Marie Dressler in Min and Bill and in Tugboat Annie, in the all-star Grand Hotel, and his greatest hit Viva Villa (for which he was awarded gold medal as world’s best movie actor 1934); other pictures included Richard the Lion-Hearted, Ah Wilderness, Salute to the Marines, The Big House, A Message to Garcia, A Date with Judy, The Good Old Soak, and Bad Man of Brimstone and This Man’s Navy in which Wallace and brother Noah were featured together; 6 foot 1 and 225 pounds, in real life Wally was soft-spoken, unexcitable, lacking in temperament; member advisory board Bank of America; Masons (32 degree; Shrine); Lieut-Commander US Naval Air Force Reserve; Lieut-Col. Wyoming State Militia; Calif. aero police; honorary Federal immigration inspector; int. helping boys who got off on the wrong foot, flying (held transport pilot’s license), fishing and hunting, ranching in primitive Idaho and in the Jackson Hole country of Wyo.; photography, machine shop, gun collection, playing the piano; had a lusty singing voice though seldom could be persuaded to exhibit it; in 1931 adopted 9 mo.-old daughter of Rita Gilman’s cousin; d Apr. 15, 1949, Beverly Hills, Calif.; heart ailment; Forest Lawn Cem.; m (1) 1916, GLORIA SWANSON; began film career as extra girl in Essanay’s “Sweedie” comedies, Chicago 1913; started as extra at Keystone, Los Angeles, Calif., 1915; became regular member of Sennett bathing beauties; later a star of the silent screen, talking pictures and television; designer and manufacturer of women’s dresses; div. 1918; m (2) 1925, MARY ARETA GILMAN, “Rita,” of Roanoke, Va.; an extra with Paramount, terminated movie career to become Wally’s wife; div. 1939; was at his bedside when he died.

1. Carol Ann Beery, b 1930; High Sch. 1948; made film debut as child in China Seas in which her father starred 1935; made teenage debut in Rationing; European tour (H.S. grad. gift from father); m (1) Apr. 25, 1954, DONALD BLISS HAYDEN; television actor; div. Feb. 18, 1955; m (2) Mar. 2, 1957, Scottsdale, Ariz., GEORGE E. HILLS; actor. 

Wallace and Noah Beery information from 1957 Beery Family

History, Material taken from publicity director Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures.)


1-3. JACOB BEERY, b late 1766, York Co., pa.; emigrated with father to Rockingham Co., Va., 1780; listed for personal property tax as tithable with 2 horses 1792, Linville Creek district; emigrated to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1803 and opened a farm on Upper Raccoon Creek in Rush Creek Twp.; voter at election in Rush Creek Twp. 1804; moved near McCutcheonville 1832 and invested in government land; d Feb. 12, 1842, near McCutcheonville; Bibler Cem.; m 1795 in Virginia, NANCY GEIL, b Apr. 1775 in Pa. (da Jacob and Anna (Clymer) Geil); d Nov. 9, 1850; Bibler Cem. 3½ mi. S.E.

 1. NICHOLAS BEERY, b 1796; sold horses over the country, murdered.

 2. ABRAHAM D. BEERY, b July 29; I798; m Annie Blosser. SEE PART II.

 3. HENRY BEERY, b Jan. 2, 1800; m Amy Perkey; 9c. Seneca Co., Ohio.

 4. MARY BEERY, b Aug. 10, 1803; m Jacob Corfman; 9c. Ohio.

 5. JACOB BEERY, b Apr. 2, 1806; m Kate Stalter; 7c. Wyandot Co., Ohio.

 6. NANCY BEERY, b July 7, 1808; m David Stalter; 7c. Seneca Co., Ohio.

 7. CATHERINE BEERY, b Feb. 6, 1810; m Alfred Holmes; 5c. Mich.

 8. JONATHAN BEERY, b Jan. 21, 1813; m Magdalena Corfman; 11c. Ohio.

 9. WILLIAM JAMES BEERY, b Apr. 30, 1815; 8c.; Fairfield Co., Ohio; restless disposition; in 1831 visited Wyandot Co., which was still Indian territory, later lived there; River Brethren minister; d Jan. 18, 1878, Muir, Mich., while on ministerial tour; Bibler Cem. Wyandot Co., Ohio; m 1844, ELIZA JACOBY, b 1820; Oldest child was Susan Clarinda Beery, b 1847; m ___ Loomis.

10. ELIZABETH BEERY, b July 17, 1818. (family carried out on next page)


6-3-10. ELIZABETH BEERY, b July 17, 1818, Fairfield Co., Ohio; d Apr. 19, 1851, Crawford or Wyandot Co., Ohio; bur. Wyandot Co., Ohio, Bibler Cem.; m Feb. 19, 1837, Wyandot Co., Ohio, LUCAS BAUM, b Nov. 20, 1816, Ohio (s Peter and Mary Baum); farmer; In 1850’s moved to Holt Co., Mo., about 1869 moved to Kansas; d Dec. 20, 1897, Winfield (Cowley Co.) Kansas; (m (2) Dec. 1, 1864, Holt Co., Mo., Sarah (Graham) Barclay).

1. HARRIET BAUM, b Apr. 14, 1838.

2. MARY JANE BAUM, b Jan. 7, 1841.

3. JACOB PETER BAUM, b June 16, 1843; d Apr. 26, 1893; single.

4. NANCY BAUM, b May 31, 1846.

5. ANNA BAUM, b June 4, 1848; d Aug. 9, 1851.


6-3-10-1. HARRIET BAUM, b Apr. 14, 1838, Crawford Co., Ohio; m Dec. 20, 1864, Holt Co., Mo., ANDREW G. BIRD; Farmer, in 1911 at Council Grove (Morris Co.) Kansas. (from census and Holt Co. marriage records).

1. LEORA BIRD, b 1866, Kansas.

2. MARVIN BIRD, b 1870, Kansas.

3. ELIZABETH BIRD, b 1872, Kansas.

4. LEODIS BIRD, b 1875, Kansas.


6-3-10-2. MARY JANE BAUM, b Jan. 7, 1841, Crawford Co. (Texas Twp.) Ohio; School teacher; Christian Church; int. making quilts; d Dec. 4, 1933, Los Angeles, Calif.; bur. Valhalla Cem., Los Angeles; m Dec. 24, 1868, Holt Co., Mo.  JOHN WESLEY BERRY, b Apr. 20, 1843, Knox Co., Ohio (s James and Sarah (Huffman) Berry); Farmer; Civil War, Pvt.; Kimball’s Missouri Militia; d Sept. 21, 1929, Retsil, Wash.; bur. Retsil.

1. HARRIET MELISSA BERRY, b Nov. 5, 1869, Andrew Co., Mo.; School teacher, 1 term Butler Co., Kansas and Lewis Co., Wash.; moved to Wash. from Kansas 1890 or before; d Mar. 4, 1895, Chehalis, Wash.; m Sept. 6, 1893, Newaukum, Wash., GEORGE A. SPENCER.

2. WILLIAM MELVIN BERRY, b Aug. 20, 1871, Butler Co., Kansas; Farmer, had an orchard near Okanogan, Wash., apples, peaches and cherries; Odd Fellows Lodge, Grange; int. hunting, fishing, baseball; d Mar. 8, 1940, Riverside, Wash.; Heart attack; Omak Memorial Cem., Omak, Wash.; m Oct. 1, 1903, Chehalis, Wash., MARY EDITH MORRISON, b Mar. 15, 1884, Burlington Junction, Mo., (da Sherburne Charles and Martha Evaline (Downing) Morrison); Presbyterian; Rebekah, Grange; d Dec. 1, 1973, Okanagan, Wash.; (m (2) Lester A. Fairbrother).

1. HARRIETT JOSEPHINE BERRY, b Feb. 6, 1910, Okanagan, Wash.; Present Okanogan County Auditor; m (1) R. E. NEAL; m (2) JOHN JOHNSON.

2. HELEN LUCILLE BERRY, b Aug. 28, 1913, Okanogan, Wash.; Molor Beauty School, Spokane; Beauty Shop, Okanogan 8 yr., owned and operated apple orchard, Tonasket, present emp., Okanogan County Auditor office; Presbyterian; Rebekah Lodge (OkanoganOmak),




Hillsforde Grange Washington state; Women’s Wednesday Club; int. fishing, bingo; ad RR 1, Tonasket, Wash. 98855 (lives at orchard); m Aug. 9, 1937, Okanogan, WALTER FULTON GREENAWAY, b Aug. 4, 1910, Bridgeport, Wash. (s Alfred Richard and Nova Mabel (Matheson) Greenaway); Grocery store mgr., apple orchardist; int. bowling, hunting, fishing; d July 29, 1963, Tonasket; bur. Omak Memorial Cem.

1. SANDRA ANN GREENAWAY, b Feb. 20,1941, Wenatchee, Wash.; Eastern Wash. State Col., Cheney 1 yr., Wenatchee Bus. Col. 6 mo.; Community Church, Tonasket (Bible Sch., attends non-denominational Bible study, weekly); Jr. Women’s Club, Oroville (Past Pres.), National Federation of Women’s Clubs; Den mother, Cub Scouts, Camp Fire Girls camp; int. tennis, bridge and pinochle group (winters), arts, crafts, oil painting; ad Oroville, Wash.; m Apr. 8, 1961, Tonasket, GRANT LEVERN LEAVELL, b Aug. 14, 1940, Omak, Wash. (s Wilbur Floyd and Mildred Elaine (Perry) Leavell); Mgr. IGA Foodliner in Oroville; owns and leases apple orchards in vicinity of Ellisforde in Okanogan Co.; Masonic Lodge #201, Oroville Golf Club; int. bridge, gin rummy. (children adopted).

1. Michael Christopher Leavell, b Aug. 19, 1965,     Tonasket, Wash.

2. Douglas Duane Leavell, b Apr. 5, 1968, Spokane, Wash.

3. Aimee Anne Leavell, b Apr. 11, 1972, Auburn, Wash.

3. HAZEL EDNA BERRY, b Sept. 5, 1916; d June 6, 1920, West Sound, Orcas Island, Wash.

4. MARY JANE BERRY, “Jane,” b Feb. 9, 1922, Anacortes, Wash.; Okanogan H.S.; Presbyterian; PTA (Pres., Program Chm., Ways and Means, Health), Camp Fire Girls (Leader, Dist. Chm. of group organ.); ad l8612 120th Ave. S.E., Renton, Wash. 98055; m Feb. 23, 1946, Okanogan, HAROLD NEWTON DOUGAN, b Sept. 25, 1921, Meyers Falls, Wash. (s Jasper Merritt and Velma Ilah (Garner) Dougan); Omak H.S.; Boeing Co.; int. Photography; WWII Navy 3½ yr.

1. Patricia Louise Dougan, b Oct. 10, 1954, Renton, Wash. Renton H.S. 1973; att. Eastern Wash. State.

3. LEWIS EDWARD BERRY, b Apr. 2, 1874, Butler Co., Kansas; Logging camps and mills as a Saw Filer (when young), Farmer, apple orchard in Okanogan Co., Wash. near Okanogan; Spanish American War (Sergeant) Co. “H”, 6th Regiment of Calif., S.S. Inf. Vol. stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco; int. hunting and fishing, baseball; d Sept. 16, 1960, Orting, Wash.; bur. Hillcrest Burial Park, Kent, Wash.

4. JOHN FRANKLIN BERRY, b Feb. 20, 1876, Butler Co., Kansas; d 1947, Kent, Wash.; bur. Hillcrest, Kent; m AMITA WORTH; 3c. Mary Louise Berry; Jacqueline Berry (1 son William Peterson Beall); Robert Worth Berry.






5. CAROLINE NANCY BERRY, b Mar. 16, 1879, Butler Co., Kansas; Sch. teacher; d Jan. 8, 1969, Sequim, Wash.; bur. Forks, Wash.; m June 6, 1910, Tacoma, Wash., JEROME W. HULL; 2c. Jerome W. Hull; Maurice Hull.


6-3-10-4. NANCY BAUM, b May 31, 1846, Crawford Co., Ohio; 1911 lived Scranton, Kansas; m Oct. 21, 1868, J. DAVID BLACK.

1. CALVIN CLIFFORD BLACK, b Aug 8, 1869, Kansas; m Jan. 19, 1891, Eva Cowen; a farmer.

2. BANN BUFORD BLACK, b Feb. 12, 1871, Kansas.

3. MARGARET E. BLACK, b Jan. 12, 1873, Kansas; m July 26, 1899; w. W . Harvey; a coal dealer.

4. BERNICE A. BLACK, b Mar. 21, 1875, Kansas; m C.H. Burke; farmer.

5. THOMAS E. BLACK, b Sept. 3, 1877, Kansas; farmer; m Mar. 7, 1902, Sadie Jolly.

6. MARY A. BLACK, b Sept. 16, 1879, Kansas; m Feb. 1903; J.W. Harris; farmer.

7. JOHN W. BLACK, b Nov. 8, 1881, Kansas; farmer; m July 8, 1908, Melissa Jolly.      .

8. IDA ANN BLACK, b Dec. 29, 1883, Kansas; d July 29, 1885.


(Children of Nicholas Beery, Jr. Con’t.)


6-4. ELIZABETH BEERY, b Apr. 11, 1771, York Co., Pa.; emigrated with father to Rockingham Co., Va., 1780; Mennonite; d Apr. 19, 1856; m in Virginia, JACOB GEIL, b Apr. 16, 1771, in Penna. (s Jacob and Anna (Clymer) Geil); emigrated to Fairfield Co., Ohio in 1805 and settled on lower Rush Creek; family records destroyed when home burned; Mennonite Minister; d May 21, 1844, near Bremen.

1. CHRISTIAN GEIL, b 1795.

2. ABRAHAM GEIL, b 1800; m Elizabeth Beery (5-2); No chil:

3. HENRY GEIL; d in Iowa.

4. JOHN GEIL; m (1) ____ Huddle; m (2) ____ Holmes; 5c.

5. SALLIE GEIL, b Nov:-15, 1808; m Charles Good; 4c. (6-13-9)

6. FANNIE GEIL, b Sept. 11, 1810; m Daniel Miller; 12c.

7. REBECCA GEIL, b Mar. 9, 1812; m Andrew Syfert; 9c.

8. POLLY (KATE) GEIL; m John Cradlebaugh.

9. MARY GEIL; m ____ Funk.

10. SAMUEL GEIL, b July 18, 1818; m Rebecca Blosser.


6-5. ABRAHAM BEERY, b July 20, 1773, York Co., Pa.; emigrated with parents to Rockingham Co., Va., 1780; listed for personal property tax as tithable with one horse 1792, Linville Creek district; emigrated to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1803 (when descending mountains tied tree to drag behind wagon to prevent running over team); settled in Rush Creek Twp. on bluff on north side of Raccoon Creek, where he and his wife spent the remainder of their lives (farm was in “Dutch Hollow”); tanner; voter at election in Rush Creek Twp. 1804; Brethren in Christ (with brother Joseph was among the organizers of Mt. Zion congregation in Rush Creek Twp. 1815) worshipped in dwelling houses and




barns until church house was built in 1858; d June 15, 1845, Fairfield Co.; m Mar. 7, 1802, CATHERINE FAST, b Apr. 17, 1786, near Redding, Pa.; d Jan. 2, 1870, Fairfield Co., Ohio; Mt. Zion Cem. 2 mi. SE Berne.

 1. ULA (JUDITH?) BEERY, b Aug. 2, 1804; m Joel Sheaffer; 13c.

 2. ELIZABETH BEERY, b Nov. 28, 1805; m Abraham Geil; No chil:

 3. SARAH BEERY SWARTZ, b July 2, 1807; 12c.

 4. CATHERINE BEERY, ‘’Kate’’ b Feb. 26, 1809; m Joseph Swartz; 5c.

 5. JOEL BEERY, b Oct. 10, 1810; m Sarah Huddle; 11c.

 6. MARY BEERY SWARTZ, b Aug. 25, 1812; 7c.

 7. BARBARA BEERY, b July 18, 1814; m Daniel Huddle; 12c.

 8. REBECCA BEERY, b Feb. 20, 1816; m John Turner; Sc.; m (2) John        Shumaker; 9c.

 9. FANNY BEERY, b Feb. 24, 1818; m Emanuel Sites; 12c.

10. DELILAH BEERY, b Feb. 13, 1820; m (1) Samuel Bair; m (2) Emanuel Sites (above).

11. ABRAHAM J. BEERY, b Oct. 24, 1821; 1856 Adams Co., Ind.; 3c.

12. SON BEERY, d in infancy.


6-6. MARY BEERY, b Sept. 4, 1775, York Co., Pa.; emigrated with father to Rockingham Co., Va., 1780; d Aug. 23, 1844 near Bremen, Ohio; m in Rockingham Co., Va., HENRY STEMEN, b May 26, 1775, Greene Co., Pa. (s Christian Stehmann); moved to Rockingham Co., Va.; emigrated with family to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1803 and settled in west part of Rush Creek Twp.; helped clear timber where Lancaster and Bremen are now located; voter at election in Rush Creek Twp. 1804; Mennonite Minister 46 yrs. (called to ministry soon after going to Ohio, one of the two first ministers of the congregation, organized before 1817; ordained to office of bishop 1820; in 1821 leased small plot from land he lived on to trustees of Pleasant Hill church “for the purpose of a German and English school house and a house of public worship for the Mennonites and Baptists (commonly called Dunkers)”; congregation met in dwellings and barns until the church house was built about 1835; conducted meetings in the German language throughout his ministry; an eloquent and zealous preacher; always traveled on horseback and often swam high-water streams to meet his appointments); d Aug. 19, 1855, near Bremen.

1. JOHN STEMEN, b Oct. 25, 1796, Rockingham Co., Va.;  emigrated with parents to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1803; after marriage settled on farm near Bremen; Church of the Brethren Minister; d Jan. 16, 1881; m Catherine Mericle; chil:

1. Solomon Stemen who m Lydia Beery Engle (see PART I),

2. Abraham Stemen who m Leah Beery (see 11-1),

3. Noah Stemen who m ___ Keller, 4. Sallie Stemen Bock,

5. Aaron Stemen m Amelia Kessler.

 2. ISAAC STEMEN, b Nov. 28, 1798.

 3. ELIZABETH STEMEN, b June 10, 1800; m John Brenneman.

 4. NICHOLAS STEMEN, b May 11, 1802; m Catherine Beery; 8c. (4-5)

 5. MARY STEMEN, b Aug. 26, 1806; m George Hunsaker; 6c.

 6. HENRY S. STEMEN, b July 12, 1808; m Rachael Beery; 8c. (4-5)

 7. MAGDALENA STEMEN, b May 14, 1810; m Henry Sherrick; 1c..

 8. SUSANNAH STEMEN, b Oct. 15, 1812; m Christian Miller; 7c.

 9. BARBARA STEMEN, b Apr. 14, 1814; m Samuel Sherrick; 7c.

10. MARGARET STEMEN, b Mar. 9, 1818; m Henry Sherrick; 8c. (above)

11. SAMUEL STEMEN, b Sept. 21, 1821) m Magdalena Hilliard; 10c.


6-7. ISAAC BEERY, b June 10, 1777, York Co., Pa.; emigrated with father to Rockingham Co., Va., 1780; went to Penna. where he made arrangements to go to Ohio and went down the Ohio River on a flatboat in 1806; settled in Rush Creek Twp., Fairfield Co.; farm was on portion of father’s large original purchase on Raccoon Creek; Church of the Brethren (Charter member Rush Creek congregation 1809; elected to ministry about 1821; first resident elder; served district on Standing Committee 1843; presiding Bishop until death; Isaac d June 18, 1851, Fairfield Co.; bur. near Bremen; m May 13, 1806, Fairfield Co., MARY CRADLEBAUGH, b Feb. 29, 1784, Washington Co., Pa.; through a stranger, Mary heard of Isaac Beery’s arrangements for a trip to Ohio and applied for passage for herself and sister Catharine; the two sisters went down the Ohio River on the flatboat with Isaac; mutually attracted at first sight, Polly and Isaac were married six weeks after arriving in Fairfield Co.; Church of the Brethren (charter member Rush Creek); d Mar. 7, 1850, Fairfield Co.; bur. near Bremen.

  1. DELILAH B. BEERY, b Apr. 1, 1807; m Daniel Ward; 10c.

  2. CATHARINE BEERY, b Apr. 11, 1808; m Daniel Seitz; 8c.

  3. GEORGE C. BEERY, b Apr. 28, 1810; m Susan Niles; 3c

  4. ANDREW BEERY, b 1812; d 1830.

  5. LEVI L. BEERY, b Feb. 3, 1814; m Margaret Short; 9c.

  6. JESSE G. BEERY, b 1816; m Rebecca Larimer; 5c.

  7. MARIA BEERY, b Aug. 29, 1817; m Charles Fristoe; 13c.

  8. ELIJAH BEERY, b Dec. 6, 1819; m Susannah Clark; 7c.

  9. ELIZABETH BEERY, b 1820; m James Stuart; 8c.

10. ISAAC BEERY, b Feb. 2, 1822; m Esther Buchanan (da James Buchanan 1st cousin James Buchanan, President of US); 8c.

11. ENOCH BEERY; b Sept. 19, 1823; m Mary Hatfield; 8e.

12. PRISCILLA BEERY, b 1825; m George W. Hillis.


6-8. NICHOLAS BEERY, b 1780; said to have died in infancy.


6-9. HENRY BEERY, b Apr. 30, 1781, Rockingham Co., Va.; emigrated with father to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1805; settled in Rush Creek Twp.; later lived at Sugar Grove; Church of the Brethren (charter member Rush Creek congregation 1809); d Jan. 18, 1860, Fairfield Co.; bur. Cem. Opposite Evangelical Lutheran Cem. near Sugar Grove; m ELIZABETH ____, b Oct. 14, 1785; Church of the Brethren; d Jan. 15, 1858; bur. Cem. Sugar Grove.

  1. ELIZABETH BEERY, b 1803; m (1) Samuel McFadden; m (2) Abraham Washington Beery. (6-2-6)

  2. LYDIA BEERY; m Dr. Foster.

  3. CATHERINE BEERY; m Eli Dennis; hotelkeeper Sugar Grove, Ohio.

  4. SARAH BEERY, b 1810; m David Hufford; 12c.

  5. REBECCA BEERY; m Jacob Clye.

  6. FANNY BEERY, b Mar. 1, 1817; m Elijah Beery. (6-2-1-2)

  7. DAVID BEERY, b Mar. 19, 1819; m Sarah Schisler; 5c.; LaValle, Wisc.

  8. SON BEERY, d at 6 or 7 years of age.

  9. NANCY BEERY, b Mar. 5, 1827; bur. same Cem. as parents.

10. HENRY BEERY, b Mar. 11, 1828; m Elizabeth L. Percy; 1c.


6-10. GEORGE BEERY, first Beery to go to Ohio, and founder of town of Bremen, b Apr. 4, 1783, Rockingham Co., Va.; in 1800 went down Monongahela and Ohio rivers on flatboat and up Hocking River to falls, then through woods to Lancaster, Fairfield Co.; cleared land for settlers at 25¢ per day; returning to Virginia, spring 1801; in fall 1801 went back to Fairfield Co., Ohio, and settled in Rush Creek Twp. near mouth of Little Rush Creek; purchased 80 acres 1805; on west side of Rush Creek built large two-story brick house, with one-story kitchen where first school of the township was taught by Christopher Welty; George was active in extension of canal from Carroll to Lancaster, and in building of Zanesville and Marysville turnpike; as county commissioner assisted in locating and building county infirmary; sold 219 A. a mile south of where the town of Bremen was later located, to John Mericle in 1816; on this farm the first church house of the Rush Creek congregation of the Church of the Brethren was built around 1850; George purchased 20 A. from William Stuart for $110 (on this land were still existing the earthworks of two enclosures, in concentric ellipses made by the “Mound Builders”); on a portion of this tract and part of his adjoining farm (a land grant from the government of the U.S., signed by James Madison, President, Jan. 27, 1815), George had 23 lots surveyed and platted Oct. 15, 1834, this being the original plat of the town of Bremen, Ohio, with one donated lot of ¼ acre “to be used for a school house and house for Religious Worship”, in 1835, with a Mr. Hedges, George built and operated a general store, first business in the new village; George was awarded contract at $225 per annum for service on route of Bremen Post Office established July 10, 1837; moved to farm on Little Raccoon Creek five miles west of Bremen; in l854 bought quarter section near Bremen, deeding the land to sons John C. and Simon, and on these two tracts additions to the town were laid out; Church of the Brethren; opposed to war, but was pressed into service with his team to haul supplies in War of 1812, and during defending of Ft. Stephenson at Lower Sandusky was encamped at Ft. Ball (now Tiffin, Ohio); d Apr. 10, 1856, near Bremen; m Jan. 22, 1811, Fairfield Co., CATHARINE CRADLEBAUGH, b Feb. 16, l789, Washington Co., Penna. (da John Cradlebaugh, Revolutionary soldier, and Dorothea (Moonshiner) Cradlebaugh); went to Ohio in 1806 with sister Mary (see 6-7); Church of the Brethren; after death of husband moved to Bremen; d Sept. 28, 1870.

  1. SAMUEL BEERY, b Dec. 1, 1811; m Catherine Hull.

  2. JOHN C. BEERY, b Oct. 3, 1813; m Mary Black; 1c.

  3. CHRISTENA BEERY, b Dec. 26, 1814; m Charles Stuart; 9c.

  4. JOSEPH BEERY, b Apr. 15, 1816; d Sept. 26, 1835.

  5. MARY BEERY, b Mar. 30, 1818; m John Ashbaugh; 3c.

  6. ISAAC H. BEERY (twin), b Feb. 19, 1820; m Leefe Fowler; 4c.

  7. ANTHONY BEERY (twin), b Feb. 19, 1820; Jenith Sherman; 1c.

  8. GEORGE W. BEERY, b July 1, 1822; m Ann J. McDonald; 5c.

  9. SIMON BEERY, b Oct. 28, 1823; m Mary M. Grove; 6c.

10. NOAH BEERY, b Dec. 7, 1826; d Nov. 22, 1827.

11. SOLOMON A. BEERY, b Aug. 7, 1829; m (1) Louisa Hammack; m (2) Mrs. Mary Moore.

12. THOMAS EWING BEERY, b July 6, 1835; m (1) Emma E. Witt; m (2) Harriet A. Osborne; 3c.




6-11. SUSAN BEERY, b Oct. (Dec.?) 4, 1786, Rockingham Co., Va.; emigrated with father to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1805; after marriage was given 160 acre farm by father, in lower Rush Creek Twp., a mile or so northeast of Swartz farm Mill; Church of the Brethren (Rush Creek congregation); d Dec. 27, 1839, on her farm; bur. family graveyard on top of high hill; m Nov. 6, 1809, Fairfield Co., ABRAHAM BEERY, “Red Abe,” (1-1-7), b June 14, 1787, Botetourt Co., Va.; emigrated with father from Botetourt Co. to Hocking Co., Ohio, 1805; helped clear land on large tract owned by Nicholas Beery, Jr. in Rush Creek Twp., Fairfield Co.; after marriage settled on farm given by father-in-law, which was in heavily timbered forest, mostly hills and hollows, and dotted with springs; built first cabin beside prominence called the Indian Knob (several of these in the neighborhood were opened and found to contain Indian relics); later built two-story log house which was weather-boarded and painted; when his children married he gave to each of them 80 acres of Congress land, costing $1.25 per acre, and started them up with horses, cattle, and money; when he retired he divided his farm between sons Daniel and John K., whose farms adjoined his, with agreement that he was to receive one third of the crops as long as he lived; was afflicted with Parkinson’s disease but could still help with the farm work and hitch up his horse and buggy and take grain to the gristmill; stood very straight as long as he lived; Church of the Brethren (Rush Creek congregation, organized l809; services were held in homes and barns until about 1850 when the first church house was built about one mile south of Bremen near Rush Creek; d Mar. 24, 1876, Marion Twp., Hocking Co., Ohio (on farm on which he and Susan had first settled, but the county line was changed 1852); bur. family graveyard; Abraham m (2) several years after Susan’s death, MARGARET ____; d 1848; family graveyard; m (3) around 1850, MRS. ELIZABETH (LEFLER) GROVE.; midwife for the neighborhood; helpful companion in Abraham’s affliction; d about 1887.

 1. JOSHUA BEERY, b Nov. 6, 1810; m Catherine Hunsaker; Her dau. M Abraham Stemen.

 2. DANIEL BEERY, b Jan. 29, 1812; m Fanny Good; 13c. (see Good)

 3. ELIZABETH BEERY, b Aug. 21, 1813; m George Heft; 8c.

 4. JONAS BEERY, b Apr. 21, 1815; m Catherine Stone burner; 8c.

 5. JACOB BEERY, b Oct. 16, 1816; m Esther Voght; 10c.

 6. ABRAHAM B. BEERY, “Squire Abe”, b July 16, 1818; m Mary Good; (see Good)

 7. MARY BEERY, b Sept. 20, 1820; m Jacob Hamm; 11c. (see Hamm)

 8. GEORGE BEERY, b Apr. 17, 1822; d 1839.

 9. JOHN K. BEERY, b Feb. 6, 1824; Mary Strohm; 11c.

l0. SUSAN BEERY, b Mar. 25, 1829; m Levi Durr; 8c.


6-12. MARTHA BEERY, b 1787, Rockingham Co., Va.; emigrated with father to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1805; m ISAAC BLOSSER, b in 1777 near Lancaster, Pa.; emigrated to Ohio about 1805; going overland to the Ohio River and floating down the river to Marietta, from where he went on horseback to Fairfield Co.; settled on farm east of Lancaster; as the children grew up they assisted in clearing the heavy forest and attended school just across the road after the district was organized; Isaac d June 1845, near Bremen; (m (1) near Lancaster, Pa., Elizabeth Kauffman).

1. JOHN I. BLOSSER; m Hanna Hufford; 6c.

 2. POLLY BLOSSER; m Peter Stemen.

 3. ANDREW BLOSSER; m Sarah Mericle; 9c.

 4. NICHOLAS BLOSSER; m Elizabeth Hufford; 5c.

 5. CATHERINE BLOSSER; m Samuel Good.

 6. ISAAC BLOSSER; m Mary (Polly) Reedy.

 7. NANCY BLOSSER; m Christian D. Beery (6-5-8); no chil.

 8. BARBARA BLOSSER; m Reese Pugh.

 9. ELIZABETH BLOSSER; m Abraham Miller.

10. MARTHA BLOSSER; m Oliver Grove; 7c.

11. ABRAHAM BLOSSER; m Miriam Graffis; 8c.

12. NOAH BLOSSER, b Jan. 1830; m June 10, 1850, Matilda Grove; 9c.

13. SAMUEL BLOSSER; m (1) Betty McDougal; 8c.; m (2) Mrs. Mary Beery Shatzer (6-4-2-3).  Nicholas Jr. married (2) 1789 in Virginia; Mrs. Mary (Grow) Good.


6-13. JOSEPH BEERY, b Feb. 8, 1790, Rockingham Co., Va.; emigrated with parents to Fairfield Co., Ohio, 1805; farmer; was bequeathed by father 150 acres of home farm in Rush Creek Twp.; German minister, Brethren in Christ (with brother Abraham was among the organizers of Mt. Zion congregation in Rush Creek Twp. 1815); d Jan. 31, 1848; bur. Mercer Co.; m 1812, BARBARA MILLER, b May 2, 1794 (da Abraham and Elizabeth (Brumback) Miller); church; member 75 yr.

1. CHRISTIAN BEERY, b Oct. 18, 1813; m Barbara Huber; 3c.

2. ABRAHAM T. BEERY, “Tanner Abe,” b June 17, 1815; m Nancy Blosser.

3. ELI BEERY, b June 7, 1817; m Hattie Blosser; 4c.; Adams Co., Ind.

4. DAVID BEERY, b Jan. 7, 1819; m Jemina Black; 13c.; Norwalk, Iowa.

5. SALLIE BEERY, b Jan. 20, 1821; m Abraham Weldy; 15c.

6. JOHN M. BEERY (twin), b Aug. 31, 1822; m Mary Ann Weldy; 2c.

7. JONAS M. BEERY (twin), b Aug. 31, 1822; d Omaha, Nebr.; single.

8. ELIZABETH BEERY, b Feb. 27, 1824; m Daniel Weldy; 11c.

9. BARBARA M. BEERY, b Mar. 11, 1826; m Charles .Good, b Nov. 18, l805, Coshocton Co., Ohio; In 1851 Mr. Good and wife drove a team from Logan, Ohio, to Des Moines, Iowa, where they located and went into the drug business until 1860 when he retired.  He was a minister for 40 years in the Brethren in Christ church.  From investments in real estate business he accumulated about a half million dollars worth of property. He built the Good Block on the corner of Fifth and Walnut Streets, Des Moines, Iowa; d 1894; 3c.; (m (1) Sallie Geil (6-4-5); 4c.).

10. SOPHIA BEERY, b Mar. 25, 1830; m Noah M. Geil (6-4-1-2); 8c.; Des Moines, Iowa.

11. REUBEN BEERY, b June 9, 1834 (or 1832); m Sophia Swartz; 8c.


6-14. CHRISTIAN BEERY, b Aug. 1, 1792, Rockingham Co., Va.; emigrated with parents to Fairfield Co., Ohio 1805; entered wild land at $1.25 an acre; In 1850 he located his children on large farms near Celina, Mercer Co., Ohio which was then swampy and heavily timbered, where ague, milk sickness and wild beasts abounded; d Feb. 6, 1859,

Mercer Co., Ohio; m Dec. 2, 1814, Fairfield Co., ELIZABETH MILLER, b Jan. 12, 1797, Rockingham Co., Va. (da Abraham and Elizabeth (Brumback) Miller).  Emigrated with parents to Fairfield Co. 1805; Mennonite; d Feb. 26, 1867, Mercer Co., Ohio.

 1. MARY BEERY, b Mar. 11, 1816; m George W. Bright; 5c.; Hocking Co., Ohio.

 2. REBECCA BEERY, b May 19, 1817; (see PART III).

 3. ELIZABETH BEERY, b July 27, 1819; m John Weltner; 13c. (set twins).

 4. JOSEPH L. BEERY, b Aug. 23, 1821; (see PART III).

 5. BENJAMIN BEERY, b Jan. 14, 1824; m (1) Susan Blosser; 10c.; m (2) Mrs. Nancy Martial; Mercer Co., Ohio.

 6. ANNA BEERY, b Dec. 2, 1825; (see PART III).

 7. MAHALA BEERY, b Sept. 23, 1827; m Daniel Beugher; Celina, Ohio.

 8. SALLIE BEERY, b Mar. 6, 1829; m Jesse Geil (s Christian Geil 6-4-1).

 9. LYDIA BEERY, b Mar. 12, 1832; m John Grim; 14c. (2 sets twins).

10. SON BEERY, b Apr. 23, 1834; d Apr. 30, 1874.

11. LEAH BEERY, b Oct. 1, 1835 (twin), b Oct. 1, 1835; m Samuel Leffler; 8c; Lived Ford, Kansas.

12. RACHEL BEERY, b Oct. 1, 1835 (twin), b Oct. 1, 1835; m Noah Carpenter; 7c. (set twins); Celina, Ohio.


6-15. MARGARET BEERY, called Rebecca by some of her relatives, b June 15, 1795, Rockingham Co., Va.; emigrated with parents to Fairfield Co., Ohio 1805; after marriage settled on Raccoon Creek in Rush Creek Twp.; tax receipt during widowhood: “Oct. 9, 1833; Received of Margaret Keckler one dollar and 50 cents and 6 mills in full as State, County, and poor tax for the year 1833 for 160 acres of land, including house and appurtenances, horses, cattle, etc.; John C. Weaver, Treas., Fairfield County, Ohio”; d 1852 near Bremen; bur. near Bremen; m 1824, JAMES KECKLER; cooper; a man of more than ordinary strength; d about 1830 near Bremen; effects of measles; bur. near Bremen.

1. JOHN KECKLER, b July 11, 1826; m (1) Catherine Friesner; 3c.; m (2) Mrs. Julia Ann (Dunaway) Reynolds; 5c.

2. MARY ELIZABETH KECKLER, b May 1, 1828; m John Simon Journay; 10c.

3. CATHERINE KECKLER, b Mar. 8, 1830; m John Shumaker; 8c.


6-16. FRANCES BEERY, “Fanny,” b 1797, Rockingham Co., Va.; 1824 bought land where the town of Thurston, Fairfield Co., Ohio, now stands; In 1864 settled in Huntington, Ind.; d 1830, Fairfield Co., Ohio; m 1812, JOSEPH HITE; d 1884.

1. ABRAHAM HITE, b 1815; m Sarah Beetle; 7c.

2. REBECCA HITE, b 1817; m John Sands; 9c.

3. JONAS HITE, b June 9, 1820; m Lavina Huffman; 10c.

4. NOAH HITE, b 1822; m Lucy Snyder; 10c.

5. BENJAMIN HITE; d age 2.

6. JOHN HITE, b June 21, 1826; m Elizabeth Hempy; 6c.

7. AARON HITE, b Apr. 5, 1827; d Sept. 1834.

8. SAMUEL HITE, b Mar. 1, 1830; d Sept. 30, 1849.

9. MARY ANN HITE, b Apr. 28, 1832; m Luther Hartsough; 1c.

















(son of Nicholas Jr.)
















                                      NICHOLAS BEERY  ....................       75

                                      ABRAHAM D. BEERY.............. 86

                                      HENRY BEERY      ....................         76

                                      MARY CORFMAN....................          75

                                      JACOB BEERY      ....................         75

                                      NANCY STALTER. ...................         75

                                      CATHERINE HOLMES    ...........         75

                                      JONATHAN BEERY....................        75

                                      WILLIAM BEERY  ....................         75

                                      ELIZABETH BAUM....................        76
















6-3-2. ABRAHAM D. BEERY, b July 29. 1798, Rockingham Co.. Va.: Came with parents to Fairfield Co., Ohio in 1803; Received fair education, could read both English and German: Minister in United Brethren Church of Christ, an able and successful preacher (he was in comfortable circumstances and made no charge for his services as a minister): Lived in Fairfield Co., Ohio and removed to Hocking Co., Ohio; fell from a load of flax; bur. Miller Cem., six mi. NW of Logan, Ohio; m 1820, ANNA BLOSSER, b Feb. 24, 1798, Virginia (da Abraham and Anna (Cochenhauer) Blosser); removed to Adams Co., Ind. 1861; d Jan. 13. 1873: bur. Beery Cem., Decatur, Ind.

1. ANNA BEERY, b Feb. 24, 1821.

2. PETER B. BEERY, b May 27, 1822.

3. LYDIA BEERY, b Feb. 1825, Hocking Co., Ohio; 1860 Adams Co., Ind. census in Jacob Good household (sister Anna).  Evidently came to Page Co., Iowa 1867 with sister Mary Huddle and sister-in-law, Magdalene Hamm Beery.  In 1880 Page Co census in East River twp.; m 1875, Page Co., Iowa, ANTHONY BUTTS, b 1839: 1st Ohio Cavalry.  GAR (marker on grave); bur. Butler Cem. Lydia d Sept. 2, 1885; bur. Butler Cem., Shambaugh, Iowa.

4. MARY ELIZABETH BEERY, b Dec. 15, 1827.

5. DANIEL B. BEERY, b July 3, 1830.

6. SARAH BEERY, b Nov. 1, 1833. (see below)

7. BARBARA BEERY, b Nov. 1, 1835; Laurel, Montana; m ____ Young;  No record in 1911.

8. FLORENCE BEERY, b 18—; Alberta, Canada; m Lambert Lethridge; This name was not in the 1911 Beery History by Wenger but was added in the 1914 “Geil” History by Wenger.


6-3-2-6. SARAH BEERY, b Nov. 1, 1833, Hocking Co., Ohio; United Brethren; d Aug. 10, 1892; m 1852, SAMUEL. HUNTER, b Feb 22, 1819; Farmer; d Mar. 13, 1879; bur. Tricker Cem., Adams Co., Ind.

1. CAROLINE HUNTER, b Aug. 1, 1854; German Reformed; Lived Elm St., Decatur, Ind.; d Jan. 28, 1914; bur. Tricker Cem.; m July 15, 1877, JOSHUA KRICK; Tile factory.

1. John W. Krick, b Sept. 20, 1878; Railroad Fireman, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; m Apr. 24, 1906, ANNA AULT.

1. Collins Krick, b Feb. 8, 1907.

2. Laura Pearl Krick, b Feb. 5, 1908.

2. Harry B. Krick, b Mar. 11, 1883; d Oct. 23. 1884.

3. George W. Krick, b Aug. 18, 1887.

4. Frank A. Krick, b Sept. 30, 1894;

2. FRANKLIN HUNTER, b Apr. 7, 1858; d Nov. 10, 1858 d Mar. 31, 1897.











     Anna Beery                                           Jacob Good










                                      MARY BEERY        ....................         88

                                      LYDIA GOOD        ....................         88

                                      SOLOMON GOOD ....................         89

                                      DANIEL B. GOOD ....................         89

                                      BARBARA GOOD  ....................         88

                                      ELI B. GOOD                  ....................         91

                                      SARAH McKINLEY         ....................         93

                                      ELIZABETH PARRISH  ...............       96

                                      MALINDA ANDREWS   ..............       97






(Record of Jacob and Anna (Beery) Good family, collected completely by Peggy Dick, Decatur (Adams Co.) Indiana).







6-3-2-1. ANNA BEERY, b Feb. 24, 1821, Fairfield Co., Ohio; River Brethren; d Dec. 17, 1908, Montgomery Co., Ohio (home of son Solomon); bur. Beery (Antioch) Cem., Adams Co., Ind.; m Dec. 10, 1840, JACOB GOOD, b Dec. 17, 1814, Rockingham Co., Va. (s David and Barbara (Neiswander) Good); Farmer; entered land Adams Co., Ind. May 21, 1848, Washington Twp. Decatur, Ind.; River Brethren Church, was located beside the Beery Cem.; d Feb. 11, 1890, Adams Co.; bur. Beery Cem., near Decatur.


1. MARY GOOD, b Oct. 31, 1841.

2. LYDIA GOOD, b Mar. 8, 1843; d 1845, Ohio.

3. SOLOMON GOOD, b Sept. 22, 1845.

4. DANIEL B. GOOD, b June 28, 1848.

5. BARBARA .GOOD, b Sept. 4, 1850; d Apr. 8, 1868; bur. Beery Cem.

6. ELI B. GOOD, b Nov. 14, 1852.

7. SARAH GOOD, b June 8, 1855.

8. ELIZABETH ANN GOOD, b May 15, 1858.

9. MALINDA GOOD, b June 16, 1860.


6-3-2-1-1. MARY GOOD, b Oct. 31, 1841; Brethren Church; Lived Bradford (Darke Co.) Ohio; d Oct. 7, 1920; bur. Oakland Cem.(Adams Twp.) Darke Co., Ohio; m Oct. 1, 1876, Adams Co., Ind., EMANUEL BEERY, b Feb. 7, 1846, Fairfield Co., Ohio (s Joel (1810-1886) and Sarah (Huddle 1813-1910; both bur. Beamsville Cem., Darke Co., Ohio) Beery); (see 6-5-5) ; Farmer; d 1931; bur. Oakland Cem.


1. EPHRAIM BEERY, b Sept. 4, 1877; Farmer, Bradford, Ohio; m May 30, 1903, Adams Co., Ind., VIOLA KNAVEL.

1. William F. Beery, b Aug. 11, 1904.

2. Rosa E. Beery, b Dec. 25, 1905; d Aug. 15, 1906.

3. Theodore H. Beery, b Aug. 15, 1910.

2. SARAH ANNA BEERY, b July 6, 1880; Lived Ansonia and Bradford, Ohio; d and bur. Greenville, Ohio (near sister Mintie); m May 4, 1902, EARL MORTON.

1. Frances L. Morton, b Apr. 13, 1904; d Aug. 29, 1910; bur. Greenville, Ohio.

2. Florence Morton, b May 14, 1906; Lived Piqua, Ohio; m Alpha Armstrong.

3. E. Calvin Morton, b May 19, 1909.

3. ARMINTA BEERY, “Mintie,” b Feb. 2, 1882; d Sept. 30, 1965, Darke Co., Ohio; bur. Greenville, Ohio; m CALVIN KNOLL, b Sept. 30, 1877; Contractor and architect, Greenville; resident Nursing home, Greenville; No children.

4. ETTIE M. BEERY, b Dec. 22, 1884; d Aug. 7, 1885, Darke Co., Ohio.








6-3-2-1-3. SOLOMON GOOD, b Sept. 22, 1845, Ohio; Minister, helped to found Brethren in Christ Churches in Miami Valley; Farmer, Montgomery Co. (Butler Twp.) Ohio (1870 census), Dry Goods store  Wengerlawn, Ohio (1880 census); d Apr. 15, 1938, Dayton, Ohio; bur. Tadmor Cem., North of Dayton; m ANNA WENGER HUTCHINS, b 1836, Ohio; (m (1) Branson Hutchins; d 1863).

1. JOHN GOOD, b 1869; said to have been a Presbyterian minister but left the church and moved to Florida.

2. DAVID GOOD, b 1872.

(a) Levi Frank Hutchins, b 1855.

(b) Laura E. Hutchins, b 1858.

(c) Sarah A. Hutchins, b 1861.





6-3-2-1-4. DANIEL B. GOOD, b June 28, 1848, Adams Co.’, Ind.; Minister, lumber merchant, farmer, Montgomery Co. (Clay Twp.) Ohio in 1880; Lived Darke Co., Ohio and moved to Elkhart, Ind. about 1900; d 1926, Elkhart; bur. Prairie St. Cem.; m Ohio, LUCINDA MARGARET RHODAMEL (also found as Rhodeheimer), b 1849, Montgomery Co., Ohio; d 1914, Elkhart; bur. Prairie St. Cem., Elkhart, Indiana.

1. WEALTHY GOOD, b 1876.

2. LOTTIE B. GOOD, b 1879.

3. EFFIE A. GOOD, b 1883.

4. EDWARD C. GOOD, b June 16, 1888.

5. PEARL IDA GOOD, b Mar. 11, 1892.

6. VERNA M. GOOD, b ____; Living in Elkhart, Ind. with father 1902; Lived Dayton, Ohio; m ____ HART; 1 child who died young.


6-3-2-1-4-1. WEALTHY GOOD, b 1876, Montgomery Co., Ohio; Lived Ohio and Elkhart Co., Ind.; d Wakarusa, Ind.; m Nov. 7, 1896, Elkhart Co., WILLIAM MOORE; Minister; Missionary Church, Wakarusa, Ind.

1. CLARENCE MOORE; Lives Elkhart, Ind.; Electronics; 2 sons, 1 dau. 2. BERYL MOORE; dau. (died in her 20’s).



6-3-2-1-4-2. LOTTIE B. GOOD, b 1879, Montgomery Co., Ohio; United Missionary Church; d Apr. 8, 1919, Elkhart, Ind.; auto acc. with aunt, Sarah Good McKinley; bur. Prairie St. Cem., Elkhart; m Sept. 16, 1900, Elkhart, JAMES DALTON WHYBREW, b Jan. 12, 1876 (s William H. Whybrew); Mason contractor; d 1956; bur. Prairie Cem., Elkhart, Ind.; (m (2) June 10, 1920, Laura Risser; 1 dau. Phyllis Whybrew, b Feb. 8, 1923; m Sheldon Cook).


2. OPAL WHYBREW, b Aug. 25.1906, Elkhart, Ind.; ad Elkhart, Ind.; m GORDON LIGHT, b Oct. 23, 1901 (s Joseph and Maude Light); d Apr. 8, 1968, Elkhart.



1. Earl T. Light, b Aug. 31, 1930, Elkhart H.S.; mechanic at Whitehall; m Jeanette Hartzler.

1. Lori Light, b Mar. 13, 1960.

2. Lisa Jo Light, b Sept. 17, 1964.

3. Linda Lou Light, b Mar. 27, 1966.

2. Richard James Light, b Jan. 11, 1949; Grad. Ball State U. (working on Masters Indiana Univ.); Teacher Pierre Moran Jr. High School; m June 27, 1970, Kathryn Chaddock.

1. Derek Gordon Light, b Apr. 10, 1974.

3. EARL WHYBREW, b Mar. 7, 1910; d Nov. 17, 1966; m FRANCES FREEMAN; d Nov. 1969, Elkhart, Ind.




6-3-2-1-4-3. EFFIE A. GOOD, b 1883, Ohio; d 1933, Elkhart, Ind.; bur. Prairie St. Cem., Elkhart; m Apr. 22, 1905, Elkhart, HENRY ENGLEHARDT, b 1883; bur. Prairie St. Cem.






6-3-2-1-4-4. EDWARD C. GOOD, b June 16, 1888; Real Estate,  carpenter; d June 28, 1962, Elkhart; bur. Rice Cem.; m June 22, 1915, Elkhart, BEULAH NAOMI EATON, b Dec. 19, 1893, Kosciusko Co., Ind. (da Thomas and Sarah (Bowman) Eaton); ad Elkhart, Indiana.

1. VELDA V. GOOD, b June 2, 1916, Elkhart, Ind.; Elkhart H.S., South Bend Col. of Commerce, Secretarial and Accounting; Sec. at St. Jos. Valley Bank, Elkhart and Lee County Bank (ret.); Presbyterian; int. organ, craft work; travel US and Mexico with Airstream Travel Club; ad Ft. Myers, Florida; m (1) GEORGE W. DYE, b July 5, 1913 (s William and Mary (Homan) Dye); Mgr. Lumber Co. Kentland, Ind.; Boy Scout leader; WWII, Seabees; m (2) CHARLES H. FOSTER, SR., b Aug. 7, 1907 (s Charles H. and Mattie (LaMar) Foster); Purdue U.; Engineer Foster Machine Co. Elkhart; m (3) PAUL B. EMMERT, b Feb. 19, 1904, Nappanee, Ind. (s Ephriam and Emma (Stahly) Emmert); Emmert Trailers (owner and operator, ret.); Presbyterian; Lions, Elks Clubs; Worked for Salvation Army and Red Cross; Trailer travel.

1. Linda Irene Dye, b July 1, 1941; ad Coos Bay, Oregon; m Robert V. Lilly.

1. Cynthia Irene Lilly, b Feb. 4, 1966.

2. Kevin Vaugh Lilly (adopted), b Aug. 6, 1971.

2. Charles H. Foster, Jr., b Apr. 4, 1947; Single; X-ray business, Ft. Myers, Florida.

2. WILMA I. GOOD, b Oct.. 17, 1917, Elkhart, Ind.; Registered Nurse, Michael Reese Hosp. Chicago, Ill.; ad Elmhurst, Ill.; m Aug. 19, 1943, Elkhart, NORMAN L. GINDER, b Nov. 8, 1917, Toledo, Ohio; Purdue U., Engineering; International Harvester, Sales Division.




1. Ronald Eugene Ginder, b Feb. 13, 1946, Elkhart, Ind.; Mail Clerk; ad Oakbrook, Ill.; m ____ .        

2. Toby Bruce Ginder, b May 17, 1947, Chicago, Ill.; Water Conservation officer; ad Madison, Wisc.; Single.

3. JEWELL J. GOOD, b Mar. 30, 1920, Elkhart, Ind.; ad Elkhart, Ind.; m RICHARD I. OSWALD, b Dec. 27, 1918, Nappanee, Ind.; Salesman.

1. Richard G. Oswald, b Jan. 25, 1949; m Martha Ann Lewis.

1. Richard L. Oswald.

2. Amy Nicole Oswald.

2. Kathy Jo Oswald, b Mar. 21, 1951; m Joseph M. Ready.

3. William John Oswald, b Nov. 23, 1953; Purdue Univ. Student.




6-3-2-1-4-5. PEARL IDA GOOD, b Mar. 11, 1892, Dayton, Ohio; d May 26, 1959, Battle Creek, Mich.; bur. Bronson, Mich.; m (1) ANDREW FRANKLIN MELTON, b Mar. 7, 1887, Auburn, Ind. (s W.F. and Susan (Vantress) Melton); m (2) CLYDE WARNER, b July 30, 1895 (s John Adam and Maggie (Richardson) Warner); d Apr. 10, 1962; bur. Bronson, Mich.

1. REO L. MELTON, b Sept. 7, 1914; d 1944; bur. Bronson, Mich.

2. JAMES WARNER, b Feb. 27, 1935, Battle Creek, Mich.; ad Battle Creek, Mich.; Insurance Salesman; m July 14, 1956, SHIRLEY LAWRENCE, b Feb. 12, 1935 (da Fred I. and Lillian (Disler) Lawrence) .

1. Janice Ann Warner, b June 18, 1959.

2. Linda Kay Warner, b May 28, 1962.





6-3-2-1-6. ELI B. GOOD, b Nov. 14, 1852, Adams Co., Ind.; Farmer,

lumber business; Moved to Elkhart, Ind. about 1900, then to Trenary, Mich.; d Apr 16, 1939; bur. Denton, Mich.; m Dec. 18, 1873, Wells Co., Ind., ELZINA F. SHADY, b Mar. 13, 1855, Wells Co. (da Jacob and Rachel (Mills) Shady); d Nov. 13, 1936; bur. Denton, Mich.

1. JACOB LOUIS GOOD, b Apr. 17, 1874.

2. NELLA GOOD, b Aug. 28, 1878.

3. FRANK GOOD, b Oct. 5, 1880.

4. JESSICA E. GOOD, b Sept. 2, 1892.


6-3-2-1-6-1. JACOB LOUIS GOOD, b Apr. 17, 1874, Adams Co., Ind.; moved to Elkhart, Ind. when young; Construction Business; d June 3, 1952, Elkhart, Ind.; m ELVA A. PLETCHER, b Feb. 16, 1874; d Sept. 1971, Elkhart, Indiana.

1. ELDON GOOD, b Jan. 4, 1899; Lived Younkers, New York; d 1966; m Ann ____.




1. Kenneth Good, b Aug. 1925; Lived West Haven, Conn.; d 19—; auto acc.; m Margaret Licktieg; 6 children.

2. MAYNARD GOOD, b Mar. 10, 1905; d 1955: auto acc., Elkhart. Ind.: m (1) CARRIE SCOLES; m (2) AGATHA SWAIN.

1. Jack (Good) Cullen (adopted by mother’s second husband).

3. KENNETH GOOD, b Mar. 28, 1913, Quincy, Mich.; Mobile Home bus., White Pigeon, Mich.; helped with record of Eli Good family; ad Constantine, Mich.; m EVELYN YOST, b Mar. 10, 1915 (da Roy and Ines (Thunander) Yost).

1. Barbara Good, b Apr. 25, 1947, Elkhart, Ind.; ad Constantine, Mich.; m July 1965, RICHARD OUTMAN, b July 25, 1946.

1. Kimberly Ann Outman, b Feb. 3, 1966.

2. Todd Richard Outman, b Dec. 30, 1968.

3. Jodi Elizabeth Outman, b July 19, 1975.

2. Stephen Good, b Nov. 16, 1950, Elkhart, Ind.; College.

3. Mary Elizabeth Good, b Feb. 28, 1955, Elkhart, Ind.



6-3-2-1-6-2. NELLA GOOD, “Nettie,” b Aug 28, 1878, Adams Co., Ind.; d Feb. 27, 1955, near Colfax, Iowa; m Dec. 7, 1898, Trenary, Mich., WILLIAM ROBERTS, b Nov. 3, 1869; Minister; d Feb. 8, 1939, Iowa.

1. ORLO G. ROBERTS, b Sept. 26, 1899; Funeral Home, Belleville. Mich. m ELSIE BARDEN, b Nov. 1898; d 1934.

1. Lillian Roberts; m James Simmons.

1. Jeanette Simmons; m Ray Hoppenrath.

2. LETTIE ROBERTS, b Sept. 13, 1901; d Feb. 15, 1935.

3. NETTIE E. ROBERTS, b June 14, 1904: Last known address Colfax, Iowa; m (1) July 17, 1929, WILLIAM KENNETH WATT, b July 31, 1903; d Sept. 16, 1947; m (2) Aug. 9, 1956, WALTER BEALS.

1. Barbara Joan Watt, b Aug. 19, 1931; Lives Iowa: m Feb. 10, 1954, RODELL LIGHTFOOT.

1. David R. Lightfoot, b Nov. 30, 1954.

2. F. Kenneth Lightfoot, b Sept. 29, 1956.

2. Phyllis Jane Watt, b Oct. 20, 1932; m June 9, 1950, HERBERT DOUGALL, b Dec. 7, 1928.

1. Herbert J. Dougall III, b Mar. 14, 1951.

2 . Sue Ann Dougall, b Aug. 16, 1952; d Aug. 13, 1957.

3. Nancy Louise Dougall, b Dec. 9, 1954.

3. Margaret Jean Watt, b Aug. 20, 1940; m Aug. 24, 1958, NORMAN REYNOLDS, b Sept. 12, 1936.

4. William Kenneth Watt, Jr., b Dec. 31, 1936.

4. JUNE VIVIAN ROBERTS, b June 1, 1913; ad Richmond, Calif.; m Mar. 11, 1939, WESLEY KAISER; 3 children.

5. WILLIAM HAROLD ROBERTS, b May 5, 1915; Funeral Home with brother Orlo, Belleville, Mich.; m (1) Aug. 6, 1938, MARGARET FODOR; d 1954; m (2) JUNE KRUGER.




6-3-2-1-6-3. FRANK GOOD, b Oct. 5, 1880, Adams Co., Ind.:  Railroad Engineer; d Mar. 26, 1952, Elkhart, Ind.; bur. Grace Lawn Cem., Elkhart; m Oct. 4, 1905, SABRA PLATT, b 1881; d 1971, bur. Grace Lawn.

1. EVERETT GOOD (adopted), b 1911; d 1920; bur. Grace Lawn Cem., Elkhart, Ind.




6-3-2-1-6-4. JESSICA E. GOOD, b Sept. 2, 1892, Adams Co., Ind; ad Methodist Home, Chelsea, Mich.; helped on record of Eli Good family: m Dec. 24, 1913, Iron Mountain, Mich., FRED KINGHORN, b Dec. 10, 1888: General Store, California, Mich., trucking business (after WWII); d Aug. 19, 1968.

1. THYRA KINGHORN, b Jan. 11, 1915; d Nov. 30, 1969; m ROBERT CLIFFORD, M.D., b Sept. 7, 1914.

1. Thyra Jeanette Clifford (adopted); ad Detroit, Mich.; m Raymond Cole.

2. Robert K. Clifford (adopted), b June 1, 1951.




6-3-2-1-7. SARAH GOOD, b June 8, 1855, Adams Co., Ind.; d Mar. 14, 1919, Elkhart, Ind.; Auto acc.; bur. Prairie St. Cem., Elkhart; m Mar. 6, 1873, Adams Co., Ind., GEORGE W. McKINLEY, b Nov. 23, 1851, Miami Co., Ind. (s James and Catherine Elizabeth (Bowman) McKinley); Darke Co. (Richland Twp.) in 1880, lived 1007 Blaine Ave., Elkhart in 1903: carpenter; d Sept. 3,1934, Huntington Park, Calif.: bur. Inglewood Cem.; (m (2) Aug. 14, 1920, Goshen, Ind., Emma D. Haines; m (3) Los Angeles Co., Calif., May 13, 1922, Sarah E. Gaudy).

1. JAMES DANIEL McKINLEY, b Oct. 24, 1874; d Nov. 11, 1880.

2. JACOB FRANKLIN McKINLEY, b July 4, 1879.

3. ADA BERTHA McKINLEY, b Apr. 6, 1882.

4. IDA ESTELLA McKINLEY, b June 16, 1885.

5. ANNA LAURA McKINLEY, b July 17, 1890.

6. WILLIAM ELMER McKINLEY, b Nov. 3, 1894.

7. ZOA MABEL McKINLEY, b Jan. 22, 1897.


6-3-2-1-7-2. JACOB FRANKLIN McKINLEY, b July 4, 1879, Darke Co., Ohio; Painter; Spanish American War, WWI; Moved to Calif. only 7 mo. before death, resided 3633 No. San Fernando Rd.; d Nov. 25, 1961, Burbank, Calif.; bur. Valhalla Memorial Park; m (1) Mar. 21, 1900, Elkhart, Ind., IDA THOMAS.

1. FERN McKINLEY; Lives Elkhart, Ind.; m ____ ROE; No children.

2. MAE McKINLEY; Lived and died Brownsburg, Ind.

3. GEORGE McKINLEY; Lives Indianapolis, Ind.

4. WALTER McKINLEY; died young.

 m (2) NETTIE MARIE ____; d 1963; bur. Crawfordsville, Ind., Mace K of P Cem.




6. RICHARD MCKINLEY; Lived Crawfordsville, Ind.


6-3-2-1-7-3. ADA BERTHA McKINLEY, b Apr. 6, 1882; Lived Elkhart Co., Ind. and Palacia, Texas; d July 17, 1965, Elkhart; bur. Prairie St. Cem., Elkhart; . Nov. 16, 1902, Elkhart Co., JOHN C. BONTRAGER. b 1880: carpenter; d 1960; bur. Prairie St. Cem., Elkhart.

1. SON BONTRAGER, b July 16, 1903; d same date; bur. Prairie St. Cem.

2. MARIE BONTRAGER, b Oct. 28, 1905, Elkhart; d 1909, Texas.

3. ELLA MAE BONTRAGER, b Feb. 16, 1910.

4. DOROTHY L. BONTRAGER, b Nov. 22, 1911.

5. VIVIAN R. BONTRAGER, b Sept. 27, 1915.


6-3-2-1-7-3-3. ELLA MAE BONTRAGER, b Feb. 16, 1910, Palacia. Texas; Winters. in Florida; m May 16, 1929, Elkhart, Ind., D. PAUL HUFFMAN, b June 6, 1903, New Carlisle, Ohio (s Jasper A. and Elizabeth (Lambert) Huffman); Minister (retired), Missionary Church.

1. DOROTHY JEAN HUFFMAN, b Nov. 10, 1930, Elkhart, Ind.; School teacher; Missionary Church, served as Missionaries in South America; ad Elkhart, Ind.; m Aug. 13, 1951, DONALD L. GRANITZ, b Aug. 24, 1928; Dean of Students, Bethel College, Mishawaka, Ind.

1. Donald Alan Granitz, b Aug. 11, 1955, Elkhart, Ind.

2. Valerie Jean Granitz, b July 27, 1956, Brazil.

3. Douglas Lee Granitz, b Aug. 10, 1960, Elkhart, Ind.

4. Thomas Paul Granitz, b Nov. 21, 1964, Brazil.

2. JAMES RICHARD HUFFMAN, b Apr. 23, 1933, Elkhart, Ind.; Businessman; ad Tustin, Calif.; m (1) DELORES McCRORY.

1. David Huffman, b Nov. 15, 1956, Elkhart, Ind.

2. Steven Huffman, b Mar. 26, 1958, Elkhart, Ind., m (2) PEGGY SMINK.

3. Cindy Huffman, b June 5, 1960, Orange Co., Calif.

4. Dirk Huffman, b June 13, 1962, Orange Co., Calif.

5. Douglas Huffman, b July 20, 1965, Orange Co., Calif.


3. JANET MAE HUFFMAN, b Dec. 23, 1938, Elkhart, Ind.; Teacher, Upland, Ind. High School; m Aug. 15, 1959, GEORGE GLASS, b Nov. 14, 1936; Athletic director, Taylor Univ., Upland, Ind.

1. Cindy Glass, b June 17, 1960, Elkhart, Ind.

2. Deborah Glass, b June 23, 1962, Elkhart, Ind.

3. Timothy Glass, b July 26, 1963, Elkhart, Ind.


6-3-2-1-7-3-4. DOROTHY L. BONTRAGER, b Nov. 22t 1911, Elkhart, Ind.; ad St. Petersburg, Florida; m Sept. 24, 1931, H. DALE MITCHELL, b Nov. 12, 1910, Ionia, Mich. (s Berton L. and Ethel Mae (Bender) Mitchell); Minister (retired) Nazarene Church; Served churches in Ind., Ohio, Ill., Mich., General Church Executive at Kansas City, Mo. headquarters until 1963.





1. JOHN PAUL MITCHELL, b Apr. 8, 1933, Elkhart, Ind.: m Jan. 1, 1954, m MARY LOU COCHRAN.

1. John Dale Mitchell.

2. Diane Lucille Mitchell.

3. Terri Lynn Mitchell.

4. Jodi Lorraine Mitchell.

5. Thomas Paul Mitchell.

6. Lori Lea Mitchell.

7. Timothy Charles Mitchell.

2. HAROLD BONTRAGER MITCHELL, b Mar. 13t 1938, Lima, Ohio: m Sept. 1, 1956, SUSAN EMMERT (da Paul and Dorothy Emmert).

1. Linda Sue Mitchell.

2. Carol Ann Mitchell.

3. Michael Allen Mitchell.

4. Rebecca Mitchell.

3. VIVIENNE CAROLE MITCHELL, b May 28, 1941, Lima. Ohio: m June 24, 1961, JAMES CARL EVANS (s Loren and Lela Evans).

1. James Mitchell Evans.

2. Jon Christopher Evans.


6-3-2-1-7-3-5. VIVIAN R. BONTRAGER, b Sept. 27t 1915, Elkhart, Ind.; Teacher, real estate Saleslady; ad Elkhart Ind.; m June 26, 1943. RAYMOND WEAVER, b May 6, 1906, Kendallville, Ind. (s Irvin and ____ (Bollinger) Weaver); Musician and Professor, Bethel College, Mishawaka, Ind.

1. KAY L. WEAVER, b Jan. 18, 1947.

2. A. DOUGLAS WEAVER, b Feb. 9, 1949; m Aug. 30, 1969, CAROL STRAUSS.

3. BETH L. WEAVER, b Aug. 2, 1950.

4. JOHN I. WEAVER, b Sept. 13, 1953; m June 23, 1973, DEBORAH BASKERVILLE.



6-3-2-1-7-4. IDA ESTELLA McKINLEY, b June 16, 1885, Darke Co., Ohio (or Elkhart Co., Ind.); Moved from Elkhart Co. sometime after 1918 to Nashville, Tenn.; d Sept. 23, 1956, Nashville; m June l8, 1904, ARCHIE J. SHADY, b 1880 (s Marion and Mary (Taylor) Shady, Wells Co., Ind.

 1. MARION G. SHADY, b Mar. 30, 1905, Elkhart, Ind.

 2. RUTH S. SHADY, b Mar. 27, 1906.

 3. WALTER L. SHADY, b Dec. 18, 1907.

 4. RAY N. SHADY, b 1908.

 5. EDWARD SHADY, b 1910.

 6. VIRGINIA P. SHADY, b July 23, 1913.

 7. ELGIN M. SHADY, b Apr. 9, 1917.

 8. MARY E. SHADY, b Dec. 29, 1918.





6-3-2-1-7-5. ANNA LAURA McKINLEY, b July 17, 1890 (death certif. Says Tenn.); Lived Calif. 42 yrs., last residence 9610 Arkansas St., Bellflower, Calif.; d Dec. 3, 1966, Paramount Hosp., Calif.; bur. Inglewood Park Cem.; m (1) JOHN HESSON; d Apr. 17, 1960; m (2) LLOYD REYNOLDS; No children.



6-3-2-1-7-6. WILLIAM ELMER McKINLEY, b Nov. 3, 1894; Lived Temperance, Mich.; d Jan. 19, 1937; bur. Bremen, Ind.; m (1) RUTH BUSH: m (2) FRIEDA ____; 4 or 5 children, one son named William; No record.



6-3-2-1-7-7. ZOA MABEL McKINLEY, b Jan. 22, 1897, Elkhart Co., Ind.; Has McKinley family Bible and helped greatly on the McKinley record; ad DeSoto, Ind.; m (1) Oct. 3, 1916, Elkhart, IRA SAMUEL PITTENGER, b Sept. 23,1879, Delaware Co., Ind. (s Israel and Sarah (Swanders) Pittenger); Farmer; d May 2, 1969, DeSoto; m (2) JUDSON BECK; d Aug. 29. 1973.

1. WILBUR RAYMOND PITTENGER, b Aug. 1917; d same date.

2. MARTHA MARIE PITTENGER, b Mar. 24, 1920, Delaware Co., Ind.: ad New Boston, Mich.; m June 5, 1937, AARON CANTER.

1. Linton Lee Canter, b Feb. 13, 1939; d Feb. 9, 1960.

2. Jerry Dee Canter, b Feb. 9,1941; m JOAN LEE; 4 stepchildren.

3. Virginia Canter, b Oct. 3,1945; ad Goss Isle, Mich.; m ROBERT COLEMAN; dentist; 3 stepchildren

4. Mary Canter, b Aug. 19,1948; ad Bay City, Mich.; m JOHN HOWE.

1. Susie Howe, b Jan. 7, 1968.

2. Brian Howe, b Nov. 1, 1971.

3. CHARLES GILBERT PITTENGER, b June 28, 1924, Delaware Co., Ind.; Farmer, Lives on home farm of his father; m Aug. 18, 1945, NlLA MAE MILLER, b Dec. 20, 1921.

1. Vickie Lynn Pittenger, b Dec. 25, 1949; ad Albany, Ind.; m May 20, 1973, LARRY HOBSON; 3 stepsons.

2. Susan Jo Pittenger, b July 17, 1955; ad Panama, Florida: m June 23, 1973, JOHN GOUGH.   




6-3-2-1-8. ELIZABETH ANN GOOD, b May 15, 1858, Adams Co., Ind.; Moved to Pennsylvania about 1900; d 1948, Greensburg, Pa.; m Feb. 13,1879, JAMES T. PARRISH, b 1855, Adams Co. (s John and Margaret (Johnson) Parrish); Constable in Adams Co.; d about 1930, Penna.

1. GERTRUDE PARRISH; m Robert Twaddle.

1. Florine Twaddle; m an attorney.

2. JAMES PARRISH; lived Gary, Ind.






6-3-2-1-9. MALINDA GOOD, b June 16, 1860, Adams Co. Ind.: d July 8, 1931, Adams Co.; bur. Ray Cem., Monroe, Ind.: m (1) Mar. 27. 1880, Adams Co., LEWIS MILLARD FILLMORE ANDREWS, b Mar. 12, 1856, Adams Co., (s Perry and Nancy (Little) Andrews); Farmer, livestock raiser: d Feb 4, 1911, Adams Co.; bur. Ray Cem., Monroe: m (2) JOHN B. CORSON.

1. NANCY ANN ANDREWS, b June 23, 1881.

2. PERRY FLOYD ANDREWS, b Sept. 6,1883: d Aug. 23,1884. Ray Cem.

3. FANNIE ANDREWS, b Sept. 5, 1887: d Aug. 28, 1906. Ray Cem.

4. AMY ANDREWS, b Aug. 23, 1892.

5. LAURAN EMILO ANDREWS, b Apr. 7, 1895: d Mar. 1.0. 1905: Ray Cem.

6. LYDIA ALBERTA ANDREWS, b Apr. 7, 1897: d Aug. 23, 1906: Ray Cem.

7. VIRGIL LEOTIS ANDREWS, b Oct. 9, 1900.

8. ELI ANDREWS, b July 22, 1907.


6-3-2-1-9-1. NANCY ANN ANDREWS, b June 23, 1881, Adams Co., Ind.: d Nov. 23, 1912; bur. Maplewood Cem., Decatur, Ind.: m Aug. 24. 1912, MELVIN MALLONEE, b Mar. 8, 1879; Farmer, teacher: d Jan. 14. 1967, Adams Co.; (m (2) Emma Klopfenstine Burrows: 1 child: Neva Mallonee).

1. MARY EDITH MALLONEE, b Aug. 17, 1902.


3. LOUIS GALLIGER MALLONEE, b June 9. 1906: d Dec. 1973. Union City, Ind.; m (1) ELVA COX, b July 19, 1906, Ky.; d July 19, 1954, Dunkirk, Ind.; m (2) MARGERY ____; ad Union City, Ind.  No children.


6-3-2-1-9-1-1. MARY EDITH MALLONEE, b Aug. 17, 1902. Adams Co., Ind.; ad Bluffton, Ind.; m Apr. 28, 1926, Adams Co., JEHU MINGER, b Dec. 25, 1899; d Nov. 22, 1956, Wells Co., Ind.

1. LELA KATHRYN MINGER, b May 1, 1927, Wells Co., Ind.: ad Bluffton Ind.; m Nov. 17, 1946, WALTER E. CLAGHORN, b Sept. 4, 1924, Wayne, Mich.

1. John Jay Claghorn, b Feb. 11, 1949: ad Indianapolis, Ind.: m Sandra Maupin, b Oct. 5, 1949.

2. Alan Kent Claghorn, b Nov. 21, 1950; m Judy Bump.

3. Ted Michael Claghorn, b Mar. 17, 1952: m Joann Louise Campbell, b May 30, 1952.

4. Gale Brian Claghorn, b July 5, 1957.

5. Bradley Wayne Claghorn, b Sept 14, 1959.

6. Jean Ann Claghorn, b Oct. 14, 1960.


6-3-2-1-9-1-2. WINIFRED LEOTIS MALLONEE, b Oct. 4, 1904, Adams Co., Ind.; ad RR 4, Decatur, Ind.: m WALTER ERNST SOMMER, b Dec. 24. 1902. Bern, Switzerland; farmer, factory worker.

1. CHESTER WAYNE SOMMER, b Sept. 4, 1930, Wells Co., Ind.: US Air Force, now G. E. Company, Scotia, New York; m May 10, 1953, MILLIE J. RASKE, b Oct. 8, 1931, Allen Co., Ind.



1. Kyle Wayne Sommer, b Feb. 5, 1960.

2. Karri Ann Sommer, b Mar. 25, 1962.

2. HAROLD MELVIN SOMMER, b Jan. 26, 1938, Adams Co. Ind.: Wabash, Ind. College, Doctorate at Athens, Georgia: Professor of German, Univ. of Indiana, Penna.; ad Indiana, Penna.; m SARAH ELLEN BRUNNEGRAFF, b Apr. 7, 1939, Adams Co., Ind.

1. Lucinda Jane Sommer, b Jan. 12, 1963, Dayton. Ohio.

2. David Christian Sommer, b Dec. 23, 1967, Dayton. Ohio.

3. Timothy Sommer, b and d, Athens, Georgia.

4. Elizabeth Marie Sommer, b Dec. 14, 1973, Indiana, Pa.




6-3-2-1-9-4. AMY ANDREWS, b Aug. 23, 1892, Adams Co., Ind.: d Nov. 12, 1915, Adams Co., Ind.; m DAVID LANDON SMITH, b Aug. 24, 1888: d 1938, Adams Co., Ind.   .1. GLEN D. SMITH, b Dec. 21, 1911, Adams Co., Ind.; US Army, emp. telephone Co.; ad Mountain View, Calif.; m Aug. 14, 1942, Las Vegas, Nev., m ETHEL STALEY, b Aug. 18, 1912, Sparks. Nev. (da William E. and Lillian E. Staley); Methodist Church.

1. Bobby Smith, b June 24, 1946, Kingman, Ariz.; ad Cupertino, Calif.; m June 29, 1974, Mountain View, TERRI LYNN JONES, b Dec. 2, 1955 (da Robert Jones).

1. Tyler Lynn Smith, b Dec. 18, 1975.

2. Nancy Lee Smith, b Oct. 2, 1948, Reno, Nev.; ad San Jose, Calif.; m Dec. 19, 1968, Hawaii, CHARLES EGAN, b Aug. 1, 1941, Sunnyvale, Calif. (s Robert Egan).

1. Lori Ann Egan, b Nov. 21, 1969.

2. Robert Glen Egan, b July 29, 1972.

3. Eric Scott Egan, b Sept. 18, 1974.




6-3-2-1-9-7. VIRGIL LEOTIS ANDREWS, b Oct. 9, 1900, Adams Co., Ind.: St. Luke United Church of Christ; m Mar. 24, 1924, Mich., ALBERT DICK, b Mar. 23, 1903, Peoria, Ill. (s Karl and Sophia (Stock) Dick); Farmer; d May 16, 1969, Adams Co., Ind.

1. VIOLET INES DICK, b Apr. 11, 1925; RN; Methodist; ad Marion, Ind. m Mar. 18, 1951, Adams Co., Ind., WILLIAM R. BECK, b Feb. 16, 1925; US Navy, Ball State U., School teacher.

1. Andrew Karl Beck, b Jan. 20, 1952, Memphis, Tenn.

2. David Lynn Beck, b July 23, 1953, Muncie, Ind.

3. Thomas Richard Beck, b Nov. 11, 1955, Marion, Ind.

4. Betty Beck (adopted), b Nov. 11, 1957, Marion, Ind.

2. ESTHER MARIE DICK, b Aug. 24, 1926; d Apr. 15, 1951; bur St. Luke Church Cem., Adams Co., Ind.

3. EDWARD ELI DICK, b Sept. 21, 1927; Farmer, air traffic controller Ft. Wayne; Private pilot license; US Air Force: United Church of Christ; ad RR 4 Box 192, Decatur, Ind. 46733; m Aug. 28, 1954, Wells Co., Ind.,


    PEGGY ANN DAVIDSON, b Feb. 21, 1933 (da Thomas and Nondus (Cain) Davidson); Registered Nurse; Amateur Genealogist and Researcher; Psi Iota Xi Sorority; int. bowling and other hobbies.

1. Eric Barton Dick, b Nov. 30, 1956; Student I.V. Tech., Ft. Wayne.

2. Brian Edward Dick, b Aug. 22, 1958.

3. Bruce Eugene Dick, b Dec. 21, 1960.

4. Lori Ann Dick, b Oct. 4, 1963.

4. ALICE ILENE DICK, b Aug. 25, 1929; Homemaker; Mennonite Church: Garden Club; ad Berne, Ind.; m Apr. 29, 1951, Adams Co., Ind., IRVIN LIECHTY, b Nov. 12, 1929; Construction worker.

1. Dale Allen Liechty, b Apr. 18, 1952; Police work, Louisville, Kentucky; m Mar. 22, 1975, ANN MARTIN; Registered Nurse.

2. Kathy Marlene Liechty, b Mar. 6, 1954; Licensed Practical Nurse; m Sept. 6, 1975, ARNOLD RILEY; Garage work.

3. Randall James Liechty, b June 30, 1957.

4. Brenda Ilene Liechty, b Nov. 14, 1958.

5. DORIS MAE DICK, b Sept. 22, 1930; factory work; Missionary Church; ad RR 4, Decatur, Ind.; m LOREN SPRUNGER.

1. Frederick Wayne Sprunger, b Mar. 2, 1952.

2. Wanda Marie Sprunger, b Mar. 27, 1954; RN. Indiana Medical Center, Indianapolis, Ind.; m Aug. 2, 1975, STEVEN ROUSH; Medical student, Indiana Med Center.

3. Patty Jo Sprunger, b Oct. 4, 1968.

6. ROBERT JOSEPH DICK, b Mar. 23, 1932; Grad. International Business Col.; Auditor for State of Indiana; Methodist; ad Ft. Wayne, Ind.; m Dec. 18, 1955, Wells Co., Ind., ARLENE MATTOX (da Lee Mattox); International Bus. Col.; has taught Nursery School.

1. Debra Sue Dick, b Oct. 23, 1956; Student, California Univ.

2. Ronald Kevin Dick, b Jan. 31, 1958.

3. James Douglas Dick, b Feb. 14, 1961.

7. HERMAN FREDERICK DICK, b July 6, 1934; Factory worker, Bristol, New Jersey; US Marines; ad Langhorne, Penna.; m Jan. 12, 1957, Langhorne, MARY ARDELLE LAUBLE, b Apr. 29, 1936 (da Charles and Loretta Lauble); Runs route for Philadelphia paper; US Marines.

1. Jennifer Linda Dick, b Oct. 26, 1957.

2. Herman Frederick Dick, Jr., b Apr. 23, 1959.

3. Douglas Charles Dick, b May 17, 1965.

4. Loretta Ardelle Dick, b May 9, 1968.

5. Susan Adoll Dick, b Feb. 28, 1970.

8. DONALD JACOB DICK, b Aug 1, 1935, International Harvester, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; United Church of Christ; int. baseball coaching, bowling; ad RR 6, Decatur, Ind.; m Feb. 16, 1957, Willshire. Ohio MARY MAXINE THATCHER, b Apr. 8, 1937, Ohio (da Delbert and Catherine (Banning) Thatcher); homemaker; int. bowling.




1. Kimberly Susan Dick, b Mar 26, 1958.

2. Sheri Lynn Dick, b Aug 1, 1959.

3. Scott Allan Dick, b Apr. 26, 1961.

4. Matthew Jon Dick, b Nov. 7, 1964.

5. Amy Elizabeth Dick, b June 4, 1968.

6. Dawn Renee Dick, b June 25, 1972.

9. HAROLD WAYNE DICK, b Sept. 26, 1937; farmer, Jay Co., Ind.; ad RR 3, Portland, Ind.; m Dec. 26, 1959, Adams Co., Ind., INA ELAINE WOODRUFF, b June 4, 1941; homemaker; Int. bowling.

1. Bradley Wayne Dick, b Nov. 19, 1965.

2. Monica Sue Dick, b Sept. 14, 1967.

10. MARY ARLENE DICK, b Mar. 19, 1941; Co-partner in Homestead Grocery; ad Middletown, Ind.; m Mar. 19, 1961, Adams Co., Ind., WILLIAM DOUGLAS AUGSBURGER, (s Palmer M. Augsburger); owner Homestead Grocery, formerly with Food Marketing and Kroger Stores (grad. Meat cutter); int. farm antiques.

1. William Dean Augsburger, b June 23, 1962.

2. Teresa Sue Augsburger, b July 3, 1963.

3. Kevin Augsburger, b Dec. 23, 1965.

11. ROGER LEWIS DICK, b Feb. 14, 1944, Adams Co., Ind.; Ball State Univ. (Masters); Computer Analyst Owens, Illinois Corp.; ad Maumee, Ohio; m Aug. 22, 1964, Adams Co., Ind., ARLENE JOHNSON, b June 26, 1944 (da Wayne and Verea (Heller) Johnson); Registered Nurse; int. sewing.

1. Michelle Dick, b May 6, 1966.

2. Heather Erinn Dick, b Oct. 31, 1969.

3. Suzanne Joell Dick, b Dec. 23, 1968.

4. Kristine Cheryl Dick, b Sept. 14, 1971.



6-3-2-1-9-8. ELI ANDREWS, b July 22, 1907, Adams Co.. Ind.; Factory emp.; d Jan. 17, 1962, Maplewood Cem., Decatur, Ind.; m July 3, 1929, Adams Co., NELLIE WORDEN BOVINE, b July 25, 1898, Adams Co., (da James and Clara (Linn) Worden); Nazarene Church; ad Decatur, Ind.; (m (1) Harvey Bovine).

1. ALBERT LEWIS ANDREWS, b July 5, 1930, Adams Co., Ind.; Phelps Dodge Corp., Ft. Wayne, farmer; Nazarene; US Army; ad RR 3, Decatur, Ind.; m July 19, 1953, VanWert Co., Ohio, MINNIE MYERS, b Sept. 8, 1932 (da Adrian and Bessie (Burkhart) Myers).

1. Gerald Andrews, b Mar. 30, 1954; m COLLENE HAMRICK; 2c. Jason Andrews, b Sept. 1973, Ryan Andrews, b Nov. 1974.

2. Roger Lewis Andrews, b Apr. 30, 1956.

3. Jill Andrews, b Dec. 17, 1960.

4. Steven Andrews, b Feb. 3, 1963.

5. Robin Anna Andrews, b Jan. 18, 1968.

2. LEAH MARLENE ANDREWS, b Mar. 19, 1933, Adams Co., Ind.; Nazarene; ad Berne, Ind.; m MERLIN DALE ZURCHER (s Chris and Martha (Ebnit) Zurcher); emp. Dunbar Furniture.



1. Beth Anna Zurcher, b Mar. 2s 1957.

2. Pamela Gay Zurcher, b May 29, 1958.

3. Gayle Joan Zurcher, b June l3, 1961.

4. Kevin Zurcher, band d, Oct. 24, 1964.

5. Daniel Zurcher, b Nov. 29, 1966.

3. PAUL ANDREWS, b Feb. 1935, Adams Co., Ind.; Minister, Nazarene Church; ad Edwardsville, Ill.; m MARILYN ZUERCHER, b Oct. 19, 1937, Adams Co. (da David Zuercher).

1. Cheryl Lynn Andrews, b Dec. 14, 1956; d Oct. 6, 1958, Adams Co., Ind.

2. Mark Leon Andrews, b Sept. 1,1959, Kankakee, Ill.

3. Carey Leigh Andrews, b Oct. 28, 1961, Bourbonnais, Ill.




Adams County, Indiana is located on the Indiana, Ohio border.  The County seat is Decatur, some 20 miles south of Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  This area is all farming country, the Beery’s and Goods came into the country when the land was opened for development.  They all settled west of Decatur in Kirkland and Washington Townships and attended the River Brethren Church where the Beery Cemetery is situated (3 mi. west of Decatur).


“The descendants of Jacob and Anna (Beery) Good have scattered throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and some western states.


Why all the children except Melinda Andrews moved out of Adams County is still a question unanswered.  Opportunity must have beckoned and the quest for further development in life, property and education must have been an incentive.  The Antioch or Beery church is still standing but is now abandoned.  The search for the old records of the church has been fruitless.  The cemetery adjoining the church is kept in beautiful condition due to the fact that the descendants of the persons buried there have formed a cemetery association to preserve this resting place.  Recently a chain-linked fence has been built to protect and preserve the cemetery.


The Antioch church was formerly called the River Brethren but in later years was taken over by the Missionary denomination. Many of the artifacts and furnishings of the church had been donated by the families and were taken to their respective homes when the church was closed.  A few years ago, a Baptist congregation used the church until their church was acquired.  During the cleanup process, several people brought back these furnishings for the new group to use.  Now that the church is again closed, the families of the old members have again reclaimed the artifacts.  What a story these things could tell if they could only talk.


History repeats itself as can be told by the extent of ministers, educators, teachers and farmers contained in these pages.  A good life and family interest is prevalent throughout this day and age”   

                                                                             Peggy Dick

























              Peter Beery      Aunt Charlotte                      Isaac        John      Daniel                   

                                                                                      Benoni    Samuel     Peter





















                           Tillie Davis                                  Sadie Engle   Earl Miller

              Barbara Fulk        Hettie Horning                    Bert Miller          Eva Walker





























Emanuel Beery        ..........                   104

John Beery             ..........                   107

Lydia Miller  ..........                   107

Isaac Beery            ..........                   111

Hester Horning        ..........                   112

Daniel Beery ..........                   119

Barbara Fulk ..........                   123

Joseph Beery ..........                   104

Martin Beery ..........                   104

Benoni Beery ..........                   130

Samuel Beery          ..........                   133

Sarah Davis            ..........                   134





















6-3-2-2. PETER B. BEERY, b May 27, 1822, Hocking Co., Ohio; common school; Farmer, year 1847 in Fairfield Co., Ohio; moved to Adams Co., Ind. Near Decatur 1848; Came to Page Co., Iowa 1856 in wagon train with William Konkel and settled as neighbors south of Nodaway Mills (later Shambaugh) the home place, Amity Twp. (Sec. 1 (NE¼) consisted of 240 A., at one time owned 700 A. but deeded most to his sons; River Brethren in Ind., Church of God in Shambaugh (gave financial aid to 3 Shambaugh churches.  In erection of Church of God Shambaugh, gave over $500 and raised $2800 by subscription as member of building comm.); Strong Union man, gave support to Civil war widows and orphans; Moved to Clarinda and lived 402 w. Clark St.; d July 9, 1908, Shambaugh (home of son Sam); bur. Butler Cem.; m (1) about 1847, SARAH  BLOSSER, b May 20, 1826, (da John and Polly (Ault) Blosser); d Jan. 6, 1892; bur. Butler Cem.; m (2) CHARLOTTE ____, “Aunt Charlotte,” b June 19, 1833, Laconia, N. H.; (leaves one sister, one grandson); d Sept. 28, 1901; 5 yr. duration; bur. Butler Cem.

 1. EMANUEL BEERY, b 1848.

 2. JOHN BEERY, b Apr. 29, 1850.

 3. LYDIA BEERY, b Apr. 14, 1852.

 4. ISAAC BEERY, b 1854.

 5. HESTER BEERY, b Nov. 28, 1856.

 6. DANIEL BEERY b Feb. 11, 1859. (twin)

 7. BARBARA ANN BEERY b Feb. 11, 1859. (twin)

 8. JOSEPH BEERY, b Sept. 1860; d Feb. 16, 1861; bur. Butler Cem.

 9. MARTIN BEERY, b May 1862; d Feb. 29, 1864; bur. Butler Cem.

10. BENONI W. BEERY, b May 29, 1865.

11. SAMUEL JAMES BEERY, b Oct. 23, 1867.

12. SARAH MATILDA BEERY, b Jan. 28, 1870.

13. INFANT BEERY; bur. Butler Cem.


6-3-2-2-1. EMANUEL BEERY, b 1848, Decatur (Adams Co.) Ind.; Came to Page Co., Iowa 1856; Farmer, East River Twp.; To Hillsdale, Wyo.; bur. Hillsdale; m Mar. 5, 1868, Shambaugh, SARAH ELIZABETH FRUITS, b 1849, Shambaugh, Iowa (da Sabastian and Matilda Fruits); d Feb. 21, 1900, Clarinda; bur. Butler Cem., Shambaugh.

1. SARAH ANN BEERY, b Dec. 24, 1868; d Nov. 27, 1869; bur. Butler Cem.

2. PETER W. BEERY, b Oct. 7, 1870.

3. ERNEST W. BEERY, b Nov. 2, 1872.

4. MINERVA NEVADA BEERY, b Dec. 24, 1874.

5. MARY ELIZABETH BEERY, b July 8, 1877.

6. MARTHA MAE BEERY, b Aug. 5, 1881.


6-3-2-2-1-2. PETER W. BEERY, b Oct. 7, 1870, Page Co., Iowa; Moved to New York City, N.Y.; Police Force; m June 16, 1896, New York, MARY THERESE LABAHN, b Governors Island, N.Y.


2. HELENE M. BEERY, b Sept. 17, 1898.




6-3-2-2-1-2-1. HAROLD W. BEERY; ad New York; 3c. 1 son, 2 dau.


6-3-2-2-1-2-2. HELENE M. BEERY, b Sept. 17, 1898, New York, N.Y.; High Sch.; emp. courthouse (Village) East Rockaway, N.Y. 37 yr.; St. Raymond’s Catholic; Hosp. work (volunteer), Fire Dept. Aux., Republican Club; int. ceramics, needlepoint, hooking rugs; ad 76 Mill River Abe., Lynbrook, New York 11563; m Sept. 19, 1919, New York, N.Y., ARTHUR TALBOT DUNN, b May 1, 1899, New York City (s Maurice M. and Mary (Mulady) Dunn); High Sch.; Solicitor, New York Central Railroad; Saint Raymond’s; d Nov. 9,1965, Lynbrook, N.Y.; Coronary; bur. St. Charles Cem., Pine lawn, N.Y.

1. ROSE H. DUNN CONNELL, b Dec. 4, 1920; ad Lynbrook, N.Y.

2. MARGUERITE R. DUNN WILSON, b Dec. 24, 1921; ad Lynbrook, N.Y.

3. JANET M. DUNN MASSA, b July 16, 1923; ad Valley Stream, N.Y.

4. BARBARA M. DUNN SHANAHAN, b Aug. 24, 1926; ad Nashville, Tenn.


6-3-2-2-1-2-3. PHILIP W. BEERY; Lived New York; m Catherine F. Beirne; 8. children. 5 sons, 3 dau.

1. HAROLD WILLIAM BEERY, b Feb. 17, 1940, Nassau City, N.Y.; St. Johns U., Jamaica, N.Y. (BA English); Part II News Editor, “NEWSDAY”, Journalist; Catholic; int. Chess, reading, astronomy, golf; ad 30 Madeley Lane, Stony Brook, N.Y. 11790; m Nov. 15, 1969, Suffolk City, N.Y., AMELIA LINDA FRANGIPANE, “Linda,” b Sept. 7, 1948, Brooklyn, N.Y. (da Salvatore and Helen (Bagnol) Frangipane); Brentwood H.S.; Bank Teller, Sec’y, housewife;  Catholic; int. reading, sewing, macramé, cooking.

1. Kelly Kathleen Beery, b June 10, 1972.




6-3-2-2-1-3. ERNEST WILSON BEERY, b Nov. 2, 1872, SW Shambaugh, Iowa; Lived in Shambaugh and worked for the creamery, started farming on old Woods place west of Shambaugh, in 1912 moved to farm ½ mi. N. Butler school where he lived 34 year; Baptized 1929 in Church of God, Shambaugh; Well known collector of Indian relics and authority on Indian lore, wood carver (a cement and rock Indian statue in front yard, fish pond, rock garden and rock fences); d Jan. 21, 1947, Shambaugh; bur. Butler Cem.; m Dec. 1, 1897, LIDA ELLEN McCURDY, “Ella,” b 1876, Braddyville, Iowa (da Franklin and Easter (Seabolt) McCurdy); Nixon Sch.; housewife; Church of God; int. collecting salt and pepper shakers; over 1400 sets; d 1957, Shambaugh; bur. Butler Cem.




6-3-2-2-1-4. MINERVA NEVADA BEERY, ‘’Vada, “, b Dec. 24, 1874, Shambaugh, Iowa; Raised niece Ulma; d Oct. 23, 1961, Spokane, Wash.; m (1) Nov. 25, 1908, Clarinda, FRANK MORNINGSTAR; Had an office in Beery Reunion while living Page Co., moved to Kansas City, Kans., then to Spokane, Wash.  Streetcar motorman; Good singing voice; m (2) July 12, 1926, ERWIN D. KIRKLIN; d Jan. 24, 1954, Spokane, Wash.

(a) Fred Kirklin; Spokane, Wash.









6-3-2-2-1-5. MARY ELIZABETH BEERY, “Lizzie,” b July 8, 1877, East River Twp.; d Feb. 6, 1898; bur. Butler Cem.; m JAMES RENWICK MILLER, b Apr. 3, 1853, Ryegate, Vermont (s William and Emily (Warden) Miller); att. Peacham Academy, Ryegate; Farmer; Moved to Clarinda where he had cousins then returned to Vermont; d Oct. 11, 1921; bur. Ryegate.

1. ULHMA MILLER, b 1895; d 1954, Clarinda, Iowa; m HARLEY PEARSON, b Mar. 19, 1885; Pearson Coal Co. and mines, Clarinda; First Christian; ad 1331 E. 7th St., Apt. 10, Long Beach, Calif. 90813; (m (2) Candice ____).

1. Victor Pearson, b May 29, 1912, Fernda1e, Wash.; Lived Clarinda, to Calif. 1951; ad Long Beach, Calif.; m BURNESS HALE, b July 21, 1909 (da Harry Hale); Clarinda H.S. 1927; d Apr. 1, 1974; heart attack; bur. Westminister Memorial Park, Long Beach.

1. Pamela Pearson, b Nov. 27, 1935.

2. Penny Pearson, b May 8, 1941.

2. Roy R. Miller, b Aug. 4, 1897; d Dec. 13, 1899; bur. Butler Cem.








6-3-2-2-1-6. MARTHA MAE BEERY, ‘’Mae,’’ b Aug. 5, 1881, East River Twp., Page Co., Iowa; Lived Randolph, Iowa 1911; d 1938, Waynesville, Mo.; bur. Butler Cem.; m Aug. 4, 1903, Clarinda, Iowa, J. EARL STOUT.

1. VOLITA BERNICE STOUT; Music teacher, Burr Oak, Kans., Waynesville, Mo., Fresno, Calif.; a very large person as was her mother; d May 1959, Fresno, Calif.; Cremated.




















6-3-2-2-2. JOHN BEERY, b Apr. 29, 1850, Adams Co., Ind.; Farmer and lived in Amity Township Sec. 11, first farm west of Butler cemetery, moved to Nebr. then Meridian, Idaho; Methodist; d Meridian; m Aug. 3, 1880, Shambaugh, Iowa, MARY M. JOURNEY, b Apr. 30, 1856, Adams Co., Ind. (da Will and Elizabeth (Hamm) Journey); d Meridian, Idaho.

1. BERTHA MAY BEERY, b May 21, 1881, Page Co., Iowa; Lived Meridian and Boise, Idaho; bur. Cloverdale Cem. Between Meridian and Boise; m (1) June 14, 1905, Idaho, J. WILL ROBERTS; m (2) E. SORENSEN; d 1957.

1. Kenneth John Roberts, b May 6, 1909.

2. Harold Roberts; d 1951.

3. Ralph Sorensen.

2. SARAH ARMINDA BEERY, “Arminda,” b Mar. 6, 1885, Page Co., Iowa; Was born blind, finished 8 grades of school, went to School for the Blind at Lincoln while family lived Nebr.; She played the piano (her own compositions), kept house (feeling ahead as she dusted), cooked and ironed shirts; bur. Cloverdale Cem., Boise, Idaho; m JOHN WILLARD TAYLOR; emp. Idaho Power Co.; d Idaho.

1. John Taylor, b Meridian, Idaho; Lived California, then moved to Kuna, Idaho (5 A., 7 mi. from Meridian).

3. JESSIE PEARL BEERY, b 1895, Meridian, Idaho; Christian Church; ad 1055 Adams Circle, Apt. 1120, Boulder, Colo. (Golden West Manor); m ____ HULL.

1. Goodrid Hull, b July 9, 1918, Boise, Idaho; ad Boulder, Colo.; m Apr. 5, 1942, JAMES C. HICKS.

1. James C. Hicks, Jr., b Aug. 31, 1947, Boise, Idaho.; Lives Boulder, Colo.

2. Margaret Louise Hicks, b Mar. 24, 1949, Boise, Idaho; Lives Boulder, Colo.

2. Betty Jane Hull Nelson, b Sept. 18, 1926, Boise, Idaho; Lives California.

1. Steven R. Nelson, b May 11, 1949, Boise, Idaho.

2. Brenda K. Nelson Brown, b July 12, 1954, Boise, Ida.

3. Rebecca Nelson, b Nov. 28, 1959, Boise, Idaho.

4. Brian D. Nelson, b May 1970, Boise, Idaho.




6-3-2-2-3. LYDIA BEERY, b Apr. 14,1852, Adams Co., Ind.; Lived East River Twp. Sec. 32 (farm on top the ridge east of Shambaugh); d Nov. 6, 1891; bur. Butler Cem.; m Aug. 10, 1871, ARKANZO A. MILLER, “Can,” b Feb. 27, 1850, Logan, Ohio; Minister, Mennonite Brethren in Christ, later Nazarene;  Left Iowa 1908; Traveling Evangelist; d May 1926, Filer, Ida.; stroke; IOOF Cem., Filer; (m (2) 1893, Katy Hygema, b, Mar. 15, 1855, Elkhart, Ind. (da Rompke and Yetzka Hygema of Holland), (her brother was Jacob Hygema MBC Minister in Shambaugh); Minister (Matron of a Religious school, Elkhart, Ind.); Mennonite, Nazarene; d Apr. 1930, Filer, Ida.; cancer; bur. IOOF Cem., Filer).





1. EVA LETICIA MILLER, b Mar. 15, 1872.

2. EARL LAWRENCE MILLER, b Dec. 2, 1875.

3. BERT MILLER, b Apr. 2, 1877.

4. SADIE RUTH MILLER, b Feb. 2, 1881. 

(a) Ruth May Miller, b May 1, 1896.


6-3-2-2-3-1. EVA LETICIA MILLER, b Mar. 15, 1872, Shambaugh, Iowa; 8th gd., some H.S.;  Minister’s wife; Mennonite Brethren in Christ (Special music, S.S. class); int. farm chores, made quilts; d Nov. 10, 1936, Buhl, Idaho; Muscular Dystrophy; bur. IOOF Cem., Filer, Idaho; m Jan. 1, 1901, Moline, Nebr., THOMAS DUDLEY WALKER, b Nov. 4, 1969, Athens, Ill.; gd school, some religious edu.; Ordained Minister (Iowa, Nebr., Kansas, Colo. and Idaho); Mennonite Brethren in Christ; int. farming later years in Idaho; d Sept. 10, 1957, Buhl, Idaho; ulcer; bur. IOOF Cem., Filer, Idaho.

1. EARL EDWIN WALKER, b Dec. 20, 1901.

2. DANIEL WAYNE WALKER, b Mar. 25, 1906.

(a) Roy Thomas Walker, b Dec. 5, 1898; Mother died in child birth and Roy was raised in this family; d Apr. 5, 1972.


6-3-2-2-3-1-1. EARL EDWIN WALKER, b Dec. 20, 1901; Minister; ad Filer, Ave. W., Twin Falls, Idaho 83301; m Apr. 18, 1931, NOMA SCHAEFER, b June 18, 1905.

1. EDWIN EUGENE WALKER, b Sept. 28, 1934; 3c. Edwin Earl, b Sept. 25, 1957; Kathy, b Dec. 19, 1958; Christy, b Feb. 7, 1962.

2. DAVID EARL WALKER, b June 1, 1938; m Charlene ____; 1c. Chad David, b Jan. 14, 1971.

3. JANET ELLEN WALKER, b July 31, 1944; m Jon Mabutt.

4. MARK WALKER (stillborn) 1946.


6-3-2-2-3-1-2. DANIEL WAYNE WALKER, ‘’Wayne,” b Mar. 25, 1906, Harper, Kansas; 10th gd., musical edu.; farmer, bandsman, orchestra player; United Missionary; Historical Society; int. aviation (owned own plane) sports; Marine Corps Nov. 22, 1922-Nov. 22, 1925; d Mar. 28, 1971, Buhl, Idaho; Lung cancer; IOOF Cem., Filer, Idaho; m Dec. 23, 1927, Filer, MYRTLE ANNA SCHNELL, b Feb. 15, 1909, Eatonville, Wash. (dau Charles Frederick and May Josephine (Bates) Schnell); High Sch., music; United Missionary; Hospital Guild, Christian Women’s Club; Arrow head hunting, sewing; ad RR 1, Buhl, Idaho 83316.

1. EVELYN MAY WALKER, b Nov. 19, 1928, Filer, Idaho; ,m CHARLES LADD SMALLEY, b Mar. 21, l927.

1. Steve Smalley, b Mar. 22, 1952.

2. Janel Smalley, b Sept. 20, 1953.

3. Rhonda Smalley, b Nov. 8, 1954.

4. Kolyn Smalley, b Apr. 29, 1962.







6-3-2-2-3-2. EARL LAWRENCE MILLER, b Dec. 2, 1875, Shambaugh, Iowa; gd. school, Page Co.; Rancher, sod house in Nebr.; Grange; d Nov. 12, 1949, Oshkosh, Nebr.; Cirrhosis of liver; bur. 1 mile north Oshkosh; m Dec. 5, 1914, Oshkosh (Garden Co.) Nebr., MAUDE FLORENCE CATE, b Feb. 16, 1895, Cordova, Nebr. (da Nelson Bradley and Lacy I. (Hodge) Cate); High Sch.; teacher; Wesleyan Methodist; ad 13610 Silverbell Dr., Sun City, Ariz. 85351.

1. HELEN S. MILLER, b Jan. 7, 1915; Silverbell Dr., Sun City, Ariz.

2. KENNETH EARL MILLER, b Mar. 4, 1918.


6-3-2-2-H3-2-2. KENNETH EARL MILLER, b Mar. 4, 1918, Oshkosh, Nebr.; BS Maryville, Mo., NWMSU, HS Drake, Des Moines, Degree from U. of Nebr., Lincoln; Prof. of Education, Sterling (Kans.) Col., General Beadle State College, Madison, So. Dak., Midwestern Col., Denison, Iowa, Parsons Col., Fairfield, Iowa; United Church of Christ; ad 2508 2nd Ave. So., Denison, Iowa 51442; m ELISABETH REBECCA BRENNEMAN, “Beth,” b June 21, 1920, Lewellen (Garden Co.) Nebr. (da Orval Henry and Rhoda Mae (Sparks) Brenneman); High School; housewife. (see pp 56 )

1. ELIZABETH KATHLEEN MILLER, ‘’Kathleen,’’ b May 1, 1943, Huron, So. Dak.; Elliott (Iowa) H.S. 1961, BS Home Economics, Sterling Col. 1965, MS Institutional Management, Kansas State U. Manhattan, Kans. 1968; Baptist; ad Apex, North Carolina (1975) from Calif.; m Aug. 20, 1966, Pratt Kansas, HAROLD KENDALL WILCOX, “Ken,” b Aug. 9, 1942, Wichita, Kans. (s Lyman Harold and Eleanor Louise (Broadbooks) Wilcox); Leoti (Kans.) H.S. 1960, BA Sterling Col. (Chemistry) 1964, Ph.D. U. of S. Calif. (Los Angeles) 1972; Chemist; Baptist.

1. Jeffrey Kendall Wilcox, b Dec. 18, 1969, Los Angeles, Calif.

2. Craig Donovan Wilcox, b Sept. 27, 1971, San Bernardino, Ca.

2. MARY ANN MILLER, b Aug. 22, 1944, Omaha, Nebr.; BS Sterling Col., MS Kansas State Teachers Col. Emporia, Kans.; Teacher; United Presbyterian, Denison; ad 33 N. 20th St., Denison, Iowa 51442; m June 10, 1966, Wilson, Kansas, WILLIAM HENRY IRWIN, “Bill,” b July 15, 1942, Pittsburgh, Penna. (s James Walter and Nelle Isabel (Moore) Irwin); BS Sterling Col., MS Kansas State Teachers Col. Emporia; Teacher, owns own business, Iowa Auto Sales and Service; United Presbyterian.

1. Robert Eugene Irwin, b Jan. 13, 1967, Emporia, Kansas.

2. Judith Rene Irwin, b Sept. 6, 1969, Denison, Iowa.

3. JAMES EDWARD MILLER, b May 7, 1957, Maryville, Mo.; Denison H.S. 1975; m July 19, 1975, Denison, MELANIE ANN GUSTAFSON, b Dec. 16, 1955, Denison, Iowa.

4. LINDA SUE MILLER, b Oct. 24, 1961, Council Bluffs, Iowa.




6-3-2-2-3-3. BERT MILLER, b Apr. 2, 1877, Page Co., Iowa; Conductor on C.B.&Q. Railroad; d 1910; Fell while riding a bicycle and injured his leg, it developed TB of the bone and the leg was removed resulting in death; bur. IOOF Cem., Filer, Idaho; Single.





6-3-2-2-3-4. SADIE RUTH MILLER, b Feb. 2, 1881, Clarinda, Iowa; bur. IOOF Cem., Filer, Idaho; m Feb. 12, 1913, EZRA C. ENGLE; bur. IOOF Cem.

1. LYMAN MILLER ENGLE, b Nov. 6, 1913, Filer, Idaho; 1 yr. U. of Idaho So. Branch, Business 1934; Farmer, Filer, Idaho 1933-66, Insurance Agent since; United Methodist (Chm. Board, S.S. Supt.); Masonic Lodge, Life Underwriters (treas.); int. fishing, travel in Hawaii, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico; ad Twin Falls, Idaho; m Dec. 25, 1935, Filer, GENEVIEVE NICHOLSON, b Nov. 22, 1913, Twin Falls, Idaho (da Thomas and Jennie Mae (Loxley) Nicholson); BA Elem. Edu.; First grade teacher; United Methodist (S.S. teacher many years); Delta Kappa Gamma, PEO; IEA; int. art, music.

1. Robert Lyman Engle, “Bob,” b June 8, 1941; Lawyer; Woodburn, Oregon; 3 sons.

2. DONALD NISLEY ENGLE, “Don,” b Oct. 21, 1915, Filer, Idaho; 2 yr. Idaho State (Business) 1936-38; San Diego City Fire Dept., captain (Jan. 7, 1946-present); First Baptist, Allied Gardens (Trustee, Building Comm. Chm.); int. fishing, hunting, travel; US Navy WWII, Jan. 1942-Oct. 1945, South Pacific; ad San Diego, Calif.; m Nov. 18, 1942, BEVERLY JEAN GOTHAM, b Jan. 29, 1919, Kalispell, Montana (da Steinor Alvin and Mabel Dean (Burton) Gotham); St. Mary’s H.S., St. Mary’s, Idaho 1935-36; Electrician in Aircraft 1941-42; First Baptist of Allied Gardens (S.S. teacher, Clerk, flower Chm.); Int. sewing, cake decorating, flower gardening.

1. Mary Lou Nightengale Sanford, b May 12, 1937 (adopted); ad San Diego, Calif.

2. Cecil James Engle, b Dec. 1, 1943; ad San Diego, Calif.

3. Donald Norman Engle, b Aug. 22, 1948; ad San Diego, Calif.

3. CECIL EZRA ENGLE, b Nov. 23, 1922, Filer, Idaho; grad. H.S.; Sales; Presbyterian; Elks Lodge; int. skiing, golf, fishing, gardening; US Navy 1940-46; ad Boise, Idaho; m Jan. 14, 1945, Williamsburg, Virginia, RUTH ADAIR LEVEKE, b Aug. 14, 1924, Buhl, Idaho (da Harry W. and Evelyn A. (Studebaker) Leveke); High Sch.; Real Estate Sales; Presbyterian.

1. David C. Engle, b Oct. 31, 1945; ad Boise, Idaho.

2. Carl H. Engle, b Feb. 28, 1948; ad Boise, Idaho.

3. Virginia R. Engle, b July 5, 1952; ad Salt Lake City, Utah.




6-3-2-2-3-a. RUTH MAY MILLER, b May 1, 1896, Clarinda, Iowa; Left Iowa 1908; High Sch., Business Col.; Bookkeeper, accountant, ASCS Agriculture Dept.; Methodist; ad Lincoln Ct., Buhl, Idaho; m 1913, Gooding, Idaho, HENRY VERNON MUSSER, b Mar. 7, 1894, Abilene, Kansas (s Jacob E. and Anna (Gish) Musser); High Sch. Agriculture course; Field Representative for Amalgamated Sugar Co.; Methodist; int. carpenter, driftwood; d Jan. 13, 1965, Tucson, Ariz.; heart, stroke; bur. IOOF Cem., Filer, Ida.

1. LOREN J. MUSSER, b Jan. 24, 1914; ad Tucson, Ariz.; 2c. Arthur V. Musser, Ruth Musser Roberts.

2. BERNYCE A. MUSSER HATFIELD HILL, b Jan. 23, 1917; Farm (Black Angus cattle); LPN, Green Giant Canning Co., fall; RR 1, Buhl, Idaho.




1. Max D. Hatfield; Police officer; Officer National Guard; College on GI Bill; Lived with grandparents from age of 8; Lives London; wife an RN; 4c. 3 boys and 1 girl.




6-3-2-2-4. ISAAC BEERY, b 1854, Adams Co., Ind.; Farmer; In Iowa he lived on the home place south of Shambaugh, Amity Twp. Sec. 1 (NE¼); Moved to Loveland, Colo.; d Apr. 1935; bur. Loveland; m Jan. 4, 1881, Clarinda, Iowa, JENNETTE EGGLESTON, b 1860, Ill.; d 1946; bur. Clarinda.

1. HAROLD EDGAR BEERY, “Edgar,” b 1883, Page Co., Iowa; a mason; Lived Altadena, Calif.; d 1955; m Mary ____; No children.

2. CHLOE S. BEERY, b Feb. 17, 1885.

3. FREDERICK LEE BEERY, b Apr. 18, 1887.

4. SARAH MILDRED BEERY, b 1892, Loveland, Colo.; d 1927, bur. Loveland, Colo.; m Wells J. Brinton.


6-3-2-2-4-2. CHLOE S. BEERY, b Feb. 17, 1885, Page Co., Iowa; 8th gd.; Housewife; Presbyterian (Elder); Federated Women’s Club, PEO, Rebekah; d Jan. 17, 1953, Estes Park, Colo.; Coronary; bur. Loveland, Colo. m (1) 1903, WILLIAM T. WURFEL, b Nov. 8, 1877, Jeffersonville, Ind.; d Aug. 12, 1905; bur. Loveland; m (2) June 1910, Loveland, CLARENCE E. SHOLTY, b Dec. 13, 1885, Deshler, Ohio (s Simon and Jennie (Rutter) Sholty); High Sch.; Grocery Business; Presbyterian; Lions Club; d Apr. 1, 1974; bur. Loveland, Colo.

1. GRACE MILDRED WURFEL, b Aug. 20, 1904.

2. CHALMER BEERY SHOLTY, b June 17, 19l2; d Feb. 3, 1914.

3. LEROY SHOLTY, b June 17, 1912; d 1912.

4. HELEN GENEVIEVE SHOLTY, b Apr. 25, 1915.


6-3-2-2-4-2-1. GRACE MILDRED WURFEL, b Aug. 20, 1904, Loveland, Colo.; 2 yr. Col.; Housewife; Presbyterian (Elder, past-pres. Warren’s Assoc.); Eastern Star, PEO); travel, Mexico, Canada; ad Box 977, Estes Park, Colo. 80517; m Apr. 6, 1930, Estes Park, BERT JONATHAN McCONNELL, b Nov. 5, 1899, Nebr. (s Sylvester and Lenora Janette (Brower) McConnell); High Sch.; Druggist course; Pharmacist; Presbyterian; Mason, Shrine, Lions.

1. GRACE ELAINE McCONNELL, b Nov. 7, 1933, Loveland, Colo.; m OLIVER ARTHUR GOLDBAUM, b Sept. 12, 1926, Far Rockaway, N.Y.

1. James Ira Goldbaum, b Feb. 26, 1957.

2. Jay Edward Goldbaum, b June 3, 1958.

3. Lenard L. Goldbaum, b July 5, 1961.


6-3-2-2-4-2-4. HELEN GENEVIEVE SHOLTY, b Apr. 25, 1915, Loveland, Colo.; BA & MPS at U. of Colorado, Boulder, Personnel Mgt.; Housewife, former PCRS Mgr. for Electronics Co., Loveland; Methodist; PEO, A.A.U.W.; int. golf; WWII Personnel Mgr. for Civilians, Signal Corps, Redbank, N.J.; ad 2156 19th Ave., Greeley, Colo. 80631; m (1) Sept. 15, 1937, Estes Park, Colo., J. MILTON L. COVERSTON, b Aug. 6, 1911, Denver, Colo.; U. of Colorado, Boulder; d June 14, 1960, Montrose, Colo.; Cardiac Arrest; m (2) Feb. 14, 1967, Greeley, Colo., F. ELTON WILLIAMS, b Jan. 26, 1911, Ness City, Kansas (s Harry F. and Alma (Leslie) Williams); Kansas State Col, Hayes, Kans.; Life Insurance Agent, Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of US; Methodist; C.L.U. Life Insurance Underwriters, Lions Club.




6-3-2-2-4-3. FREDERICK LEE BEERY, “Fred,” b Apr. 18, 1887, Clarinda, Iowa; High Sch., welding training, salesman training; Salesman Coca-Cola Co.; First Presbyterian, Orange, Calif.; Oddfellows Lodge, Loveland, Farm Bureau, Grange, Dance Club; int. garden, travel; WWI Dairy ranch; d Apr. 6, 1968, Orange, Calif.; cancer; bur. Orange, Calif.; m (1) Dec. 25, 1907, Loveland, MARIE WEBSTER, b May 16, 1890, Polo, Ill. (da Wellan Hasset and Sarah Catherine Webster); High Sch.; Saleslady training; Foot Zone Therapy, selling books and vitamins, owned candle shop; Unity; Int. business, real estate, traveling; d Aug. 29, 1965, North Bend, Oregon; pneumonia, cancer; bur. Coos Bay, Oregon; m (2) Jan. 1, 1933, BESSIE EDITH DOOLING FOWLER, b Sept. 12, 1892 (da Charles Edward and Mary Alice Dooling); High Sch.; housewife; First Presbyterian, Orange; ad 434 N. Shattuck Place, Orange, Calif.

1. VICTOR LEE BEERY; d 2½ yr.; bur. Loveland, Colo.

2. THELMA MAY BEERY, b Mar. 28, 1913.

(a) Mary Juanita Fowler Dunn, b Feb. 4, 1912.


6-3-2-2-4-3-2. THELMA MAY BEERY, b Mar. 28, 1913, Loveland, Colo.; 10th gd., 1 yr. Healds’ Business Col.; Foot Zone Therapy, fruit picker, bookkeeper, candle shop, housework; Unity; Rosicrucian (Sec. 2 yr., Ext. comm., Social comm.), Farm Bureau Supply Co.; Int. reading, garden, Spiritual Science; WWII worked at a tire Co.; ad 3430 Hicks Rd., Sebastopol, Calif. 95472; m (1) May 22, 1933-1936, KENNETH ARNOLD FISHER; m (2) June 11, 1938, LLOYD ROBERT THOMAS; d 1948; m (3) Oct. 25, 1950, San Jose, Calif., WILLIAM WARD PITMAN, b June 6, 1909, San Jose, Calif. (s William Ward and Ellen O. (Kerr) Pitman); Farmer; Methodist; Rosicrucian-Guardian; Farm Bureau; int. guitar (orchestra), work shop.

1. ROBERT LEE THOMAS, b Apr. 1934; (changed name from Arnold Lee Fisher); ad San Jose, Calif.




6-3-2-2-5. HESTER BEERY, ‘’Hettie,” b Nov. 28, 1856, Shambaugh, Iowa; Lived on farm adjoining parents (Amity Twp. Sec. 1); Moved to Bedford Community, Taylor Co., Iowa; Baptist, Bedford; d May 23, 1941, Conway, Iowa; bur. Fairview Cem., Bedford; m Sept. 2, 1875, Shambaugh, ABRAHAM A. HORNING, “Abe,” b Nov. 23, 1853, Allen Co., Ohio (s Jacob and Anna (Good) Horning); Came to Page Co. by covered wagon fall 1864; Lived south Shambaugh on now highway 71; Farmer; d Nov. 25, 1928, Bedford, Iowa; heart; bur. Fairview Cem., Bedford.

1. MARTIN ISAAC HORNING, b Nov. 28, 1876.

2. HATTIE MAY HORNING, b Mar. 8, 1879.

3. SARAH ANN HORNING, b Mar. 2, 1881.

4. CHARLOTTE HORNING, b Oct. 2, 1883; d Feb. 4, 1897; bur. Butler Cem., Shambaugh.

5. EFFIE LYDIA HORNING, b Aug. 26, 1885.

6. CLARA A. HORNING, b Dec. 1, 1887.

7. ROY ALLEN HORNING, b Feb. 13, 1890.

8. CYRUS WILSON HORNING, b June 11, 1892.

9. RALPH EDWIN HORNING, b Mar. 4, 1899; d Oct. 31, 1917; Typhus Fever; bur. Fairview Cem., Bedford, Iowa.


6-3-2-2-5-1. MARTIN ISAAC HORNING, b Nov. 28, 1876, near Shambaugh; Farmer, moved near Bedford around 1912, Nebraska 1917, Colorado 1923; d June 26, 1947, Ft. Collins, Colo.; bur. Grandview Cem., Ft. Collins; m May 5, 1910, Shambaugh, IDA MAY DUNN, b Aug. 10, 1884; d 1968, Denver, Colo.; bur. Grandview Cem., Ft. Collins.

1. WESLEY LOUIS HORNING, “Louis,” b Mar. 16, 1911, Shambaugh, Ia.; Colorado 1923; Retired Clerk; Christian Church; Masons; int. writing, electronics; ad 1900 S. Humboldt, Denver, Colo. 80210.

2. FORREST EDWARD HORNING, b Jan. 12, 1914, New Market, Iowa; H.S. Pierce, Colo., Colo. State U., Ft. Collins (Chemistry BS) 1937, grad. studies CSC of Ed. 1938-40, Chicago U. 1960, Correspondence course Penn. State U., Dept. Agri., grad. school Colo. U. Ext., Denver 1950-60; High Sch. Teacher, Yuma, Colo. 1937-41, Meteorologist, US Dept. Commerce 1941-72; Conifer Community Church, Conifer, Colo.; Professional member Amer. Meteor Soc. 1944-1972 (pres. 1946) Denver Branch AHS, also Sec’y; int. hunting, fishing, gardening, bowling, raising horses; Outstanding Forecaster Honor Roll 1970; ad Star Rt. Box 135, Morrison, Colo. 80465; in Colorado Rockies about 8,000' elevation, 25 mi. SW Denver, near US 285; m Aug. 3, 1935, Holyoke, Colo., NONIE FLORENCE BATMAN, b Mar. 20, 1915 Weld Co., Colo. (da Arthur and Susie Marie (Tormey) Batman); Pierce H.S., 1 yr. music CSU, Ft. Collins; Housewife; Conifer Community Church (Non-Denominational); int. gardening, music (electronic organ); 4-H leader Horsemanship.

1. Susie Mae Horning, b Oct. 6, 1938, Ft. Collins, Colo.; High Sch.; teaches Electronic organ; int. music, garden, horses, dogs; ad Star Route, Morrison, Colo. (½ mi. from parents); m July 20, 1956, Denver, LYLE A. PETERSEN, (s Al and Mildred Petersen); AB in Political Science; dealer in metal and machinery; US Army Reserve, Instructor.

1. Cynthia Lynn Petersen, b June 9, 1960.

2. Linda Sue Petersen, b Jan. 27, 1963.

2. Janice Eileen Horning, b July 5, 1943; High Sch.; artist, bookkeeper; int. oil painting, horses; ad Star Route Box 135, Morrison, Colo.; m Aug. 6, 1960, JACK E. JACKSON; High Sch., trade school; Auto mechanic; US Navy; int. hunting, camping, horses, Indian artifacts.

1. Deborah Eileen Jackson, b May 1, 1962.

2. Brian Edward Jackson, b Aug. 6, 1963.

3. JEANNE PAULETTE HORNING; m (1) JOE WILSON; Lived Alameda, Calif.; m (2) CLARK BECKETT; Live Longmont, Colo.

1. Danny Martin Wilson.

2. Diane Maureen Wilson, b Sept. 27, 1944.







6-3-2-2-5-2. HATTIE MAY HORNING, b Mar. 8, 1879, near Shambaugh, Ia.; Lived several years Nebraska and Missouri, returned to Iowa 1912; Methodist; d Mar. 27, 1964, Bedford Rest Home; stroke complications; bur. Conway Cem.; m Sept. 11, 1901, CHARLES ELI STRAIGHT; Farmer; d 1937, Conway, Iowa; bur. Conway Cem.

1. MARION ABRAHAM STRAIGHT, b Dec. 24, 1902, Beatrice, Nebr.; 8th gd. Salesman; Made home for mother at Conway; Methodist; WWII mechanic in Kaiser yards, Vancouver, Wash.; d Oct. 29, 1969, Clarinda, Iowa; cancer; bur. Conway, Iowa; m Mar. 1965, Iowa, EVA MARIE GOFF; ad New Market, Iowa.

2. HAZEL EVELYN STRAIGHT, b Nov. 15, 1904; ad Baltimore, Maryland; m ROLAND BISHOFF; WWII Glen L. Martin Aircraft.

1. Robert Bishoff, b Mar. 28, 1927.

2. Betty Lou Bishoff, b Mar. 28, 1930.

3. Carol Ann Bishoff, b July 13, 1944.

3. CLARENCE VERNON STRAIGHT, “Vernon,” b May 9, 1907, Beatrice, Nebr.; Conway H.S. 1927; Farmer; Christian Church, Clearfield; Masonic Order, Lions Club; ad RR 4 Box 51, Conway, Iowa 50834; m June 2, 1934, Nebraska City, Nebr., HELEN JESSIE NICKLE, “Jessie,” b Oct. 20, 1911, Ringgold Co., Iowa (da Roy Edgar and Mary Charity (Ledgerwood) Nickle); Clearfield H.S. 1929; Housewife; Christian Church (Past pres. C.W.F., Church Clerk).

1. Patricia Lee Straight Otradovec, b May 27, 1935; ad Onalaska, Wisc.; 2c. David Joseph, Teresa Ann.

2. Donald Dean Straight, b June 18, 1942; ad Boone, Iowa.

4. EDNA LUCILLE STRAIGHT, b Sept. 17, 1909, Haigler (Dundy Co.) Nebr.; Missouri Methodist Sch. of Nursing, St. Joseph, Mo.; RN Private Duty, St. Luke’s Hosp., Kansas City, Mo. (ret.); Methodist; d Aug. 8,1975; cancer; bur. Conway Cem., Conway, Iowa.

5. CECIL LEE STRAIGHT, “Lee,” b Apr. 21, 1912, Haigler, Nebr.; Conway H.S.; Farmer (in Iowa until Jan., 1949), Construction mechanic (Public Service Co. of Colo.); Baptist (Deacon, S.S. Supt., Christian Board of Edu.); int. sports (basketball) woodwork; d Jan. 25, 1967, Denver, Colo.; Coronary; bur. Chapel Hill Memorial Garden, Denver; m Mar. 27, 1937, Maryville, Mo., LOIS ALICE NICKLE, b Mar. 14,1915, Ringgold Co., Iowa (da Roy Edgar and Mary Charity (Ledgerwood) Nickle); Clearfield H.S.; Office clerk Public Service Co. of Colo.; Baptist (Deaconess, choir mem., Missionary Soc.); int. sewing, cross word puzzles; ad 460 Xavier, Denver, Colo. 80204.

1. Marvin Eugene Straight, b May 30, 1940; ad Denver, Colo.

2. Helen Jean Straight Morgan, b Feb. 10, 1943; ad Moberly, Mo.

3. Gary Lee Straight, b Feb. 1, 1952; ad Denver, Colo.

6. HELEN IRENE STRAIGHT, b Nov. 12, 1922; WWII Stenographer War Dept., Kansas City, Mo.; ad 203 Beverly Lane, Hattiesburg, Miss. 39401; m E. MAX HUNTER; Prof., U. of Southern Mississippi.






1. Janet Sue Hunter, b Jan. 16, 1952; Staff writer, Hattiesburg “American”; m Gary Braswell.

2. Nancy Lou Hunter, b Nov. 28, 1953; teacher, Marietta, Georgia.

3. Linda Jo Hunter, b Feb. 25, 1955; Student, U. of So. Miss.; m J. Michael George.

4. Julie Ann Hunter, b Oct. 18, 1963.



6-3-2-2-5-3. SARAH ANN HORNING, “Sadie,” b Nov. 2, 1881, Shambaugh, Iowa; Butler Sch., High Sch.; Housewife; Methodist; Royal Neighbors; int. garden, flowers; d Sept. 24, 1969, Greeley, Colo.; pneumonia; bur. Eaton Cem., Eaton, Colo.; m Dec. 4, 1913, Denver, Colo., RICHARD JOHN MURRAY, ‘’Dick,” b Nov. 7, 18_, Royal Oak, Oakland Co., Michigan; Farmer, Pool Hall owner; Lived 128 Maple St., Eaton; d Nov. 18, 1947, Eaton, Colo.; Eaton Cem.

1. EDWARD RALPH MURRAY, b Mar. 25, 1915.

2. RICHARD LOWELL MURRAY, b Feb. 7, 1919; WWII; U. of Denver; d Feb. 12, 1949.

3. MARIE ADELLA MURRAY, b Feb. 21, 1923.

4. MARGARET ANN MURRAY, b Feb. 2, 1925; 1945, in radio, Arlington, Va.; d Nov. 20, 1965.


6-3-2-2-5-3-1. EDWARD RALPH MURRAY, b Mar. 24, 1915, Eaton (Weld Co.) Colo.; Eaton H.S., BA at U. of Northern Colo., MA at U. of Denver; Regional Consultant, American Federation of Blind; St. Marks Lutheran (usher, Chm., Human Relations. Comm.); int. bowling, fishing; 20 yr. NSC, Consultant in Vietnam (Lt. Col. Ret.); travel, Panama, Mexico, England, Scotland; ad 1041 Troy St., Aurora, Colo. 80011; m Mar. 24, 1915, Eaton, LUVERNE DRUCILLA. STOMMEL, b Apr. 7, 1922, Schaller (Sac Co.) Iowa (da Leon Frederick and Hilma Regina (Anderson) Stomme1); Denver H.S., BS Colo. State U., Grad. U. of Denver; Social worker, teacher; St. Marks Lutheran (Human Relations Comm.); Inter Faith Task Force.

1. JAMES SHERWOOD MURRAY, b July 18, 1948, Denver; m Sept. 12, 1970, Aurora, Colo., KAREN HAMMOND.

1. James Edward Murray, b May 19, 1971.

2. Janelle Murray, b Dec. 11, 1972.

2. LEON RICHARD MURRAY, b Dec. 1, 1952, Denver, Colo.

3. BRIAN FREDERICK MURRAY, b May 29, 1955, Honolulu, Hawaii.


6-3-2-2-5-3-3. MARIE ADELLA. MURRAY, b Feb. 21, 1923, Eaton, Colo.; Eaton H.S.; Part time office work, Eaton City Hall; Methodist, Eaton; American Legion Aux., Eaton; ad 404 Cottonwood Ave., Eaton, Colo. 80615; m Oct. 20, 1944, Greeley, Colo., KENNETH CALVIN BAUM, b Feb. 20, 1922, Phillipsburg, Kansas (s Harold L. and Vera S. (Strain) Baum).  Self emp., trucking business; Methodist; d June 19, 1975; bur. Eaton.

1. ANNE MARIE BAUM, b Jan. 25, 1946, Greeley, Colo.; High Sch.; Methodist, Eaton; ad Ault, Colo.; m Apr. 23, 1965, Eaton, GARY DEAN WHITE, b Oct. 10, 1941, Ault, Colo.; High Sch.; Self emp., cement and construction.







1. Gary Dean White, Jr., b July 8, 1968.

2. Mark Kyle White, b Sept. 12, 1971.

2. KENNETH CALVIN BAUM, JR., b Feb. 12, 1947, Greeley, Colo.; College Logan, Utah; . June 23, 1973, Carmel, Calif., CATHY SHOMIN, b Jan. 24, 1948; Registered Nurse. .

3. LINDA SUE BAUM, b Oct. 15, 1948, Greeley, Colo.; High Sch.; Methodist, Eaton, m DONALD R. KIRTLEY, b Aug. 10, 1943; Plumber.




6-3-2-2-5-5. EFFIE LYDIA HORNING, b Aug. 26, 1885, Shambaugh, Iowa; 8th gd., Dougherty Rural Sch., New Market, Iowa; Housewife; Baptist (Ladies Aid); Rebekah Lodge (Bedford), East Mission Club; int. flowers, gardening, sewing, letter writing; d Mar. 29, 1966, Leon, Iowa Hosp.; pneumonia; bur. Old Memory Cem., New Market; m Nov. 6, 1907, Bedford, JESSE FLOYD DOUGHERTY, b Feb. 10, 1883, New Market (s James B. and Abigail (McFarland) Dougherty); 8th gd. Dougherty Sch.; Farmer; Baptist Bedford; d July 14, 1954, Research Hosp., Kansas City; bur. Old Memory Cem., New Market.

1. RUTH HESTER DOUGHERTY, b June 26, 1909, Bedford, Iowa; High Sch., 2 yr. Col. ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa; Housewife, saleslady; Baptist, Presbyterian; ad RR 2, Red Oak, Iowa 51566; m Jan. 21, 1933, Rockport, Mo., DWIGHT MORGAN JONES, b Mar. 19, 1908, Red Oak, (s Wm. Morris and Rebecca (Morgan) Jones); High Sch., 1 yr. Jr. Col.; Farmer; Presbyterian.

1. Josephine Anne Jones, b Nov. 1, 1933, Red Oak, Iowa (Lincoln Twp., Montgomery Co.); High Sch., 2 yr. NWMSC, Maryville, Mo.; teacher, housewife; Presbyterian; ad Box 296, Oracle, Arizona 85623; m Aug. 29, 1953, Yankton, So. Dak., CLYDE RUSSEL STARLIN, b May 1, 1930, Sheldon, Mo. (s Emmitt and Myrtle (Fletcher) Starlin); High Sch.; mechanic, Russ Union 76 Oil Station; Presbyterian; Army 1951-53.

1. Clyde Russel Starlin, b July 13, 1960, Kansas City.

2. Randal Scott Starlin, b Jan. 5, 1965, Tucson, Ariz.

2. William Morris Jones, b Oct. 7, 1937, Red Oak, Iowa; High Sch., Grad. SUI, Iowa City, Iowa; C.P.A.; Presbyterian; , Military, Co. M.; ad 5250 Edgeworth Rd., San Diego, Calif. 92109; m Nov. 29, 1959, Council Bluffs, Iowa, MARTHA STEPHENS, b Jan. 31, 1940, Council Bluffs (da Carl Stephens); 2 yr. SUI, Iowa City; Housewife; Presbyterian.

1. Katherine Dennise Jones, b Nov. 11, 1959, Los Angeles.

2. Deborah Susan Jones, b Mar. 25, 1964, Duarte, Calif.

2. FLOYD MARSENA DOUGHERTY, b May 24, 1913, Bedford, Iowa; Farmer; ad RR 1, Chula, Mo.; m SUSANNA McALPIN.

1. Billy Floyd Dougherty.

3. HARRY EDISON DOUGHERTY, b Aug. 11,1917, Bedford, Iowa; High Sch.;      Owner Variety store; Baptist, Methodist; Air Force WWII; ad Leon, Iowa; m Jan. 25, 1959, Leon, VERDA JUNE SMITH, b May 29, 1921, Promise City, Iowa (da Grover M. and Zelma (Young) Smith); High Sch., Beauty Sch.; Housewife; Methodist.




1. Allen Howard Dougherty, b Dec. 13, 1959, Boone, Iowa.

4. WILLARD PERSHING DOUGHERTY, b June 8, 1922, Bedford, Iowa; Navy WWII; ad North Kansas City, Mo.; m Mar. 23, 1943, EVELYN JEAN SELSER.




6-3-2-2-5-6. CLARA A. HORNING, b Dec. 1, 1887, near Shambaugh, Iowa; Davis Sch., High Sch.; early yrs. in Iowa, piano teacher; Baptist (Pianist); int. gardening, fishing, sewing, crocheting; d June 24, 1962, Louisburg, Mo.; stroke; bur. Louisburg; m Mar. 19, 1910, Wray, Colo., RALPH LESTER HALL, b Feb. 28, 1886, Kirkwood, Ill. (s Jay L.

and Nettie Elona (Carr) Hall); High Sch.; Farmer 10 yr., mechanic, owned garage; Presbyterian (custodian) Bedford, Iowa; int. fishing, gardening; d Mar. 29, 1964, Springfield, Mo.; bur. Louisburg, Mo.

1. KENNETH ELMER HALL, b July 7, 1911, Bedford, Iowa; 1 yr. Col.; Pipefitter (Refrigeration specialty); First Baptist; Masons (Master Mason); int. fishing, hunting, travel; Sunflower ordinance plant WWII, Kansas City; ad 2309 S. Washington, Wichita, Kansas 67211; m (1) Dec. 24, 1931, GILLIE LUCILE SIMMONS; m (2) Nov. 14, 1959, Bedford, Iowa, ANNA L. REAMER, b Dec. 28, 1909, Holton, Kans. (da Edgar E. and Maude Elizabeth (Coffin) Reamer); 8th gd.; Housewife, seamstress; First Baptist; int. flowers, sewing, fishing, travel; Boeing Workers wife WWII.

1. Kenneth Edward Hall, b Nov. 19, 1932, Buffalo (Dallas Co.) Mo.; 7 yr. Col. (Education); English, History; Grad. student; Baptist, now student of Eckankar; Kappa Delta Pi, Nat. Honor Soc.; int. fishing, hunting outdoor games; ad Laramie, Wyo.; 3c. Dagna Rene Hall Banks, Kimberly Allene Hall Banks, Kenneth John Hall.

2. John Jay Hall, b Aug. 20, 1937; ad Wichita, Kansas.

3. Carolyn Sue Hall Clayton, b Nov. 14, 1940; ad Wichita, Ks.

2. CLARENCE TRUMAN HALL, “Truman,” b Dec. 13, 1912; m Jan. 27, 1934, Springfield, Mo., LOYCE OPAL SHAFFER; ad Kansas City, Mo.

1. Emily Sue Hall, b Dec. 4, 1938.

3. MELVIN GUY HALL, b Sept. 4, 1914; ad Branson, Mo., care of Branson Inn.

1. Melvin Leon Hall, b Jan. 20, 1937; “Leon”, in Banking bus.; Lives Webster Groves, Mo.

2. Robert Lynn Hall, b Feb. 13, 1945.

3. Malinda Cheryl Hall, b Mar. 4, 1947.

4. BASIL HAROLD HALL, b Sept. 14, 1916, Buffalo, Mo.; High Sch.; Motel owner, Stalwart Cottages Motel, US Highway 65, South Hollister, Mo.; First Baptist (Deacon); WWII Air Force, England; int. fishing, hunting; ad Star Route Box 132, Hollister, Mo. 65672; m May 21, 1938, Bolivar (Polk Co.) Mo., WANDA MAXINE MOORE, “Maxine,” b Nov. 13, 1916, Louisburg, Mo. (da John Perry and Selma Opal (Bass) Moore); High Sch.; Motel owner; First Baptist; int. fishing, sewing, needlepoint.




1. Ronald Gene Hall, b May 8, 1943; ad Lee’s Summit, Mo.

2. Judith Ann Hall, b Jan. 14, 1945, Springfield, Mo.; Metropolitan Jr. Col., Business, Aug. 1965; Former Sec’y; Ruskin Heights Baptist; ad 7701 Ruskin Way, Kansas City, Mo. 64134; m Oct. 17, 1969, Kansas City, RAY THOMAS ROBINSON, b Aug. 20, 1946, Kansas City, Mo. (s Fay Elliot and Mary Lois (Pankey) Robinson); Finlay Eng. Col., Aug. 1972; Electrical Engineer; Baptist; Boy Scouts; 4 yr. Navy, 4 yr: Active Reserve.

1. Stacey Ann Robinson, b June 13, 1973, Kansas City.

5. PAUL WILBUR HALL, b Nov. 10, 1922; Banking bus.; ad Cedar Falls, Iowa.

1. Cathy Lea Hall, b Sept. 16, 1948.

2. Barry Randel Hall, b Dec. 11, 1950.

6. LEE HALL, b Aug. 23, 1926 (stillborn)

7. ALICE EMMA HALL, b Mar. 4, 1933, Louisburg, Mo.; ad 2837 South Chantilly, Springfield, Mo. 65804; m (1) ____ DAMERON; m (2) 1973, WILLIAM J. MANN; Manufacturer’s Representative.

1. Russell Lee Dameron, b Oct. 4, 1962.

2. Janet Elaine Dameron, b Nov. 4, 1963.


6-3-2-2-5-7. ROY ALLEN HORNING, b Feb. 13, 1890, Page Co., Iowa; Rural school, Page and Taylor Co.; Farmer, Taylor Co.; Baptist; d July 28, 1968, Bedford, Iowa (at Beery Reunion, Lake of Three Fires State Park); bur. Hopkins. Mo.; m Dec. 25, 1915, Taylor Co., JESSE ANNICE SHELEY, “Annice”, b Oct. 25, 1891, Taylor Co. (da Melford Jacob and Emsy Christina (Bordner) Sheley); Rural school, correspondence courses; School teacher, homemaker; Methodist, church work; d Sept. 19, 1972, Clarinda (hosp.), lows; bur. Hopkins, Mo.

1. EDNA MILDRED HORNING, b Oct. 16, 1916, Bedford, Iowa; Hazel Dell Sch. (Ross Twp., Taylor Co.), Bedford H.S.; Store clerk, office work, housewife, helped with upholstery work, pres. do domestic work for others not able to do their own; Baptist, Christian (prior to move back to Iowa 1972 interested in local and foreign mission fields); ad 805 Jefferson St., Bedford, Iowa 50833; m (1) Dec. 25, 1940, Maryville, Mo., to Feb. 24, 1945, MERTON EUGENE MULLEN b Apr. 5, 1915, Iowa (s Alexander and Clara (Goltrey) Mullen); Farmer, Lockheed Aircraft, Bookkeeper; Navy; d Feb. 1966, Ariz.; m (2) Mar. 13, 1953, Los Angeles, Calif., JOHN RUSSELL WHITE, b Aug. 31, 1913, Wilburton, Okla. (s John Robert and Nancy Caroline (Belcher) White); Furniture upholstery; PFC, Army; d May 18, 1971, Redding, Calif.; bur. Redding Cem.(where Edna has arrangements to be buried also).

2. HOMER EDWARD HORNING, b Mar. 20, 1918, Bedford, Iowa; Hazel Dell Sch., Bedford H.S.; Farmer; Baptist; 22 mo. WWII; ad RR 2, Bedford, Iowa; m Aug. 5, 1941, Maryville, Mo.; GARNETT BERNIECE CADE, b Aug. 13, 1917, Kansas City, Mo. (da Carl Leslie and Exta Nettie (Barnett) Cade); High Sch.; housewife; Baptist.





1. Jane Eilene Horning, b Jan. 3, 1943, Maryville, Mo.; Factory worker; Baptist; ad St. Joseph, Mo.; m (1) May 1961 to 1966, ROBERT STITHEM, Iowa; Bedford H. A.; m (2) July 11, 1967 to 1974, THOMAS RACE; m (3) Jan. 3, 1975, CLARENCE DEITER.

1. Lawanya Collene Stithem, b May 1962.

2. Lynette Eilene Stithem, b July 8, 1963.

3. Douglas Clifton Stithem, b Dec. 16, 1964.

4. Leisha Darlene Race, b Sept. 1968.

2. Kathy Lynn Horning, b Jan. 19, 1951, Clarinda, Iowa; Bedford H.S. (athletics); Fort McClelland Alabama, Army Criminal Investigator (similar FBI), Military discharge, plan further schooling in Alabama.


6-3-2-2-5-8. CYRUS WILSON HORNING, “Cy,” b June 11, 1892, Shambaugh, Iowa; Farmer, Taylor Co., Iowa, moved to Bedford 1935 and sold hog nutritionals; d Aug. 28, 1970, Maryville, Mo. (hosp.); bur. Fairview Cem., Bedford, Iowa; m (1) Dec. 24, 1914, HAZEL H. BOWERS, d Dec. 18, 1926; m (2) Oct. 2, 1934, ALICE HENDERSON WILSON; ad Bedford, Iowa.



6-3-2-2-6. DANIEL BEERY (twin), b Feb. 11, 1859, Shambaugh, Iowa; Farmer, father gave him farm Amity Twp. Sec. 11, 1 mi. south of John; Moved 1897 to Loveland, Colo. and 1900 to Fresno, Calif.; d Oct. 1921, Fresno; m 1895, FANNIE ELIZABETH WILSON, b May 31, 1875 (early life Kansas, moved to Missouri); d Oct. 30, 1950, Fresno, Calif.

1. SARAH LOUISA BEERY, b Nov. 6, 1896.

2. GRANT LEROY BEERY, b Aug. 6, 1899.

3. ARDIS JULIET BEERY, b Feb. 4, 1903.

4. REBA ELOISE BEERY, b Dec. 20, 1905.


6-3-2-2-6-1. SARAH LOUISA BEERY, “Louie,” b Nov. 6, 1896, Shambaugh, Iowa; 2 yr. Fresno H.S. (Commercial); Comptometer Operator, Gen. office work; First Christian; int. Interior Decoration, handcraft; ad 3748 Effie St., Fresno, Calif. 93726; m Sept. 18, 1922, Bakersfield, Calif., FORREST GILBERT CRANDALL, b Nov. 10, 1896, Iowa (s Julius and Alfretta Crandall); gd. school; auto mechanic; Methodist; Army; ad Bakersfield.

1. BONNIE JEAN CRANDALL, b Sept. 11, 1925, Fresno, Calif.; Kern Co. H.S. 1943 (music, arts, crafts training); teacher of Classical piano 21 yr., Accordion 21 yr., organ 12 yr., emp. by Hayward Unified Sch. Dist. (Mar. 1973) Adult Edu. teacher of music, arts and crafts; First Methodist; Eastern Star (Musician, Assoc. Conductress, Assoc. Matron); int. china painting, Interior decorator, gardening; travel to Europe, most countries; ad 30521 Hoy Lake, Hayward, Calif.; m (1) Apr. 12, 1944, Bakersfield, Calif., WILLIAM FREDERICK BROOKS, b 1923, Texas; Army, Road building Eng. (Alaska, building airfields); m (2) Mar. 27, 1949, Sonoma, Calif. GEORGE FLOYD DRAKE, b Feb. 21, 1924, Petaluma, Calif.; Santa Rosa H.S.; Career Navy, 20 yr. Chief Ordnance man & Intelligence Spec., Ret.; Santa Rosa Police Dept. (Sgt.); m (3) May 27, 1973, Mexico) WILLARD OCTAVE JACOBSON, b June 1, 1926, Michigan; 2 yr. U. So. Calif. (Psychology); Navy Electronics; Electronics Technician; emp. Electronic Organ Service.



1. Daniel Frederick Brooks, b Mar. 15, 1945; Live Texas.

2. Deborah Jean Drake, b Sept. 1, 1950; m Dave Parks.

2. LOIS ANN CRANDALL, “Chris,” b Oct. 5, 1935, Bakersfield, Calif.; Col. of Maria Kentfield, Calif. (Language, Arts), Fresno City Col.; Artist, Jr. Accountant; Catholic; int. Literature, Sculpturing, horseback riding, tennis; ad Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii or San Francisco; m (1) Oct. 10, 1952, Reno, Nev., JAMES J. MARTIN, b Dec. 9, 1933, Tenn.; Salesman; Naval Air, Korea; ad Walnut Creek, Calif.; m (2) DOUGLAS JOHN R. BRIGGS, b Oct. 20, 1929, Tenn. (s Luther and Era Briggs); Construction; US Army, Korea.

1. Jeffery Jay Martin, b May 9, 1954.

2. Gregory Aldo Martin, b June 25, 1955.

3. Tammy Lynn Briggs, b May 15, 1960.



6-3-2-2-6-2. GRANT LEROY BEERY, b Aug. 6, 1899, Loveland, Colo.; Fresno H.S. (Commercial), U. of Calif., Ext. courses; General Supt. of Construction, mostly High-rise Bldg’s.; Episcopal; Masons, Engineers Club of San Francisco, Balboa Club of Mazatlan, Mexico; int. Mountain retreat in Sierra Mts., trout and Marlin fishing; Navy Construction

12th Naval Dist., two Navy awards; travel Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Mexico, Holy Land, Grand world tour; ad 103 Valde Flores Dr., Burlingame, Calif. 94010; m Nov. 1, 1936, San Francisco, BEATRICE SAVOY ALBRIGHT, b Sept. 10, 1899, York Co., Penna. (da George and Lucinda Agnes (Werner) Albright); Business Col., Fresno State Spec., Nurses training; Supervisor Surgery and O.R. Technique Instructor RN; Episcopal (Pres., V. Pres., Sec. Guilds and Episcopal Church Women); ARC Instructor, nursing services, Chm. enrollment, V.P. and Auditor Investment Club; int. growing orchids, needlepoint; WWII Home Nursing Instructor, American Red Cross.




6-3-2-2-6-3. ARDIS JULIET BEERY, b Feb. 4, 1903, Fresno, Calif.; Lowell Elem., Fresno H.S.; Telephone operator, Fresno; Monmouth United Presbyterian Church; Girl scouts, Mothers Club, treas.; ad 11392 So. Cedar Ave., Fresno, Calif. 93725; m Jan. 2, 1938, Yuma, Ariz., JOHN LESTER DUFF, “Les,” b Apr. 23, 1894, Fresno Co., Calif. (s James and Mary Duff); Crestwell, Oregon elem., Vacaville Elem. and H.S., San Jose H.S.; Farmer, Fresno; Monmouth U.P. (trustee); WWI, Marine.


1. MARY ELIZABETH DUFF, “Betty,” b Mar. 4, 1940, Fresno, Calif.; Monroe Elem., Caruthers Union H.S., Fowler High; Medical Sch.; Monmouth U.P.; int. sewing, singing; ad 7733 S. Fruit, Fresno, Calif. 93706; m (1) JAMES MARION LANGLEY, b Sept. 7, 1937, Monett, Ark. (s Guy Humphrey, Jr. and Edna Earle (James) Langley); Monroe elem., Caruthers Union H.S.; truck driver, painter; Monmouth U.P.; m (2) JAMES EUGENE FUQUA, “Jim,” b Apr. 16, 1940, Oklahoma City, Okla. (s Glenn and Tess Fuqua); Fowler H.S.; truck driver; U.P. (choir); m (3) Sept. 4,1971, Garden Grove, Calif., GEORGE DONALD DeBORDE, b Jan. 7, 1936, Porterville, Cal. (s Egbert and Goldie Geneva (Smith) DeBorde) Kujath); American Colony elem., Washington H.S.; Auto air conditioning, truck driver; United Presbyterian, Eastern; int. horses; Korean War.

1. Sandra Alice Langley.

2. Randall James Langley. (a) Bradley Donald DeBorde. (b) Dirk Bertram DeBorde. (c) Jeffrey Brian DeBorde.




2. DOROTHY ARDIS DUFF, b Jan. 19, 1942, Fresno, Calif.; Monroe Elem., Caruthers Union High, Fresno State Col. 1959-61, Monterey Jr. Col. 1962, Long Beach City Col. 1965 (Nutrition major in Col., Medical ass’t. in City Col.); Medical Ass’t. 1961-69 (Monterey, Garden Grove, Fullerton, Santa Ana); Presbyterian, Reformed Church of America, now Garden Grove Community Church (Ladies Circle Co, Chm. 2 yr., Nursery Board, Division Shepherd, Ambassador, taking classes from Center for Advanced Lay leadership); Medical Ass’t Assoc.; Apartment Mgr.; ad 8231 Ellis Ave. #3A, Huntington Beach, Calif. 92646; m Dec. 21, 1963, Fresno, VINCENT RAY VANDER BURGH, b June 1, 1938, Chandler, Minn. (s John L. and Margaret Vander Burgh); Chandler elem. and H.S., Hamlin U., Minneapolis, Minn. (Chemistry); Laboratory Tech. ARCO Refinery 196O, pres.; Garden Grove Community Church (usher, Division Shepherd, Ambassador, Greeter, Classes for Lay Leader); own apartments and manage, all free time spent on them; Army Reserve Training, Ft. Ord, Calif.

1. Jill Michelle Vander Burgh, b Apr. 15, 1969.

2. Jason Scott Vander Burgh, b Nov. 9, 1974.






6-3-2-2-6-4. REBA ELOISE BEERY, b Dec. 20, 1905, Fresno, Calif.; Fresno H.S., Business Machines (Remington Rand Corp.) San Francisco; Bookkeeper (ret.); Catholic; int. reading, gardening; ad Box 95 (Road 621), Ahwahnee, Calif. 93601; m (1) OTTO J. FETTERS; Chico, Calif.; deceased; WWI Army, Europe; m (2) Sept. 3, 1939, Reno, Nev., WILLIAM EDWARD CARTER, “Bill,” b July 21, 1902, San Francisco (s William Henry and Mary Jane (Mahren) Carter); Mission H.S., San Francisco; Salesman, (automobile) retired; Catholic; int. music.

1. BARBARA JEAN FETTERS, “Barb,” b Dec. 13, 1932, Fresno, Calif.; San Francisco H.S. 1951, San Mateo Col. 1961, Licensed Vocational Nurse; Catholic; int. reading, needlework, swimming; ad 1596 Ebner St., Redwood City, Calif.; m June 30, 1952, Kingman, Ariz. to Nov. 1960, VIRGIL L. HALEY; ad Fresno, Calif.

1. Mary Kate Haley, b Apr. 15, 1953; ad San Jose, Calif.; m James Edward Blackwell.











1. Christina Marie Blackwell, b Mar. 23, 1970. 2. James Edward Blackwell II, b Dec. 19, 1972.

2. IRENE ELOISE CARTER, b Mar. 2, 1943, San Francisco, Calif.; San Francisco City Col. 1960-65 (Business major-Science minor 1960-63, Night Sch. 1963-65), San Francisco State U. 1967-74 (BA, Elem. teaching) Anthropology and Humanities; Sec’y and IBM Operator 1960, Legal Sec’y 1962-65, Vista, presently Union Legal Sec’y in Labor Law; raised Catholic; Union member; int. sewing, piano study, reading, cooking; ad 733 Elizabeth St., San Francisco, Calif. 94114; Experience, Volunteers in Service to America VISTA Feb. 1965, Arizona State U. trained to work with American Indian to Reservation for one month with the Pima Maricopa Indian (a most eye opening experience).  Concepts of Community developed, vegetable garden, taught sewing, redid a baseball field, played the Indians in baseball, participated in a jackrabbit hunt, ass’t in planning a marriage, played piano for the Jr. High choir; Have toured Mexico City, Acapulco, Taxeo and Tehuacan for a two week period, drove to Wyo., Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.

3. MARY JANE CARTER, b Oct. 15, 1945, San Francisco Calif.; Mercy H.S., San Francisco City Col. (Lab aide training); Medical Sec’y; Catholic, St. Finn Barr’s; int. horseback riding, skiing, sewing, bike riding; traveling for motorcycle racing husband; ad 3290 w. McKinley, Fresno, Calif. 93728; m Oct. 20, 1973, Bass Lake, Calif. KENNETH MARSH RUNYON, JR., “Marsh,” b Feb. 17, 1938, Bakersfield, Calif. (s Kenneth Marsh Sr. and Lenora A. (Dunkey) Runyon); San Luis Obispo H.S., Fresno City Col. (Engineering); Engineer with State of California; Protestant; int. Motorcycle racing (raced up Pike’s Peak, Colo.) cars, horses, dogs.

(a) Cindy Howland, b Dec. 13, 1957. (step-dau. to Marsh)

(b) Michelle Runyon, b Sept. 19, 1959. (dau. of Marsh)

(c) Trent Runyon, b Aug. 29, 1964. (son of Marsh)

4. SUSAN ELIZABETH CARTER, b Jan. 27, 1950, San Francisco, Calif.; San Francisco City Col. 1970 (AA Pol. Sci. and Edu.), Calif. State U. Sacramento 1974; typesetter, Calif. State U.; Catholic; int. hiking, sewing;  Lived Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1 yr.; ad 2927 Twilley Dr., Sacramento, Calif. 95827; m Aug. 15, 1970, San Francisco to Oct. 1974, LAWRENCE LEE ROBERTS, “Larry,” b Sept. 6, 1947, Spokane, Wash. (s Irwin Heald and Eleanor (Little) Roberts) BA Chico State Col., International Relations (High Honors); int. reading, basketball, tennis; Thailand, Vietnam 1965-66 (outstanding Airman Dec. 1965 and Dec. 1966, Commendation Medal 1966); ad Chico, Calif.












6-3-2-2-7. BARBARA ANN BEERY (twin) b Feb. 11, 1859, Shambaugh, Ia.; Lived north Shambaugh near Linn Point Sch.; Methodist; d Jan. 16, 1902, Shambaugh; bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m Oct. 17, 1878, Shambaugh, Iowa, WILLIAM HENRY FULK, “Henry,” b Nov. 29, 1855, Davis Co., Iowa (s John and Elizabeth (Wynn) Fulk); Farmer, north Shambaugh, Sec. 36 (NW¼) coal mine on farm which he leased out; owned farm in Vega, Texas; worked on the railroad, Shambaugh; Methodist, Shambaugh; d Sept. 8, 1920, near Shambaugh; bur. Clarinda City Cem.

1. MYRTLE H. FULK, b Aug. 22, 1879.

2. RANSOM BARBARA FOLK, b Feb. 3, 1881, Shambaugh; farmer;

d Feb. 12, 1909; consumption; bur. Clarinda City Cem.

3. CORA MAY FULK, b Feb. 1, 1883, Shambaugh; d Nov. 5, 1899; consumption; bur. Clarinda City Cem.

4. OLIVE DORA FULK, b May 27, 1887.

5. EDWARD WILLIAM FULK, b May 29, 1890.

6. RAYMOND ERNEST FULK, b Mar. 11, 1893.


6-3-2-2-7-1. MYRTLE H. (for Henry) FULK, b Aug. 22, 1879, Shambaugh, Iowa; Linn Point Sch.; Housewife; Lived across road from Linn Point Sch., Harlan Twp., Sec. 35 (NE¼); d Sept. 5, 1958, near Shambaugh; bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m Feb. 20, 1901, Page Co., BERT L. HATFIELD, b Feb. 28, 1872, Woodford, Ill. (s John and Catherine (Betz) Hatfield); farmer; d May 5, 1958, home near Shambaugh, bur. Clarinda City Cem.

1. HAROLD OREN HATFIELD, b June 27, 1906.


6-3-2-2-7-1-1. HAROLD OREN HATFIELD, b June 27, 1906, Shambaugh, Ia.; farmer; lived Sec. 35 (SW¼) Harlan Twp.; West of Shambaugh on Clarinda RR; d Nov. 2, 1971, Page Co.; bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m Mar. 8, 1927, Taylor Co., FERN ELLEN GREENLEE, b July 23, 1909, Taylor Co., (da Charles and Sylvia (Hinshaw) Greenlee); Trinity United Presbyterian; DAR Waubonsie Chap.; ad 514 N. 16th St., Clarinda, Iowa 51632.

1. PHYLLIS MARIE HATFIELD, b Oct. 31, 1928, near Shambaugh, Iowa; New Market H.S.; Housewife; American Legion Aux., Taylor Co. Genealogy Soc., Page Co. Genealogy Soc.; ad RR 1 Box 45, New Market, Iowa 51646; m Sept. 12, 1948, Page Co., ESTEL DEWEY COMBS, b Sept. 19, 1922, Taylor Co. (s Dewey George and Hallene Marie (Slack) Combs); Rural Mail Carrier (honored for 22 yrs. safe driving on New Market Route); American Legion; WWII.

1. Michael Dennis Combs, b July 28, 1949, Page Co., Iowa; New Market H.S. 1967; Farmer; US Army 2 yr.; ad New Market, Iowa; m Sept. 21, 1974, Clarinda, SANDRA JEAN KUEHN (twin) b Sept. 4, 1953, San Diego, Calif. (da Dr. Willard G. and Marilyn (Kennedy) Kuehn); Clarinda H.S. 1971, att. IWCC.

2. Patricia Kay Combs, “Patty,” b Sept. 29, 1950, Page Co.,      Iowa; New Market H.S. 1968; ad Mason City, Iowa; m Aug. 31, 1969, New Market, DWIGHT LEE HICKS, b Oct. 1, 1948, Page Co. (s Talton and





Dorothy (Cerven) Hicks); New Market H.S. 1967, Grad. U. of Iowa, Iowa City 1971; emp. A. C. Neilson Co.

1. Jill Kathryn Hicks, b Apr. 27, 1973.

3. Shirley Ann Combs, b Oct. 31, 1951.

2. NORMAN DEAN HATFIELD, b Apr. 9, 1932, Page Co., Iowa; Clarinda H.S.; US Army; ad Council Bluffs, Iowa; m Nov. 16, 1955, Montgomery Co., Iowa, LOIS JEANNE MARVICK (twin), b Jan. 15, 1935, Montgomery Co. (da Floyd and Bernice (Hall) Marvick); Villisca H.S.; housewife, office work; Methodist.

1. Jeffery Dean Hatfield, b Jan. 25, 1958.

2. Steven Harold Hatfield, b May 12, 1960.

3. BARBARA ANN HATFIELD, b Jan. 26, 1934, Page Co., Iowa; Clarinda H.S. 1952, l yr. Jr. Col.; Housewife; Trinity United Presbyterian, Clarinda; ad RR 4, Clarinda, Iowa; a Sept. 1, 1957, Page Co., RONALD REESE, b May 31, 1932, Clarinda (s Francis and Hyldred (Owen) Reese); Traveling Salesman; Trinity U.P.; US Air Force 4 yr.

1. Risa Ann Reese, b June 25, 1959.

2. Randy Lee Reese, b Dec. 18, 1962.




6-3-2-2-7-4. OLIVE DORA FULK, “Ollie,” b May 27, 1887, near Shambaugh. Iowa; Linn Point Sch.; Took her place in the home after death of the mother in 1902; Methodist Episcopal Church, Shambaugh; d Feb. 28, 1914, Vega, Texas; consumption; bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m Feb 8, 1913, Vega, Texas, CHARLES H. SILVEY; Lived rest of life at Vega, never remarried.



6-3-2-2-7-5. EDWARD WILLIAM FULK, “Ed,” b May 29, 1890, Shambaugh, Iowa; Linn Point Sch., Amity Col. (Business course) College Springs, Iowa; Bank clerk and ass’t. cashier in Shambaugh Savings Bank (at 4 pm each day he took the money to the Page County Bank in Clarinda by horse and buggy); Farmer, north Shambaugh from 1912 to 1971; Pagemere Angus Farm; Page Co. Representative to Iowa Legislature in Des Moines 2 terms 1945-48 (att. Pioneer Law Makers Day in Des Moines, which meets once every 20 yr. 1965); Methodist, Shambaugh, Trinity United Presbyterian, Clarinda; Linn Point Sch. director 20 yr., Harlan Twp. Trustee 5 yr., Harlan Twp. Clerk 20 yr., Page Co. AAA Chm. 3 yr., Farm Bureau (Pres. 1937-41), Charter mem. Page Co. Angus Assoc., Page Co. Historical Soc. (Charter mem. and Past Pres.), Clarinda Senior Citizens (first Pres.); Page County Draft Board, Chm. 4 yr. (received 20 yr. award); int. 60-Up Club; travel, Spain, Hawaii; d Apr. 8, 1976, Clarinda. Iowa; stroke: bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m Nov. 22, 1911, Shambaugh. JENNIE ELIZABETH DUNCAN, b Aug. 6, 1891, Amity Twp. (da Robert Alexander and Rachel (Pinkerton) Duncan); Butler Sch., Amity Col. (basketball); Housewife; Trinity United Presbyterian;  (sewing circles); W.C.T.U.; Farm Bureau Women (Harlan Twp. Chm., County Homemaker 1966). Page Co. Angus Aux.; Historical Soc., Senior Citizens; Champion Peach Pie, Page Co. Fair 1941; d Mar. 28, 1974, Clarinda, Iowa; heart; bur. Clarinda City Cem.






1. ROBERT CLARK FULK, b Jan. 1, 1913; d Mar. 12, 1923; pneumonia; bur. Clarinda City Cem.

2. ERMAL EDWARD FULK, b Sept. 10, 1914; d July 31, 1915; bur. Clarinda City Cem.

3. KENNETH RAYMOND FULK, b Apr. 29, 1916.

4. WILMA BERNICE FULK, b July 6, 1918.

5. LYLE DUNCAN FULK, b Mar. 3, 1924.

6. MARVIN DEAN FULK b Aug. 15, 1926.

7. WARD LEE FULK b June 1, 1930; d June 5, 1930; bur. Clarinda.

8. MARILYN JOAN FULK, b Mar. 4, 1934.


6-3-2-2-7-5-3. KENNETH RAYMOND FULK, b Apr. 29, 1916, near Shambaugh; Linn Point Sch., Clarinda H.S. 1934 (FFA, Iowa and American Farmer degree, Iowa V. Pres. 1934, Pres. 1935, Camp Minnawanka (Leadership camp in Minn.), ISU, Ames, Iowa AH 1939 (Top National Collegiate Livestock Judge Kansas City Royal, Captain Cross Country track team); Managed 100 farms for Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., Page Co. Ext. Dir., Mgr. of Harken Angus Farm, Osceola, Iowa, Farmer, Pagemere Angus Farm, Iowa Beef Assoc., Des Moines, Sec. American Shorthorn Assoc. 3 yr., Sec. & Manager of Iowa State Fair 1962-1976 (Introduced a theme for each year, established Indian Village, Pioneer Village, one of largest and better known State Fairs), 1976 running for Congress 5th Dist. Iowa; Trinity U.P., Clarinda, First Presbyterian, Des Moines; 4-H, Livestock Judge at many Fairs; WWII, 50 Mo. Marine Corps, South Pacific (officer in field) Major Ret. Reserve; travel, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Spain, England etc. for fair; ad 3303 E. University, Des Moines, Iowa 50317, 1115 No. 16th St., Clarinda residence; m June 17, 1946, Troy, Kansas, HELEN AGNES SHAFFER, b Feb. 14, 1921, Clarinda, Iowa (da Charley Merle and Anna (Fulton) Shaffer); Clarinda H.S. 1938, Clarinda Jr. Col.; Clarinda Farmers Mutual Telephone Co., FBI Washington DC during WWII, State office Iowa Cancer Soc. (charge 4 counties); Trinity U.P. Clarinda, First Presbyterian, Des Moines.

1. SANDRA KAY FULK, b Jan. 29, 1947, Shenandoah, Iowa; Clarinda elem., East H.S., Des Moines 1965, U. Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls 1965-67; Sub-teacher Winnemucca, Nev. 1968-69; Clifton Heights United Presbyterian; int. needlepoint; ad 2507 E. Avid, Des Moines, Iowa 50317; m Oct. 7, 1967, Des Moines, WILLIAM FRANKLIN NEWTON, JR., “Bill,” b Mar. 24, 1946, Des Moines (s William Franklin and Constance Eleanor (Reynolds) Newton Gorsuch); Tech H.S., Des Moines 1964, 2 yr. Grandview Col.; Medical Technician; Clifton Heights U.P. (Elder); International Soc. for Clinical Laboratory Tech.

1. Eric William Newton, b Aug. 16, 1971.

2. Brian Kent Newton, b Aug. 29, 1974.

2. JENNIFER ANN FULK, b May 25, 1949, Osceola, Iowa; Des Moines East H.S., ISU, Ames (BS Sociology 1969, MS Higher Edu. 1970); Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Jenni and Mike were Houseparents at Farm House Frat. 1970; Higher Education Administration, Counselor Univ. of Calif., San Diego; int. needlepoint, crafts, growing plants; ad 255 E. Cliff, Solana Beach, Calif. 92075; m Nov. 23, 1969, Des Moines, MICHAEL KENT


MURRAY, ‘’Mike,’’ b June 6, 1948, Ames, Iowa (s Winston Merlin and JoAnne Marie (Green) Murray); ISU, Ames (BS English, Political Sci. 1969), Tau Kappa Epsilon Frat., 1st team Basketball “Cyclones”, Washington U., St. Louis (Juris Doctorate 1973); Athletic Administration, San Diego State U.; int. tennis, basketball.


3. CONNIE SUE FOLK (twin), b Mar. 28, 1951, Clarinda, Iowa; East H.S., l yr. Col. Grandview; Buyer, Younkers Bros. Dept. Store Des Moines (travels over U.S.); ad l715 26th, Des Moines, Iowa; m Oct. 10, 1969, Greenville, So. Carolina, RICKY LEE OLSON, “Rick,” b Mar. 26,1951, Des Moines (s Eugene Leonard and Joanne E. (Doolenbal) Olson); East H.S., Drake U. Law Sch., Des Moines; Student to grad. 1976.

4. BOBBIE LUE FULK (twin), b Mar. 28, 1951, Clarinda, Iowa; East H.S. 1969, SUI, Iowa City, Iowa (Elem. Edu.); teacher South Polk Sch., pres. in Saydel Dist. near Des Moines and Ankeny, Special Edu.; ad 3303 E. University, Des Moines, Iowa.

5. PATRICIA JO FULK, “Patty,” b Oct. 1, 1954, Clarinda, Iowa;       Dowling H.S., Des Moines 1973; Regis Col., Denver, Colo. 2 yr., U. of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.


6-3-2-2-7-5-4. WILMA BERNICE FOLK, b July 6, 1918, near Shambaugh, Iowa; Clarinda H.S. 1935, ISU, Ames, Iowa 1947 (Mar.); Rural Sch. teacher 1936-41 (Mt. Joy and near Essex), Home Ec. teacher, Sub (present); Panorama Presbyterian Church; Home Economists in Homemaking; traveled Switzerland, Austria, Sept. 1972, Balkan Countries 1975; ad 15900 Gledhill St., Sepulveda, Calif. 91343; m Aug. 24, 1947, Clarinda, LAVERNE HERBERT SAWYER, b June 5, 1921, Scott Co., Iowa (s Herbert B. and Myra Arminta (Robinson) Sawyer); ISU, Ames 1947 (Mar.) Agriculture, Post grad. U. Wisc. and Colo. State; Grad. Sch. of Banking U. Wisc.; Co. Ext. Dir. (Union Co., Iowa) thru 1951, Dist. Mgr. Insurance Co. Spencer, Iowa, Exec. V. Pres. and Chm. Board Iowa State Bank, Rock Rapids, Iowa, Ass’t. V. Pres. of Los Angeles Bank, Seal Beach, Calif. 1961, V. Pres. of World Bank San Fernando, own business 1975, prepare the documentation and Analysis for Small Business Administration type loans; Panorama Presbyterian Church (Elder); Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, Scouts; U.S. Army Engineers, 3 yr. Iran.

1. BETTE BERNEAL SAWYER, b Oct. 21, 1950, Creston, Iowa; Calif. State U., San Diego, Calif. (Child Development) Dec. 1974; Back pack Europe 1975, worked in a resort in Switzerland; Instructional aide, elem. Sch.; Grad. work San Diego.

2. DEAN HERBERT SAWYER, b Feb. 27, 1953, Creston, Iowa; Law Enforcement, a deputy Sheriff for Los Angeles County, Calif.


6-3-2-2-7-5-5. LYLE DUNCAN FULK, b Mar. 3, 1924, near Shambaugh, Ia.; Linn Point Sch., Clarinda H.S. 1942 (FFA Iowa and American Farmer degree, Camp Minnawanka 1939-42), NWMSU, Maryville, Mo. 1962 (BS Edu.), Missouri U., Columbia, Mo. (MS Elem. Adm.); Farmer Pagemere Angus Farm, Veterans Teacher, Clarinda 1956-62, Jr. Hi Soc. Studies & 2 yr. Iowa (Nishna Valley) 1967-72, Elem. Principal, Hamburg, Iowa 1972-75, Adm. mgr. Fremont Co. Home; Trinity United Presbyterian, Clarinda (Elder, Clerk Session), Atlantic U.P. (Mariners, Elder, Clerk,





Men’s Club), Hastings Methodist (Chm. of Nishna Valley Parish), Hamburg U.P.; 4-H (Page Co. Champ. baby beef 1939), Farm Bureau 1942-63 (Page Co.); Ass’t. Scoutmaster, Elk Horn 1963-67, Sec. Cub Scouts and Chm. Boy Scout comm., Hastings, Iowa 1970-72, mem. Phi Delta Kappa 1967, Kiwanis Club Hamburg; ad Sidney, Iowa 51652; m July 22, 1947, Clarinda, DORIS FERN EDEN, b Dec. 25, 1927, Hepburn, Iowa (da Carl Luther and Bessie Ione (Cagley) Eden); Williams Sch. (Valley Twp.), Clarinda H.S. 1946 (GAA, Girl Reserve, Girls Glee, orchestra, violin), ISTC Branch, Creston, Ia. 1946 Summer Session Emergency Teachers Certif.; Sch. teacher, Dirrim Sch. (Douglas Twp.) 1946-48; drove Sch. bus (Elk Horn, Hastings, Hamburg); Hepburn U.P. to 1942, Trinity U.P., Clarinda (Circle Chm., Jr. Church, Bible Sch., S.S. teacher), Atlantic U.P. (Mariners, Chm. Christian Edu. Women’s Assoc.), Hastings U. Meth. (W.S.C.S., treas., Pres., S.S. teacher for Jr. and Sr. High, S.S. Supt.), Hamburg U.P. (Comm. for Constitution when U.P. and United Church of Christ merged); 4-H 1944-46 (Valley Twp.); Cub Scouts Den Mother 1965-67, Homemakers Club 1963-67, Federated Study Club 1963-67, Band mother’s uniform Comm., Elk Horn; int. post cards, pins (campaign, Sch. slogan etc.) stamps, scrapbooks (newspaper clippings of friends and relatives).

1. NANCY EILEEN FULK, b Sept. 2, 1949, Clarinda, Iowa; Olive Branch and Pleasant Ridge Sch. (Harlan Twp.); McKinley elem. (clarinet), Elk Horn H.S. 1968 (band, chorus, voice solo, Girl’s Glee), Commercial Ext. Sch. of Commerce, Omaha; Glenwood State Sch. and Hosp. (child care) Aug. 1969-Apr., 1971, Sec. County Treasure office, Red Oak, Sec. Continental Ins. Co., Minneapolis, Minn.; United Presbyterian now Baptist; 4-H 1959-61; int. sewing (dress and jacket for Make-it-yourself wool contest 1967, Denison, Iowa), swimming (taught Red Cross swimming Elk Horn and Red Oak); ad 619 S. 30th, Lincoln, Nebr. 68510; m Dec. 12, 1970, Red Oak, Iowa, ROGER LEE ROACH,  b May 22, 1946, Viborg (Seeback Co.) So. Dak. (s Rev. Arthur Orval and Elsie G. (Monroe) Roach); Grad. Pekin Consolidated H.S., Brown Institute, Minneapolis; Paper boy, Minneapolis Star Journal) thru gd. Sch., loved by older people, Radio Announcer KMCY Nebraska City, Oct. 1975, Christian FM Station, Lincoln; Baptist (often soloist); int. music.

1. Robin Lee Roach, b July 31, 1974.

2. JOANN MARIE FULK, b Apr. 24, 1951, Clarinda, Iowa; Olive Branch, Pleasant Ridge Sch., McKinley elem. (flute), Elk Horn (band, Jr. Hi cheerleader), Nishna Valley H.S. 1969 (band, chorus, Glee Club, Sweet Sixteen (play), track, basketball, Homecoming Queen 1968), ISU, Ames 1969-71, NWMSU, Maryville 1974 (major PE, minor recreation); United Parcel Service, Red Oak; United Presbyterian; int. sports, swimming (taught Red Cross swimming Red Oak); ad Red Oak, Iowa.

3. ROGER LYLE FULK, b Apr. 12, 1956, Clarinda, Iowa; Hamburg H.S., 1975 (wrestling, vocal); SE Community Col., Milford, Nebr. (mechanics); United Presbyterian; 4-H Mills Co.; Cub and Boy Scouts.










4. SUSAN CAROL FULK, b May 26, 1959, Clarinda, Ia; Hamburg Sch. (flute, vocal); 4-H Mills Co. (purple ribbon on Jr. Demonstration County Fair 1970).

5. KAREN KAY FULK, b Nov. 4, 1967, Red Oak, Iowa.


6-3-2-2-7-5-6. MARVIN DEAN FULK, b Aug. 15, 1926, near Shambaugh, Ia.; Linn Point Sch ., Clarinda H.S., 1944 (FFA, Iowa Farmer degree, basketball) Clarinda Jr. Col. (basketball), ISU, Ames, Iowa 1952; Minn. Valley Breeders (Buffalo, Minn.) 1953-56, Farmer, Pagemere Angus Farm 1956-71 (Ranchland Bull Sale 20 yrs. North Platte, Nebr.), Horseshoe Bend Development Co. 1971-74 (Ark.), Cattle Manager Pratt Farm, Newport; Trinity United Presbyterian, Clarinda (trustee 1964-67, Men’s Club (Pres.), Horseshoe Bend Methodist, Newport Presbyterian (Elder); Boys 4-H leader Harlan Twp. (5 yr. Pin and alumni award), Page Co. Farm Bureau board (Pres. pin and gavel, all offices), Page Co. Angus Assoc. (treas. 1963-71); WWII occ. of Korea 1945-47; att. Camp Minnawanka (FFA leadership camp, Minn.); int. spectator sports; ad RR 4, Newport, Ark. 72112; m June 1 1949, Clarinda, PHYLLIS BELLE DUNN, “Compiler of Beery Family Of Page County Iowa,” b June l2, 1929, Clarinda (da Francis Miller and Mildred Merl (Shaffer, da Charley and Anna Fulton) Dunn); Shady Brook, Olive Branch Sch., Clarinda H.S. 1947 (band, clarinet, orchestra, bass viol, GAA, Girls chorus, Girl Reserve), ISTC, Branch at Corning, Iowa 1947 Summer Session for Emergency teachers certif.; Sch. teacher, Nixon (Buchanan Twp.) Liggett (Nebr. Twp.) 1947-49, emp. General Engineering Dept. ISU, Ames 1950-52, Tri-Co. Shirt factory 1971-74; Covenanter to 1952, Trinity United Presbyterian, Clarinda (S.S. teacher, Jr. Miss., Bible Sch. teacher and Supt., Circle Chm., Spiritual Life, Women’s Assoc.), Horseshoe Bend Meth., Newport Presbyterian (S.S. teacher); Girls 4-H leader 5 yr. (Harlan Twp.), Farm Bureau (Harlan and East River Twp. Chm.), Page Co. Angus Aux. (Pres., Sec.); Y-Teen mother at South Page Sch., SW Iowa Genealogy Soc., Bedford, Iowa, Page Co. Historical Soc. (Historian 1966-70, scrapbooks in Clarinda Library), Co-writer of Play Pageant, History of Harlan Twp. 1966; int. Genealogy (Toner History 1960), Family picture scrapbooks, gardening; Heirloom Peter Beery Hymn book.

1. MARVA JEAN FULK, b May 4, 1952, Ames, Iowa; Olive Branch Sch., Clarinda Elem., South Page H.S. 1970 (FHA Pres., basketball mascot, I in State Speech contest, Most Humorous award, senior), 1 yr. John Brown U., Siloam Springs, Ark.; Telephone operator Long Beach; Trinity U.P.; 4-H (exchange trip Penna.); ad 360 E. Platt, Long Beach, Calif.; m EDWIN ALBER, JR., b Feb. 16, 1949, San Diego, Calif. (s Edwin and Bea (Lorenzo) Alber); Student; int. working with wood, hiking.

1. Zackery Troy Alber, b Oct. 4, 1975.

2. EDWIN RAY FULK, b July 9, 1954, Buffalo, Minn.; Clarinda Sch. (letter in track), Violet Hill H.S. (basketball); 4-H Grand Champion Market Beef, Page Co. Fair 1969 (over 200 shown); d June 21, 1972, Violet Hill, Ark.; tractor acc.; bur. Clarinda Cem.

3. DIANA CILLE FULK, b May 25, 1956, Clarinda, Iowa; Violet Hill H.S. 1975; emp. Baxter Lab.; ad Mountain Home, Ark.




4. JED DUNN FULK, b Jan. 17, 1960, Clarinda, Iowa; Newport Sch. (basketball, Key Club, R.O.T.C., squad leader); int. gardening, raising rabbits.

5. DANIEL DEAN FULK, b May 28, 1962, Clarinda, Iowa.

6. ROBERT KYLE FULK, b Dec. 20, 1963, Clarinda, Iowa.


6-3-2-2-7-5-8. MARILYN JOAN FULK, b Mar. 4, 1934, Clarinda, Iowa (Brown Hosp.); Linn Point, Clarinda H.S. 1952 (cheerleader), 1 yr. Nebr. U., Lincoln; Farmers Mutual Telephone Co., office (part time); Trinity United Presbyterian (United Church Women, Circle (Chm.), Bible Sch., Youth Club); 4-H (Grand Champion Baby Beef 1945 Page Co. Fair); Garden Club, Circle 8 Square Dance Club 1960’s; trip to Africa with Uncle Ray 1976; ad RR 3, Clarinda, Iowa 51632 (1 mi. W Clarinda on

Highway 2); m Aug. 5, 1953, Clarinda, JAMES GLEN CRAIN, b July 5, 1933, Tarkio Mo. (s James F. and Mae (Beavers) Crain); Clarinda H.S. 1951 (football); Clarinda Excavation Co., owner and operator (water line for Shambaugh, College Springs and other); LICA (member construction organ.), Air Force.

1. JAY DEE CRAIN, b May 22, 1955, Corona, Calif.; Clarinda H.S. 1973 (football, basketball), IWCC, Technical Science Mechanics training; Dale Electronics, Columbus, Nebr.

2. CYNTHIA MAE CRAIN, “Cindee,” (twin), b Nov. 28, 1956, Clarinda, Iowa; Clarinda H.S. 1975; Ellsworth Jr. Col., Iowa Falls (Fashion Merchandizing), treas. Freshman class.

3. CANDACE BETH CRAIN, “Candee,” (twin), b Nov. 28, 1956, Clarinda, Iowa; Clarinda H.S. 1975; C. E. Sch. of Commerce, Omaha (Fashion Merchandizing).

4. JAC ALAN CRAIN, b Sept. 2, 1958, Clarinda, Iowa; Clarinda H.S. (football, basketball, track, plays).

5. CHERYL JOAN CRAIN, “Cheri,” b Nov. 22, 1960, Clarinda, Iowa.




6-3-2-2-7-6. RAYMOND ERNEST FULK, “Ray,” b Mar. 11, 1893, near Shambaugh, Iowa; Linn Point and Shambaugh Sch., Western Normal Col., Shenandoah, Iowa; Grocery store with Bill Howard in Shambaugh, farmer Amity Twp. Sec. 2 (NE¼) , Clerk in Elks Club 888 Long Beach, Calif. 26 yr.; Methodist; Estes Park, Colo. 1924, Calif. 1926; Elks Club, Rotary 8 yr.; int. fishing, travel, U.S., Caribbean Isl., Europe 1975, Africa 1976; organized first Beery reunion at Shambaugh, was to be Peter Beery family and asked Dick Fulk if they could meet in his grove. Soon all Beery’s asked if they could come, held many years.  A picture taken in 1922 and the list of names covered half a page in the Clarinda Herald Journal newspaper.  Ray has kept in touch with many California Beery’s the last 50 years; ad Box 561 RR 2, Ellsinore, Calif. 92330; m (1) Nov. 11, 1918, Clarinda, ANNABELLE McCALLA, b Sept. 28, 1893, Clarinda (da Dave and Mary (Stoops) McCalla); Olive Branch Sch.; Covenanter Church; d Sept. 26, 1919, Shambaugh; bur. Covenanter Cem. SW Clarinda; m (2) July 5, 1952, Long Beach, Calif., VIRGINIA ELIZABETH TUTTLE GOAD, b June 23, 1898, Holly, Colo.; to Calif. 1905; Elem. teacher; Church of Christ Scientist; int. travel; d Aug. 15. 1974. Ellsinore, Calif.; bur. Wildomar Cem., near the home.







6-3-2-2-10. BENONI W. BEERY, b May 29, 1865, near Shambaugh, Iowa; Farmer, father gave him farm Amity Twp. Sec. 13 (NW¼) beside brother Sam, moved to north Clarinda early 1900’s; Brethren in Christ; d July 19, 1911, bur. Butler Cem., Shambaugh; m Mar. 23, 1893, Page Co., MARY EMMA HENDRICKSON, b Nov. 21, 1870, Des Moines, Iowa (da W. H. and Mary (Guffey) Hendrickson); Came to Page Co. 1883, Clearmont, Mo. in 1927; Joined Church of God, Shambaugh at 14 yrs. of age; d Mar. 22, 1939, Clearmont, Mo.; bur. Butler Cem., Shambaugh.

1. GERTRUDE LORENE BEERY, b Apr. 14, 1894.

2. GRACE V. BEERY, b May 1, 1895.

3. BLANCHE BETHENE BEERY, b Sept. 30, 1896; d Nov. 8, 1896; Butler.

4. ORVILLE EDWIN BEERY, b Dec. 19, 1897.

5. RALPH WILBER BEERY, b Mar. 20, 1899.

6. HOMER LEROY BEERY, b Apr. 13, 1900.

7. HARRY LOWELL BEERY, b May 20, 1901; d Sept. 22, 1910; Butler Cem.

8. CLIFFORD MURIEL BEERY, b Apr. 2, 1906.


6-3-2-2-10-1. GERTRUDE LORENE BEERY, “Lorene,” (went by Trudy when young) b Apr. 14, 1894, Shambaugh, Iowa; d Maryville, Mo., bur. Miriam Cem., Maryville; m JESSE JAMES WALLACE; d about 1973, Omaha, Nebr.

1. ROSE EMMA WALLACE, b Jan. 30, 1924, Maryville, Mo.; m (1) WOODROW BRANDON; m (2) CURTIS McCOY; Shenandoah, Iowa.

1. Julia Deana Brandon.

2. Edna Fay Brandon.

3. Roy Lee Brandon.

4. Rose Lea Brandon.

2. CHARLES ALFORD WALLACE, b July 1, 1925; d May 22, 1951.

3. JESSE JAMES WALLACE, JR., b Dec. 13, 1928; m GRACE WHITE; she had one son Ronnie White, Jesse and Grace had 3 children.

4. THOMAS ANDREW WALLACE, b Mar. 9, 1930; ad Tecumseh, Kansas; m Apr. 2, 1957, VERA CHARLENE TITUS, “Charlene,” (da Charles Titus, Hopkins, Mo.).

1. Edward Dean Wallace, b Oct. 31, 1957.

2. Connie Althea Wallace, b June 1, 1960.

3. Ladonna Jean Wallace, b Dec. 29, 1961.

4. Alice Jeannette Wallace, b Apr. 20, 1963.

5. Rhonda Renee Wallace, b May 1, 1964.

5. VIRGINIA FERNE WALLACE, b June 9, 1933; Lives Topeka, Kansas; m ERNEST BILBEE.

1. Dennis Dean Bilbee.

2. Vickie Linn Bilbee,

6. GERTRUDE VIOLA WALLACE, b Apr. 3, 1937; m J. B. GIBBS; Calif.

1. Trecia Gibbs. (adopted)

7. DONALD DEAN WALLACE, d at a State Hospital in St. Joseph, Mo., when about 30 yr. of age.






6-3-2-2-10-2. GRACE V. BEERY, b May 1, 1895, Shambaugh, Iowa; m ORA WALTER.

1. DELLA MAY WALTER, b Sept. 1, 1917; m ERNEST ENYART, b Oct. 9, 1911; d about 1971.

1. ELDON LEROY ENYART, b June 15, 1936; Service career.

2. GRACE VIOLA ENYART, b Sept. 3, 1940.

2. EMMA LUELLA WALTER, b Nov. 24, 1918.

3. FERNE LOREEN WALTER, b June 16, 1921.

4. LOWELL FRANCIS WALTER, b Aug. 4, 1925.

5. VANETA ELLEN WALTER, b Aug. 9, 1929.

6. RALPH AMMEN WALTER, b Feb. 27, 1931; d in Service at sea; Single.



6-3-2-2-10-4. ORVILLE EDWIN BEERY, b Dec. 18, 1897, Shambaugh, Iowa; att. Shady Brook Sch.; Farmer, some carpenter work; Moved to Hopkins 1949; Good Hope Methodist (W of Hopkins, Supt. 3 yr.); d Dec. 21, 1975, Hopkins, Mo.; heart; bur. Hopkins Cem.; m, Oct. 22, 1924, Cromwell, Iowa, LULA MAY BROWN, b Sept. 8, 1905, Adams Co., Iowa (da Charles Irven and Clara May (McMillin) Brown); Brooks, Iowa rural Sch.; Practical Nurse (in own home and other homes); Methodist (Pres. Church Board, S.S. teacher, pianist); ad 204 S. 4th, Hopkins, Mo. 64461.

1. CECIL EDWIN BEERY, b Aug. 16, 1929, Clarinda, Iowa; Hopkins H.S. 1948; Farmer, heavy equipment operator; United Methodist; Pippin Poppa’s organ. (V. Pres.); Navy 3 yr., Army 2 yr.; ad RR 2, Bedford, Iowa 50833; m Apr. 22, 1951, Hopkins (Nodaway Co.) Mo., RUBY DARLENE STEWART, “Darlene,” b Oct. 21, 1931 (da Cleo Elmer and Chloe Ruby (Daniels) Stewart); Hopkins H.S. 1950; clerk Bedford store; United Methodist.

1. Marsha Elaine Beery, b Feb. 8, 1955, Maryville, Mo.; Bedford H.S. (drama, music, basketball, Y-Teens, softball); C1erk, Gibson’s store; Methodist; Washington Twp. 4-H; int. sewing, cooking, horses, gardening, music; ad RR 1, Hopkins, Mo.; m Aug. 18, 1973, Hopkins, TERRY LEE DAVISON, b Dec. 11,1950, Maryville, Mo. (s Harlen Rolla and Helen Margarette (Wideman) Davison); Hopkins Sch. RVI (FFA-Speech Conservation); Farmer; Baptist; int. travel, fishing, hunting.

2. Cleo Edwin Beery, b Feb. 15, 1959; died at birth.

3. Mark Edwin Beery, b July 28, 1960.

2. BERNADINE CLARA BEERY, b May 28, 1938, Clarinda, Iowa (6 mi. N. Clarinda); Baptist; int. horses, knitting; ad RR 1 Box 4A, Skidmore, Mo. 64487; m (1) Feb. 24, 1954, Ravenswood, Mo. to July 3, 1972, JAMES IRVEN BARCUS, “Jim,” b Feb. 24, 1934, Mound City, Mo. (s Ervan Earl and Edith May (McCullah) Barcus); Farmer; Baptist; m (2) Aug. 11, 1972, Hopkins, Mo., ROBERT DEAN EVERHART, “Bob,” b Jan. 16, 1931, Conception Jct., Mo. (s William Ezra and Mary Iva (Weatherman) Everhart); Farmer, Road Maintenance, present Riegel Textile Co.; Baptist; 2 yr. Marine (Purple Heart, 3 other Medals) .





1. Debra May Barcus, “Deb,” b Dec. 25, 1954, Maryville, Mo.; North Nodaway RVI 1972, Area Voc. Tech. Sch. Senior Yr. H.S., Nurse Aide course, Maryville, Mo.; Cashier J&R Warehouse; Laura St. Baptist; int. flowers, garden, music, cooking, riding motorcycle, animals; ad RR 3, Maryville, Mo. 64468; m Apr. 6, 1974, Maryville, DANIEL LEROY MILLER, “Dan,” b Feb. 15, 1954, Maryville (s Byron Newell, Jr. and Marlene Jeane (Pitzenberger) Miller); NE Nodaway 1972, Area Voc. Tech., automotive mechanic course, Denver Automotive and Diesel Col., Ins. (Engine overhaul and duel Inspection systems) Mar. 1973; Machinist at Precision Machine and Automotive, Maryville (E. 5th St. Gary Green owner); int. baseball, town team Ravenswood, Mo., hunting.

2. Cynthia Nadine Barcus, “Cindy,” b Mar. 10, 1956, Maryville, Mo.; North Nodaway H.S. 1974, Hopkins (perfect att. 4 yr. H.S., high gd. honors); Housewife (1 mi. N. Bedford, highway 148); Church of Christ; “Daughters of Ceris” Club, Pres. 1975-77; int. riding horses, motorcycles, garden, sewing, cooking; ad RR 1, Bedford, Iowa 50833; m June 8, 1974, EARL LEE TRIBOLET, b June 22, 1946, Maryville, Mo. (s Clarence Christian and Inez Lucille (Akers) Tribolet); Benton Twp. Sch. 1-7, Bedford H.S.; Dairy Farmer; Church of Christ; Taylor Co. Cattlemen Assoc., Taylor Co. Pork Producers; int. horse riding; Vietnam conflict.

3. Kenneth Irven Barcus, b Sept. 11, 1957.

4. Sherri Ilene Barcus, b Aug. 2, 1962.


6-3-2-2-10-5. RALPH WILBER BEERY, “Rusty,” b Mar. 20, 1899, Shambaugh, Iowa; 8th gd.; Farmhand until Mar. 1, 1943, State Highway emp. 23 yr. (20 yr. pin for no accidents, from Highway Dept.); United Methodist, Clearmont; WWII trained at Camp Roberts, Calif. July-Dec., 1942; d June 23, 1966, Maryville, Mo.; heart attack; bur. Clearmont, Mo.; m Feb. 17, 1943, Maryville, MABEL LUELLA MOSES GUTHRIE, b Apr. 9, 1902, College Springs, Iowa (da Robert Nathan and Frieda Caroline (Phlug) Moses); 8 gd. and 4 Mo. H.S. College Springs; Postal Clerk 30 yr., retired; United Methodist, Clearmont (Pres. and treas. of Women’s Soc.); int. crochet for 7 grandchildren; trip to Hawaii 1973; ad Clearmont, Mo. 64431.

(a) Kenneth D. Guthrie, b Feb. 9, 1922, Braddyville, Iowa; Braddyville H.S. (has large maroon and white scrapbook he is making for alumni graduate and basketball pictures); Farmer; Methodist; ad Clearmont, Mo.; m Thelma Verlene Fishell, b Jan. 5, 1922.

1. Dianna Kaye Guthrie, b Aug. 7, 1941; ad 801 NE 80th Terrace, Kansas City, Mo.; m Samuel Miller; 2c. Cres Miller, b Mar. 10, 1968, Cynthia Miller, b Nov. 17, 1974.

2. Dennis Dean Guthrie, b June 27, 1944; ad 4407 N. Charlotte, Kansas City, Mo.; m Phyllis Roberts, b July 23, 19.45; 2c. Michele Denise Guthrie, b Jan. 8, 1966, Alissa Ann Guthrie, b Oct. 26, 1968.

3. Lonnie Kenneth Guthrie, b Jan. 19, 1949; ad 2930 N. Sheridan, Chicago, Ill.




4. Lanny Lewis Guthrie, b Sept. 15, 1951; ad Clearmont, Mo.; m Kris Alexander.

5. Richard Leroy Guthrie, b Dec. 11, 1952; NWMSTC, Maryville, Mo. 1975.

6. Christina Marie Guthrie, b Sept. 19, 1956; Business Col.

7. Dawn Denise Guthrie, b Dec. 5, 1961.


6-3-2-2-10-6. HOMER LEROY BEERY, “Shorty,” b Apr. 13, 1900, Shambaugh, Iowa; Grade Sch.; Farmer near Clearmont, Mo.; Christian Church (Elder, Deacon); int. fishing; d Mar. 13, 1954, Clearmont (Nodaway Co.) Me.; heart; bur. Clearmont; (address at time of death, Burlington Jct., Mo.); m Dec. 22, 1927, Clarinda, Iowa, ZELLA ELIZABETH HAMILTON, b Apr. 16, 1905, Elmo, Mo. (da James Albert and Catherine Merina (Sloan) Hamilton) Grade Sch.; farm, cook retired); Christian Church (S.S. teacher, memo of Kings Daughters); int. travel; ad Clearmont, Mo. 64431.

1. DARRELL FREDERICK BEERY, b Dec. 24, 1928, “Jack or Speed,” b Clearmont, Mo.; High Sch.; Farmer; Clearmont Christian Church (Elder, Chm. of Board); int. travel, camping; ad Clearmont, Mo.; m July 19, 1953, Elmo, Mo., ILA MARIE CALFEE, b Apr. 19, 1935, Elmo, Mo. (da Virgil I. and Bessie (Adkins) Calfee); High Sch.; Florist; Clearmont Christian (teacher, Pres. Women’s group); int. painting, camping.

1. Risée Gae Beery, b June 11, 1954, Elmo, Mo.; High Sch., Dakota Bible Col. (traveled with “Echoes of Love” singing group); Christian Church (plays piano, singing); ad Box 34, Worland, Wyo. 82401; m Nov. 11, 1974, Clearmont, Mo., RODNEY ERROL POOLE, b Nov. 15, 1943, Scottsbluff, Nebr. (s Roger Merrill and Roberta (Henderson) Poole); Scottsbluff H.S., Dakota Bible Col., Huron, S.D.; Glazier and carpenter; Christian Church (preaches part time, teacher).

2. Rhonda Renée Beery, b Aug. 11, 1959.


6-3-2-2-10-8. CLIFFORD MURIEL BEERY, “Slim,” b Apr. 2, 1906, Page Co., Iowa; ad 5333 W. Northview Ave., Glendale, Ariz. 85301; m GRACE ____.

1. RICHARD DEWAYNE BEERY, “Dick,” b Dec. 29, 1933; married; 2 or 3 children.

2. DIANA BEERY, b May 20, 1937; m Chapman; 2 boys.




6-3-2-2-11. SAMUEL JAMES BEERY, “Sam,” b Oct. 23, 1867, Shambaugh, Iowa; Farmer, given farm (Amity Twp. Sec. 13) by father, around 1900 moved to Sec. 3 (same Twp. on Highway W. of Butler Cem.); Methodist; d Apr. 19, 1932, Shambaugh; by hanging (ill health); bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m Oct. 30, 1892, ETTA LENORA SPANGLER, b Jan. 20, 1874, Bloom City, Richland Co., Wisc. (da George L. and Elizabeth (Allbaugh) Spangler; Methodist Episcopal, Shambaugh (United in early life); d Sept. 18, 1938, Richland Center, Wisc. (visiting relatives); pneumonia; bur. Clarinda City Cem.





1. VELMA IRENE BEERY, b Oct. 10, 1893.

2. CLARENCE ADEN BEERY, “Buddy,” b July 7, 1898; d Nov. 14, 1903; Removed from Butler Cem. to Clarinda Cem. 1914.


6-3-2-2-11-1. VELMA IRENE BEERY, b Oct. 10, 1893, Shambaugh, Iowa; Methodist; int. music;  Left Iowa fall of 1920; d Nov. 9, 1925, Pasadena, Calif.; Caesarian; bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m Jan. 1, 1917, Shambaugh, CARL POLLOCK CALDWELL, b Apr. 14, 1894, Iowa Falls, Iowa (s John Alvin and Lillie Mabel (Parsons) Caldwell); Automobile mechanic; Methodist; ad 33951 Primavera, Dana Point, Calif. 92629; (m (2) Josephine Caldwell “Jo”; Nurse).

1. BETTY LENORA CALDWELL, b Nov. 3, 1925, Pasadena, Calif.; Pasadena City Col. 1941-45; Housewife, voluntary work local hosp.; Methodist; PTA, Cub Scouts; int. travel, Hawaii, lived in Thailand and New Jersey; ad 1804 Holland Dr., Walnut Creek, Calif. 94596; m Dec. 8, 1945, Pasadena, ROGER MORTON ELLIOTT, b Dec. 15, 1924, Denver, Colo. (s John Woldridge and Bonnie Belle (Stutzman) Elliott); Pasadena City Col.; Accountant; Methodist; Cub Scouts; int. travel; WWII.

1. Kenneth Carl Elliott, b May 15, 1947; ad Bellflower, Calif.; m June 14, 1969, Colleen Marie Hayes; 1c. Cory Edward.

2. Gary Roger Elliott, b Dec. 27, 1951; ad Huntington Beach, Calif.; m Aug. 5, 1972, Ronda Delone Doman.

3. Scott Alan Elliott, b. Oct. 1, 1962.




6-3-2-2-12. SARAH MATILDA BEERY, “Tillie,” b Jan. 28, 1870, Shambaugh, Iowa; Housewife; Methodist (organist); rural clubs, W.C.T.U., Lodge; traveled to East Coast; d Mar. 5, 1940, Ringgold Co., Iowa; cancer; bur. Rose Hill Cem., Mt. Ayr, Iowa; m Sept. 6, 1894, Page Co., WILLIAM EDWARD DAVIS, ‘’Will,’’ b Dec. 5, 1869, Page Co., (s Joseph and Anna (Latta) Davis); Davis Sch. (East River Twp.); Farmer, lived across the road south of Davis Sch., removed to Mt. Ayr, Iowa, part-time mail carrier; Methodist; Lodge; d Mar. 2,1944, Ringgold Co.; bur. Rose Hill Cem.

1. FLOYD JEROME DAVIS, b July 16, 1895.

2. BURL ALFRED DAVIS, b Oct. 14, 1898.

3. BEULAH FAYE DAVIS, b Feb. 24, 1900.

4. LOLA MAE DAVIS, b Dec. 3, 1902.

5. OSCAR MERRYL DAVIS, b Aug. 14, 1906.

6. CLAIR A. DAVIS, b Apr. 11, 1908.


6-3-2-2-12-1. FLOYD JEROME DAVIS, b July 16, 1895, Clarinda, Iowa; Mount Ayr H.S.; SUI Dental Sch., Iowa City, Iowa, Western Dental Col., Kansas City, Mo.; Dentist, Hale, Mo. 1921-36, Chillicothe, Mo. 1936-53; Methodist; Optimist Club, AOPA; int. flying airplanes; Army WWI; d Aug. 19, 1953, Chillicothe, Mo.; cardiovascular; bur. Rose Hill Cem., Mt. Ayr; m Sept. 2, 1920, Mt. Ayr, FLORENCE SHEIL, b May 8, 1895, Mt. Ayr (da Tim and Jennie (German) Sheil); High Sch.; Catholic; ad 426 Clay St., Chillicothe, Mo.




1. JOHN HULAN DAVIS, b July 16, 1922, Hale, Mo.; d 1950’s.

2. FLOYD JEROME DAVIS, “Jerry,” b Sept. 27, 1935, Hale, Mo.; NWMSU Maryville, Mo. 1953-57 (major, Biology and Chemistry, minor, Physics), U. of Mo., Kansas City D.D.S. 1959-63; Dentist; ,Catholic; int. golf, motorcycling; US Army 1957-59, Brooks Army Medical Hospital, Texas; ad 912 Cherry St., Chillicothe, Mo.; m Aug. 20, 1960, Chillicothe, ROSE LEE RUPP, b May 4, 1935, Chillicothe (da Paul Louis and Rose Ellen (Boland) Rupp); Maryville Col. of the Sacred Heart, St. Louis, Mo. 1953-57 (major, English, minor Philosophy and Secondary Edu.); English teacher, Mercy H.S., St. Louis, Ward, H.S., Kansas City, Kans.; Catholic; int. painting.

1. Cynthia Anne Davis, b May 20, 1961.

2. Floyd Jerome Davis, b Dec. 17, 1962.

3. John Sheil Davis, b July 5, 1964.

4. Monica Anne Davis, b Nov. 30, 1965.


6-3-2-2-12-2. BURL ALFRED DAVIS, b Oct. 14,1898, Ringgold Co., Iowa; U. of Iowa (Electrical Engineer); Army Electrical Engineers USAF Colonel; Methodist; Shriner’s, bands; int. photography; England WWI, Japan WWII; traveled most countries; ad Box 186, York, Penna. 17405, have spent winters in Thailand; m PAULINE JOHNSON, b Pittsburgh, Penna.; teacher many years; deceased.

1. HAROLD L. DAVIS, b 1925; Editor of magazine “Physics Today” in New York, N.Y.; 2c. Jennifer, 1960; Michael, 1966.

2. WAYNE A. DAVIS, b 1927; Trailer Court and three, “Dunkin Donuts’, ad Box 510, York, Penna.; 1 dau.

3: DORIS JEAN DAVIS, b 1928; m Perce Trone; ad 625 H Colony Dr. N., York, Penna.; 3c. Leslie, Skip and Mathew.

4. ALICE MAE DAVIS, b 1932; Army career; Vietnam; Lt. Col.; ad Washington, D.C.


6-3-2-2-12-3. BEULAH FAYE DAVIS, “Faye,” b Feb. 24, 1900, Ringgold Co. Iowa; Mt. Ayr H.S., Normal training course at Creston, Iowa; Teacher Davis Sch. and Ringgold Co.; Mt. Ayr United Methodist (S.S. teacher, life WSCS service pin); Study Club, social clubs, Civic organizations; int. crafts and sewing; many trips through US; Heirloom, old papers belonging to Peter Beery; ad RR 2, Mt. Ayr, Iowa 50854; m June 1, 1921, Mt. Ayr, LEO H. TAYLOR, b Aug. 9, 1899, Ringgold Co. (s Harry and Sadie (Funkhouser) Taylor); 2 yrs. H.S. Mt. Ayr, Business Col., Des Moines; Farmer; United Methodist (trustee); Farm Bureau; Student Army, Ames, Ia.

1. DONELLA MAY TAYLOR, b Feb. 1922; teacher 5th gd., Mt. Ayr (21 yr. teaching); m Aug. 12, 1945, GEORGE L. JACKSON; Mt. Ayr Cleaners in Mt. Ayr., Iowa.

1. Jeanne Ann Jackson, b Mar. 8, 1950; Drake U., Des Moines; m Aug. 11, 1972, VICTOR RUFF, Lansing, Ill.

2. ANNABELLE LOUISE TAYLOR, b Mar. 1925; Stenographer at  Meredith’s in Des Moines (many years); m July 1946, HARRY BOESCH.






1. Bob Harry Boesch, b 1950; m Patricia Bailey; lc. Robert Paul Boesch, b May 9, 1971.

2. Bill Taylor Boesch, b Sept. 1952.

3. Barbara Ann Boesch, b Apr. 1954.

4. George Edward Boesch, b Feb. 23, 1966.


6-3-2-2-12-4. LOLA MAE DAVIS, b Dec. 3, 1902, Ringgold Co., Iowa; Mt. Ayr H.S.; United Methodist; int. crochet, work with shells, call on shut-ins; ad 106 W. Van Buren, Mount Ayr, Iowa; m ____ HOLDEN.

1. DARYL HOLDEN, b Aug. 31, 1930; ad 302 W. South, Mt. Ayr., Iowa.

1. Brad LaVerne Holden, b Feb. 15, 1957.


6-3-2-2-12-5. OSCAR MERRYL DAVIS, b Aug. 14, 1906, Mt. Ayr, Iowa; U. of Iowa, Iowa City, Drake, Des Moines; Professional Entertainer (singer tenor), Vaudeville, Opera, Radio; all church denominations as music director, soloist; Elks Lodge #1835 N. Miami; int. construction; WWII emp. N. Y. Shipbuilding Co., Camden N.J.; ad 1671 NE l44th St., North Miami, Florida 33161; m Aug. 28, 1935, Philadelphia, Pa., ELIZABETH B. ABNER, “Betty,” b Dec. 22, 1912, Camden, N.J. (da Leon A. and Mary E. (Irvine) Abner); Langley H.S., Washington D.C.; Public relations (theatres); Presbyterian, Miami Shores; Craft Club, Palmetto Hospital Aux.; int. sewing, crafts, reading, travel.

1. JOAN E. DAVIS, b May 1936, Philadelphia, Penna.; m Mar. 1956, JAMES A. COX, Cincinnati, Ohio; ad 1462 NE l18th St., Miami, Florida.

1. Cynthia Cox, b Mar. 1957.

2. James A. Cox III, b Jan. 24, 1964.


6-3-2-2-12-6. CLAIR A. DAVIS, b Apr. 11, 1908, Ringgold Co., Iowa; Mt. Ayr H.S., grad. Civil Engineer; County Engineer, Harlan, Iowa, Ft. Dodge, Iowa; Methodist; int. fishing trips, music; Shriner’s band; ad 2647 3rd Ave. North, Ft. Dodge, Iowa 50501; m Mt. Ayr, FERN BURNSIDE, b 1909, Mt Ayr (da George and Floy Burnside); Mt. Ayr H.S.; Telephone operator; Methodist.

1. CONNIE SUE DAVIS, b 1934; ad Jefferson, South Dakota; m DALE ASMANN, Sioux City, Iowa.

1. Brenda Asmann, b 1953; m Feb. 4, 1972, Sioux City, Iowa, JOSEPH VERDOOM; 1 child.

2. Rex Asmann, b 1956.

3. Scott Asmann, b 1961.

2. BILL GEORGE DAVIS, b 1937; ad Orlando, Florida.

1. Jeffery Will Davis, b 1956.

2. Ronald Jay Davis, b 1958.

3. Laurie Jean Davis, b 1961.

3. NANCY DAVIS, b 1941; ad Vermillion, South Dakota; m JERRY PRATT.

1. Christine Pratt, b 1967.
























Emanuel Huddle      ............       138

William Huddle        ............       146

Peter Huddle ............       152

Caroline Reynolds     ..........       153

Noah Huddle ...........        161

Eli Huddle              ............       138

Lavina Huddle         ............       163

Delilah Williams       ............       164

Mary Ellen Brown     ..........       175

Solomon Huddle      ............       177

Jesse Huddle ............       177

Sarah Eberly ............       181

















6-3-2-4. MARY ELIZABETH BEERY, b Dec. 15, 1827; near Logan (Hocking Co.) Ohio; Moved to Adams Co. near Decatur, Ind. in fall of 1850; Moved to Page Co., Iowa fall of 1867 by covered wagon and settled in Harlan Twp., Sec. 36 (SW¼) near the town of Shambaugh (called Nodaway Mills at that time); Mennonite Brethren in Christ; d May 13, 1891, Shambaugh; bur. Butler Cem.; m Dec. 1845, Ohio, ABRAHAM HUDDLE, b June 8, 1824, near Bremen, Ohio (s George and Barbara (Huddle) Huddle); Farmer; Mennonite Brethren in Christ, Shambaugh; d Dec. 15, 1889; bur. Butler Cem.

 1. EMANUEL HUDDLE, b July 22, 1847.

 2. WILLIAM HUDDLE, b May 25, 1849.

 3. PETER HUDDLE, b July 22, 1851.

 4. CAROLINE HUDDLE, b Dec. 30, 1853.

 5. NOAH HUDDLE, b Apr. 22, 1856.

 6. ELI HUDDLE, b Apr. 24, 1858.

 7. LOVINA HUDDLE, b July 28, 1860; d Aug. 5, 1861; bur. Beery Cem. near Decatur, Ind.

 8. DELILAH AGNES HUDDLE, b June 20, 1862.

 9. MARY ELLEN HUDDLE, b Mar. 6, 1865.

10. SOLOMON HUDDLE, b July 20, 1867.

11. JESSE HUDDLE, b Jan. 20, 1870.

12. SARAH LOUISA HUDDLE, b Nov. 7, 1871.



6-3-2-4-1. EMANUEL HUDDLE, b July 22, 1847, Lancaster (Fairfield Co.) Ohio; Came to Page Co. 1874; Farmer,  owned one of the first threshing outfits using horse power. Wore out 7 machines: gone from early morning until late evening and sometimes too far away to come home.  Threshed up until Christmas, boys did farming and milked cows; Mennonite Brethren in Christ 1892; Moved to Hillsdale, Wyo. 1909 or 1910 where they took up a homestead; a big man, tall and broad; d May 17, 1923, East River Twp. (home of son Emery); bur. Shearer Cem.; m (1) July 26, 1868, SARAH LOUISA SHEETS, b Jan. 26, 1846, came to Iowa from Adams Co., Ind. in a covered wagon, a small woman, her last years in a wheelchair; d Jan. 24, 1900; bur. Shearer Cem., Braddyville, Iowa; m (2) Dec. 19, 1901, CYNTHIA E. MAXWELL; d Dec. 18, 1919.

1. NOAH SUTPHIN HUDDLE, b June 19, 1869.

2. JONAS WILLIAM HUDDLE, b Feb. 7, 1871.


4. IRA ABRAHAM HUDDLE, b July 25, 1877.

5. EMERY ALLEN HUDDLE, b Feb. 2, 1880.

6. NORMAN S. HUDDLE, b Sept. 30, 1882.

7. CHESTER E. HUDDLE, b Mar. 22, 1884; d Aug. 7, 1885; bur. Shearer.

8. CHATFIELD HUDDLE, b May 10, 1887; d July 29, 1888; bur. Shearer.

9. ORNER DALE HUDDLE, b Apr. 17, 1889.


6-3-2-4-1-1. NOAH SUTPHIN HUDDLE, b June 19, 1869, Decatur, Ind.; To Page Co. when 5 yr. old; Farmer near Braddyville, Iowa; Free Methodist; d Oct. 23, 1942, Braddyville; bur. Shearer Cem. SE of Braddyville; m Oct. 11, 1894, Shambaugh, LETTIA FRANCES MAXWELL, “Lettie,” b Sept. 13, 1875 (da William Robert and Nancy (Cowhick) Maxwell); common Sch. edu.; Free Methodist; d Sept. 27, 1953, Clarinda, Iowa; stroke; bur. Shearer Cem.

1. LELA BLANCH HUDDLE, b Jan. 16, 1896, Braddyville; d July 23, 1922: bur. Shearer Cem.; m EVERETT LASLEY; 1c. Hershel Lasley 1920-1934.

2. PAUL GEORGE HUDDLE, b July 18, 1897, Braddyville; single; d June 22, 1927; bur. Shearer Cem.

3. ORA CLARENCE HUDDLE, b Oct. 13, 1901.

4. ETTA NAOMI HUDDLE, b Jan. 14, 1903.

5. ANNA LOUISA HUDDLE, b Dec. 31, 1904, Braddyville; single; d Aug. 15, 1969; bur. Shearer Cem.

6. RAYMOND GLEN HUDDLE, b Dec. 30, 1906.


6-3-2-4-1-1-3. ORA CLARENCE HUDDLE, “Clarence,” b Oct. 13, 1901, Page Co., Iowa; Pine gd. Sch., Buchanan Twp.; Farmer; Nazarene Church, Clarinda; d June 10, 1974, Tabor, Iowa (rest home); bur. Shearer Cem.; m Mar. 7, 1928, Clarinda, DOLLY MAY FICKESS, b June 29 1905, Emporia, Kansas (da John Wesley and Naomi (Butterton) Fickess); Clarinda H.S.; Homemaker; Nazarene (S.S. Supt., Jr. and Primary S.S. teacher); int. quilts, handwork, chip-rock work; ad Braddyville, Iowa.

1. VERLA MAY HUDDLE, b Feb. 22, 1932, Braddyville, Iowa; ad 10342 Best Dr., Dallas, Texas; m Oct. 30, 1949, MERLIN SHIPPEY.

1. Linda May Shippey, b Oct. 24, 1950; m Jan. 3, 1969, Dennis Murdock. (div.)

2. Geneva Levon Shippey, b Jan. 28, 1952; m Mar. 31, 1972, Lintford Gary Pruett; 1c. Lintford Lane, b Aug. 7, 1974.

3. Jimmy Merle Shippey, b Sept. 12, 1954; m May 17, 1974,       Karen Lynn Munsell.

4. Verlene Ruth Shippey, b Aug. 6, 1956; m Aug. 16, 1975, John Lawrence Burgett.

5. Merlina Marie Shippey, b Oct. 13, 1960.

2. CLARENCE WENDELL HUDDLE, ‘’Wendell,’’ b July 29, 1934, Braddyville; ad 3006 Dakota NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico; m Feb. 3, 1956, SHIRLEY WILSON.

1. Gary Wayne Huddle, b Apr. 8, 1960. (adopted)

2. Connie Lynn Huddle, b Dec. 12, 1963. (adopted)

3. EVA NADINE HUDDLE, b Dec. 21, 1938, Braddyville, Iowa; ad 105 E. Newton, Paris, Ill.; m Dec. 1, 1957, REV. DOYLE ELLIS.

1. Darinda Nadine Ellis, b Oct. 27, 1959.

2. Laronda Renae Ellis, b Mar. 9, 1965.

3. Lonnie Ray Ellis, b June 2, 1965. (adopted)

4. Melanie Dawn Ellis, b Sept. 10, 1969.

4. JOHN WESLEY HUDDLE, b Oct. 8, 1949, Braddyville, Iowa; US Army,   Dental detachment, Hawaii; Col. Wheaton, Ill.; ad Addison, Ill.


6-3-2-4-1-1-4. ETTA NAOMI HUDDLE, “Naomi” b Jan. 14, 1903, Braddyville, Iowa; Amity H.S. (College Springs) 1922, Summer Sch. U. of Wyo. 1925; Hotel operator; Baptist-American (organist, S.S. teacher, Memorial com.); visited N.Y. City 1964, Brazil 1968; ad 120 S. 5th St., Douglas, Wyo. 82633; m Jan. 14, 1923, College Springs, Iowa, CLARK NELSON DUGAN, b Jan. 14, 1901, Clarinda, Iowa (s James Renwick and Cassie Belle (Nelson) Dugan); Amity H.S. 1922; Farmer; Hotel; Baptist-American; Lions Club; d May 25, 1950, Douglas, Wyo.; Coronary; bur. Douglas Cem.



1. HAROLD NEVIN DUGAN, b Jan. 17, 1924; d Jan. 21, 1924.

2. VELDA RUTH DUGAN, b Aug. 18, 1926, Orpha, Wyo.; Casper Jr. Col., (Casper, Wyo.) 1960, Barnes Sch. of Commerce (Denver, Colo.) 1945-46; Missionary Training 1951-52, Calif.; Missionary to Brazil; Galilee Baptist Church, Denver, Colo.; ad % New Tribes Mission, Woodworth, Wisc. 53194; m Sept. 12, 1947, Denver, HOBART STANTON WHITEHOUSE, “Stan,” b Mar. 21, 1923, Fort Scott, Kansas (s Hobart Smith and Lela Maria (Friend) Whitehouse); Ft. Scott Jr. Col.; Missionary; Galilee Baptist; Marine Corps (Corp.) WWII; d July 9, 1953, Willows, Calif.; fighting forest fire; bur. Willows, Calif.

1. Ruth Elaine Whitehouse, b May 9, 1949, Denver, Colo.; H.S. Brazil; Bible, Practical Nursing, Missionary Training, Wisc. Missionary to Thailand 1973; ad % New Tribes Mission, Woodworth, Wisc.

2. Herbert Stanton Whitehouse, b July 28, 1950, Denver, Colo.; H.S. Brazil and Trenton, Mo.; US Army 1972-74 (Germany 1973-74; ad Detroit, Mich.; m July 21, 1973, Detroit, DOREAN SMITH (da Donald Smith).

3. Nancy Ellen Whitehouse, b July 13, 1951, Calif.; H.S. in Brazil; Bible Sch., Wisc.; ad Racine, Wisc.; m Oct. 29, 1972, Waukesha, Wisc., RAY HARTMAN (s Kenneth and Joy (Mansion) Hartman).

1. Liza Ruth Hartman, b May 21, 1974, Waukesha, Wisc.

4. Esther Ilene Whitehouse, b Oct. 21, 1952, Calif.; H.S. in Brazil; Tennessee Temple U. 1975; Teaching Vianopolis, Brazil; ad % New Tribes Mission, Woodworth, Wisc.

3. WILLIAM ROY DUGAN, “Bill,” b Feb. 21, 1928, Orpha, Wyo.; Douglas H.S. 1947, Casper Jr. Col.; Safeway store clerk; Baptist; Nat’l. Guard; ad 3703 W. 68 Ave., Westminster, Colo. 80030; m (1) Sept. 19, 1952-Apr. 1956, LENORE TAYLOR; m (2) Dec. 20, 1964-Aug. 1967, JANE ANN DAWSON RUEL; m (3) June 14, 1972 (div.), BARBARA B. BURKE, b June 5, 1929.

1. Faith Jane Dugan, b July 25, 1966, Elkhorn, Nebr.

4. CLARENCE CLARK DUGAN, “Chaunce,” b Nov. 26, 1931, Douglas, Wyo.; Douglas H.S.; emp. State Highway Dept., Drive-In-Theater; First Baptist; National Guard; d May 7, 1973; bur. Douglas Cem.; m May 29, 1955, Douglas, TESSIE MARIE BAUGHN, b Oct. 24, 1936, Manville, Wyo.; Manville H.S. 1953; Cashier; ad Douglas, Wyo.

1. James Clark Dugan, b July 28, 1956, Douglas, Wyo.; ad 814 Cedar St., Douglas, Wyo.; m Sept. 22, 1974, Douglas, MARLA SOCORRO DEL PERFECTO LANDEROZ, b Sept. 14, 1958, Jalisco, Mexico (da Ampiro (Garcia) and Eniz Landeroz).

1. Lewis Alan Dugan, b July 7, 1975, Douglas, Wyo.

2. Deborah Susan Dugan, b Jan. 29, 1958.

3. Alan Lee Dugan, b Oct. 6, 1959.

4. Miriam Annette Dugan, b May 14, 1963.

5. William Joe Dugan, b Apr. 12, 1965.

5. LEONA GRACE DUGAN, b Dec. 19, 1936, Douglas, Wyo.; Douglas H.S.; Halls Beauty Sch., Casper, Wyo.; Baptist; m WILL ELMORE HART, b Nov. 4, 1935, Torrington, Wyo. (s Melvin and Claudia (Elmore) Hart); to 1967; m (2) June 26, 1974, Denver, Colo., RICHARD McKINNEY.

1. Michael Aaron Hart, b Dec. 24, 1964, Douglas, Wyo.

2. Patrick Sean McKinney, b Jan. 24, 1974, Sunnyvale, Calif.

6. DARRELL WAYNE DUGAN, “Wayne,” b Feb. 16, 1940, Douglas, Wyo.; emp. Safeway store; First Baptist (choir); Nat’l Guard; ad 955 Lima St. Aurora, Colo.; m Feb. 5, 1961, Glenrock, Wyo., PENNY LINDA TAYLOR, b July 28, 1943, Glenrock (da Tudd and Betty (Brubaker) Taylor); to May 15, 1967.

1. Thomas Renwick Dugan, b Feb. 6, 1962, Douglas, Wyo.

2. Bridget Wynne Dugan, b Mar. 17, 1964, Douglas, Wyo.

3. Jonathan Paul Dugan, b May 25, 1966, Douglas, Wyo.


6-3-2-4-1-1-6. RAYMOND GLEN HUDDLE, b Dec. 30, 1906, Page Co., Iowa; Pine Sch., 2 yr. H.S.; Farm 1930-1955, attendant MHI 1955-1972; int. gardening; Free Methodist, Clarinda (trustee); ad 107 W 6th St., Villisca, Iowa; m 1933, Clarinda, RHODA BEATRICE MONZINGO, b Aug. 7, 1901, Kans. (da Fred and Kate (Williams) Monzingo); 2 yr. Col.; teacher; Free Methodist; d Mar. 4, 1938, Braddyville, Iowa; childbirth; bur. Shearer Cem., Braddyville, Iowa; m (2) Aug. 28, 1940, LeMars, Iowa, ELNA JOANNA KAELKE, b Jan. 19, 1904, Plymouth Co., Iowa (da Herman Karl and Emma Dorothea (Kalas) Kaelke); 2 yr. Col.; school teacher; Free Methodist (several offices); Int. Mission work, handwork, raising flowers.

1. EVELYN FRANCES HUDDLE, ad Marshalltown, Iowa; m LAVERNE LEE REYNOLDS; 4c. Rhoda, Glen, Annette, Ramona.

2. CARROLL LEROY HUDDLE, “LeRoy,”; ad. Lincoln, Nebr.; m (1) SANDY KAYE NEESE; 3c. Sherri, Joan, Donnie; m (2) LORENE RICE; 4 step-children.

3. ROGER DEAN HUDDLE, b Dec. 19, 1942; d Dec. 26, 1942; bur. Shearer Cem., Braddyville, Iowa.




6-3-2-4-1-2. JONAS WILLIAM HUDDLE, b Feb. 7, 1871, Decatur, Ind.; Rural Sch.; Farmer; Lived 300 W. Garfield St., Clarinda, Iowa; Methodist Episcopal; d Feb. 4, 1951, Clarinda; stroke; bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m Jan. 13, 1895, Page Co., ROSENA WOLF, “Zeena,” b Dec. 24, 1873, Page Co. (da Martin and Jane (Ridgeley) Wolf); Rural Sch.; Housewife; Methodist; d Jan. 8, 1954, Clarinda; stroke; bur. Clarinda City Cem.

1. ROLLA WILLIAM HUDDLE, b Oct. 20, 1895.

2. VERNA OPAL HUDDLE, b June 1905.


6-3-2-4-1-2-1. ROLLA WILLIAM HUDDLE, b Oct. 20, 1895, Page Co., Iowa; Buchanan Twp.; Clarinda H.S. (one of Clarinda’s greatest for sports athletes), Tarkio Col., Tarkio, Mo.; Sept. 1917-Apr. 1918 (all state basketball player, baseball pitcher and discus man);  Merchant, partner in the H & S Hardware Store (East side square,




Clarinda), Page County Assessor; Methodist, 1920 United Presbyterian; Nodaway Masonic Lodge, American Legion (past Commander, conducted Jr. Legion baseball program several years); int. sports, hunting, fishing; WWI Apr. 19l8, June 1919, served France; d Aug. 15, 1958, Clarinda; bur. Clarinda City Cem.; m Sept. 22, 1920, Clarinda, FLORENCE FINLEY, b Sept. 29, 1899, Page Co. (da William Carey and Belle (Leslie) Finley); College Springs Sch., Clarinda H.S. 1917; emp. Clarinda Herald Journal 1917-21, 1946-56; Trinity United Presbyterian (teacher, circles, ass’t. organist 11 yrs.); int. grandchildren, quilt making; ad 300 W. Garfield, Clarinda, Iowa.

 1. GERTRUDE FRANCES HUDDLE, “Frances,” b Mar. 22, 1922, Clarinda, Iowa; Clarinda H.S. 1940; Baptist; ad Farmington, Mich.; m June 18, 1945, Oak Ridge, Tenn., LOWELL RICHARD BROWN, b Nov. 2,1922, Page Co., Iowa (s Harvey Leon and Blanche Mae (Calhoon) Brown); Clarinda H.S. 1940, ISU, Ames, Iowa; Electrical Engineer.

        (Please see this family in detail on pp 296).

1. Susan Ann Brown, b Oct. 30, 1946.

2. Marcia Jean Brown, b July 15, 1948.

3. Gail Leslie Brown, b Mar. 14, 1951.

4. David Lawrence Brown, b Mar. 3, 1954.

5. Dennis Lee Brown, b Oct. 6, 1961.

2. HELEN KATHRYN HUDDLE, b May 9, 1923, Clarinda, Iowa; U. of Nebr. Sch. of Nursing, Omaha, Nebr. RN degree 1945; Nurse, Housewife; U.P. Church, Christian Science; int. Art, literature, antiques, swimming, scuba diving; Army nurse 14 Mo. overseas WWII; travel river raft trip, 1 Mo. Mexico; Heirlooms, quilts, jet necklace; ad 617 Park St., Salinas, Calif. 93901; m Jan. 1,1947, Berkeley, Calif., WILLIAM EDWARD KEARNEY, “Bill,” b May 9, 1921, Martinez, Calif. (s Edward Lamory and Edith Georgie (Stark) Kearney); U. of Calif., Berkeley; MA in Sch. Adm. (Major P.E., Minor, Science); Jan. 1942; Sch. Principal, Alisal H.S.; Professional organ.; int. sports (track and basketball) cars; Capt. Infantry WWII; Honors, Eagle Scout.

1. Kathryn Ann Kearney, b Dec. 23, 1948.

2. Edward Finley Kearney, “Ed,” b June 8, 1951; Summer 1974 Europe and 1 Mo. Israel, work way through other countries.

3. MARIAN ELIZABETH HUDDLE, b Feb. 5, 1925, Clarinda, Iowa; U. of Iowa, Iowa City (Romantic Languages) 1949; Accountant; First Presbyterian, Richardson; int. Bridge; WWII, Navy WAVE; ad 1228 Cheyenne Dr., Richardson, Texas; m June 4, 1948, Clarinda, GAROLD LESLIE RUTHERFORD, b July 19, 1924, Iowa Falls, Iowa (s Thomas Jefferson and Grace Isabel (Strahorn) Rutherford); U. of Iowa, BSC in Accounting 1949; Director of Corporate Accounting, Collins Radio; First Presbyterian (Elder); Nat’l. Assoc. of Accountants, v. Pres. N. Texas Chap.; int. golf; WWII Combat duty Europe 18 Mo. US Army, Rainbow Division.

1. Thomas Leslie Rutherford, b Oct. 31, 1951; ad Lawrence, Ks.

2. Douglas Lee Rutherford, b Sept. 24, 1954.









3. Brad Franklin Rutherford, b Feb. 5, 1957.

4. Ann Leslie Rutherford, b Mar. 26, 1959.

4. MARJORIE PAULINE HUDDLE, b Apr. 28, 1935, Shenandoah, Iowa; Clarinda H.S. 1952 BS in Edu., MA in Eng., Emporia State Teachers Col. (Kansas); English Teacher; Presbyterian, Outstanding Young Women of America 1966; ad 6720 North Askew, North Kansas City, Mo.; m Feb. 5, 1954, Clarinda, JOHN ROGERS DOUTHIT, b Aug. la, 1933, Clarinda (s Harold B. and Clarice (Rogers) Douthit); Clarinda H.S. 1950, NWMSC, Maryville, Mo.; Student Minister; United Presbyterian; d Jan. 29, 1961, Des Moines, Iowa, Endocarditis; bur. Clarinda City Cem.

1. Deborah Bernice Douthit, b Jan. 30, 1955.

2. Donna Lu Douthit, b Oct. 4, 1956.

3. Stephen William Douthit, b Aug. 16, 1958.


6-3-2-4-1-2-2. VERNA OPAL HUDDLE, b June 1905, Page Co., Iowa, Buchanan Twp.; Clarinda Sch., Business Col., Des Moines, Practical nurse several yrs.; Methodist; ad 226 N. 20th St., Clarinda, Iowa; m (1) Oct. 17, 1929, Clarinda, NOEL DIXON SQUIER, b Mar. 5, 1907, New Market, Iowa (s Jay and Lillie (Snively) Squier); Sch. Exira, Lamoni, Clarinda, U. of Iowa, Iowa City; Linotype Operator, Clarinda Herald Journal; Methodist; d Apr. 8, 1951, Clarinda; m (2) 1952, GEORGE FINLEY MENDENHALL.




6-3-2-4-1-3. JOHN CHRISTOPHER HUDDLE, “Chris,” b 1875; Moved to Washington State 1901-08, worked logging camps, moved back to Ludlow, Mo., then to Hopkins, Mo., Had a sawmill, feed mill, threshing business and farm; Later moved to Braddyville and worked at Wert’s Hdw. store, pump and windmill bus.; d Nov. 22, 1958; bur. Shearer Cem., Braddyville, Iowa; m IDA MAY FOSTER, b 1873; d Aug. 26, 1969;  bur. Shearer Cem.

1. ARCHIE REX HUDDLE, b July 1, 1896; Lived near Conway, Iowa, farming and plumbing work; d 1962; bur. Shearer Cem., Braddyville; m VINNIE MOFFITT, b June 11, 1894; ad Bellevue, Nebr.

1. Clyde Alan Huddle, b July 20, 1923; Farmed near Blockton, Iowa, later went int. trucking business; ad Bellevue, Nebr.; m (1) RUTH HAYES; m (2) Dorothy ____.

1. Steve Huddle.

2. John Lee Huddle, b 1927; office mgr., Boulder-Denver trucking Line; ad Osage Dr., Boulder, Colo.; m BERNIECE M. ____, teacher, Centennial Jr. Hi; 3 dau. Cindy, Carolyn (d), ___.







2. EMERY ALLEN HUDDLE, b Oct. 17, 1898; Farmer near Braddyville, Iowa 43 yr., moved east of Shambaugh 1968; Missionary Church, Shambaugh; ad RR 2, Clarinda, Iowa 51632; m 1921, GOLDIE MAHALIA LINEBAUGH, b July 20, 1902 (da Isiah and Mary (Hostetter) Linebaugh); Missionary Church.

1. THELMA KATHERINE HUDDLE, b Feb. 5, 1923, Taylor Co., Iowa; Missionary Church, Shambaugh; ad RR 2, Clarinda, Iowa; m DONALD RICHARD HOSKINS, b Apr. 11, 1914, Shambaugh (s Bert and Jennie (Beery) Hoskins); Farmer. (see this family in detail on pp 199 ).

1. Donna Kathryn Hoskins, b Aug. 11, 1943.

2. Karen Rae Hoskins, b June 14, 1945.

3. Arlan James Hoskins, b Jan. 18, 1952.

4. Ronald Paul Hoskins, b Oct. 30, 1955.

5. Michael Norman Hoskins, b Jan. 26, 1960.

2. EDNA RUTH HUDDLE, b Aug. 5, 1925; Missionary Church; ad Clearmont, Mo.; m ORVAL HENRY BRENNEMAN, b Mar. 1, 1926 (s Orval and Rhoda (Sparks) Brenneman); Farmer. (see this family in detail on pp 56) .

1. Joy Lavonne Brenneman, b Nov. 28, 1949.

2. Jon Alan Brenneman, b Feb. 3, 1952.

3. Kenneth Ray Brenneman, b Feb. 8, 1959.

4. Gaylan Lee Brenneman, b Oct. 20, 1961.

3. ROSE ANN HUDDLE, b Mar. 10, 1944; ad Olathe, Kansas; m LOREN RICHARD HOSKINS, b Nov. 7, 1941 (s Leo and Julia (Day) Hoskins); Insurance; (see this family in detail on pp 196).

1. Timothy Richard Hoskins, b Aug. 12, 1965.

2. Kimberly Ann Hoskins, b May 4, 1969.


6-3-2-4-1-4. IRA ABRAHAM HUDDLE, “Abe,” b July 25, 1877, Braddyville, Iowa; Lived Page Co., Wyoming, Montgomery Co., Iowa; Free Methodist; d 1962, Red Oak, Iowa (nursing home); bur. Loman Cem., east of Elliott, Iowa; m Aug. 19, 1900, ETTA MAE WOODS, b 1881, Elliott (da Winifred D. and Elizabeth (Artlip) Woods); d 1970, Red Oak (hosp.); bur. Loman Cem.

1. ELSIE ETHEL HUDDLE, b July 26, 1901.

2. ERNEST BENTON HUDDLE, “Ernie,” b Apr. 6, 1904, Braddyville, Iowa; ad Red Oak, Iowa; m July 30, 1971, Red Oak, GEORGIA JO JOHNSON; d June 24, 1973.

3. MINNIE ESTELLA HUDDLE, b June 30, 1907; d July 3, 1965, near Elliott, Iowa; bur. Red Oak Cem.; m Feb. 19, 1931, SWAN JOHNSON; d Feb. 1971.

4. RICHARD LEE HUDDLE, b Sept. 1, 1910; ad RR 2, Red Oak, Iowa; m 1935, MARIE KENNEDY; 1 child died at birth.

5. DONALD ROBERT HUDDLE, b Sept. 29, 1919, Cheyenne, Wyo. (Parents were farming there); ad Menlo St., Simi Valley, Calif. 93063; m MAURINE PETERSON; 2 adopted children, John Benton 1962, Susan Louise 1965.




6-3-2-4-1-4-1. ELSIE ETHEL HUDDLE, b July 26, 1901, (Buchanan Twp.) Page Co., Iowa; 8th gd.; Telephone operator, Clarinda, Red Oak, Nurses Aide 1961; Memrelund Lutheran, Stanton, Iowa; ad 309 Prospect, Red Oak, Iowa; m (1) Apr. 15, 1925, Sidney, Iowa; CHARLIE LEROY YOUNG, b 1896 (s John and Iona (Mason) Young); 8th gd.; Farmer; Methodist; WWI; d Apr. 1963, Taylor Co. (SE Villisca near Guss); bur. Dallas Center Cem., Dallas Twp., Taylor Co.; m (2) Oct. 29, 1967, ENARD LARSON; d Apr. 16, 1973, Stanton, Iowa.

1. VELMA MARIE YOUNG, b July 22, 1926, near Hepburn (Page Co.) Ia.; High Sch.; Uniroyal Factory; Lutheran (L.C.A.); ad Box 19 RR 1, Stanton, Iowa; m Feb. 4, 1946, Hiawatha, Kans., ELMER MELVIN BURKE, b Feb. 2, 1916, Stanton, (s Frank and Wilma (Hult) Burke); High Sch.; Farmer; Lutheran.

1. Nancy Marie Burke, b Feb. 10, 1949, Clarinda, Iowa; Masters degree; Learning Disabilities teacher; Methodist; ad 711 Josephine, Seneca, Kansas 66538; m June 14, 1969, Stanton, Iowa, DARWIN EUGENE OLSON, b Oct. 27, 1948, Red Oak (s Frederick and Betty (Henderson) Olson); History teacher,

1. Jillaine Marie Olson, b Sept. 19, 1972, Seneca, Ks.

2. Brenda Renée Olson, b Dec. 19, 1974, Seneca, Ks.

2. Dale Melvin Burke, b Jan. 8, 1951, Clarinda, Iowa.

3. Lois Mae Burke, b Dec. 20, 1959, Corning, Iowa.

2. CARROLL EDWARD YOUNG, “Edward,” b June 24, 1943, Red Oak, Iowa; 14 yr. Edu.; Military Training Technician (Staff Sergeant), Army career; Methodist; ad 1110 Lindwood Dr., Carter Lake, Iowa 68110; m (1) June 5, 1962, Omaha, Nebr., MARLYS JANE WALTER, b Mar. 3, 1944, Shenandoah, Iowa (da Martin and Jesse Walter); ad 608 E. Chestnut, Clarinda, Iowa; m (2) Aug. 19, 1966, Midwest City, Okla. FRANCINE JANICE FRENIER LEBEAUX, b Mar. 18, 1946, Cheyenne Agency, South Dakota (da William and Lucille (Ziegler) Frenier); att. High Sch.; Food Service; Methodist.

1. Marlys Dee Young, b June 5, 1963, Clarinda, Iowa.

2. Judson Michael Young, b Apr. 16, 1965, Oklahoma.

3. Terry Lee Young, b Oct. 19, 1968, Oklahoma.




6-3-2-4-1-5. EMORY ALLEN HUDDLE, b Feb. 2, 1880, Buchanan Twp., Page Co., Iowa; Farmer; 1 yr. in Wyo.; Free Methodist 22 yr.; d May 12, 1934, near Coin, Iowa; struck by lightning; bur. Shearer Cem., Braddyville, Iowa; m 1915, NELLIE SMITH. Daughters believed to be in Calif. No record.











6-3-2-4-1-6. NORMAN S. HUDDLE, b Sept. 30, 1882, Shambaugh, Iowa; Held some pastorates, street and missionary work, worked for “Volunteers of America”; Free Methodist Church; Lived New Market, Iowa; d Nov. 26, 1926; bur. Dallas Center Cem., New Market; m Aug. 30, 1905, ESTELLA PARSONS.

1. RUTH HUDDLE; Lived New Market; ad High St., Red Oak, Iowa; m Bernard Corbin; Murphy Calendar Co., Red Oak (s Everett and Bertha (Wallis) Corbin).

2. PAUL HUDDLE; Illinois.

3. MYRON HUDDLE; deceased.

4. NORMAN HUDDLE, Jr.; Illinois.




6-3-2-4-1-9. OMER DALE HUDDLE, b Apr. 17, 1889, near Shambaugh, Iowa; Hillsdale, Wyo. 1909 or ’10; Farmer; d June 1924, Hillsdale; m 1919, LILLIAN LANG, b Oct. 29, 1896, Elkhart, Ind. (da Christian and Rosa (Gygi) Lang); age 10 moved to Monroe City, Mo., 1917 to Hillsdale, Wyo.; ad Box 56, Hillsdale, Wyo. 82060; (m (2) Clarence Hagemeier)

1. VIVIAN LUCILLE HUDDLE, b Apr. 3, 1920; ad Phoenix, Ariz.; Name is CASE; children and grandchildren live Ariz. and Mich.

1. Darleen Faye; m May 4, 1963, DONALD NIMMO; 2 sons; Donald Eugene, Jr., Michael Dale.

2. Donald Keith Jamison; m (1) 3c. DeWayne Don, Christine Coreen, Brian Keith; m (2) 1c. John Robert.

2. THEODORE LEE HUDDLE, b May 14, 1922; ad Cherry Valley, Calif.;      m LAURENE HOWARD; no children.




6-3-2-4-2. WILLIAM HUDDLE, “Bill,” b May 25, 1849, Lancaster, Fairfield Co., Ohio; Farmer, carpenter, to Kansas 1884, Dutch Flat, Calif. 1903 (1½ yr.) Santa Cruz remainder of life; (The patent of a cultivator my father had in the patent office was stolen, seems father lacked sufficient moneys to put it through and while waiting for his father’s estate (1890, Abraham’s estate gave each child $800 (a good sum at that time) settlement it was stolen, and by a neighbor and supposed friend); Church of Christ (moved to Santa Cruz to be near the church, deeply religious); Lived 79 Surfside Ave. in Santa Cruz; The kindest of kind, a quiet man; d 1928, Santa Cruz, Calif.; m Dec. 27, 1876, Red Oak, Iowa, ELSIE ELVIRA WEST, b June 12, 1858, Bloomfield, Iowa (Mother was a wonderful person, no grass grew under her feet, she got things done. Proud but not haughty, honest and virtuous to the extreme and self-respect her by-word); d 1932, Santa Cruz, Calif.

1. LEILA BLANCHE HUDDLE, b Dec. 1, 1877, Red Oak, Iowa; d Feb. 17, 1879; bur. Butler Cem. near Shambaugh, Iowa.

2. SHERMAN ALBERT HUDDLE, b Oct. 16, 1879, Iowa; d Feb. 1, 1895, Ks.

3. BERTHA MAUD HUDDLE, b May 24,1881, Iowa; d Oct. 22, 1903, Ks.

4. ESTER E. HUDDLE, b July 15, 1883, Iowa; d Oct. 22, 1884, Ks.




5. SUSIE M.A.M. HUDDLE, b Aug. 24, 1886.

6. LILY VERONA HUDDLE, b Dec. 10, 1888.

7. JESSIE DELILAH HUDDLE, b Nov. 4, 1893.

8. ELSIE FAY HUDDLE, b Feb. 1, 1900.


6-3-2-4-2-5. SUSIE MARY ALICE MAGDALIN HUDDLE, b Aug. 24, 1886, Beattie (Marshall Co.) Kansas; d Dec. 31, 1955, Blythe, Calif.; bur. Desert Lawn Memorial Park, Yuma, Ariz.; m Dec. 24, 1903, Auburn, Calif., Z. STEDMAN, b Nov. 9, 1883, Summerfield (Marshall Co.) Kansas; followed Susie to Calif. to marry her; Railroad man; d May 14, 1973, Los Alamedas, Calif.; bur. Desert Lawn Memorial Park, Yuma, Arizona.

1. RALPH WALDO STEDMAN, b Nov. 13, 1904.

2. WILLIAM WAYNE STEDMAN, b Oct. 22, 1906.

3. MARGUERITE STEDMAN, b Nov. 11, 1907.

4. ELSIE FAY STEDMAN, b May 10, 1909.

5. NATHAN Z STEDMAN, b May 30, 1912.

6. SUE ADELLE STEDMAN, b Aug. 17, 1922.


6-3-2-4-2-5-1. RALPH WALDO STEDMAN, b Nov. 13, 1904, Santa Cruz, Calif.; ad 1645 White Oak Circle, Prescott, Arizona; m (1) Mar. 20, 1927, Yuma, AGNES NAOMA CRESS, b May 20, 1908, Roscoe, Texas (da Ira Dainwood and Esther (Weems) Cress); (m (2) Kearns); m (2) CARMITA ELEANOR MANDER, b Feb. 2, 1912, Michigan City, Ind. (da Augustus and Erfa (Turner) Mander); high Sch.; Housewife; Science of Mind.

1. IRA Z. STEDMAN, b Nov. 20, 1927, Yuma, Ariz.; High Sch.; Locksmith; int. Trap Shooting; US Navy Mar. 6, 1945, July 10, 1946; ad 706 Fairview, Prescott, Ariz. 86301; m Nov. 11, 1947, Los Angeles, Cal. PATRICIA ANN FOOS, b June 2, 1928, Los Angeles.

1. Steven Scott Stedman, b Jan. 25, 1950, Los Angeles, Calif.; High Sch.; Bread Salesman for the Oroweat Bread Co. (Oroweat); int. Guitar and singing, trap shooting.

2. Jeffrey Blake Stedman, b Oct. 6, 1954, Los Angeles, Calif.; High Sch.; int. trap shooting, bird hunting; ad 550 Oxford #657, Chula Vista, Calif. 92011; m July 12, 1975, Prescott, Ariz., YVONNE MARIE MILLER, b Aug. 27, 1958, Kansas.

2. RALPH WALDO STEDMAN, JR., b Mar. 14, 1929, Yuma, Ariz.; m PATRICIA ANN RILEY, b May 27, 1933.

1. Carol Ann Stedman, b Sept. 14, 1963.

2. Kevin Sean Stedman, b July 22, 1965.

3. DONNA BEATRICE STEDMAN, b Jan. 25, 1934, Hollywood, Calif.; m Aug. 3,1957, Las Vegas, Nev., MILO MASON CASE, b Apr. 23, 1933, Ft. Collins, Colo. (s Homer Milo Miller and Adelia Anna (Kuhre) Miller Case).

1. Bryan Douglas Case, b Dec. 15, 1960.


6-3-2-4-2-5-2. WILLIAM WAYNE STEDMAN, b Oct. 22, 1906, Hill City, Kans.; d July 17, 1969, Yuma, Ariz.; bur. Desert Lawn Memorial Park; m Sept. 5, 1936, Yuma, HELEN LORENE KING, b May 17, 1920, Inola, Okla. (da Charles Pinkney and Doshia Belle (Bryant) King).



1. WAYNE LEE STEDMAN, b Oct. 15, 1937; Single.

2. SAMUEL WESLEY STEDMAN, b Dec. 5, 1939.

3. DENNIS EARL STEDMAN, b July 29, 1944; Single.


6-3-2-4-2-5-3. MARGUERITE STEDMAN, b Nov. 11, 1907, Hill City, Kansas; d Apr. 3, 1963, Phoenix, Ariz.; bur. Desert Lawn Memorial Park, Yuma, Arizona; m July 27, 1929, Yuma, FRANZ JOSEF VERHEYEN, “Frank,” b Nov. 25, 1904, Ohio. No children.


6-3-2-4-2-5-4. ELSIE FAY STEDMAN, b May 10, 1909, Delta, Colo.; Medical Record Administrator (retired); ad 7856 Lindley Ave., Reseda, Calif. . 91335; m (1) Aug. 7, 1928, Santa Cruz, Calif., CLAUDE RALPH FAY, b Apr. 29, 1905, Eureka, Calif. (s Claude Moses and Mary Elizabeth (Patrick) Fay); Printer (retired); m (2) Aug. 7, 1942, GERALD EDWARD DOYLE, b Oct. 13, 1910, Lowville, N.Y. (s John Henry and Mary Lorraine (O’Connell) Doyle); d Jan. 25, 1954, Hines, Ill.

1. SUE ADELLE FAY, b May 27, 1929, Watsonville, Calif.; ad 2960 Homestead Rd. #12, Santa Clara, Calif. 95051; m Oct. 25, 1947, Watsonville, LLOYD MAURICE ESCOBAR, b June 13, 1922, Pacific Grove, Cal. (s Anthony and Edith Rose (Piazzoni) Escobar); d June 27, 1969, Salinas, Calif.; cancer; bur. Prunedale, Calif.

1. Lizabeth Rose Escobar, b June 17, 1950, Salinas, Calif.; m Feb. 22, 1969, Salinas, DANIEL ARTHUR LARSEN, b Jan. 17, 1950, Salinas (s - Larsen and Elien (Taylor) Kay).      

1. Nathaniel Lloyd Larsen, b July 11, 1969.

2. Lorraine Ann Escobar, b Oct. 5, 1952, Salinas, Calif.; m Nov. 1, 1968, Salinas, JAMES WILLIAM DUNBAR, b Oct. 10, 1949, Calif. (s Peter and Rebekah (VanScoy) Dunbar).

1. Heidi Lorraine Dunbar, b Dec. 19, 1970.

3. Loretta Lila Escobar, b Nov. 16, 1953, Salinas, Calif.; m June 7, 1975, Santa Clara, Calif., JEFFERY THOMAS AMBLIN, b Aug. 13, 1955, Auburn, Calif. (s Thomas and Jean (Sims) Amblin) .

1. Jon Christopher Escobar, b May 15, 1971.

2. NORMA JOAN FAY, b Sept. 30, 1930, Watsonville, Calif.; Faith Christian Church; ad 7506 McLennan Ave., Van Nuys, Calif. 91406; m May 7, 1949, Van Nuys (Los Angeles Co.), JAMES EARL SAMUEL, “Jim,” b Apr. 9, 1929, Elkhart, Ind. (s Kenneth Earl and Florence Anna (Kidder) Samuel).

1. James Edward Samuel, “Jim,” b Oct. 5, 1950, Van Nuys, Calif. m Jan. 26, 1971, Reseda (Los Angeles Co.) Calif., SANDRA JO LESTER, “Sandy,” b Feb. 28, 1952, Louisville, Kentucky (da Paul and Betty Lester).

1. Paul James Samuel, b July 3, 1971.

2. Brian Keith Samuel, b Oct. 23, 1952, Van Nuys, Calif.; m Sept. 21, 1974, Van Nuys, TERESA MARIE OATES, b Mar. 28, 1956, Los Angeles, Calif. (da Kenneth Arthur and Billie Ann (Fulco) Oates); Faith Christian Church.

3. Kathleen Jeannette Samuel, b Feb. 19, 1954, Van Nuys, Cal.; m July 26, 1975, Van Nuys, GREGORY GERARD FORYSTEK, b Apr. 24, 1953, Detroit, Mich. (s Jerome Anthony and Sophie Marie (Broniak) Forystek).

4. John Patrick Samuel, b Aug. 5, 1960, Van Nuys, Calif.

3. PATRICIA ANN FAY, “Pat,” b Apr. 18, 1934, Watsonville, Calif.; U. of Nevada 1 yr.; Bookkeeper, American Amicable Life Ins. Co., Waco; int. Sweet Adeline’s, Inc. (Women’s Barbershop Singing group); ad 4621 Colonial Ave., Waco, Texas; m Aug. 21, 1954, Reno, Nev., RONALD DAVID CUNYUS; (s Paul M. and Evelyn (Guthrie) Cunyus); int. table tennis; Air Force 4 yr.        

1. Sharon Lynn Cunyus, b Aug. 20, 1955, Waco, Texas; attending Southwest University; m May 24, 1975, Waco, STEPHEN JACKSON GILLETTE; (s Dr. Francis and Nancy Gillette).


6-3-2-4-2-5-5. NATHAN Z STEDMAN, b May 30, 1912, Santa Cruz, Calif.; ad 7856 Lindley Ave., Reseda, Calif.; WWII; Single.


6-3-2-4-2-5-6. SUE ADELLE STEDMAN, b Aug. 17, 1922, Santa Cruz, Calif.; Somerton Grammar Sch. 1927-36 Somerton, Ariz., Yuma Union H.S. 1940, I.C.S. Bookkeeping 1947; Clothing Store Clerk, 1946-49, Photo, finisher and Clerk 1949-50 Blythe, Calif., bookkeeping (for father) 1949, for hay Co. 1962-65; Methodist; S.F.V. Motorcycle Club, Junior Women’s Club, Epsilon Sigma Alpha (Chap. Pres., Sec.), Community concerts, PTA, Cub Scouts (den mother), Little League (score keeper), band parents, DeMolay Mothers Club; int. music, painting, needle-point, politics, astrology, various handcrafts, own organ; ad 10211 Humboldt St., Los Alamitos, Calif. 90720; m (1) Sept. 1, 1940, Salome, Ariz., to June 1945, RICHARD HARTLEY PAGE, b Mar. 2, 1916, Los Angeles (s Wilbird Godfrey and Bessie (Kirk) Page); Van Nuys, Calif. H.S., Lockheed Aircraft; San Fernando Valley Motorcycle Club; m (2) Oct. 15, 1950, Blythe, Calif. KENNETH LEWIS DUQUETTE, b Dec. 18, 1921, San Diego, Calif. (s Arthur Wilkinson and Florence Anine (Blum) Duquette); Wilson Jr. Hi., San Diego, Herbert Hoover H.S. Jan. 1940; Farmer, hay broker, Blythe and Artesia, Calif. 1939-65, Line Driver, Los Angeles 1965, pres.; Mason, Elks, Cub Scout, Little. League.

1. DAVID WAYNE PAGE, b May 18, 1943, Los Angeles, Calif.; ad Fullerton, Calif.; m Nov. 6, 1971 (div.) BARBARA MARQUARDT, b May 19, 1947, Buffalo, N.Y.

2. STANLEY LEWIS DUQUETTE, b July 21, 1952, Blythe, Calif.; ad Los Alamitos, Calif.

3. PAUL BRIAN DUQUETTE, b Mar. 26, 1955, Blythe, Calif.

4. ERIC LEE DUQUETTE, b Sept. 10, 1957, Garden Grove, Calif.




6-3-2-4-2-6. LILY VENORA HUDDLE, ‘’Verna,’’ b Dec. 10, 1888, Beattie, Kansas; O.E.S., San Francisco; d Oct. 29, 1974, San Luis Obispo; m (1) Aug. 16, 1906, CLARENCE LEROY FRETWELL, “Roy, b Aug. 30, 1880, Parkfield (Monterey Co.) Calif.; Motorman, Santa Cruz; m (2) 1939, EGBERT A. MILLER; San Francisco, Calif.; d 1967.

1. EVELYN IONE FRETWELL, b Aug. 12, 1909, Santa Cruz, Calif.; Stockton H.S., San Jose Bus. Col.; Housewife; Baptist, Parkfield (S.S. teacher, Good News Club (Child Evangelism) taught 15 yr. (a one room Sch. with 22 children and nearly all attended the club), Paso Robles, Good News Club in depressed area; Former Sec. Parkfield Farm Center 7 yr., memo Paso Robles Republican Women’s Club; int. reading, travel; WWII Clerk San Francisco Selective Service Board; Heirloom, Copy marriage license for Wm. Huddle and Elsie West; ad 1045 Chestnut St., Paso Robles, Calif. 93446; m (1) May 31, 1931, San Jose (Santa Clara Co.) Calif., GEORGE ROBERT FLOOD; m (2) Mar. 18, 1944, San Francisco, RAY FRETWELL CARR, b June 15, 1907, Monterey Co., Calif. (s Benjamin Thomas and Nannie Maria (Fretwell) Carr); 2 yr. H.S.; Ret. farmer, Parkfield, Calif. (40 mi. E. Paso Robles) raised wheat and barley, moved 1969; Former Farm Bureau, present Estrella Grange; int. reading, travel.

1. Herbert Allen Flood (twin) b Mar. 1, 1935; d June 22, 1940; Leukemia.

2. Robert George Flood, “Bob,” (twin) b Mar. 1, 1935, San Jose, Calif.; Calif. Polytechnic State U., Agricultural Journalism BS (Managing editor of Campus newspaper); Publication Director, MOODY MONTHLY magazine, Chicago, 197l (came to Chicago in 1960 to study at Moody and became editorial ass’t, ass’t editor, managing editor before Publication Director.  Since 1971 the circulation has climbed from 110,000 to more than one quarter million, now the fastest growing evangelical family magazine in the country); Village Bible Church, Park Forest, Ill.; Current treas. of the Evangelical Press Assoc., which has 200 member periodicals representing a combined readership of 12 million; Have covered brief journalistic assignments in Israel, Switzerland; His first book AMERICA: GOD SHED HIS GRACE ON THEE, came off the press (Moody) Oct. 22, 1975; 2 yr. US Army, Ft. Lewis, Wash.; ad 20712 Greenwood Dr., Olympia Fields, Ill. 60461; m Oct. 6, 1962, Hobart, Ind., LORELEI SANDRA CALLAWAY, b Jan. 6, 1935, Gary, Ind. (da Eugene S. and Dorothy Callaway); Hobart, Ind. H.S.; Former Sec’y to the executive editor of MOODY MONTHLY magazine; Village Bible Church.

1. David Scott Flood, b Apr. 26, 1966. (adopted)




6-3-2-4-2-7. JESSIE DELILAH HUDDLE, b Nov. 4, 1893, Beattie, Kansas; In Sept. 1903, William Huddle brought his family to live in California after selling his property in Kansas.  We were three days and nights on the train, the six of us, Mother, Father and four girls.  We arrived at Dutch Flat, Placer Co., Calif. where my mother’s brother and his wife resided.  It was he who was instrumental in bringing our family to Calif.  His name was Walter West, a lineman for the Power Co.  We lived at Dutch Flat, for about a year and a half, a colorful old Gold mining town that had once been the site of the Gold rush days of 1849. That and the surrounding towns, such as Colfax, New Castle, Auburn and Gold Run, Towle and Alta.  It was exciting and different than anything we had ever known; Santa Cruz Sch., Berkeley Bus. training; Central Christian Church, San Jose; Patron San Jose State U., Santa Clara Women’s Club, California Pioneers, Various music groups; int. writing, music (sang three years with the San Jose Grand Opera Co.); ad 1345 Newhall St., San Jose, Calif. 95126; m (1) July 21, 1912, Santa Cruz, FRANK CAYTON BICHO; d Aug. 16, 1925, Berkeley, Calif.; accident; m (2) May 12,1928, San Jose, CLARENCE ROBERT MORTON, b June 2, 1899, Manley, Australia (son of Robert and Naomi Morton); Came to America with parents June 2, 1900; Grammar School San Jose, Railroad training; Southern Pacific Railroad Co. (1919 fireman, later Clerical dept.) 46 yr., (ret.); Central Christian; California Pioneers, Railway Clerks No. 883; into gardening, history, Loyal to this country and patriotic.

1. KENNETH WEST BICHO, b Sept. 16, 1915, Ashland, Oregon; WWII, 30 mo. Italian campaign, Military Police Escort, guarding and transport of prisoners of war under Gen. Mark Clark 5th Army; ad 2347 Warburton St., Santa Clara, Calif.; m Aug 10, 1946, GENEVIEVE JOYCE CHEEVER, “Joyce.”


Jessie Huddle Morton has given her permission to print this poem

“Dutch Flat Hill”, all other rights reserved by author.

Printed in the SACRAMENTO BEE a few years ago.


Dutch Flat Hill


The Flumes are still

On Dutch Flat Hill

Where once the flow of gold, was steady,

The Hills resound

To ghostly sound

Of men whose hand and hearts were ready.


Two lone pines guard the Diggins

Where the yellow gold, once flowed

With roaring avalanche

Flint and flail

Or so the story’s told.


Beyond the ridge

Are ghostly trails

Where whitened bones but tell the story, Where Jackals stay

That barred the way,

Of men who failed to reap the glory.


Yet on yon plateau

An astreal burns,

For those who knew, realization;

But in a quiet spot below

Church bells toll

That all men know, a common Destination.


The eager hordes

Who came that day,

Like the roll of drums, have faded away,

And only the silent

Scepters stay

To remind us, of another day.


But in the Hamlet

Sleeping there,

The pine trees whisper a fervent prayer,

And hoary hearts

Recall the thrill,

When go In ran free, on Dutch Flat Hill.


                                                            Jessie D. Morton

                                                            San Jose, Calif.



6-3-2-4-2-8. ELSIE FAY HUDDLE, “Fay,” b Feb. 1, 1900, Beattie, Kansas; Calif. 1903; High School, studied music 8 yr. (have a Conn organ); United Methodist, Grass Valley; Amer. Assoc. Retired People; Lived most life in Santa Cruz, spent some time trailer traveling and settled Grass Valley (a gold rush town of early days); int. music, poetry, family, homemaking; 1974 won second award in Creative writing in Calif. State Federation of Women’s Clubs; ad 8 Vista Ave., Grass Valley, Calif. 95945; m June 24, 1918, Santa Cruz, MELVILLE FRYKLAND, ‘’Mel,’’; cement chemist; United Methodist; WWI-Army; Odd Fellow, AARP; int. fishing.

1. VIVIAN FRYKLAND, b June 30, 1920, Santa Cruz; Santa Cruz H.S., 1938, Armstrong’s Secretarial School, Berkeley, Calif.; ad moving from Ft. Lee, N.J. to Florida; m MORLEY H. MATHEWSON; U. of Cal. at Berkeley, Calif.; Industrial Engineer.

1. Morley M. Mathewson, b Sept. 4, 1941, Long Beach, Calif.; emp. Banking and Leasing firm; ad Indianapolis, Ind.; m JEAN FREDERICKS.

1. Morley M. Mathewson, Jr., b June 24, 1964.

2. Greig S. Mathewson, b July 10, 1966.

3. Whitney B. Mathewson, b Mar. 3, 1970. (girl)

2. Jay H. Mathewson, b Dec. 17, 1946, Long Beach, Calif.; Grad. Penna. State, Post Grad. Wharton’s School of Business; Arthur Anderson Banking firm, New York, N.Y.; m Sept. 26, 1973, OLIVIA GONZALES; World Health Organization at United Nations and Mexican Embassy.

2. MARIAN R. FRYKLAND, b Dec. 22, 1924, Santa Cruz; Bell telephone of Nevada (many years); ad Reno, Nevada; m BENJAMIN TEDESCHI; Printer; WWII,  Paratrooper shot down over Germany; (m (1) 4c.).


                                                PETER HUDDLE


6-3-2-4-3. PETER HUDDLE, b July 22, 1851, Decatur, Adams Co., Ind.; Lumberman; Free Methodist (His life was above reproach, an infidel once said he could not get away from the life of Peter Huddle); d Oct. 17, 1912, Buckley, Wash.; thrown from a horse causing paralysis; bur. Buckley; m Feb. 6, 1895, MINNIE L. GOODELL, b 1862, Indianapolis, Ind.; d 1950, Buckley, Wash.; bur. Buckley.

1. RAYMOND WESLEY HUDDLE, b Sept. 9, 1896; d Aug. 1963; m Apr. 12, 1941, IRENE ____; Postmaster, Seahurst. ad PO Box 222, Seahurst, Wash.

1. Nancy Huddle, b Sept. 24, 1943; ad Bellevue, Wash. (near Seattle); m Sept. 12, 1964, DONALD STEVENSON.

1. Timothy Allen Stevenson, b Dec. 17, 1966.

2. Dian Lynn Stevenson, b Mar. 13, 1970.




6-3-2-4-4. CAROLINE HUDDLE, “Carrie,” b Dec. 30, 1853, near Decatur, Ind.; Lived Shambaugh and Kansas; m (1) July 6, 1875, Shambaugh, JOHN P. REYNOLDS; d July 27, 1894, Topeka, Kansas; m (2) Apr. 11, 1918, J. GARRIGUS, b July 27, 1842, Ind.

1. JESSE ELLA REYNOLDS, b Oct. 24, 1879, Iowa; called “Ella”, believed to have lived in Washington state.

2. CHARLOTTE A. REYNOLDS, b June 4, 1882, Kansas.

3. WILLIAM EARL REYNOLDS, b July 12, 1889, Iowa. (no further record of this family).



6-3-2-4-5. NOAH HUDDLE, b Apr. 22, 1856, Decatur, Adams Co., Ind.; Came to Page County at 11 yrs. (The children had fun walking alongside the covered wagons); Farmer, East River Twp., Burlington Jct., Mo., Harlan Twp., Page County (lived on Huddle home place last 27 yr. Sec. 36 (SW¼) Harlan Twp.) west side of Shambaugh; From 1938 Herald Journal Territorial Centennial Edition, “Noah Huddle remembers when chinch bugs were so bad there wasn’t enough extra wheat for bread.  Hence wheat bread was eaten only on Sunday, the rest of the week cornbread”;  Mennonite Brethren in Christ; d Mar. 2, 1939,  Shambaugh, Iowa;  Shock after a stock truck backed into him while loading; bur. Butler Cemetery; m Sept. 4, 1883, Shambaugh, MARY ANN GOOD, b Mar. 31, 1867, Shambaugh (da David and Lydia Beery Engle Stemen Good); Mennonite Brethren in Christ; d Aug. 10, 1926, Shambaugh; bur. Butler Cemetery (see pp 54 ).

 1. ORISON WENDELL HUDDLE, b Sept. 23, 1884.

 2. LYDIA ALICE HUDDLE, b Feb. 13, 1886.

 3. WM. LEONARD HUDDLE, b Nov. 1, 1887.

 4. HYLAS A. HUDDLE, b Dec. 13, 1889.

 5. FRANK W. HUDDLE, b Nov. 10, 1891.

 6. PAUL HUDDLE, b June 17, 1894; d same date; bur. Butler Cemetery

 7. CHLOE HUDDLE, b May 17, 1897.

 8. CECIL HUDDLE, b May 4, 1899.

 9. BEULAH HUDDLE, b Jan. 10, 1903; d same date; bur. Butler Cemetery

10. EVA MARIE HUDDLE, b Feb. 18, 1905.


6-3-2-4-5-1. ORISON WENDELL HUDDLE, b Sept. 23, 1884, Shambaugh, Iowa; Farmer; left Iowa 1941; Free Methodist; ad 2610 NW 94th Terrace, Miami, Florida 33147; m (1) Mar. 12, 1907, Shambaugh, ESTELLA MAE CLEARWATER, b June 6, 1887, Glidden, Iowa (da Reuben and Elizabeth Clearwater); att. Orleans Nebr. (Seminary); Free Methodist Church; Melrose Park, Ill., 14 yr.; d May 28, 1955 Palatine, Ill.; cancer; bur. Butler Cemetery, Shambaugh, Iowa; m (2) Aug. 10, 1967, Miami, Florida, FLORENCE CARYL, “Flossie,” b 1890; into crocheting (table cloths, bedspreads).

1. ORVILLE GLEN HUDDLE, b Feb. 3, 1908.

2. MILDRED LUCILLE HUDDLE, b Jan. 8, 1910.

3. HAROLD EDWARD HUDDLE, b Aug. 13, 1911, Shambaugh; d Jan. 10, 1912.

4. ELMA MAXINE HUDDLE, b Sept. 15, 1912, Shambaugh; d Jan. 8, 1913.

5. VIRGIL ABRAHAM HUDDLE, b Aug. 25, 1914.

6. MABLE JEANETTE HUDDLE, b Oct. 22,1917, Braddyville; d Mar. 25,1922.


6-3-2-4-5-1-1. ORVILLE GLEN HUDDLE, b Feb. 3, 1908, Shambaugh, Iowa; att. Clarinda H.S.; Went to Chicago and was Mgr. and operator of the North-Ogden Currency Exchange 1942-69; Judson Baptist Church, Oak Park, Ill.; d Apr. 2, 1972, Berwyn, Ill.; effects of Coronary; m 1945, BETTY HAIGES, of Oak Park; Lives Berwyn, Ill.

1. JAY GLEN HUDDLE, b Aug. 25, 1951; Grad. Moody Bible Institute Chicago 1975 (BA Communications); Student, nearby State College.

2. JEAN ANN HUDDLE, b Sept. 1, 1954; Will grad. 1977 from Champaign, Ill. College; Expects to be a teach